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Stage Money

Stage Money Author Tim Donahue
ISBN-10 9781611172232
Release 2012-12-07
Pages 192
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Stage Money is a groundbreaking guide to understanding professional theater finances today through the use of the tools and metaphors of the business world at large. This approach results in a comprehensive picture of the economic realities of theater production that is radically different from the assessments typically espoused elsewhere. Tim Donahue and Jim Patterson combine their experiences in the financial and creative aspects of theater production to present in straightforward prose their keen insights into the micro- and macro-economic aspects of the commercial stage. Tangible data, charts, and graphs are counterbalanced with illuminating "intermissions" between chapters and interspersed sidebars throughout to provide specific examples of key concepts, collectively presenting an expansive overview of the contemporary theater business. Stage Money is an unparalleled tool for theater professionals and enthusiasts interested in garnering a better understanding of the business's inner workings at present and its challenges for the future. Among the topics addressed in Stage Money are the risks and returns on Broadway in the early twenty-first century, the financial organization of theater performances today, and comparisons between the business models of commercial theater and not-for-profit theater. In concise language and clear examples, the authors explain where the money comes from and where it goes.

Theater Careers

Theater Careers Author Tim Donahue
ISBN-10 9781611171976
Release 2013-07-22
Pages 180
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Theater Careers is designed to empower aspiring theater professionals to make savvy, informed decisions through a concise overview of how to prepare for and find work in the theater business. Tim Donahue and Jim Patterson offer well-researched information on various professions, salary ranges, educational and experience requirements, and other facets certain to enlighten students contemplating a theater career, as well as inform counselors, teachers, and parents of available opportunities and the demands of each path. Theater Careers offers valuable details not readily available elsewhere, including dozens of informative job descriptions surveying the impressive variety of theater careers, both on and off the stage as well as statistics on the working and earning prospects of various careers as drawn from the best sources in the business. The authors also provide thoughtful assessments of the value of education and training choices, including the most meaningful way to look at the costs of college—estimating net costs, which is seldom described elsewhere—and how to choose a school. Straightforward and objective, Theater Careers is an ideal reference for those seeking careers in the theater. Armed with this information, readers will be better equipped to pursue choices that best lead to satisfying and secure employment in the rewarding field of the dramatic arts.

A Concise History of Theatre

A Concise History of Theatre Author Jim Aris Patterson
ISBN-10 0205209823
Release 2013-01-04
Pages 381
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Focuses on the cultural significance of theatre This streamlined, engaging text helps students understand the events, places and people that have influenced the history of theatre. Learning Goals Upon completing this book, readers will be able to: Identify the major time periods and geographic areas associated with the history of theatre Distinguish relevant characteristics of theatre in diverse times and places. Describe the underlying cultural, economic, and political environments as they affected theatre in different times and places. Associate major participants who made theatre within their historical and regional context.

Producing Theatre

Producing Theatre Author Donald C. Farber
ISBN-10 0879103175
Release 2005-11
Pages 497
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For the professional and student here is a basic guide to raising money, obtaining rights and bringing a play to the stage. Appendices include actual examples of commonly used legal forms and contracts. .,."likely to remain for some time to come the authoritative reference in its field." -Variety

Careers in Technical Theater

Careers in Technical Theater Author Mike Lawler
ISBN-10 9781581158038
Release 2010-06-29
Pages 256
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Want to make it big on Broadway—as a techie? Or how about working in smaller regional theater? Careers in Technical Theater explains more than twenty different careers from the perspective of successful theater artists. Included are specialties that have been around for decades, as well as those still emerging in the field. Concise information is provided on job duties, estimated earnings, recommended training, examples of career paths, and the insights are given of working pros in management, scenery, audio/visual, costumes, video and projection, engineering, and theatrical systems. There’s even a detailed appendix on finding on-the-job training as an intern, apprentice, or paid worker. For anyone interested in a behind-the-scenes life in the theater,Careers in Technical Theater is a priceless resource. Allworth Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, publishes a broad range of books on the visual and performing arts, with emphasis on the business of art. Our titles cover subjects such as graphic design, theater, branding, fine art, photography, interior design, writing, acting, film, how to start careers, business and legal forms, business practices, and more. While we don't aspire to publish a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are deeply committed to quality books that help creative professionals succeed and thrive. We often publish in areas overlooked by other publishers and welcome the author whose expertise can help our audience of readers.

