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The Book of Splendor A Novel

The Book of Splendor  A Novel Author Frances Sherwood
ISBN-10 9780393324587
Release 2003-07-17
Pages 368
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Rochel, an illegitimate seamstress, escapes the travails of poverty through an arranged marriage to the tailor Zev, but finds herself falling in love with Yossel, the Golem created by Rabbi Loew to the protect the Jewish community of seventeenth-century Prague. Reader's Guide included. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.


Splendor Author Anna Godbersen
ISBN-10 0061935905
Release 2009-10-27
Pages 434
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New beginnings. Shocking revelations. Unexpected endings. A spring turns into summer, Elizabeth relishes her new role as a young wife, while her sister, Diana, searches for adventure abroad. But when a surprising clue about their father's death comes to light, the Holland girls wonder at what cost a life of splendor comes. Carolina Broad, society's newest darling, fans a flame from her past, oblivious to how it might burn her future. Penelope Schoonmaker is finally Manhattan royalty—but when a real prince visits the city, she covets a title that comes with a crown. Her husband, Henry, bravely went to war, only to discover that his father's rule extends well beyond New York's shores and that fighting for love may prove a losing battle. In the dramatic conclusion to the bestselling Luxe series, New York's most dazzling socialites chase dreams, cling to promises, and tempt fate. As society watches what will become of the city's oldest families and newest fortunes, one question remains: Will its stars fade away or will they shine ever brighter?

A Terrible Splendor

A Terrible Splendor Author Marshall Jon Fisher
ISBN-10 030745214X
Release 2009-04-14
Pages 336
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Before Federer versus Nadal, before Borg versus McEnroe, the greatest tennis match ever played pitted the dominant Don Budge against the seductively handsome Baron Gottfried von Cramm. This deciding 1937 Davis Cup match, played on the hallowed grounds of Wimbledon, was a battle of titans: the world's number one tennis player against the number two; America against Germany; democracy against fascism. For five superhuman sets, the duo’s brilliant shotmaking kept the Centre Court crowd–and the world–spellbound. But the match’s significance extended well beyond the immaculate grass courts of Wimbledon. Against the backdrop of the Great Depression and the brink of World War II, one man played for the pride of his country while the other played for his life. Budge, the humble hard-working American who would soon become the first man to win all four Grand Slam titles in the same year, vied to keep the Davis Cup out of the hands of the Nazi regime. On the other side of the net, the immensely popular and elegant von Cramm fought Budge point for point knowing that a loss might precipitate his descent into the living hell being constructed behind barbed wire back home. Born into an aristocratic family, von Cramm was admired for his devastating good looks as well as his unparalleled sportsmanship. But he harbored a dark secret, one that put him under increasing Gestapo surveillance. And his situation was made even more perilous by his refusal to join the Nazi Party or defend Hitler. Desperately relying on his athletic achievements and the global spotlight to keep him out of the Gestapo’s clutches, his strategy was to keep traveling and keep winning. A Davis Cup victory would make him the toast of Germany. A loss might be catastrophic. Watching the mesmerizingly intense match from the stands was von Cramm’s mentor and all-time tennis superstar Bill Tilden–a consummate showman whose double life would run in ironic counterpoint to that of his German pupil. Set at a time when sports and politics were inextricably linked, A Terrible Splendor gives readers a courtside seat on that fateful day, moving gracefully between the tennis match for the ages and the dramatic events leading Germany, Britain, and America into global war. A book like no other in its weaving of social significance and athletic spectacle, this soul-stirring account is ultimately a tribute to the strength of the human spirit. From the Hardcover edition.

Splendor Inevitable 2

Splendor  Inevitable  2 Author Janet Nissenson
ISBN-10 9781483524948
Release 2014-06-17
Pages 475
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British hotelier Ian Gregson had it all – wealth, good looks, power, and a share in his family’s worldwide, multi-billion dollar luxury hotel chain. His very name was synonymous with sophistication and elegance, and any woman he wanted could be his with just a look. But the only woman he truly desired was strictly forbidden to him for too many reasons to count. Tessa Lockwood was young, beautiful, and lonely, despite the fact that she was a married woman. Her life had not been an easy one, and the extravagant world she caught glimpses of as an employee of the Gregson Hotel Group was far beyond anything she could ever dream of. She could no more imagine herself ensconced in that sort of luxurious lifestyle than she could attracting the attention of her handsome, debonair boss. Ian and Tessa secretly long for each other from afar, never daring to reveal their forbidden attraction to the other, until circumstances bring them together in a very unexpected way. And from that point on, nothing will stand in Ian’s way to finally make her his. AUTHOR’S NOTE – despite what you might be thinking at this point, there is NO cheating in this story – just an incredibly romantic hero who will make you swoon with the way in which he sweeps the heroine off her feet!


