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Spiritual Emotions

Spiritual Emotions Author Robert C. Roberts
ISBN-10 9780802827401
Release 2007-07-16
Pages 207
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An expert in moral and philosophical psychology, Robert C. Roberts here develops an original, up-to-date understanding of human emotions in relation to spirituality and as a basic part of Christian moral character. With an eye on pertinent Biblical texts, Roberts explores emotions as nonsensory perceptions that arise from personal caring and concern. His study culminates with an in-depth examination of six "fruit of the Holy Spirit" emotion-virtues: contrition, joy, gratitude, hope, peace, and compassion. Though Spiritual Emotions is rigorous in its focus on the inner structure of Christian character, it is nonetheless readable and is laced with many narrative examples. The book will be immensely useful for Christian ethicists, psychologists, pastors, and counselors.

PFILL Spiritual emotions a psychology of Christian virtues

PFILL Spiritual emotions  a psychology of Christian virtues Author Robert Roberts
ISBN-10 OCLC:1030983488
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PFILL Spiritual emotions a psychology of Christian virtues has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from PFILL Spiritual emotions a psychology of Christian virtues also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full PFILL Spiritual emotions a psychology of Christian virtues book for free.

Being Good

Being Good Author Michael W. Austin
ISBN-10 9780802865656
Release 2011-12-20
Pages 292
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This volume offers a fresh, timely, practical look at eleven key Christian virtues: faith, open-mindedness, wisdom, zeal, hope, contentment, courage, love, compassion, forgiveness, and humility. Writing from a distinctively Christian perspective, the authors thoughtfully explore and explain these select virtues, seeking to nurture readers in lifelong character growth and to promote the centrality of the virtues to the Christian faith. Grouped under the headings Faith, Hope, and Love, the chapters each conclude with questions for further reflection. Contributors: Michael W. Austin Jason Baehr Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung R. Douglas Geivett David A. Horner William C. Mattison III Paul K. Moser Andrew Pinsent Steve L. Porter James S. Spiegel Charles Taliaferro David R. Turner.

Emotions in the Moral Life

Emotions in the Moral Life Author Robert C. Roberts
ISBN-10 9781107276543
Release 2013-07-11
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Robert C. Roberts first presented his vivid account of emotions as 'concern-based construals' in his book Emotions: An Essay in Aid of Moral Psychology (Cambridge, 2003). In this new book he extends that account to the moral life. He explores the ways in which emotions can be a basis for moral judgments, how they account for the deeper moral identity of actions we perform, how they are constitutive of morally toned personal relationships like friendship, enmity, collegiality and parenthood, and how pleasant and unpleasant emotions interact with our personal wellbeing (eudaimonia). He then sketches how, by means of their moral dimensions, emotions participate in our virtues and vices, and for better or worse, express our moral character. His rich study will interest a wide range of readers working on virtue ethics, moral psychology and emotion theory.

Psychology Christianity

Psychology   Christianity Author Eric L. Johnson
ISBN-10 9780830876617
Release 2009-09-20
Pages 319
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How are Christians to understand and undertake the discipline of psychology? This question has been of keen interest (and sometimes concern) to Christians because of the importance we place on a correct understanding of human nature. Psychology can sometimes seem disconnected from, if not antithetical to, Christian perspectives on life. How are we to understand our Christian beliefs about persons in relation to secular psychological beliefs? This revised edition of a widely appreciated text now presents five models for understanding the relationship between psychology and Christianity. All the essays and responses have been reworked and updated with some new contributors including the addition of a new perspective, the transformative view from John Coe and Todd Hall (Biola University). Also found here is David Powlison (Westminster Theological Seminary) who offers the biblical counseling model. The levels-of-explanation model is advanced by David G. Myers (Hope College), while Stanton L. Jones (Wheaton College) offers an entirely new chapter presenting the integration model. The Christian psychology model is put forth by Robert C. Roberts (Baylor University) now joined by Paul J. Watson (University of Tennesee, Chattanooga). Each of the contributors responds to the other essayists, noting points of agreement as well as problems they see. Eric L. Johnson provides a revised introduction that describes the history of Christians and psychology, as well as a conclusion that considers what might unite the five views and how a reader might evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of each view. Psychology and Christianity: Five Views has become a standard introductory textbook for students and professors of Christian psychology. This revision promises to keep it so.

