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A Sport and a Pastime

A Sport and a Pastime Author James Salter
ISBN-10 PSU:000066824886
Release 1995
Pages 180
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"A Sport and a Pastime is as nearly perfect as any American fiction I know," Reynolds Price wrote of James Salter's 1967 novel that tells of the mismatched love affair between Phillip Dean, a Yale dropout adrift in Europe, and Anne-Marie Costallat, a young French shopgirl. An erotic tour de force, licentious yet pure, it is also a hymn to provincial France and has been admired and quoted from since its first publication. Its stunning knowledge and insight have the power to change lives. It brings a kind of splendor to the life that refuses to bow to conven- tion or mores, and, like Cavafy's poems, evokes the illicit in a way that endows it with an astonishing beauty. Brilliantly written and overwhelming in its effect, it remains a triumph on every level.

Dusk and Other Stories

Dusk and Other Stories Author James Salter
ISBN-10 1588369587
Release 2010-07-06
Pages 160
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First published nearly a quarter-century ago and one of the very few short-story collections to win the PEN/Faulkner Award, this is American fiction at its most vital—each narrative a masterpiece of sustained power and seemingly effortless literary grace. Two New York attorneys newly flush with wealth embark on a dissolute tour of Italy; an ambitious young screenwriter unexpectedly discovers the true meaning of art and glory; a rider, far off in the fields, is involved in an horrific accident—night is falling, and she must face her destiny alone. These stories confirm James Salter as one of the finest writers of our time. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from James Salter's All That Is.


Baseball Author George Vecsey
ISBN-10 9780307494061
Release 2008-12-24
Pages 272
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“Football is force and fanatics, basketball is beauty and bounce. Baseball is everything: action, grace, the seasons of our lives. George Vecsey’s book proves it, without wasting a word.” –Lee Eisenberg, author of The Number In Baseball, one of the great bards of America’s Grand Old Game gives a rousing account of the sport, from its pre-Republic roots to the present day. George Vecsey casts a fresh eye on the game, illuminates its foibles and triumphs, and performs a marvelous feat: making a classic story seem refreshingly new. Baseball is a narrative of America’s can-do spirit, in which stalwart immigrants such as Henry Chadwick could transplant cricket and rounders into the fertile American culture and in which die-hard unionist baseballers such as Charles Comiskey and Connie Mack could eventually become the tightfisted avatars of the game’s big-money establishment. It’s a celebration of such underdogs as a rag-armed catcher turned owner named Branch Rickey and a sure-handed fielder named Curt Flood, both of whom flourished as true great men of history. But most of all, Baseball is a testament to the unbreakable bond between our nation’s pastime and the fans, who’ve remained loyal through the fifty-year-long interdict on black athletes, the Black Sox scandal, franchise relocation, and the use of performance-enhancing drugs by some major stars. Reverent, playful, and filled with Vecsey’s charm, Baseball begs to be read in the span of a rain-delayed doubleheader, and so enjoyable that, like a favorite team’s championship run, one hopes it never ends. “Vecsey possesses a journalist’s eye for detail and a historian’s feel for the sweep of action. His research is scrupulous and his writing crisp. This book is an instant classic—— a highly readable guide to America’s great enduring pastime.” — The Louisville Courier Journal From the Hardcover edition.

Solo Faces

Solo Faces Author James Salter
ISBN-10 9781453243824
Release 2012-06-05
Pages 218
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“Solo Faces contrasts a devotion to mountain climbing with the earthbound tugs of love and ordinary life . . . A beautifully composed book that will remind readers of Camus and Saint-Exupéry. It exemplifies the purity it describes.” —The Washington Post Vernon Rand is a charismatic figure whose great love—whose life, in fact—is climbing. He lives alone in California, where he combats the drudgery of a roofing job with the thrill of climbing in the nearby mountain ranges. Sure of only his talent and nerve, Rand decides to test himself in the French Alps, with their true mountaineering and famed, fearsome peaks. He soon learns that the most perilous moments are, for him, the moments when he feels truly alive. One of the great novels of the outdoors, Solo Faces is as thrilling, beautiful, and immediate as the Alpine peaks that have enthralled climbers for centuries. This ebook features an illustrated biography of James Salter including rare photos from the author’s personal collection.