Splendor Author Elana K. Arnold
ISBN-10 9780307974150
Release 2013-11-12
Pages 352
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Splendor, the stunning sequel to Sacred, is a story about changing friendships, family, romance, passion, the study of Kabbalah, and self-discovery. Sometimes the answers we seek aren’t ours to find. . . . Scarlett loves her boyfriend, the dashing, mysterious Will Cohen. But now he’s gone east for college, and Scarlett is stuck home on Catalina Island. Senior year should be a breeze, but between dealing with her parents’ separation and her wild best friend, Lily, things are off to a rocky start. And then there’s Gunner. Dangerous, dark, ferociously attractive Gunner. Lily’s potential boyfriend, Gunner . . . Scarlett distracts herself by spending time with her horse and delving into ecstatic mysticism, a way to practice Kabbalah. Through this practice, she hopes to learn to control her emotions, and begin to make sense of her place in the world. But Scarlett’s world is increasingly unrecognizable. Are Lily and Scarlett becoming too different to stay friends? Is Will still the love of Scarlett’s life, even though she has feelings for Gunner? Does being in love mean only being attracted to one person? The more Scarlett questions, the fewer answers there seem to be. Praise for Splendor: "As in Arnold’s earlier Sacred, teens will gravitate toward Scarlett and her problems. Arnold has painted a very realistic picture of teenage girls and their conflicting emotions. . . . Fans of the first novel will appreciate continuing Scarlett’s story and finding some closure with this sequel. Readers unfamiliar with Sacred will still be able to enjoy Splendor.”—VOYA Praise for Sacred: "Will appeal to many teens, especially fans of the Twilight series."--Booklist "Filled with tension and angst. . . . Readers will be looking for the next installment."--School Library Journal "A poignant novel of loss and grief, but also of hope."--VOYA From the Hardcover edition.

The Luxe

The Luxe Author Anna Godbersen
ISBN-10 0061756849
Release 2009-10-13
Pages 464
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Pretty girls in pretty dresses, partying until dawn. Irresistible boys with mischievous smiles and dangerous intentions. White lies, dark secrets, and scandalous hookups. This is Manhattan, 1899. Beautiful sisters Elizabeth and Diana Holland rule Manhattan's social scene. Or so it appears. When the girls discover their status among New York City's elite is far from secure, suddenly everyone—from the backstabbing socialite Penelope Hayes, to the debonair bachelor Henry Schoonmaker, to the spiteful maid Lina Broud—threatens Elizabeth's and Diana's golden future. With the fate of the Hollands resting on her shoulders, Elizabeth must choose between family duty and true love. But when her carriage overturns near the East River, the girl whose glittering life lit up the city's gossip pages is swallowed by the rough current. As all of New York grieves, some begin to wonder whether life at the top proved too much for this ethereal beauty, or if, perhaps, someone wanted to see Manhattan's most celebrated daughter disappear... In a world of luxury and deception, where appearance matters above everything and breaking the social code means running the risk of being ostracized forever, five teenagers lead dangerously scandalous lives. This thrilling trip to the age of innocence is anything but innocent.

Light Radiance Splendor

Light Radiance Splendor Author Leah Chyten
ISBN-10 9781631521799
Release 2017-05-16
Pages 280
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Gold Medal IPPY Winner in Religious Fiction Finalist in the novel/fiction category of the Next Generation Indie Book Award Winner: Best Religious Fiction, International Book Award 2017 2017 USA Best Book Awards Finalist in Fiction: Religious 2017 International Book Awards Winner in Fiction: Religious The Divine Shekinah seeks deliverance from exile to heal a world desperately in need of Her wisdom. Her chosen mission keeper, three generations of kabbalists from places as diverse as a 19th century shtetl and modern day Israel/Palestine, must grapple with profound injustices and the shadows of humanity. If they choose the path of righteousness, love, and forgiveness, Her light can return to the world. Will the mission succeed? Will the divine feminine return to the world? The Shekinah calls to all of us to find our own way to ‘knit the world back together.’


