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Solutionbank Author Pledger et al
ISBN-10 0435512021
Release 2005-10
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Created to accompany the Core Mathematics 4 edition of the Heinemann Modular Mathematics for Edexcel AS and A Level book, this student edition of the solutionbank gives your students access to complete worked solutions where they need them most - at home.


Solutionbank Author John Hebborn
ISBN-10 0435512102
Release 2005-02
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Created to accompany the Decision 1 edition of the Heinemann Modular Mathematics for Edexcel AS and A Level book, this student edition of the solutionbank gives your students access to complete worked solutions where they need them most - at home.

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting Author Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ireland. Centre of Accounting Studies
ISBN-10 OCLC:263944670
Release 1994
Pages 208
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Financial Accounting has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Financial Accounting also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Financial Accounting book for free.

Advancing maths for AQA

Advancing maths for AQA Author Matthew H. Clough
ISBN-10 0435513435
Release 2005
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This series provides a complete set of solutions to all the questions in the new editions of the Advancing Maths for AQA textbooks and is available for Core 1-4, Mechanics 1 and Statistics 1.

Core Mathematics C3

Core Mathematics C3 Author
ISBN-10 0435510991
Release 2004
Pages 169
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Updated for the 2004 specification, these new Core books are in full colour to ease the transition from GCSE to A Level. Tailor-made for the new specification and written by members of an experienced Senior Examining Team, you can be sure they provide everything students need to succeed.

The Chemistry Maths Book

The Chemistry Maths Book Author Erich Steiner
ISBN-10 0199205353
Release 2008-01-31
Pages 668
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The Chemistry Maths Book provides a complete course companion suitable for students at all levels. All the most useful and important topics are covered, with numerous examples of applications in chemistry and the physical sciences. Taking a clear, straightforward approach, the book develops ideas in a logical, coherent way, allowing students progressively to build a thorough working understanding of the subject. Topics are organized into three parts: algebra, calculus, differential equations, and expansions in series; vectors, determinants and matrices; and numerical analysis and statistics. The extensive use of examples illustrates every important concept and method in the text, and are used to demonstrate applications of the mathematics in chemistry and several basic concepts in physics. The exercises at the end of each chapter, are an essential element of the development of the subject, and have been designed to give students a working understanding of the material in the text. Online Resource Centre: The Online Resource Centre features the following resources: - Figures from the book in electronic format, ready to download - Full worked solutions to all end of chapter exercises

The Story of the Fly

The Story of the Fly Author Jason Drew
ISBN-10 9780992175412
Release 2014-06-26
Pages 176
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The story of the fly and how it could save the world will take you behind the pesky reputation and inside the brain and body of the much misunderstood fly. It investigates the insect as a pest and how man has tried tirelessly, often unsuccessfully) to kill it – exploring everything from how it walks on ceilings to how it survives Ice Ages and outsmarts all manner of fly swats, toxins and traps. The book also reveals how, throughout history, innovative humans – including Genghis Kahn, Napoleon Bonaparte’s surgeon, NASA, various forensic entomologists and the UK’s National Health Service – have harnessed and researched the fly to help mankind. But ultimately it introduces the fly as a future hero that could help save the world. How? By recycling waste nutrients and generating sustainable protein to spare the fish in the ocean and feed the ever-growing number of people on our Earth. That’s a story worth telling. And one worth reading, too.

Revise for Mechanics 1

Revise for Mechanics 1 Author Ted Graham
ISBN-10 0435513524
Release 2005
Pages 96
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Thorough revision for the AQA exams These brand new revision guides contain all the help, guidance and support students need in the run-up to the 2005 exams, ensuring they achieve the grades they deserve. The familiar format helps to trigger students' memories, making revision easier. Key point summaries at the start of each chapter focus students' minds on what they need to know for the exam. Worked examples with examiners' hints ensure students are following the best practice and approach for answering questions successfully. Practice questions, including a test-yourself section that references the main textbooks, encourage independent revision. Written by a Senior Examining Team to make sure students get the most beneficial advice on tackling their exams. Revision exercises and an exam-style paper give essential preparation for the AQA exams.

Further Pure Maths 1

Further Pure Maths 1 Author Sam Boardman
ISBN-10 0435513346
Release 2004
Pages 224
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Further Pure Maths 1 was written to provide thorough preparation for the revised 2004 specification. Based on the first editions, this series help you to prepare for the new exams.