Burning the Days

Burning the Days Author James Salter
ISBN-10 9780307781710
Release 2011-02-16
Pages 400
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In this brilliant book of recollection, one of America's finest writers re-creates people, places, and events spanning some fifty years, bringing to life an entire era through one man's sensibility. Scenes of love and desire, friendship, ambition, life in foreign cities and New York, are unforgettably rendered here in the unique style for which James Salter is widely admired. Burning the Days captures a singular life, beginning with a Manhattan boyhood and then, satisfying his father's wishes, graduation from West Point, followed by service in the Air Force as a pilot. In some of the most evocative pages ever written about flying, Salter describes the exhilaration and terror of combat as a fighter pilot in the Korean War, scenes that are balanced by haunting pages of love and a young man's passion for women. After resigning from the Air Force, Salter begins a second life, becoming a writer in the New York of the 1960s. Soon films beckon. There are vivid portraits of actors, directors, and producers--Polanski, Robert Redford, and others. Here also, more important, are writers who were influential, some by their character, like Irwin Shaw, others because of their taste and knowledge. Ultimately Burning the Days is an illumination of what it is to be a man, and what it means to become a writer. Only once in a long while--Vladimir Nabokov's Speak, Memory or Isak Dinesen's Out of Africa--does a memoir of such extraordinary clarity and power appear. Unconventional in form, Burning the Days is a stunning achievement by the writer The Washington Post Book World said "inhabits the same rarefied heights as Flannery O'Connor, Paul Bowles, Tennessee Williams and John Cheever" --a rare and unforgettable book. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from James Salter's All That Is.

Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes

Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes Author
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433082422597
Release 1889
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Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes book for free.

Last Night

Last Night Author James Salter
ISBN-10 9780307426567
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 144
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Last Night is a spellbinding collection of stories about passion–by turns fiery and subdued, destructive and redemptive, alluring and devastating. These ten powerful stories portray men and women in their most intimate moments. A lover of poetry is asked by his wife to give up what may be his most treasured relationship. A book dealer is forced to face the truth about his life. And in the title story, a translator assists his wife’s suicide, even as he performs a last act of betrayal. James Salter’ s assured style and emotional insight make him one of our most essential writers. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from James Salter's All That Is.

Light Years

Light Years Author James Salter
ISBN-10 9780307781727
Release 2011-02-09
Pages 320
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This exquisite, resonant novel by PEN/Faulkner winner James Salter is a brilliant portrait of a marriage by a contemporary American master. It is the story of Nedra and Viri, whose favored life is centered around dinners, ingenious games with their children, enviable friends, and near-perfect days passed skating on a frozen river or sunning on the beach. But even as he lingers over the surface of their marriage, Salter lets us see the fine cracks that are spreading through it, flaws that will eventually mar the lovely picture beyond repair. Seductive, witty, and elegantly nuanced, Light Years is a classic novel of an entire generation that discovered the limits of its own happiness—and then felt compelled to destroy it.

The Hunters

The Hunters Author James Salter
ISBN-10 9781619020542
Release 2012
Pages 233
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Captain Cleve Connell has one goal when he arrives in Korea to fly the F-86 fighters--to chalk up enough kills to become an ace--but when his missions prove fruitless and he begins to lose faith in himself, Connell must reveal the depth of his courage and honor

Old Herbaceous

Old Herbaceous Author Reginald Arkell
ISBN-10 9781787200630
Release 2016-08-09
Pages 124
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“Old Herbaceous,” they called him when they thought he wasn’t listening. But crusty Bert Pinnegar, head gardener at the Manor, didn’t care what liberties they took. His first love had always been his lady’s garden, throughout his eighty years on God’s green earth; and if he had made it a little greener, why, that was all that mattered. This is the story of a gardener, from the day when he won a prize for wild flowers at the village show, to the day when he himself was judging flower shows all over the county; from the day when he refused to follow his schoolmates to a job as a farmhand and won the post of garden boy at the Big House, to the day when he could sit back among his cushions in his little cottage and criticize the younger generation’s attitude towards tulips. Old Herbaceous is more than a story of gardeners and gardening. Times changed in England, and even a village institution like Old Herbaceous found himself—the symbol of a more gracious era—with no place to go; for even gardens can change hands. Anyone who loved the England of Goodbye Mr. Chips and Mrs. Miniver will love Mr. Arkell’s England, too. But the central character is not peculiar to the English countryside; wherever there is a garden, there you will find Old Herbaceous. “Old Herbaceous is delightful. A book to warm the heart of anyone who loves earth or gardens!"—Loui Bromfield “Old Herbaceous is enchanting—fresh as an English spring, fragrant as sweet lavender!”—A. J. Cronin “What a great pair of cronies Old Herbaceous and Mr. Chips would make! There are chuckles and heart-tugs in these pages. The perfect book to give your friends!”—John Kieran

