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Springboard Author G. Richard Shell
ISBN-10 9781591847007
Release 2014
Pages 297
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A Wharton School professor and award-winning author helps readers discard their old definitions of success, particularly ones promoted by outside influences, and create new ones based on their own unique talents, values, personalities and motivations.

The Art of Woo

The Art of Woo Author G. Richard Shell
ISBN-10 1591841763
Release 2007
Pages 312
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Explains that the selling of ideas is a matter of encouraging others to share one's beliefs in a guide for salespeople that invites readers to self-assess their persuasion personality and build on natural strengths.

Bargaining for Advantage

Bargaining for Advantage Author G. Richard Shell
ISBN-10 9781101221372
Release 2006-05-02
Pages 320
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The tools you need to negotiate effectively in every part of your life As director of the renowned Wharton Executive Negotiation Workshop, Professor G. Richard Shell has taught thousands of business leaders, administrators, and other professionals how to survive and thrive in the sometimes rough-and-tumble world of negotiation. His systematic, step-by-step approach comes to life in this book, which is available in over ten foreign editions and combines lively storytelling, proven tactics, and reliable insights gleaned from the latest negotiation research. This updated edition includes: • A brand-new "Negotiation I.Q." test designed by Shell and used by executives at the Wharton workshop that reveals each reader's unique strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator • A concise manual on how to avoid the perils and pitfalls of online negotiations involving e-mail and instant messaging • A detailed look at how gender and cultural differences can derail negotiations, and advice for putting talks back on track From the Trade Paperback edition.

Innovation Tournaments

Innovation Tournaments Author Christian Terwiesch
ISBN-10 9781422133385
Release 2009-06-09
Pages 256
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Managers, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists all seek to maximize the financial returns from innovation, and profits are driven largely by the quality of the opportunities they pursue. Based on a structured and process-driven approach this book demonstrates how to systematically identify exceptional opportunities for innovation. An innovation tournament, just like its counterpart in sports, starts with a large number of candidates, with opportunities as the players. These opportunities are pitted against each other until only the exceptional survive. This book provides a principled approach for the effective management of innovation tournaments - identifying a wealth of promising opportunities and then evaluating and filtering them intelligently for greatest profitability. With a set of practical tools for creating and identifying new opportunities, it guides the reader in evaluating and screening opportunities. The book demonstrates how to construct an innovation portfolio and how to align the innovation process with an organization's competitive strategy. Innovation Tournaments employs quirky, fresh examples ranging from movies to medical devices. The authors' tool kit is built on their extensive research, their entrepreneurial backgrounds, and their teaching and consulting work with many highly innovative organizations.

Make Millions Selling on QVC

Make Millions Selling on QVC Author Nick Romer
ISBN-10 1118039459
Release 2010-12-17
Pages 144
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Make Millions Selling on QVC is more than just a guide to getting you and your products in front of millions of potential customers; it’s an inside look at how the largest television retailer in the world operates. The information and advice found throughout these pages will give you a distinct edge in this competitive business and allow you to exceed your professional expectations and enjoy the success you deserve.

