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Kvalita v soci ln pr ci a soci ln ch slu b ch

Kvalita v soci  ln   pr  ci a soci  ln  ch slu  b  ch Author Malík Holasová Věra
ISBN-10 9788024791029
Release 2014-02-14
Pages 160
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Publikace uceleně popisuje problematiku kvality v sociální práci a seznamuje čtenáře s možnými příležitostmi a riziky, které politika kvality v organizacích sociální práce přináší. Jedinečnost publikace tkví v komplexním pojetí problematiky a specifickém zaměření na kvalitu v oblasti sociální práce. V českém prostředí je odborná literatura nejčastěji zaměřená jen na tradiční tržní sféru. Pomalu se začínají objevovat knihy orientující se na veřejný management, management kvality ve školství a zdravotnictví. Zpracování problematiky kvality v sociální práci u nás však stále chybí, i když v zahraničí se jedná o živě diskutované téma.

Green Social Work

Green Social Work Author Lena Dominelli
ISBN-10 9780745680828
Release 2013-10-29
Pages 200
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Social work is the profession that claims to intervene to enhance people's well-being. However, social workers have played a low-key role in environmental issues that increasingly impact on people's well-being, both locally and globally. This compelling new contribution confronts this topic head-on, examining environmental issues from a social work perspective. Lena Dominelli draws attention to the important voice of practitioners working on the ground in the aftermath of environmental disasters, whether these are caused by climate change, industrial accidents or human conflict. The author explores the concept of ‘green social work' and its role in using environmental crises to address poverty and other forms of structural inequalities, to obtain more equitable allocations of limited natural resources and to tackle global socio-political forces that have a damaging impact upon the quality of life of poor and marginalized populations at local levels. The resolution of these matters is linked to community initiatives that social workers can engage in to ensure that the quality of life of poor people can be enhanced without costing the Earth. This important book will appeal to those in the fields of social work, social policy, sociology and human geography. It powerfully reveals how environmental issues are an integral part of social work's remit if it is to retain its currency in the modern world and emphasize its relevance to the social issues that societies have to resolve in the twenty-first century.

The Planning System and Planning Terms in Germany

The Planning System and Planning Terms in Germany Author Elke Pahl-Weber
ISBN-10 3888382335
Release 2008
Pages 277
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At a time when Europe is growing together, cooperation between countries is becoming increasingly necessary. One of the main reasons for pursuing transnational spatial development is to attain a common understanding of the facts of spatial planning. Hence, the INTERREG III B project"COMMIN" sought to establish a common communication basis for the exchange of knowledge and experience in spatial planning and thus to foster and develop this understanding in the Baltic Sea region. Therefore, on the basis of a standardized structure the COMMIN project partners prepared basic information about institutional settings and spatial planning systems and compiled a glossary of key terminology in spatial planning accompanied by a varying range of fact sheets with respect to planning cases taken as examples. The readers will now find on the whole range of information covering the respective national languages as well as English translations, although in some countries official translations for these issues were lacking. The project partners were aware of the fact that each translation requires a balancing act between legal precision and communicable classification and, at the end, is a question of definition power and of different senses for semantics. The German text on hand (status December 2006) one information package out of eleven was prepared by a team comprising planners, lawyers, economists, and administrative academics. Actually no other publication treating this subject in English exists and it will hopefully contribute not only to understanding planning issues in Europe but also to transferring in this respect information and knowledge within the country. Anyway, being aware of differences between countries is a point of departure for the mutual understanding process.

The History of Youth Work in Europe

The History of Youth Work in Europe Author Griet Verschelden
ISBN-10 9287166080
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 179
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V.2. Youth work histories of Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Wales and Hungary.

Humanistic Social Work

Humanistic Social Work Author Malcolm Payne
ISBN-10 1933478306
Release 2011
Pages 223
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"In this exciting new book, Malcolm Payne draws on core principles of social work to articulate a new humanistic practice for the twenty-first century. Humanistic Social Work: Core Principles in Practice presents a profession that aims at positive fulfillment in social relationships, exploring and reconciling artistic, creative, and spiritual avenues with evidence-based practice approaches and postmodernist understandings of human growth and knowledge development. Showing how practitioners can embody flexible, skilled, and knowledge-based responses to the complexities of human individuality, Payne reorients the aims of social work as an accountability to clients' individual self-fulfillment, enabled by community and social development. Humanistic Social Work is a reaffirming treatise on the strengths rather than the deficits of the individual, the innovations rather than the imperfections of the social work profession."--Publisher's website.