Splendor Author Brenda Joyce
ISBN-10 9781466809772
Release 2004-01-05
Pages 486
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She played a dangerous game. Carolyn Browne was a poor bookseller's daughter and an enlightened thinker, delighting London with her scathingly witty columns, written under the name Charles Copperville. Penetrating the town's gilded salons in male disguise, Carolyn soon throws her barbs at the wrong man-- the enigmatic Russian prince, Nicholas Sverayov. He was a dangerous target. His notoriety, extravagances, and indulgent disregard for social convention fuel Carolyn's outrage. Nicholas has moved through the balls and soirees of high society effortlessly, a natural target of gossip, envy, and desire. But Nicholas is furious to find himself lampooned by Copperville, and quickly discovers Carolyn's dearly held secret. Now, as the two spar, a new game begins-- a game of deception and pride, of longing and chance. And they played for the ultimate prize... As Nicholas sweeps Carolyn from the teeming streets and gala balls of Regency London to the splendor and majesty of St. Petersburg, against all odds the unlikely lovers embark upon a whirlwind of passion and peril until there is no turning back-- for the stakes have changed, demanding no less of them than the unwavering courage to claim the love of a lifetime.

Best of American Splendor

Best of American Splendor Author Harvey Pekar
ISBN-10 9780345479389
Release 2005
Pages 332
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The creator of the comic-book series American Splendor presents a collection of his finest works, including his zany commentaries on the complexities of modern life, all illustrated by some of the leading artists in the field. Adult.

Unbearable Splendor

Unbearable Splendor Author Sun Yung Shin
ISBN-10 9781566894524
Release 2016-09-19
Pages 112
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Praise for Sun Yung Shin: Finalist for the Believer Poetry Award "[her] work reads like redactions, offering fragments to be explored, investigated and interrogated, making her reader equal partner in the creation of meaning."—Star Tribune Sun Yung Shin moves ideas—of identity (Korean, American, adoptee, mother, Catholic, Buddhist) and interest (mythology, science fiction, Sophocles)— around like building blocks, forming and reforming new constructions of what it means to be at home. What is a cyborg but a hybrid creature of excess? A thing that exceeds the sum of its parts. A thing that has extended its powers, enhanced, even superpowered.

Capital Splendor Parks Gardens of Washington

Capital Splendor  Parks   Gardens of Washington Author Barbara Glickman
ISBN-10 9780881509823
Release 2012-04-02
Pages 223
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Provides an illustrated tour of over thirty gardens in the Washington D.C. area, profiling such sites as Dumbarton Oaks, Rock Creek Park, the Smithsonian Gardens, and Mount Vernon.

The Splendor of the Temple

The Splendor of the Temple Author Alec Garrard
ISBN-10 0825426979
Release 2001-06
Pages 96
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A detailed pictorial tour of Herod's temple with full-color illustrations of Alex Garrard's perfectly scaled model. Each area is shown and discussed in detail. An exceptional introduction to the temple and its place in Jewish religious practice.

The Splendor of Creation

The Splendor of Creation Author Rev. Joseph Iannuzzi
Release 2011-05-28
Pages 145
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Using Church approved sources (Saints, Church Doctors, and the Mystics), this book addresses some of the coming events, the era of peace, God's Divine Will, the coming New Heavens and New Earth.