Applied Thermodynamics

Applied Thermodynamics Author Onkar Singh
ISBN-10 9788122425833
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 940
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About the Book: This book presents a systematic account of the concepts and principles of engineering thermodynamics and the concepts and practices of thermal engineering. The book covers basic course of engineering thermodynamics and also deals with the advanced course of thermal engineering. This book will meet the requirements of the undergraduate students of engineering and technology undertaking the compulsory course of engineering thermodynamics. The subject matter is sufficient for the students of Mechanical Engineering/Industrial-Production Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, undertaking advanced courses in the name of thermal engineering/heat engineering/applied thermodynamics etc. Presentation of the subject matter has been made in very simple and understandable language. The book is written in SI system of units and each chapter has been provided with sufficient number of typical numerical problems of solved and unsolved questions with answers. Contents: Fundamental Concepts and Definitions Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics First Law of Thermodynamics Second Law of Thermodynamics Entropy Thermodynamic Properties of Pure Substance Availability and General Thermodynamic Relations Vapour Power Cycles Gas Power Cycles Fuel and Combustion Boilers and Boiler Calculations Steam Engine Nozzles Steam Turbines Steam Condenser Reciprocating and Rotary Compressor Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines Introduction to Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Jet Propulsion and Rocket Engines Multiple Answer type Questions

Revise for Mechanics 2

Revise for Mechanics 2 Author John Hebborn
ISBN-10 0435511149
Release 2001
Pages 59
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Revision book written specifically for the Edexcel AS and A Level exams offering: worked examination questions and examples with hints on answering examination questions successfully; test-yourself section; key points reinforcing what students have learned; and answers to all questions.

Coursework Basics of Statistics

Coursework  Basics of Statistics Author Matthew Haynes
ISBN-10 1980451605
Release 2018-03-03
Pages 83
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Statistics is a very broad subject, with applications in a vast number of different fields. In generally one can say that statistics is the methodology for collecting, analyzing, interpreting and drawing conclusions from informa- tion. Putting it in other words, statistics is the methodology which scientists and mathematicians have developed for interpreting and drawing conclu- sions from collected data. Everything that deals even remotely with the collection, processing, interpretation and presentation of data belongs to the domain of statistics, and so does the detailed planning of that precedes all these activities.


Mechanics Author John Hebborn
ISBN-10 0435510754
Release 2000
Pages 176
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Heinemann Modular Mathematics for Edexcel AS and A Level provides dedciated textbooks to help give your students a clear route to success. Revision books also available.

Typical Problems of Inter Book Keeping and Accountancy

Typical Problems of Inter  Book Keeping and Accountancy Author
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Typical Problems of Inter Book Keeping and Accountancy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Typical Problems of Inter Book Keeping and Accountancy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Typical Problems of Inter Book Keeping and Accountancy book for free.

Accountancy For Class Xi

Accountancy For Class Xi Author V K Goyal
ISBN-10 0070635617
Release 2006-10-01
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Accountancy For Class Xi has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Accountancy For Class Xi also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Accountancy For Class Xi book for free.

Discrete Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics Author Norman Biggs
ISBN-10 0198507178
Release 2002-12-19
Pages 425
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The long-awaited second edition of Norman Bigg's best-selling Discrete Mathematics includes new chapters on statements and proof, logical framework, natural numbers and the integers, in addition to updated chapters from the previous edition. Carefully structured, coherent and comprehensive, each chapter contains tailored exercises and solutions to selected questions and miscellaneous exercises are presented throughout. This is an invaluable text for students seeking a clear introduction to discrete mathematics, graph theory, combinatorics, number theory and abstract algebra.Key Features:* Contains nine new introductory chapters, in addition to updated chapters from the previous edition* Contains over 1000 individual exercises and selected solutions* Companion website contains hints and solutions to all exercisesContents:The Language of Mathematics1. Statements and proofs2. Set notation3. The logical framework4. Natural numbers5. Functions6. How to count 7. Integers8. Divisibility and prime numbers9. Fractions and real numbersTechniques10. Principles of counting11. Subsets and designs12. Partition, classification and distribution13. Modular arithmeticAlgorithms and Graphs14. Algorithms and their efficiency15. Graphs16. Trees, sorting and searching17. Bipartite graphs and matching problems18. Digraphs, networks and flows19. Recursive techniquesAlgebraic Methods20. Groups21. Groups of permutations22. Rings, fields and polynomials23. Finite fields and some applications24. Error-correcting codes25. Generating functions26. Partitions of a positive integer27. Symmetry and counting

Applied Statistics

Applied Statistics Author Rebecca M. Warner
ISBN-10 9781483305974
Release 2012-04-10
Pages 1208
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Rebecca M. Warner's Applied Statistics: From Bivariate Through Multivariate Techniques, Second Edition provides a clear introduction to widely used topics in bivariate and multivariate statistics, including multiple regression, discriminant analysis, MANOVA, factor analysis, and binary logistic regression. The approach is applied and does not require formal mathematics; equations are accompanied by verbal explanations. Students are asked to think about the meaning of equations. Each chapter presents a complete empirical research example to illustrate the application of a specific method. Although SPSS examples are used throughout the book, the conceptual material will be helpful for users of different programs. Each chapter has a glossary and comprehension questions.