Leading the Life You Want

Leading the Life You Want Author Stewart Friedman
ISBN-10 9781422189436
Release 2014-09-16
Pages 256
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A Wall Street Journal Bestseller “For nearly thirty years, my life’s work has been to help people like you find ways to bring the often warring aspects of life into greater harmony.” — Stew Friedman, from Leading the Life You Want You’re busy trying to lead a “full” life. But does it really feel full—or are you stretched too thin? Enter Stew Friedman, Wharton professor, adviser to leaders across the globe, and passionate advocate of replacing the misguided metaphor of “work/life balance” with something more realistic and sustainable. If you’re seeking “balance” you’ll never achieve it, argues Friedman. The idea that “work” competes with “life” ignores the more nuanced reality of our humanity—the interaction of four domains: work, home, community, and the private self. The goal is to create harmony among them instead of thinking only in terms of trade-offs. It can be done. Building on his national bestseller, Total Leadership, and on decades of research, teaching, and practice as both consultant and senior executive, Friedman identifies the critical skills for integrating work and the rest of life. He illustrates them through compelling original stories of these remarkable people: • former Bain & Company CEO and Bridgespan co-founder Tom Tierney • Facebook COO and bestselling author Sheryl Sandberg • nonprofit leader and US Navy SEAL Eric Greitens • US First Lady Michelle Obama • soccer champion-turned-broadcaster Julie Foudy • renowned artist Bruce Springsteen Each of these admirable (though surely imperfect) people exemplifies a set of skills—for being real, being whole, and being innovative—that produce a sense of purpose, coherence, and optimism. Based on interviews and research, their stories paint a vivid picture of how six very different leaders use these skills to act with authenticity, integrity, and creativity—and they prove that significant public success is accomplished not at the expense of the rest of life, but as the result of meaningful engagement in all its parts. With dozens of practical exercises for strengthening these skills, curated from the latest research in organizational psychology and related fields, this book will inspire you, inform you, and instruct you on how to take realistic steps now toward leading the life you truly want.

Bounce Forward

Bounce Forward Author Sam Cawthorn
ISBN-10 9781118641354
Release 2013-06-20
Pages 288
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An inspiring business book that shows leaders and businesspeople how to turn adversity into innovation, productivity, and profitability When he was just twenty-six years old, Sam Cawthorn's life changed forever. A terrible car accident cost him his arm, left him in a coma, and put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life—or so he thought. Today, Sam is one of the most successful motivational and inspirational speakers around, addressing some 100,000 people around the world each year, from some of the world’s biggest companies. Sam’s recovery was more than just a bounce back to where he had been before the accident. Instead, he used his accident as a launching pad to bounce forward to reach even greater heights than before. Now, Sam uses his own story to share the secrets of both personal and corporate turnarounds, how to use adversity as a springboard to greater heights not just for individuals, but also for companies and teams. Sam speaks to bankers, salespeople, leaders, corporate executives, government workers, students, and anyone else who faces challenges and setbacks every day. In Bounce Forward, Sam shares the tools, strategies, and psychology that anyone can use to overcome any obstacle. If Sam can bounce forward from the accident that nearly took his life, there's almost nothing that you can't overcome. An inspiring and motivational guide to overcoming challenges in life and in business Ideal for corporate leaders and employees, business managers, and anyone else who needs to motivate themselves or their teams Packed with the tools, strategies, and secret formulas it takes to turn adversity into success No matter what kind of challenge you face—in the office, at home, or even in your own heart—Bounce Forward gives you the insight you need to climb higher than ever before, in business or in life.

Make the Rules or Your Rivals Will

Make the Rules or Your Rivals Will Author G. Richard Shell
ISBN-10 9781400053773
Release 2004-04-20
Pages 288
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THERE IS A NEW TRUTH ABOUT BUSINESS STRATEGY: HE WHO MAKES THE RULES MAKES THE MONEY A few savvy executives understand a vital but hidden truth about business in fiercely competitive markets: Making the rules of the game means the difference between winning and losing. • Bill Gates has known this since he was nineteen, when he personally drafted his first licensing contract for a start-up company called Microsoft. • Henry Ford learned it the hard way in the early days of the automobile industry when a powerful industry cartel tried to drive him out of business with a bogus patent. • Sumner Redstone and Rupert Murdoch are both masters of this truth--and have led Viacom and News Corporation to sustained competitive success as a result. They are as comfortable in a courtroom as they are in a boardroom. • Napster founder Shawn Fanning learned the lesson too late, only after incumbent recording companies in the music business had driven him from the market. G. Richard Shell, an award-winning professor at one of the world’s leading business schools, brings the strategic insights of leaders like Gates, Ford, Redstone, and Murdoch into bold relief. Using stories drawn from both today's headlines and business history’s rich treasure trove, he shows exactly how to make the rules in your market and how to defend your interests when rivals beat you to it. What kind of rules? The rules that executives negotiate into contracts, lobby into new laws, litigate into court decisions, and persuade bureaucrats to write into regulatory standards. Many managers run away from the rules, terrified of lawyers and afraid of political entanglements. The smartest executives know that the law is far too important to leave to the lawyers. They follow the example set by legally savvy corporate leaders: Learn the 10 percent of legal strategy that makes 90 percent of the difference in winning competitive battles. Shell’s book will completely change the way you think about: • Branding. What if your competitor tries to deny you the right to use your product name, as Coke did when it launched a worldwide campaign to stop Pepsi from using the word “cola”? • Pricing Strategy. Wal-Mart is crushing you by discounting. How about writing rules to protect your profits? Gas retailers did this to stop Wal-Mart from selling discount gas in the United States. • Crown Jewel Products. A giant competitor copies your hit products, markets them as its own, and laughs at your threatened lawsuit. What is your next step? Nintendo’s leaders faced a situation much like this when it battled Universal Studios over Nintendo’s first megahit game--Donkey Kong. Rules that shape the way markets work are like the invisible electric fences that keep pets inside a yard. The businesses that write the rules can offer their products and services with relative freedom--while their rivals must stay inside the fence. Make the Rules or Your Rivals Will provides the ?rst comprehensive guide to this crucial, largely hidden aspect of corporate strategy. Someone is going to write the rules in your market. Will it be you or your competitors? From the Hardcover edition.