International Social Work

International Social Work Author Stefan Borrmann
ISBN-10 3866490879
Release 2007
Pages 189
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This book focuses on three key issues of international social work: international dimensions of social problems and how social work practice can deal with these challenges; cultural issues social workers have to think of when practicing, teaching, and developing social work on an international level; and aspects of international approaches in social work education. The authors practice and teach social work in several countries and their professional experience gives them the chance to gain profound experience in international social work. Therefore, the authors not only write about international perspectives, but also write from an international perspective.

Sex Without Consent

Sex Without Consent Author Merril D. Smith
ISBN-10 9780814797891
Release 2001
Pages 308
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"Simple, unpretentious narrative makes this volume an accessible and inviting source for nonspecialists. Its many photographs enhance the appeal of the book and provide the faces referred to in the title. Throughout the volume, framed insets open up the text to provide an occasional 'window' for a statistical table, a biographical sketch, or to give voice to a first-person narrative that humanizes the text." --Multicultural Review

The English Noun Phrase

The English Noun Phrase Author Evelien Keizer
ISBN-10 9781107320796
Release 2007-08-09
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English has an interesting variety of noun phrases, which differ greatly in structure. Examples are 'binominal' (two-noun) phrases ('a beast of a party'); possessive constructions ('the author's opinion'); and discontinuous noun phrases ('the review [came out yesterday] of his book'). How are these different noun phrases structured? How do we produce and understand them? These questions are central to this study, which explores the interaction between the form of noun phrases, their meaning, and their use. It shows how, despite the need in linguistic analysis for strict categories, many linguistic constructions in fact defy straightforward classification - and concludes that in order to fully explain the internal structure of utterances, we must first consider the communicative, pragmatic and cognitive factors that come into play. Drawing on a range of authentic examples, this book sheds light not only on the noun phrase itself but also the nature of linguistic classification.

The Church of England and the Durham Coalfield 1810 1926

The Church of England and the Durham Coalfield  1810 1926 Author Robert Lee
ISBN-10 1843833476
Release 2007
Pages 339
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A detailed survey of the Anglican mission to the coalfields in an era where rapid industrialisation crucially affected the old ecclesiastical structures.

Kristen Suzanne s Easy Raw Vegan Soups

Kristen Suzanne s Easy Raw Vegan Soups Author Kristen Suzanne
ISBN-10 098175564X
Release 2008
Pages 74
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Mounting evidence has shown that heat destroys many of the nutrients found in raw, living food, rendering it harder to digest and nutritionally diminished. Raw food is catching on! From Hollywood stars with personal chefs, to a host of chic new Manhattan restaurants, the Raw Food movement is sweeping the country as people learn about the dramatic health benefits derived by eating a vegan diet in which food is never heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit.Drawing on a myriad of delicious flavors from around the world, this collection of Kristen Suzanne's favorite and most popular Raw soup recipes makes it practical and super easy to eat Raw every day. And Kristen means EASY... most of these soups take just 10-15 minutes and you're done! This Raw food vegan recipe book includes 42 delicious soup recipes and also includes a Raw Basics introduction to Raw food (with 6 basic must have recipes) for people who are new to the subject.Includes links to photographs at Kristen Suzanne's Web site,

Goal Programming Techniques for Bank Asset Liability Management

Goal Programming Techniques for Bank Asset Liability Management Author Kyriaki Kosmidou
ISBN-10 9781402081057
Release 2006-04-18
Pages 166
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Other publications that exist on this topic, are mainly focused on the general aspects and methodologies of the field and do not refer extensively to bank ALM. On the other hand the existing books on goal programming techniques do not involve the ALM problem and more specifically the bank ALM one. Therefore, there is a lack in the existing literature of a comprehensive text book that combines both the concepts of bank ALM and goal programming techniques and illustrates the contribution of goal programming techniques to bank ALM. This is the major contributing feature of this book and its distinguishing characteristic as opposed to the existing literature. This volume would be suitable for academics and practitioners in operations research, management scientists, financial managers, bank managers, economists and risk analysts. The book can also be used as a textbook for graduate courses of asset liability management, financial risk management and banking risks.

