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Somebody Has to Pay

Somebody Has to Pay Author Pat Tucker
ISBN-10 9781593095925
Release 2015-11-17
Pages 304
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Two women face life-altering consequences after their disastrous plan to extort child support is exposed.

Forgive Me

Forgive Me Author Stacy Campbell
ISBN-10 9781451696707
Release 2014-02-11
Pages 336
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In this fast-paced sequel to the debut novel Dream Girl Awakened, five characters come to grips with their pasts amidst broken friendships, infidelity, grief, and loss. In this fast-paced sequel to the debut novel, Dream Girl Awakened, five characters come to grips with their pasts amidst broken friendships, infidelity, grief, and loss. Aruba Dixon has hit rock bottom. After two years of marriage, her second husband has died of Lou Gehrig’s disease, and she finds herself wanting to end it all. A botched suicide attempt makes her parents reach out to her ex-husband, James, for assistance. Up until that late-night phone call, James is living the golden life of success and wealth, but now everything is about to spin out of control… Meanwhile, Tawatha Gibson is grateful for the chance to be free again. After serving five years in prison, she is released on a technicality. Though shunned from those she loves most, Tawatha clings to the dream that she will be given another chance to start anew. But when her daughter, Aunjanue, learns about her release from prison, she’s not sure she can celebrate her mother’s freedom, let alone forgive her. Then there’s Victoria Faulk, who struggles with forgiving and forgetting. After a messy divorce, she wrestles with feelings of inadequacy and doubt. When her new beau, Emory Wilkerson, proposes in front of family and friends, she knows she’ll never be happy until she forgives the one person who hurt her—her old “friend,” Aruba Dixon. As the events unfold around the lives of these women, they face the challenge of letting go of the past and building new bonds. Will they come full circle and learn to move on, or will their past mistakes follow them forever?

Daddy s Maybe

Daddy s Maybe Author Pat Tucker
ISBN-10 9781593094041
Release 2012-11-13
Pages 336
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A man becomes an outspoken advocate for father's rights after living through the horrific experience of paying child support to a woman who incorrectly claimed to have had his baby. Original. 20,000 first printing.

Harm Done

Harm Done Author Shane Allison
ISBN-10 9781593096540
Release 2017-09-12
Pages 432
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A college professor’s romantic relationship with one of her students, who also happens to be her best friend’s son, leads to turmoil among the three in this tale of sex, suspense, and shattered dreams. Shariece Houston appears to have everything going for her: she’s a successful college professor and has recently found love. The only problem is that she has to keep her relationship a secret since it’s with her student Emjay Fox, who just happens to be her best friend’s son. Torn between her friendship with her best friend Leandra and her love for Emjay, she must also deal with Myrick, her obsessed, serial killer ex-boyfriend who will do anything to get back the woman he loves. A tawdry, steamy, and heartpounding tale of love gone wrong, blackmail, scandal, and the secrets lovers tell one another, Harm Done is a riveting and suspenseful romance.

Hittin It Out the Park

Hittin  It Out the Park Author Allison Hobbs
ISBN-10 9781593096106
Release 2015-03-31
Pages 288
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Cheryl is married to a superstar baseball player nine years her junior, but when Sexy Sanchez starts sniffing around her husband, Cheryl finds herself willing to go to any length to keep her man.

The Office Girls

The Office Girls Author Sylvester Stephens
ISBN-10 1416588043
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 336
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A topsy-turvy ride through corporate America, where the male is the minority and must face a comedic blend of sex discrimination and harassment that threatens his sanity. Michael Forrester, a floundering author, has been reduced to writing articles for a local newspaper under a pseudonym. When the newspaper runs an article he finds offensive to African-American men, he writes a rebuttal, which offends so many women it gets him fired. Michael then sets out to write a book that proves corporate women are just as scandalous, competitive, and insensitive as their male counterparts. But when he manipulates events to get hired into an office that is staffed by all women, events quickly spiral out of control. As romances sprout like weeds and Michael finds himself fighting for the women he works alongside, rather than against them, the question is whether he will be able to focus on his work, keep his flings a secret, and achieve the success he has always dreamed of. In turns hilarious, sobering, and eye-opening, The Office Girls tells the story of every woman who works in the corporate world and the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Darling Nikki

Darling Nikki Author E. V. Adams
ISBN-10 9781593093945
Release 2014-02-25
Pages 304
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Nikki Johnson and her husband, millionaire real estate tycoon Duncan Johnson, have their fears of adultery and needs for revenge turn into a murderous plot.