Success Your Way

Success  Your Way Author G. Richard Shell
ISBN-10 0241002850
Release 2014-01-07
Pages 320
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Everyone knows that you are supposed to 'follow your dream'. Finally, here is the map to help you discover that dream. In Success, Your Way, award-winning author and Wharton School professor G. Richard Shell challenges you to set aside ideas of success as defined by society, family, and the media. Instead he asks you to honestly answer two questions: What, for me, is success? How will I achieve it? Drawing on decades of research, Shell helps you probe your past, imagine your future, and measure your strengths. By identifying your unique passions and skills you will see what gives meaning and excitement to your life. Get ready for the journey of a lifetime - one that will help you reevaluate your future and achieve success on your own terms. Students say that Shell's courses have changed their lives. Let this book change yours. 'Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.' Steve Jobs 'This inspiring guide gives you the tools to turn your calling into your Monday morning reality.' Laura Vanderkam, author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

The Internet to the Inner Net

The Internet to the Inner Net Author Gopi Kallayil
ISBN-10 9781401947729
Release 2015-10-06
Pages 264
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The Internet has become humanity’s invisible central nervous system, connecting us at the speed of thought. More people today have access to mobile phones than have access to clean drinking water. Yet the most important technology is still the one within us: our brain, body, and consciousness. A fast-paced career in the high-tech industry combined with a deep yoga and meditation practice has allowed Gopi Kallayil—Google’s Chief Evangelist for Brand Marketing and one of the leading voices encouraging yoga and mindfulness in the workplace today – to integrate his inner and outer technologies to a remarkable degree. Wisdom from his yoga mat and meditation cushion guides his professional career, and his work life provides the perfect classroom to deepen his wisdom practice. The Internet to the Inner-Net guides the rest of us to do the same. In some three dozen wide-ranging, sometimes provocative essays, Gopi shares his experiments in conscious living and offers insight, inspiration, and rituals – including yoga, mindful eating, and even napping – to help us access our own inner worlds. If you’re looking for grounded practical wisdom that might simultaneously help you become more creative, adaptable, enthusiastic, effective, or resilient, you’ll find it in this user’s manual for the technology within – along with colorful insight into the successful Google culture. In five sections, from "Log In" (which offers mindful ways of connecting and engaging) to "Clear Out Your In-Box" (shedding what doesn’t serve you to make space for what does) to "Thank You for Subscribing" (a reminder to live with gratitude), Gopi lays out practices and perspectives that you can use starting right now to live with more purpose, fulfillment, and joy.

Groups in Conflict

Groups in Conflict Author Kenwyn K. Smith
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106018433950
Release 1982
Pages 258
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Groups in Conflict has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Groups in Conflict also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Groups in Conflict book for free.