Open Book Theater Management

Open Book Theater Management Author Rafe Beckley
ISBN-10 9781782795520
Release 2014-09-26
Pages 183
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In the world of Fringe (or Off-Off Broadway) theatre, a strong debate has been raging for years - when you're producing a low/no-budget production, how on earth can you make it happen and still treat everyone involved in an open, honest and ethical manner? Where do you stand with profit-share productions when you can't afford to pay Union minimums? Open Book Theatre Management, along with its free online resources of instructional budget spreadsheets, is the first book ever to show you exactly how to mount a theatre production without losing either your integrity or your shirt. It is aimed at actors, directors and producers in the early stages of their careers; drama schools; and further and higher education establishments. The methodologies outlined in the book are transferable across all countries in which arts funding is difficult to secure. The time for going to the Establishment with the begging bowl is over. There need be no more excuses. The author will even show you how to start your own theatre company for only a tenner…

Building the Successful Theater Company

Building the Successful Theater Company Author Lisa Mulcahy
ISBN-10 9781621535256
Release 2016-09-20
Pages 284
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What makes a theater company successful? Lisa Mulcahy poses the question to leaders from nineteen of the country’s most diverse and vital theater companies from the recent past and present, and offers answers in Building the Successful Theater Company. Producers, stage managers, directors—anyone dreaming of running a theater troupe—will benefit from the practical guidance, amusing anecdotes, and sincere advice in this peek behind the curtains of the often difficult, always seductive, profession of theater. With five additional companies profiled in this fully revised third edition, Building a Successful Theater Company features: •The LABrynth Theater Company •New Paradise Laboratories •National Theatre of the Deaf •Shotgun Players •Asian-American Theatre Company •Steppenwolf Theater Company •The Pasadena Playhouse •La Jolla Playhouse •Chicago City Limits •Berkeley Repertory Theatre •Arena Stage’s The Living Stage Theatre Company •Mixed Blood Theatre Company •Horizons Theatre •Wheelock Family Theatre •L.A. Theatre Works •A Traveling Jewish Theatre •Jean Cocteau Repertory •Bailiwick Repertory •New Repertory Theatre New chapters cover funding and financial aspects, maximizing a company's potential through powerful social media use, and creating successful partnerships by teaming up with corporate sponsors and establishing artistic collaborations. Stage veterans reveal advice on everything from locating performance space, to developing a business plan, to and rehearsing and publicizing productions in this invaluable guide to creating or growing a theater company. Allworth Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, publishes a broad range of books on the visual and performing arts, with emphasis on the business of art. Our titles cover subjects such as graphic design, theater, branding, fine art, photography, interior design, writing, acting, film, how to start careers, business and legal forms, business practices, and more. While we don't aspire to publish a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are deeply committed to quality books that help creative professionals succeed and thrive. We often publish in areas overlooked by other publishers and welcome the author whose expertise can help our audience of readers.

A Source Book in Theatrical History

A Source Book in Theatrical History Author A. M. Nagler
ISBN-10 9780486315546
Release 2013-04-09
Pages 640
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An annotated collection of more than 300 unusually interesting and detailed passages includes views by observers from ancient Greece to modern times on acting, directing, make-up, costuming, props, much more.