All That Is

All That Is Author James Salter
ISBN-10 9780307961099
Release 2013-04-02
Pages 304
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An extraordinary literary event, a major new novel by the PEN/Faulkner winner and acclaimed master: a sweeping, seductive, deeply moving story set in the years after World War II. From his experiences as a young naval officer in battles off Okinawa, Philip Bowman returns to America and finds a position as a book editor. It is a time when publishing is still largely a private affair—a scattered family of small houses here and in Europe—a time of gatherings in fabled apartments and conversations that continue long into the night. In this world of dinners, deals, and literary careers, Bowman finds that he fits in perfectly. But despite his success, what eludes him is love. His first marriage goes bad, another fails to happen, and finally he meets a woman who enthralls him—before setting him on a course he could never have imagined for himself. Romantic and haunting, All That Is explores a life unfolding in a world on the brink of change. It is a dazzling, sometimes devastating labyrinth of love and ambition, a fiercely intimate account of the great shocks and grand pleasures of being alive.

American Pastimes

American Pastimes Author Red Smith
ISBN-10 1598532170
Release 2013
Pages 560
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Presents pieces from the prominent sports writer that cover such historic events as Don Larsen's perfect game in the 1956 World Series and the first Ali-Frazier fight, as well as more obscure stories that reflect the author's distinctive style.


Cassada Author James Salter
ISBN-10 9781619021297
Release 2012-09-01
Pages 224
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The lives of officers in an Air Force squadron in occupied Europe encompass the contradictions of military experience and the men's response to a young newcomer, bright and ambitious, whose fate is to be an emblem of their own. In Cassada, Salter captures the strange comradeship of loneliness, trust, and alienation among military men ready to sacrifice all in the name of duty and pride. After futile attempts at ordinary revision, Salter elected to begin with a blank page, to compose an entirely new novel based upon the characters and events of his second long unavailable novel, The Arm of Flesh. The result, Cassada, is a masterpiece.

The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes Big Game Shooting

The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes   Big Game Shooting  Author Various
ISBN-10 9781445525013
Release 2010-08
Pages 504
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Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

Fox Tossing Octopus Wrestling and Other Forgotten Sports

Fox Tossing  Octopus Wrestling and Other Forgotten Sports Author Edward Brooke-Hitching
ISBN-10 9781471149009
Release 2015-06-04
Pages 272
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For those who enjoyed the quirkiness of Schott's Miscellany, the erudition of The Etymologicon or the extremes of The Dangerous Book for Boys, this is the perfect read. From Flagpole Sitting to Hot Cockles, Edward Brooke-Hitching has researched through piles of dusty tomes to bring vividly back to life some of the most curious, dangerous and downright bizarre sports and pastimes that mankind has ever devised, before thinking better of it and erasing it from the memory. After all, who would ever want to bring back Fox Tossing, a popular sport for men and women in 17th-century Germany? As the name suggests, it would involve dozens of couples pairing up and standing 20-25 feet apart in an enclosed field, each holding one end of a net, and then they would pull hard at both ends as the fox ran past, sending it flying high into the air. There are many other sports revealed within these pages that are unlikely ever to make an appearance on our TV screens, such as Firework Boxing, which is just as dangerous as it sounds. Meanwhile, Ski Ballet may not have been so risky, but Suzy 'Chapstick' Chaffee's signature move - the Suzy Split (a complete forward split while balanced on the tips of her skis) - was probably not one to try at home. An intriguing, entertaining and occasionally shocking insight into the vivid imaginations of mankind across the years, Fox Tossing, Octopus Wrestling and Other Forgotten Sports is an unforgettable read.

National Pastime

National Pastime Author Martin C. Babicz
ISBN-10 9781442235854
Release 2017-10-13
Pages 292
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From its modest beginnings in rural America to its current status as an entertainment industry in postindustrial America enjoyed worldwide by millions each season, the linkages between baseball’s evolution and our nation’s history are undeniable. Through war, depression, times of tumultuous upheaval and of great prosperity – baseball has been held up as our national pastime: the single greatest expression of America’s values and ideals. Combining a comprehensive history of the game with broader analyses of America’s historical and cultural developments, National Pastime encapsulates the values that have allowed it to endure: hope, tradition, escape, revolution. While nostalgia, scandal, malaise and triumph are contained within the study of any American historical moment, we see in this book that the tensions and developments within the game of baseball afford the best window into a deeper understanding of America’s past, its purpose, and its principles.

National Pastime

National Pastime Author Barry Svrluga
ISBN-10 0385517858
Release 2006
Pages 241
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Recounts the return of major league baseball to the nation's capital, chronicling the debut 2005 season of the Washngton Nationals, under the management of the outspoken Frank Robinson, and discusses their winning season, the intense controversy over bringing the team to Washington, D.C., the political and financial disputes, and more. 35,000 first printing.