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Soil and Rock Construction Materials

Soil and Rock Construction Materials Author Greg McNally
ISBN-10 9780203476574
Release 2002-12-24
Pages 416
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An introduction to the investigation, extraction, processing and specification of natural soil and rock materials, with an emphasis on why particular material properties are sought and how they may be modified. The book covers the full range of soil and rock construction materials including crushed stone, sand and gravel, natural and prepared roadbase, earth fill and rock fill, heavy clays, armour stone and dimension stone. Environmental aspects of quarrying, such as the use of waste materials, blast monitoring and pit reclamation, are studied in detail. New developments are discussed such as the trend towards fewer but larger quarries, the employment of by-products, and the need for upgrading marginal materials. The use of plenty of diagrams and photos, and a clear writing style, make this an easy book to follow and extensive reference lists in each chapter guide the reader further into the more specialist topics.

Engineering Properties of Soils and Rocks

Engineering Properties of Soils and Rocks Author F. G. Bell
ISBN-10 0632052058
Release 2000-01-11
Pages 496
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Civil engineers, mining engineers and engineering geologists require a working knowledge of the engineering properties and behaviour of the different soil and rock types, and this is not provided in the standard texts on soil and on rock mechanics. This book provides extensive data on individual soil and rock types and deals in some depth with their composition, texture, degree of weathering and presence of fissures or discontinuities. It also considers the description and classification of soils and rocks. The Fourth Edition has been extensively revised and enlarged by fifty per cent, with four new chapters on ? Silts, Loess and Brickearth ? Igneous and Metamorphic Rock ? Arenaceous and Argillaceous Rocks and ? Carbonate and Evaporitic Rocks. The latter three chapters deal not only with the geomechanical properties and behaviour of these rocks but also with their durability. The book also considers properties in terms of construction materials (e.g. building stone, bricks, aggregate) and mentions methods of dealing with problem soils, groundwater etc. The book will be of particular value to professionals in geotechnical and geological engineering and also to senior students.

Geotechnical Correlations for Soils and Rocks

Geotechnical Correlations for Soils and Rocks Author Jean-Claude Verbrugge
ISBN-10 9781119527817
Release 2018-05-24
Pages 230
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The modelling tools for soils and rocks require more and more specific parameters not always available from the standard or usual survey campaigns, this generally for reasons of delay or costs. The use of correlations to solve the gap between available parameters and the required ones is a common practice. Many of them exist but are spread throughout numerous papers or books. The aim of this formulary is to provide a large synthesis of the existing correlations accumulated by the authors during more than 40 years academic and consulting careers.

Geology of Construction Materials

Geology of Construction Materials Author J.E. Prentice
ISBN-10 041229740X
Release 1990-06-30
Pages 202
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Part of a series, Geology of Construction Materials aims to show the connections between academic geology and the needs of the extractive industry by recognising that there is a direct relationship between the processes of mineral formation in the Earth's crust and the mode of occurrence and essential properties of the mineral.

Volcanic Rocks and Soils

Volcanic Rocks and Soils Author Tatiana Rotonda
ISBN-10 9781315647913
Release 2015-09-03
Pages 200
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Volcanic rocks and soils show a peculiar mechanical behaviour at both laboratory and in-situ scale due to their typical structural characters. Volcanic rocks and soils contains keynote lectures and papers from the International Workshop held in Ischia (Italy), 24-25 September 2015. The book deals with recent developments and advancements, as well as case histories, in the geotechnical characterization and engineering applications related to volcanic formations. It covers a variety of themes, including: • Geotechnical characterization under both static and cyclic/dynamic loading conditions, with special regard to structural properties at different scales (microstructural features; field and laboratory characterization; construction materials); • Geotechnical aspects of natural hazards (slope stability; seismic risk); • Geotechnical problems of engineering structures (foundations; embankments; excavations and tunnels). Volcanic Rocks and Soils is of interest to scientists and practitioners in the fields of rock and soil mechanics, geotechnical engineering, engineering geology and geology.

Comptes Rendus Du 15 me Congr s Europ en de M canique Des Sols de G otechnique la G otechnique Des Sols Indur s Roches Tendres

Comptes Rendus Du 15  me Congr  s Europ  en de M  canique Des Sols   de G  otechnique   la G  otechnique Des Sols Indur  s  Roches Tendres Author Andreas Anagnostopoulos
ISBN-10 9781614991984
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 664
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Parts 1,2 and 3 available here.This publication contains the papers presented at the 15th European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering ECSMGE, held in Athens, Greece. Considerable progress has been made in recent decades in understanding the engineering behavior of those hard soils and weak rocks that clearly fall into either the field of soil or of rock mechanics, and there have been important developments in design and construction methods to cope with them. Progress would be even more desirable, however, for those materials which fall into the grey area between soils and rocks. They present particular

Principles of Testing Soils Rocks and Concrete

Principles of Testing Soils  Rocks and Concrete Author T.S. Nagaraj
ISBN-10 9780444599131
Release 1993-01-13
Pages 725
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Soils, rocks and concrete are the principal materials a civil engineer encounters in practice. This book deals with the material analogies, their implications in property characterization, giving attention to similar as well as dissimilar methods in respect of each of these three materials. It provides an integrated, systematic approach for realistic assessment of engineering properties of soils, rocks and concrete. Geotechnical engineers, civil engineers and materials scientists will be interested in this volume.