Shaping the Future of African American Film

Shaping the Future of African American Film Author Monica White Ndounou
ISBN-10 9780813562575
Release 2014-04-29
Pages 296
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In Hollywood, we hear, it’s all about the money. It’s a ready explanation for why so few black films get made—no crossover appeal, no promise of a big payoff. But what if the money itself is color-coded? What if the economics that governs film production is so skewed that no film by, about, or for people of color will ever look like a worthy investment unless it follows specific racial or gender patterns? This, Monica Ndounou shows us, is precisely the case. In a work as revealing about the culture of filmmaking as it is about the distorted economics of African American film, Ndounou clearly traces the insidious connections between history, content, and cash in black films. How does history come into it? Hollywood’s reliance on past performance as a measure of potential success virtually guarantees that historically underrepresented, underfunded, and undersold African American films devalue the future prospects of black films. So the cycle continues as it has for nearly a century. Behind the scenes, the numbers are far from neutral. Analyzing the onscreen narratives and off-screen circumstances behind nearly two thousand films featuring African Americans in leading and supporting roles, including such recent productions as Bamboozled, Beloved, and Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Ndounou exposes the cultural and racial constraints that limit not just the production but also the expression and creative freedom of black films. Her wide-ranging analysis reaches into questions of literature, language, speech and dialect, film images and narrative, acting, theater and film business practices, production history and financing, and organizational history. By uncovering the ideology behind profit-driven industry practices that reshape narratives by, about, and for people of color, this provocative work brings to light existing limitations—and possibilities for reworking stories and business practices in theater, literature, and film.

Neoliberalism and Global Theatres

Neoliberalism and Global Theatres Author Lara D. Nielsen
ISBN-10 9780230278318
Release 2012-07-24
Pages 316
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How do theatre and performance transmit and dispute ideologies of neoliberalism? The essays in this anthology examine the mechanisms and rhetorics of contemporary multinational and transnational organizations, artists, and communities that produce theatre and performance for global audiences.

Theatre Management

Theatre Management Author David M. Conte
ISBN-10 0896762564
Release 2007
Pages 580
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"Theatre Management: Producing and Managing the Performing Arts delivers a broad, comprehensive, wide-angle view of theatre and performing arts management, based on the premise that all of the performing arts share the same core issues: producing or presenting artistically satisfying works in accord with their missions, finding and keeping an audience, providing for the financial and creative well-being of an organization or production, and maintaining good personnel and public relations. Beyond addressing management issues specific to legitimate theatre, Theatre Management also deals with broader issues that affect all of the performing arts: mission statements, legal organization and structure, not-for-profit organizations, personnel, place of performance, budgeting, box office/ticketing, fundraising, marketing, public relations, advertising, and performance management. In this thorough, informed and informative updating of the theatre and arts administration classic Theatre Management and Production in America, David Conte addresses needs and concerns confronting 21st Century managers. Theatre Management: Producing and Managing the Performing Arts is the fundamental text and indispensable reference for all arts managers."--BOOK JACKET.

Weill s Musical Theater

Weill s Musical Theater Author Stephen Hinton
ISBN-10 9780520271777
Release 2012
Pages 569
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"This book, the first scholarly consideration of Weill's complete output of stage works, is without doubt the most important critical study of the composer's oeuvre to date in any language. Hinton's scholarship is superior and his insights original and illuminating. The product of several decades of engagement with Weill's works, their sources and reception, as well as the secondary literature, the book is a stunning achievement. Brilliantly conceived and executed, it will take its place as one of the cornerstones of Weill studies."--Kim H. Kowalke, University of Rochester and President, Kurt Weill Foundation for Music "In "Weill's Musical Theater: Stages of Reform," Stephen Hinton reminds us that Kurt Weill was always a revolutionary. The composer's insistent dedication to a provocative, constantly evolving lyric theater that spoke directly to audiences meant that Weill remained as controversial as he was popular. The celebrity that endeared him to Broadway made him anathema in Berlin. Some sixty years after Weill's death, Hinton is finally able to demonstrate the consistent brilliance, theatrical power, and coherence of a composer who revolutionized every genre he touched (or used) and whose collaborators read as a who's who of twentieth-century theater." --David Savran, author of "Highbrow/Lowdown: Theater, Jazz, and the Making of the New Middle Class" "Stephen Hinton presents us with an image of Weill that is at once monumental yet still alive. A truly Protean figure, Weill is not an easy man to grasp in his totality; Brecht once wrote that a man thrown into water will have to develop webbed feet, and as a refugee from Nazi Germany, Weill had to become a cultural amphibian. But in "Weill's Musical Theater" we see the composer from every angle: through the gaze of countless critics and reviewers, through Weill's own eyes, and finally through the filter of Hinton's judicious, focused prose. This account will stand."--Daniel Albright, author of "Untwisting the Serpent: Modernism in Music, Literature, and Other Arts"