Emotions and Spirituality in Religions and Spiritual Movements

Emotions and Spirituality in Religions and Spiritual Movements Author Erika Wilson
ISBN-10 9780761859512
Release 2012-07-23
Pages 220
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Applying recent psychological and neuropsychological studies of emotions, Wilson explores the role of emotions in major Eastern, Western, and primal religions, as well as in some contemporary spiritual movements. The book discusses several religions’ attitudes on how to handle positive and negative emotions.

Renewing Spiritual Perception with Jonathan Edwards

Renewing Spiritual Perception with Jonathan Edwards Author Ray S. Yeo
ISBN-10 9781317066224
Release 2016-06-17
Pages 230
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Jonathan Edwards’ theologically sophisticated psychology of grace remains one of the deepest and most fertile theological psychologies in the Protestant tradition. The heart of his account lies in his foundational doctrine of spiritual perception where he locates the psychological core of the engraced Christian life. This work revisits Edwards’ doctrine from the perspective of recent work in the philosophy of emotions and other related philosophical sub-disciplines. The aim is to recover this often neglected theme in contemporary theology and renew it by bringing Edwards’ theological insights into conversation with various spheres of contemporary philosophical discussion. The account of spiritual perception that emerges from this interdisciplinary dialogue is one that seeks to revise, update and deepen Edwards’ own thinking on the matter in five major ways. The book concludes by arguing that the capacity for spiritual and emotional perception of the supreme good is grounded upon a wisdom-like seminal virtue centred upon the incarnate Christ (i.e., Christocentric wisdom). Such wisdom, on the renewed account, is considered the psychological core of transforming grace and the foundational basis upon which all other Christian virtues are formed.

Nourishing the Spirit

Nourishing the Spirit Author James D. Whitehead
ISBN-10 9781626980013
Release 2012
Pages 181
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A seminal exploration of the psychological and spiritual power of our positive emotions. This new companion volume to the Whitehead's influential book on our negative emotions completes a work of scholarship that will nourish individuals and inform those who counsel them.

Addiction and Virtue

Addiction and Virtue Author Kent Dunnington
ISBN-10 9780830839018
Release 2011-07-26
Pages 197
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In this interdisciplinary work, Kent Dunnington brings the neglected resources of philosophical and theological analysis to bear on the problem of addiction. Drawing on the insights of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, he formulates a compelling alternative to the two dominant models of addiction--addiction as disease and addiction as choice.

Real Christian

Real Christian Author Todd A. Wilson
ISBN-10 9780310515845
Release 2014-09-30
Pages 208
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The evangelical church is home to many who claim to follow Christ but who show little evidence of a truly transformed life. Todd Wilson's Real Christian: Bearing the Marks of Authentic Faith biblically defines what it means to be a true Christian, calling readers to look at their own lives and diagnose where they aren’t living authentically for God. With a prophetic voice, Wilson looks at how we deceive ourselves into thinking we are really living for God through believing the right things or doing lots of spiritual activities. In contrast, real Christians are marked by five key qualities: broken-hearted joy, a humble disposition, a readiness to acknowledge sin, an ability to live balanced and avoid legalism, and a deep spiritual hunger that drives growth. All of these qualities culminate in the single defining mark of a real Christian—love. To help in distinguishing genuine faith from counterfeit spirituality, Wilson draws upon the gospels, the writings of Paul, and the insights of theologian Jonathan Edwards to help readers understand the necessary marks of an authentic, transformed life, marks that show evidence of a new heart and bear spiritual fruit through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Bringing Sex Into Focus

Bringing Sex Into Focus Author Caroline J. Simon
ISBN-10 9780830869442
Release 2012-01-21
Pages 176
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In culture that exploits sex in everything from advertising to climbing the corporate ladder, it's easy to lose sight of the true purpose and place of sexuality. Philosopher and ethicist Caroline J. Simon identifies six "lenses" through which people understand sex and sexuality and provides clarity for developing a holistic, biblical sexual ethic.

The Virtue of Resilience

The Virtue of Resilience Author Whitehead, James D.
ISBN-10 9781608336265
Release 2015-12-31
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The Virtue of Resilience has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Virtue of Resilience also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Virtue of Resilience book for free.