Mattie s Call

Mattie s Call Author Stacy Campbell
ISBN-10 9781476777344
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 272
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When their mother goes missing from her nursing home, three estranged siblings must fulfill the requests left in her will before they can find closure—or receive their inheritance. Mattie Benson feels trapped in Grand Oak Acres Nursing Home. Abandoned by her adult children and missing her deceased husband, she takes matters into her own hands and leaves the facility. A Mattie’s Call is issued, and soon, the siblings learn things about their mother they never knew—namely, her ability to bring them together through the conditions of her will. Gabrielle, the eldest daughter, must stop living life on her looks, get a job, and move out of the family home. This feat proves difficult for a forty-nine-year-old woman accustomed to the generosity of wealthy men. Joshua, the runaway groom, must reconnect with the son he never knew existed. He isn’t against the idea, but facing the only love of his life proves more difficult than he anticipated. Alice, Mattie’s baby girl, has been trapped in a loveless marriage for years. The stipulation that she complete her college degree scares her more than climbing a mountain, but an unforgivable moment with her husband proves she must move forward with her life. Stumbling and ultimately rising to the challenge, the siblings get to know one other as their parents’ legacy mends old wounds and paves the way for new beginnings.

Homecoming Weekend

Homecoming Weekend Author Curtis Bunn
ISBN-10 9781593094300
Release 2014-04-29
Pages 402
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A trip back to their alma mater's homecoming becomes memorable for five people in a way none of them could have expected.

A Social Affair

A Social Affair Author Pat Tucker
ISBN-10 9781593094508
Release 2015-03-24
Pages 352
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When married, thirty-two-year-old Codi begins a torrid affair with a man she meets on the Internet named Quinn, the two soon realize the consequences of their actions after their spouses find out about their relationship.

Free Fridays

Free Fridays Author Pat Tucker
ISBN-10 9781593095901
Release 2016-07-12
Pages 256
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A provocative contemporary romance that poses complex questions about modern marriage. For Leela and Riley Franklin, the seven-year itch is an all too real phenomenon, so they introduce 'Free Fridays'. The last Friday of every month is free: Leela and Riley get an unconditional free pass. They can do whatever they want, with whomever, wherever, with no questions asked, the one rule being that there are no strings attached. At first, it seems like the perfect arrangement. Both Leela and Riley are enjoying their cake as they get to eat it, too. But soon trouble finds them...

The Truth is in the Wine

The Truth is in the Wine Author Curtis Bunn
ISBN-10 9781593095031
Release 2013-10-08
Pages 262
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There are some secrets that are better left that way In this gripping novel of twisted moral dilemmas, a man tries to save his troubled marriage by taking a trip to Napa Valley after secretly winning the lottery. Paul Wall s marriage is in trouble. In addition to losing his job, he loses all of his self-esteem, and soon his wife, Ginger, is as unhappy as he is. However, when Paul wins millions of dollars in the Georgia state lottery, he regains his pride and concocts a master plan to regain his wife s love. A passionate wine-drinker, Paul convinces Ginger to accompany him on a trip to romantic Napa Valley, where they could rekindle their relationship while enjoying the vast array of wines. But Paul keeps his winnings a secret; he wants to win her back on his own merits. Ginger insists her mom, a recent widow, travels with them. Paul then insists "his" mom, recently divorced, join them.

