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Sounds Fascinating

Sounds Fascinating Author John Wells
ISBN-10 9781107157798
Release 2016-08-31
Pages 220
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Is that really how people say that? What a fascinating sound!

Sounds Interesting

Sounds Interesting Author J. C. Wells
ISBN-10 9781107074705
Release 2014-09-25
Pages 217
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Sounds Interesting explores a range of current and widely researched topics such as pronunciation, teaching, intonation, spelling, and accents.

English Intonation PB and Audio CD

English Intonation PB and Audio CD Author J. C. Wells
ISBN-10 0521683807
Release 2006-08-31
Pages 276
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An introduction to intonation - the expression of meaning through rise and fall of pitch in our voices - in English.

The Sounds of Japanese with Audio CD

The Sounds of Japanese with Audio CD Author Timothy J. Vance
ISBN-10 9780521617543
Release 2008-10-30
Pages 263
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An introduction to the sounds and pronunciation of Standard Japanese with accompanying audio CD.

The Sound Pattern of English

The Sound Pattern of English Author Noam Chomsky
ISBN-10 026253097X
Release 1991
Pages 470
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Since this classic work in phonology was published in 1968, there has been no other book that gives as broad a view of the subject, combining generally applicable theoretical contributions with analysis of the details of a single language. The theoretical issues raised in The Sound Pattern of English continue to be critical to current phonology, and in many instances the solutions proposed by Chomsky and Halle have yet to be improved upon.Noam Chomsky and Morris Halle are Institute Professors of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT.

Patterns of Sounds

Patterns of Sounds Author Maddieson
ISBN-10 0521113261
Release 2009-06-18
Pages 436
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Patterns of Sounds describes the frequency and distributional patterns of the phonemic sounds in a large and representative sample of the world's languages. The results are based on UPSID (the UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database), a computer file containing the phonemes of 317 languages selected on the basis of genetic diversity. The book contains nine chapters analysing the UPSID data, as well as fully labelled phoneme charts for each language and a comprehensive segment index. Questions of the frequency and co-occurrence of the particular segment types are discussed in detail and possible explanations for the patterns observed are evaluated. The book is thus both a report on the research into phoneme inventory structure that has been done using UPSID and a resource that provides the reader with the tools to extend that research.

English Phonetics and Pronunciation Practice

English Phonetics and Pronunciation Practice Author Paul Carley
ISBN-10 9781351672658
Release 2017-09-01
Pages 308
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English Phonetics and Pronunciation Practice provides a unique introduction to basic articulatory phonetics for students of English. Built around an extensive collection of practice materials, this book teaches the pronunciation of modern standard non-regional British English to intermediate and advanced learners worldwide. This book: provides an up-to-date description of the pronunciation of modern British English; demonstrates the use of each English phoneme with a selection of high-frequency words, both alone and in context in sentences, idiomatic phrases and dialogues; provides examples and practice material on commonly confused sounds, including illustrative pronunciation diagrams; is supported by a companion website featuring phonetic transcriptions and over 30 hours of practice audio material to check your pronunciation against; can be used not only for studying pronunciation in the classroom but also for independent student practice. English Phonetics and Pronunciation Practice is essential reading for any student studying this topic.

The Sound Structure of English

The Sound Structure of English Author Chris McCully
ISBN-10 9780521850360
Release 2009-02-26
Pages 233
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Clear introduction to English phonetics and phonology, tailored to suit the needs of individual, one-term course modules. Contains exercises, discussion questions, a comprehensive glossary of each term introduced, and has a helpful companion website. An essential text for all those embarking on the study of English sounds at undergraduate level.

Principles of Phonetics

Principles of Phonetics Author John Laver
ISBN-10 052145655X
Release 1994-05-12
Pages 707
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Comprehensive textbook on phonetics, with examples from over 500 languages.


Phonetics Author Rachael-Anne Knight
ISBN-10 9781139504195
Release 2012-01-26
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A problem-based introduction to phonetics, with over three hundred exercises integrated into the text to help the student discover and practice the subject interactively. It assumes no previous knowledge of the subject and highlights and explains new terms and concepts when they are first introduced. Graded review questions and exercises at the end of every unit help the student monitor their own progress and further practice new skills, and there is frequent cross-referencing for the student to see how the subject fits together and how later concepts build on earlier ones. The book highlights the differences between speech and writing in Unit One and covers all the essential topics of a phonetics course.

English Phonetics and Phonology Paperback with Audio CDs 2

English Phonetics and Phonology Paperback with Audio CDs  2 Author Peter Roach
ISBN-10 052171740X
Release 2009-03-26
Pages 231
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A complete basic course in English phonetics and phonology which combines academic material with practical exercises, both written and recorded. Since the publication of the first edition in 1983, this course has established itself as the most practical, comprehensive text in the field and become widely used in many parts of the world in universities and other institutions of higher education. It is used by both native and non-native speakers alike, and is suitable for those training to teach English as well as those studying the language at an advanced level. This new edition takes into account recent developments in the teaching of phonology. It includes updated references, fuller coverage of intonation, and a new chapter on different varieties of English with illustrative recorded material. English Phonetics and Phonology bridges the gap between simple pronunciation handbooks and technical phonetics and phonology textbooks. It presents the basic factual material and crucial theoretical issues in a practical and readable way. At the end of each chapter there are notes giving information on further reading, discussion of the more challenging issues, written exercises and, where appropriate, suggestions for teachers. In addition the audio CDs include recorded exercises for every chapter which are particularly helpful for non-native speakers. A full answer key is available at the back of the book. Additional exercises and other supporting material are available online.