Engineering Geology and Construction

Engineering Geology and Construction Author Fred G. Bell
ISBN-10 0415259398
Release 2004-05-27
Pages 816
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Winner of the 2004 Claire P. Holdredge Award of the Association of Engineering Geologists (USA). The only book to concentrate on the relationship between geology and its implications for construction, this book covers the full scope of the subject from site investigation through to the complexities of reservoirs and dam sites. Features include international case studies throughout, and summaries of accepted practice, plus sections on waste disposal, and contaminated land.

1995 Annual Book of ASTM Standards

1995 Annual Book of ASTM Standards Author American Society for Testing and Materials
ISBN-10 0803122705
Release 1995
Pages 984
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1995 Annual Book of ASTM Standards has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from 1995 Annual Book of ASTM Standards also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full 1995 Annual Book of ASTM Standards book for free.

Construction Materials for Civil Engineering

Construction Materials for Civil Engineering Author Errol Van Amsterdam
ISBN-10 0702152137
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 258
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This publication establishes a basic understanding of materials used in civil engineering construction as taught in tertiary institutions across South Africa. It uses the objectives of the NQF in promoting independent learning and is the only book pertaining to Civil Engineering that covers all the necessary topics under one roof.

Practical Handbook of Grouting

Practical Handbook of Grouting Author James Warner
ISBN-10 0471463035
Release 2004-04-05
Pages 700
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The first complete handbook for every aspect of grouting technology The Practical Handbook of Grouting offers the most comprehensive, single-source reference covering all facets of grouting technology, including its application for control of water movement, strengthening of both soil and rock, and a wide range of structural applications. Richly illustrated with hundreds of informative photographs, graphs, and figures, this handbook provides invaluable advice on all stages of a project from initial investigation and design, through execution, monitoring, and quality control. Broad coverage in the Practical Handbook of Grouting begins with a general overview of the topic and includes design and quality control issues, injection techniques, and a thorough discussion of drilling and grouting equipment, with practical focus on building custom equipment. Enriched with real-world insights from the author, the Practical Handbook of Grouting features the latest information on: * Cementitious and noncementitious grouts, including new admixtures and polymers * Special construction requirements, including grouting inside structures, underground spaces, in extreme environments, and for emergency response support * Grouting equipment, including pumps, mixers, agitators, and delivery and monitoring systems * Pump mechanics, including the advantages and limitations of all pump types * "The Games Contractors Play," including marketing efforts, proposal trickery, on-the-job issues, and defending bad work Complete with an extensive bibliography and references, the Practical Handbook of Grouting is a valuable resource for civil, structural, and geotechnical engineers, geologists, contractors, and students in related fields.

Constitutive Modeling of Soils and Rocks

Constitutive Modeling of Soils and Rocks Author Pierre-Yves Hicher
ISBN-10 9781118621493
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 448
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This title provides a comprehensive overview of elastoplasticity relating to soil and rocks. Following a general outline of the models of behavior and their internal structure, each chapter develops a different area of this subject relating to the author's particular expertise. The first half of the book concentrates on the elastoplasticity of soft soils and rocks, while the second half examines that of hard soils and rocks.

Annual Book of ASTM Standards 2007

Annual Book of ASTM Standards 2007 Author
ISBN-10 0803143400
Release 2007
Pages 1669
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Annual Book of ASTM Standards 2007 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Annual Book of ASTM Standards 2007 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Annual Book of ASTM Standards 2007 book for free.

Construction Materials and Structures

Construction Materials and Structures Author S.O. Ekolu
ISBN-10 9781614994664
Release 2014-12-05
Pages 1548
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The two volumes of these Proceedings contain about 200 conference papers and 10 keynote papers presented at the First International Conference on Construction Materials and Structures, held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 24 to 26 November 2014. It includes sections on Materials and characterization; Durability of construction materials; Structural implications, performance, service life; Sustainability, waste utilization, the environment; and Building science and construction.

Geotechnical Materials in Construction

Geotechnical Materials in Construction Author Marian P. Rollings
ISBN-10 0070536651
Release 1996
Pages 525
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This text describes basic geotechnical materials, testing procedures and expected material properties as these factors affect construction projects. The book provides guidance and field solutions for dealing with, improving and using geotechnical materials in engineering construction projects. Data is synthesized in a concise and functional format which includes applications. It deals with construction procedures rather than design.

Soils in Construction

Soils in Construction Author W. L. Schroeder
ISBN-10 9781478635246
Release 2017-03-01
Pages 358
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A generation of construction-management students has learned from the easy-to-follow, understandable material in Soils in Construction. By keeping math simple and emphasizing construction operations and applications over engineering theory, the authors have created an ideal resource for non-technical, management-focused courses. Students interested in the field applications of soils will gain the knowledge they need to interact confidently with geotechnical engineers in their careers. The book’s extensive discussion of soil materials in the first five chapters is supplemented by an appendix describing testing methods that can easily be adapted to the hands-on component of a course. The remaining seven chapters cover the role that soil materials play in various aspects of construction contracting. Every chapter ends with problems presenting students with the kinds of scenarios they’ll face in the field.

Structural Engineering Materials

Structural Engineering Materials Author N. Jackson
ISBN-10 0891169474
Release 1989
Pages 430
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Structural Engineering Materials has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Structural Engineering Materials also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Structural Engineering Materials book for free.