Reflecting on Social Work Discipline and Profession

Reflecting on Social Work   Discipline and Profession Author Karen Lyons
ISBN-10 9781351905954
Release 2017-03-02
Pages 262
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Social work has always been a contested activity and its status as an academic discipline remains uncertain. There is currently renewed interest in the theoretical and research dimensions of social work, at a time when significant changes in the broad social, political and economic context in which practice takes place require a re-evaluation of social work's role and a re-examination of its identity. This timely book brings together leading social work academics to examine the state of social work at the beginning of the 21st century. With their focus on the relationships between research, theory and practice, they reflect critically on the nature of social work as a discipline in higher education and the importance of this to the profession as a whole. The book represents an exploratory conversation among social work academics about the current state and future aspirations of the discipline and the profession. It aims to stimulate wider debate about the dominant constraints and opportunities for social work in the 21st century.

International Social Work

International Social Work Author Lynne M. Healy
ISBN-10 9780195301670
Release 2008
Pages 410
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Written by the director of the country's first center for international social work studies, the original edition of this book set the stage for recent years' exponential increase of interest in international issues for social workers. This second edition is a thorough revision of that definitive text, and it expands on the sections most valuable to teachers, adds evocative photos from the author's own collection, and provides a wealth of new information to bring the book up-to-the-minute in usefulness. A comprehensive treatment of international social work, the book emphasizes global interdependence and professional action, themes that provide the context for an engaging examination of social work issues in a global perspective. The book's four sections introduce major concepts and issues in international social work, review the global history of the social work profession as a whole, discuss global ethics, practice and policy, and values, and look ahead to the bright future of international exchange and development. From direct service to policy and administration, International Social Work provides a thorough overview of the international dimensions of social work practice, and is sure to remain the essential text for all social work students and practitioners, providing a sound foundation for future academic and career exploration.

The SAGE Handbook of International Social Work

The SAGE Handbook of International Social Work Author Karen H Lyons
ISBN-10 9781446263891
Release 2012-05-18
Pages 564
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Social work is a profession that is increasingly involved with issues which have a global dimension. This Handbook tackles the global/local aspect of social work in its various forms and interrogates the key concerns that societies are facing through an international lens. The contributors show that, with an appreciation of commonalities and differences, local practices and appropriate forms of international activity can be better developed. Areas covered include: - Analysis of 'International social work' - Globalisation and indigenisation - Social justice and human rights - Poverty and livelihoods - Ecological issues - Migration - Education, theory, research and practice - Social work in different settings - Religion and spirituality - Responses to disasters and conflicts - Life course perspectives - Regional perspectives - Future directions With a truly international range of contributions, the Handbook incorporates perspectives from Asia, Africa, Europe, Australasia, the Middle East and the Americas. It will be an invaluable resource for undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and academics working in the fields of social work, social welfare, human services, and community development worldwide, as well as service providers and policy makers in the international arena.

Muslims in the Enlarged Europe

Muslims in the Enlarged Europe Author Brigitte Maréchal
ISBN-10 9004132015
Release 2003-01
Pages 602
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Based on extensive bibliographical research, field studies and specific contributions of scholars, this volume provides a useful overall review of the presence of Islam in Europe.

Issues in International Social Work

Issues in International Social Work Author Merl C. Hokenstad
ISBN-10 UOM:39015041776694
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 184
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Learn about the place of social work in a global economy, the role of social workers in addressing ethnic conflicts, future directions in response to new international needs, and more. Each chapter outlines the global context of the challenges faced, the nature of the challenges now and in the future, and the response of social work to these challenges. Highlights: Realities of Global Interdependence; Social Work & the Global Economy; International Social Development & Social Work; Ethnic Conflict & Violence in the Modern World.

Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly Author Lisbeth Eriksson
ISBN-10 9171733159
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 249
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Learning to Fly has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Learning to Fly also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Learning to Fly book for free.