No Boundaries

No Boundaries Author Allison Hobbs
ISBN-10 9781451656886
Release 2013-07-02
Pages 304
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A cross between Shades of Grey and Z-Rated, No Boundaries takes readers on an unforgettable journey as a young law school graduate stumbles into an alternative lifestyle full of naughty pleasures. Just out of law school, Jaguar is deep in debt and takes a bartending job as an easy way to make money before he gets on the fast-track of corporate law. Meanwhile, slinging drinks does have its perks: free booze, big tips, and plenty of women hitting on him constantly. He’s not looking for love, only a little fun to forget his troubles. But when he meets a mysterious beauty named Fonia, Jaguar is intrigued. Handsome and confident, Jag has never had problems attracting the opposite sex, but Fonia is elusive and presents a challenge. An old friend offers Jag an opportunity to make extra cash bartending at a private party. But the party is nothing like Jag has ever experienced. Not even the wildest frat party could compare to this extravaganza where no pleasure is forbidden. But the biggest shocker comes when Jag realizes that Fonia is heavily into bondage and submission. She belongs to a dominant master and Jag hates to watch her surrender to her deviant lover. Fonia has captured Jag’s heart, and over time he tries to convince her to break away from her brutal lover and understand that true love should never hurt.

With This Ring

With This Ring Author Allison Hobbs
ISBN-10 9781451697025
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 352
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Returning from a quest to find their soulmates, Harlow, Vangie, and Nivea face new challenges from murder to heartbreak in this highly anticipated sequel to Put a Ring On It. Returning from a quest to find their soulmates, Harlow, Vangie, and Nivea face new challenges from murder to heartbreak in this highly anticipated sequel to Put a Ring On It. Harlow’s dreams of happily ever after are shattered when a muffled gunshot forces her to question her new husband’s character. Is Drake Morgan the determined entrepreneur she thought he was or a gangster and ruthless killer? After a bout with alcoholism and an emotional breakdown, Nivea is trying to rebuild her life, but the explosive result of her child’s paternity test threatens to destroy her fragile family ties. Desperate for her new man to put a ring on it, Vangie sacrifices her morals and puts a lifelong friendship to the test. From the bestselling author of Big Juicy Lips and Double Dippin’, this edgy new novel is sure to please both Allison Hobbs fans and newcomers looking for a spicy read.

Loyalty Among Friends

Loyalty Among Friends Author Pat Tucker
ISBN-10 9781593095307
Release 2014-09-30
Pages 256
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When Ava's childhood friend begins an affair with a married man, who turns out to be her best friend's husband, Ava is caught in the middle and her loyalty to both friends is tested.


Nasty Author Dr. XYZ
ISBN-10 1439142653
Release 2009-09-15
Pages 336
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Extremely nasty things happen when a rich divorcée, an ambitious music mogul, and an extremely horny high school virgin all cross paths in a delicious web of insatiable lust, obsession, and revenge. Nicola is beautiful, wealthy -- and newly divorced. Angry and bitter with the world over her life's failures, she goes on a sexual rampage and destroys everything in her path. She begins to slowly move in on one unsuspecting family with her sexual charms. She starts up a hot-and-heavy relationship with Carlos, a young music executive with big dreams and an even larger sexual appetite. Then she deflowers Carlos's wholesome brother, Jonathan, an up-and-coming basketball star. She's definitely on fire, but the summer is already hot for so many other reasons. Things get even more complicated when Carlos's mother is reunited with the love of her life. Eli is a recovering substance abuser and the father of her eldest child, Tarik, a talented neo-soul artist on the cusp of greatness. Thanks to Carlos's expert music management, Tarik was only seconds away from signing a major record deal -- but Eli's unexpected arrival disrupts everything. Now that the family's core strength is completely weakened, Nicola can finally be her truly ruthless self. The summer continues to sizzle for this family as Nicola's grip tightens around the men who would sacrifice everything for her.

Riders of the Purple Sage

Riders of the Purple Sage Author Zane Grey
ISBN-10 9781623958718
Release 2015-03-20
Pages 235
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Read the novel that shaped the genre of Western novels in America. Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey stalls the story of a woman's battle to overcome persecution by members of her polygamous Mormon church. This complex novel is an classic tale of romance, adventure and the wild west. This Xist Classics edition has been professionally formatted for e-readers with a linked table of contents. This eBook also contains a bonus book club leadership guide and discussion questions. We hope you’ll share this book with your friends, neighbors and colleagues and can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it. Xist Publishing is a digital-first publisher. Xist Publishing creates books for the touchscreen generation and is dedicated to helping everyone develop a lifetime love of reading, no matter what form it takes