From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom

From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom Author Manoj Arora
ISBN-10 9788184954005
Release 2016-08-17
Pages 288
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A common man’s journey... YOUR ROAD MAP TO ACHIEVING FINANCIAL FREEDOM AND LIVING YOUR DREAMS Financial freedom is not defined by your net worth or your social status. It does not matter how much you earn – what matters is how much you can save and invest wisely. The secret to financial freedom is learning the basic concepts of planning well and adopting the right attitude. But how does one achieve this? Written by a common man for the common man, this book will help you lead a financially independent and conscious life. Everyone around us is trapped in a mindless rat race. If you’ve resolved to take control of your finances and construct a personal finance plan, From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom is a good starting point.

Miss Manners Minds Your Business

Miss Manners Minds Your Business Author Nicholas Ivor Martin
ISBN-10 9780393241464
Release 2013-09-23
Pages 320
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“Both a sad and hilarious commentary on the state of the modern workplace.”—New York Times What do your colleagues, overlords, underlings, clients, and customers have in common? Not knowing how much they annoy you. Not to mention how much you may be annoying them. The route from cubicle to corner office is strewn with etiquette landmines. And now that the boundaries that once cleanly separated work from personal life are blurred, even polite people don’t recognize the difference between professional and social manners. What do you say to a colleague who has just been fired? How do you maintain a family-friendly office without discriminating against singles? What’s the difference between showing romantic interest and sexual harassment? Which colleagues should be invited to family weddings? When should you be unavailable, at or away from work? Don’t convene a focus group or appeal to Human Resources—consult Miss Manners! With wit and wisdom, Miss Manners restores civility, guiding you around your coworker’s messy cubicle, past your overly prying boss, around the bridal shower for the new temp, and through tedious staff meetings. In Miss Manners Minds Your Business, Judith Martin and her son, executive Nicholas Ivor Martin, equip readers with the practical, pertinent, and utterly correct advice necessary to win the job, keep the job, and leave the job with sanity and dignity intact.

Acting Make It Your Business

Acting    Make It Your Business Author Paul Russell
ISBN-10 9780307875273
Release 2010-06-02
Pages 320
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Acting: Make It Your Business, written by an award-winning, veteran casting director, puts the power to land jobs and thrive in any medium - stage, film, TV, or the Internet - directly into the hands of the actor. This blunt, wise, and often hilarious guide overflows with cutting-edge audition, marketing, and networking strategies, combining traditional techniques with those best suited for the digital age. Well-known actors and powerful agents make cameos throughout, offering newcombers and working professionals alike a clear-eyed, uncensored perspective on survival and advancement within the entertainment industry. "Huorous and witty . . . Actors everywhere who are trying to succeed in the business, young or old, on stage or on camera, in New York or anywhere in the world, take note: This is your road map." - Bernard Telsey, casting director (Rent, Sex & The City: The Movie, Wicked) "All the right questions asked and answered . . . and with a generous portion of good humor." - Suzanne Ryan, casting director (Law & Order) "Paul's book made me proud to be a part of the acting community in this business we call 'show.'" - Karen Ziemba, actress, Tony and Drama Desk Award Winner From the Trade Paperback edition.

If You re So Smart Why Aren t You Happy

If You re So Smart  Why Aren t You Happy Author Raj Raghunathan
ISBN-10 9781101980743
Release 2016-04-26
Pages 352
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The first book by the creator of COURSERA®'s most popular online course in 2015, "A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment" Could the same traits that drive your career success also be keeping you from being happier? Fifteen years after getting his MBA, Raj Raghunathan spent some time with his old classmates. He noticed that though they’d all done well, there didn’t appear to be much correlation between their academic success and career success. What Raj found even more curious was the even smaller correlation between career success and what he calls life success. The greater the career success, the more unhappy, out of shape, harried and distracted his friends were. If intelligence helps with decision-making, smart people should naturally make better life choices. So why are so many of the smartest, brightest, most successful people profoundly unhappy? Raj set out to find an answer to this problem, and extensively researched happiness not just of students and business people, but also stay-at-home-parents, lawyers, and artists, among others. If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy? takes readers on a fun and meaningful tour of the best research available on how some of the very determinants of success may also come to deflate happiness. Raghunathan explores the seven most common inclinations that successful people need to overcome, and the seven habits they should adopt instead. Among his surprising findings... ·The correlation between wealth and happiness is much smaller than you'd expect it to be ·Generosity is not only a key to happiness, but a determining factor of long term success ·Appreciating uncertainty, rather than seeking full control of outcomes, is necessary for happiness If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy? will give you a powerful new perspective on your work, personal goals and relationships, whether you’re already successful or just starting out. From the Hardcover edition.