Church Stage

Church   Stage Author Dean J. Seal
ISBN-10 9781461707639
Release 2005-07-25
Pages 136
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Church and Stage is a guide for people in churches who want to employ theater in ministry, and for theater people who want to create opportunities to work in churches. The points of contact between religion and theater are numerous, and Dean J. Seal offers guidelines for making the connection work no matter what level of experience or financial commitment a congregation brings to the task. The author, who has worked in the worlds of both church and stage, provides background on the historical and theological relationship between religion and theater. He then offers practical advice and guidelines for the use of theater in the context of ministry—from discussion groups to bibliodrama to play-going to ultimately producing a show. This book is a resource for ministers, lay leaders, youth groups, and members of the theater community who desire greater integration of faith and work.

The Production Manager s Toolkit

The Production Manager s Toolkit Author Cary Gillett
ISBN-10 9781317558989
Release 2016-07-22
Pages 266
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"Our theater world is so much better with this book in it, and even better with Cary and Jay at the helm." –David Stewart, Director of Production for the Guthrie Theater The Production Manager’s Toolkit is a comprehensive introduction to a career in theatrical and special event production for new and aspiring professionals, given by expert voices in the field. The book discusses management techniques, communication skills, and relationship building tactics to create effective and successful production managers. With a focus on management theory, advice from top production managers provide insights into budgeting, scheduling, meetings, hiring, maintaining safety, and more. Through interviews and case studies, the history and techniques of production management are explored throughout a variety of entertainment venues: theatre, dance, opera, and special events. The book includes references, tools, templates, and checklists; and a companion website contains downloadable paperwork and links to other useful resources such as unions, venues, and vendors.

Secondary Stages

Secondary Stages Author Jeff Bennett
ISBN-10 0325003130
Release 2001
Pages 192
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Secondary Stages combines in one volume everything a high school teacher needs to organize and implement a sucessful, dynamic theatre program. Bennett's approach is based on a simple premise: that exposure to theatre can be an utterly transforming experience for students-one that enables them to reach unimagined levels of personal, emotional, and intellectual growth. His book delivers hands-on techniques to make it all happen, illustrating how to: draw interested students into the program inspire students to act with truth and conviction establish the connection between good improvisation and good scene work carry passion for theatre outside the classroom and into the mainstream of school life choose material that's stimulating enough to attract a sizable student audience without creating unwanted controversy structure activities and lessons so that they encourage maximum sensitivity and awareness lay the basis for mounting memorable productions. With these goals in mind and with more than three decades of experience, Bennett presents strategies that have consistently proven effective for the broadest possible range of students.

How to Start Your Own Theater Company

How to Start Your Own Theater Company Author Reginald Nelson
ISBN-10 9781556528132
Release 2010
Pages 188
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With advice and instruction from an experienced actor and theater director, this pragmatic, authoritative guide imparts backstage know-how for wouldbe playhouse practitioners on everything from fundraising and finding a space to selecting plays and navigating legal issues. Chronicling three seasons at Chicago’s award-winning Congo Square Theatre, this journey behind the curtain reveals the nitty-gritty details--such as managing rent, parking, and safety issues; determining tax status and calculating budgets; and finding flexible day jobs--that are often overlooked amid the zeal of artistic pursuit. Inspired by Congo Square’s own unique inception, the valuable how-to also speaks directly to the many underserved audiences who want to create their own companies, including African American, Asian American, Latino, physically challenged, and GLBT communities. With lists of Equity offices, legal advisers, and important organizations, this complete resource is sure to help ambitious theater lovers establish and maintain their own successful companies.

Regional Theatre

Regional Theatre Author Joseph Wesley Zeigler
ISBN-10 1452911428
Release 1973
Pages 277
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Regional Theatre has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Regional Theatre also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Regional Theatre book for free.