Applied English Phonology

Applied English Phonology Author Mehmet Yavas
ISBN-10 9781118944530
Release 2015-11-25
Pages 320
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Now fully updated with the latest research and references, the third edition of Applied English Phonology provides a detailed,accessible introduction to the English sound system. Discusses the fundamental concepts of English phonology, from phonetic elements, phonemics, and allophonic rules of English consonants and vowels to phonotactics, stress, and intonation Includes new coverage of waveform analysis, bilingual phonology, code-switching, and loan phonology Expands discussions of L1 contrastive phonological structures and markedness Supports students and instructors with sound files for transcription exercises and an instructor’s manual, available upon publication at

English Phonology

English Phonology Author Heinz J. Giegerich
ISBN-10 0521336031
Release 1992-10-15
Pages 333
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This is an introduction to the phonology of present-day English. It deals principally with three varieties of English: "General American," Southern British "Received Pronunciation" and "Scottish Standard English." It offers a systematic and detailed discussion of the features shared by these major accents, and explains some major differences. Other varieties of English--Australian and New Zealand English, South African English and Hiberno-English--are also discussed briefly. Without focusing on current phonological theory and its evolution, the author demonstrates the importance of "theory," in whatever shape or form, in phonological argumentation. This textbook will be welcomed by all students of English language and linguistics.

Pronouncing English

Pronouncing English Author Richard V. Teschner
ISBN-10 1589010027
Release 2004
Pages 280
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Pronouncing English is a textbook for teaching English phonetics and phonology, offering an original "stress-based" approach while incorporating all the standard course topics. Drawing on current linguistic theory, it uniquely analyzes prosody first, and then discusses its effects on pronunciation--emphasizing suprasegmental features such as meter, stress, and intonation, then the vowels and consonants themselves. Distinguished by being the first work of its kind to be based on an exhaustive statistical analysis of all the lexical entries of an entire dictionary, Pronouncing English is complemented by a list of symbols and a glossary. Richard Teschner and M. Stanley Whitley present an improved description of English pronunciation and conclude each chapter with suggestions on how to do a better job of teaching it. An appendix with a brief introduction to acoustic phonetics--the basis for the perception vs. the production of sounds--is also included. Revolutionary in its field, Pronouncing English declares that virtually all aspects of English pronunciation--from the vowel system to the articulation of syllables, words, and sentences--are determined by the presence or absence of stress. The accompanying CD-ROM carries audio recordings of many of the volume's exercises, more than 100 text and sound files, and data files on which the statistical observations were based.


Uptalk Author
ISBN-10 9781107123854
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Uptalk has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Uptalk also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Uptalk book for free.

Loan Phonology

Loan Phonology Author Andrea Calabrese
ISBN-10 9789027248237
Release 2009
Pages 273
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For many different reasons, speakers borrow words from other languages to fill gaps in their own lexical inventory. The past ten years have been characterized by a great interest among phonologists in the issue of how the nativization of loanwords occurs. The general feeling is that loanword nativization provides a direct window for observing how acoustic cues are categorized in terms of the distinctive features relevant to the L1 phonological system as well as for studying L1 phonological processes in action and thus to the true synchronic phonology of L1. The collection of essays presented in this volume provides an overview of the complex issues phonologists face when investigating this phenomenon and, more generally, the ways in which unfamiliar sounds and sound sequences are adapted to converge with the native language s sound pattern. This book is of interest to theoretical phonologists as well as to linguists interested in language contact phenomena."

Phonetic Science for Clinical Practice

Phonetic Science for Clinical Practice Author Kathy J. Jakielski
ISBN-10 9781635500486
Release 2017-08-31
Pages 330
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Phonetic Science for Clinical Practice is designed to serve as an introductory, one-term textbook for undergraduate phonetics courses in communication sciences and disorders. The text begins by introducing the fundamental tool of transcription - the International Phonetic Alphabet - while also presenting the science underlying that set of symbols. The goal of this text is to teach students how to think about the data being transcribed - in other words, how to think like a phonetician. Every chapter begins with Learning Objectives and an Applied Science problem and question - a research- or clinical-based question that can be answered by applying the phonetic science concepts covered in that chapter. By the end of the chapter, students will revisit the question and be asked to solve the problem posed. Students studying communication sciences and disorders and practicing speech-language pathologists or audiologists will be more successful in their clinical work if they understand the science that underlies the tool of transcription. In each chapter there are also several diverse clinical examples to review the application of concepts covered. Phonetic Science for Clinical Practice covers exactly what students (and clinical speech-language pathologists and audiologists) need to know to be effective speech-language pathologists and audiologists in any setting where an understanding of speech sounds is needed. Key Features: Focused on practical, clinical application, and the information needed for clinical practiceDid You Get It? comprehension checks on the material throughout each chapterFlashcards for phonetic transcription practiceSound files for IPA symbols and particular words*Disclaimer: Please note that ancillary content (such as documents, audio, and video, etc.) may not be included as published in the original print version of this book.