The Splendor of the Goddess

The Splendor of the Goddess Author Alex MacLeod
ISBN-10 9781412014786
Release 2004
Pages 290
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This book describes an encounter of the author with the Goddess. The author also tells of some of the events that preceded and followed it. In particular, he tells of his changed perception of the world. He could see then, and sometimes can still see, the divinity of women. (They are divine because they are like the Goddess). He knows with a intuitive certainty that the Goddess is about to make her advent once again, and that when that happens, the establishment of a uviversal matriarchy will be the inevitable result. This book is about a goddess of sublime beauty and power, and not about the God of our fathers. It is about the Goddess the human race first knew, the Great Goddess who was worshipped so ardently and for so long by our forebears. Now at long last is returning to walk among her children again. The signs of her coming are manifold, clear as the sun to see for all whose eyes have been opened. Our ancestors knew Her intimately. She was loved and adored by countless millions of people: whole nations worshipped Her; vast empires trembled in fear and joy at the slightest manifestation of Her unspeakable potency and magnificence. Yet few in these darker ages know anything about Her. She is thought to have vanished forever, leaving nothing of Her former cult behind, save a few references scattered in ancient authors, a few statues hidden in museums--mere skeletal remains of her former living glory. Though what I have to report is immemorially ancient, it seems as new to me--as it will to many others in this age--as if it had been newly born. Old does not mean decrepit, and what is truly perennial or immortal cannot wither or fade with time. Ancient and eternal but forever young and fair, the Goddess lives and will never die. "In all, the book possesses great possibilities. It's unique, and possibly the first to recount a personal experience with the Goddess by a man, throughout an entire book. The Goddess experience has been alluded to previously by men but not in a whole book, and not with the slant provided by Alex MacLeod." Rita Robinson, Exploring Native American Wisdom (New Page Books)

Blazing Splendor

Blazing Splendor Author Erik Pema Kunsang
ISBN-10 9789627341567
Release 2005
Pages 432
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With unsurpassed honesty and humility, the highly influential meditation master Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche offers a glimpse into the remarkable reality of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as an in depth portrait of the lost culture of old Tibet. This grand narrative stretches across generations, providing an inspiring glimpse into a realm of remarkable human achievement quite different from our familiar, mundane world. Intimate in tone, these personal memoirs recount the influences and experiences that shaped one of the great spiritual teachers of our time. Blazing Splendor is of both spiritual and historical importance.

California Splendor

California Splendor Author Kathryn Masson
ISBN-10 0847839656
Release 2013
Pages 304
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A luxurious presentation in all-new photography of the most splendid estates and mansions of the Golden State. California Splendor, a lavish, beautifully produced, large-format volume, presents iconic California houses dating from the Leland Stanford Mansion in Sacramento of 1857 to publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst’s palatial castle in San Simeon, completed after decades of construction in 1947. The book is comprehensive in its treatment, presenting to the reader a rediscovery and fresh exploration of the state’s great architectural offerings and showcasing the very best, in styles ranging from Spanish Colonial Revival, English Revival, and Mission Revival to Adobe, Monterey Colonial, and Italianate Victorian. Lovingly featured are such magnificent homes as the Arts and Crafts masterpiece of architects Charles and Henry Greene—the Gamble House—a work of subtle refinement and mysterious charm built for a Cincinnati businessman who longed for warm summer breezes and the fragrance of orange blossoms. The reader also finds here the extraordinary Filoli House and Garden, the Henry Huntington Mansion, the Spreckels Mansion, Casa del Herrero, and Carolands, to name only a few. More potent and powerful in our imagination than any one house is the dream, the aspiration to happiness and grandeur embodied by them all—a dream brought down to earth and to which we have been invited in California Splendor.

Virtue s Splendor

Virtue s Splendor Author Thomas S. Hibbs
ISBN-10 0823220443
Release 2001
Pages 246
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In recent years, there has been a remarkable resurgence of interest in classical conceptions of what it means for human beings to lead a good life. Although the primary focus of the return to classical thought has been Aristotle's account of virtue, the ethics of Aquinas has also received much attention. Our understanding of the integrity of Aquinas's thought has clearly benefited from the recovery of the ethics of virtue.Understood from either a natural or a supernatural perspective, the good life according to Aquinas involves the exercise not just of the moral virtues, but also of the intellectual virtues. Following Aristotle, Aquinas divides the intellectual virtues into the practical, which have either doing (prudence) or making (art) as an end, and the theoretical or speculative, which are ordered to knowing for its own sake (understanding, knowledge, and wisdom). One of the intellectual virtues, namely, prudence has received much recent attention. With few exceptions, however, contemporary discussions of Aquinas ignore the complex and nuanced relationships among, and comparisons between, the different sorts of intellectual virtue. Even more striking is the general neglect of the speculative, intellectual virtues and the role of contemplation in the good life.In Virtue's Splendor Professor Hibbs seeks to overcome this neglect, approaching the ethical thought of Thomas Aquinas in terms of the great debate of antiquity and the Middle Ages concerning the rivalry between the active and the contemplative lives, between prudence and wisdom as virtues perfective of human nature. In doing so, he puts before the reader the breadth of Aquinas's vision of the good life.