Backwards Book Launch

Backwards Book Launch Author Michelle Kulp
ISBN-10 1983990345
Release 2018-01-23
Pages 174
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There is hidden money locked away inside your book. We're talking about 6, 7 and even 8 figures! Whether you're just starting out as an author and have already published a book or you're thinking of publishing a book in the future - all authors face the same problem: How to Actually Make Money With Their Book. Unfortunately, most authors mistakenly believe the money will come solely from the royalties of their book and it is this thinking that is keeping the majority of authors broke. This book will help you 10x your income with your book by Reverse Engineering the PROFIT into your book (first) and creating multiple streams of income that also gives massive benefits to the reader. By following the Backwards Book Launch method, you are going to be creating something valuable and critical to your long-term success: BUSINESS ASSETS. The Backwards Book Launch method has 3 steps - 1) Design Your PROFIT Path into your book first, not last. 2) Publish the Right Way. 3) Promote to #1. This book details 12 Profit Paths that you can add on to your book to increase your profits as well as a special Bonus: 100 Ways to Make $100k! Smart entrepreneurs including coaches, consultants, healers, accountants, doctors, lawyers, speakers, software developers, and high level business owners are using the Backwards Book Launch method to cash in on their knowledge and expertise to the tune of an additional 6-figures and beyond from their book. If you're ready to go from broke author to rich author, then this book was written for YOU!

So You Want to Start a Business

So  You Want to Start a Business Author Edward D. Hess
ISBN-10 0132698994
Release 2008-08-20
Pages 224
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“Hess and Goetz present a roadmap for how to avoid the things that can cause you to stumble and how to build a business the right way.” –JEFF ZEIGLER, CEO,, Austin, TX “When I started my graphic design business, I knew I had enough talent to impress and keep my clients, but I struggled with the day to day running of the business. So, You Want To Start A Business? is the blueprint I needed to get organized and put all the right things in place.” –KORY BAILEY, Owner, Creative Counterpart Build the Successful Company You’ve Always Wanted to Own! Avoid the 8 disastrous operational mistakes that kill new businesses Walk step-by-step through the entire process of building a winning business Master 55 amazingly simple rules of business success For every entrepreneur and potential previous business experience necessary! Launch the winning business you’ve always wanted…or make more money in the business you’ve already started! More than 5,000,000 new businesses are started each year…but 70% of them will fail. Now, two renowned experts on entrepreneurship identify the 8 “killer mistakes” that cause most business failures–and give you the knowledge, tools, and hands-on advice to avoid them, so you can build a business that thrives. Unlike other books on entrepreneurship, this book focuses on the crucial operational issues associated with consistent profitability. You’ll learn how to identify the right opportunities and customers; design winning products and services; set the right prices; overcome customer inertia; avoid common day-to-day management mistakes; find and keep good employees; and finally, smoothly manage growth. Throughout, the authors draw on real life entrepreneurial experiences, case studies, and leading-edge research. There’s nothing theoretical here: This is fast-paced, 100% practical advice you can use to make your business dreams and goals come true–starting right now. What really makes a successful entrepreneur? What they do, how they act...and how to find your best path to business success Get the 3 “Ws” right from the start What will you sell, who will buy it–and why will they buy it? 55 simple, indispensable rules for success What you must know about customers, competitors, and your employees The art and science of managing people, operations, and growth Create processes, set priorities, maximize quality, measure people–and improve every day