The Oxford Handbook of Psychology and Spirituality

The Oxford Handbook of Psychology and Spirituality Author Lisa J. Miller
ISBN-10 9780199729920
Release 2012-08-23
Pages 634
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Postmaterial spiritual psychology posits that consciousness can contribute to the unfolding of material events and that the human brain can detect broad, non-material communications. In this regard, this emerging field of postmaterial psychology marks a stark departure from psychology's traditional quantum measurements and tenets. The Oxford Handbook of Psychology and Spirituality codifies the leading empirical evidence in the support and application of postmaterial psychological science. Sections in this volume include: - personality and social psychology factors and implications - spiritual development and culture - spiritual dialogue, prayer, and intention in Western mental health - Eastern traditions and psychology - physical health and spirituality - positive psychology - scientific advances and applications related to spiritual psychology With chapters from leading scholars in psychology, medicine, physics, and biology, The Oxford Handbook of Psychology and Spirituality is an interdisciplinary reference for a rapidly emerging approach to contemporary science. This overarching work provides both a foundation and a roadmap for what is truly a new ideological age.

Intellectual Virtues

Intellectual Virtues Author Robert C. Roberts
ISBN-10 9780191608643
Release 2007-01-11
Pages 340
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Out of the ferment of recent debates about the intellectual virtues, Roberts and Wood have developed an approach they call 'regulative epistemology'. This is partly a return to classical and medieval traditions, partly in the spirit of Locke's and Descartes's concern for intellectual formation, partly an exploration of connections between epistemology and ethics, and partly an approach that has never been tried before. Standing on the shoulders of recent epistemologists - including William Alston, Alvin Plantinga, Ernest Sosa, and Linda Zagzebski - Roberts and Wood pursue epistemological questions by looking closely and deeply at particular traits of intellectual character such as love of knowledge, intellectual autonomy, intellectual generosity, and intellectual humility. Central to their vision is an account of intellectual goods that includes not just knowledge as properly grounded belief, but understanding and personal acquaintance, acquired and shared through the many social practices of actual intellectual life. This approach to intellectual virtue infuses the discipline of epistemology with new life, and makes it interesting to people outside the circle of professional epistemologists. It is epistemology for the whole intellectual community, as Roberts and Wood carefully sketch the ways in which virtues that would have been categorized earlier as moral make for agents who can better acquire, refine, and communicate important kinds of knowledge.

Passions and Virtue

Passions and Virtue Author Servais Pinckaers
ISBN-10 9780813227511
Release 2015
Pages 152
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This book, the last that noted moral theologian Servais Pinckaers, OP, wrote before his death, was conceived as a follow-up to his previous work Plaidoyer pour la vertu (An Appeal for Virtue) (2007) Pinckaers' aim in Passions and Virtue was to show the positive and essential role that our emotions play in the life of virtue. His purpose is part of a larger project of renewing moral theology, a theology too often experienced as an ethics of obligation rather than as a practical guide to living virtuously. To this end, Pinckaers sketches a positive psychology of the passions as found in the biblical tradition, in the writings of the Fathers of the Church, in pagan authors and, especially, in the writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas.


Vainglory Author Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung
ISBN-10 9780802871299
Release 2014-12-03
Pages 144
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Vainglory-- a keen desire for attention and approval. Although contemporary culture has largely forgotten about vainglory, it was on the original list of seven capital vices and is perhaps more dangerous than ever today. DeYoung tells the story of this vice, moving from its ancient origins to its modern expressions. She defines vainglory, gives examples from popular culture, and discusses other vices associated with it such as hypocrisy and boasting. She then explores personal spiritual practices that can help us resist it and community practices that can help us handle glory well.

Religious Emotions

Religious Emotions Author Willem Lemmens
ISBN-10 9781443810722
Release 2009-05-05
Pages 265
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In recent decades contemporary Anglo-American philosophy has seen a boom in publications on the subject of ‘the emotions’. Most publications focus on the cognitive value of emotions and on their moral significance. The role which emotions play in religion, however, has sofar received little attention. In this volume a number of scholars present their research on ‘religious emotions’. Is there a category of ‘religious emotions’? What is so distinctive about them? Was there really a Christian-inspired repression of the emotions? Or did Christianity also made use of the human emotional potential? How is the relation between religion and emotions conditioned by the process of secularisation? How and why did a shift from the concept of ‘passion’ to that of ‘emotion’ occur from the eighteenth century on? This collection includes systematical treatments as well as historical approaches of these issues. The last part gives some paradigmatical cases of religious emotions, like emptiness and oceanic feeling. In the study of what constitutes a human being neither religion nor emotion can be neglected. The reader is invited to reflect on their interaction.