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Stammering Author Trudy Stewart
ISBN-10 9781317386629
Release 2016-04-28
Pages 114
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What is stammering? How does it present itself? When does it occur? Why does it happen? What are the most effective strategies you can use to help? Providing background information about stammering as well as a wide range of tools and strategies, this practical book addresses the key challenges faced at nursery and school. There are separate sections on early years, primary and secondary level and include the most common areas that teachers must consider when supporting children who lack speech fluency, including: identifying children at risk of developing a stammer how to manage incidents of stammering how to manage classroom communication and oral participation helping children to make and maintain relationships help children to manage feelings associated with stammering working alongside speech and language therapists. Recent changes to the curriculum means that there is now a greater demand on children’s communication skills than ever. This book will help you provide the necessary support to a child who stammers by offering a clear explanation of the presentation of stammering and the best ways you manage the occurrence of stammering in a range of school contexts. Full of tips and advice this book will enable teachers and other professionals to work effectively with a child who stammers. This accessible book is essential for anyone concerned about a child in their care who presents with a stammer, including teachers, student teachers, SENCOs and parents.


Stammering Author lena Rustin
ISBN-10 9781134125180
Release 2013-10-23
Pages 144
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This book provides essential information and guidance about stammering for those working in educational settings. The highly experienced team of authors demonstrates how early intervention is essential if children who stammer are to have the best chance of recovery; the practical strategies that can help with children's oral participation in class, particulary in the light of recent innovations such as the literacy hour and national numeracy strategy; the ways in which teachers can address the educational and social implications of stammering, and reverse the risk of underachieving if these children become isolated, anxious, withdrawn or disruptive; how to influence the climate in schools so that children who stammer are better understood and can be helped to their full potential; and how to prepare pupils for exams, particularly in secondary schools where they may be taking oral examinations. Throughout the text, reference is made to new government initiatives where appropriate, and each chapter includes case studies, practical tasks and activities that can be used in the school setting.

Understanding Stammering Or Stuttering

Understanding Stammering Or Stuttering Author Elaine Kelman
ISBN-10 9781849052689
Release 2012
Pages 127
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Explains the characteristics and psychological affects of stuttering and helps adults learn how to build the child's confidence and alleviate the stammer. Original.

The Child and Adolescent Stuttering Treatment Activity Resource Guide

The Child and Adolescent Stuttering Treatment   Activity Resource Guide Author Peter R Ramig
ISBN-10 9781111785857
Release 2009-10-07
Pages 480
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THE CHILD AND ADOLESCENT STUTTERING TREATMENT AND ACTIVITY RESOURCE GUIDE, 2ND EDITION is the only product of its kind. This book offers specific, hands-on activities that can be used in the evaluation and treatment of fluency disorders (stuttering and cluttering) as well as specific decision-making information that will help clinicians identify goals, and then develop effective and practical strategies to meet these goals. An applied book about therapy, THE CHILD AND ADOLESCENT STUTTERING TREATMENT AND ACTIVITY RESOURCE GUIDE is full of easily-applied therapeutic ideas that are substantiated by solid research findings and thorough explanations. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Stuttering and Cluttering Second Edition

Stuttering and Cluttering  Second Edition Author David Ward
ISBN-10 9781317538820
Release 2017-08-15
Pages 486
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Stuttering and Cluttering provides a clear, accessible and wide-ranging overview of both the theoretical and clinical aspects of two disorders of fluency: stuttering and cluttering. This edition remains loyal to the idea that stuttering and cluttering can best be understood by first considering various overarching frameworks which can then be expanded upon, and provides a clear position from which to disentangle the often complex interrelationships of these frameworks. The book is divided into two parts, the first of which mainly deals with theory and aetiology, while the second focuses on clinical aspects of assessment, diagnosis and treatment. The book also provides frequent references across Parts I and II to help link the various areas of investigation together. This revised edition of Stuttering and Cluttering reflects the major changes in thinking regarding both theory and therapy that have taken place since the publication of the first edition. As well as those who stutter and clutter, the book will be invaluable for speech language therapy/speech language pathology students, practicing clinicians, psychologists and linguists around the world.

The Dysfluency Resource Book

The Dysfluency Resource Book Author Jackie Turnbull
ISBN-10 9781351687386
Release 2017-07-05
Pages 232
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This is a comprehensive resource book for treating adults who stammer. Completely revised and updated to take account of current practice, this new edition draws together the latest information on therapy for adults along with practical examples of exercises, tasks and activities that can be used for both individual and group programmes. With new chapters and therapy ideas, this is an extremely useful resource for all speech & language therapists and students working with adults who stammer. This useful resource seeks to explain techniques for treating people who stammer and the rationale for their use. This volume forms a catalogue of treatment options from which clinicians may choose to use all of the techniques or pick out particular sections according to their clients' special requirements. The first edition of this book proved to be a very useful tool for speech and language professionals, and this new edition has come about largely because clinicians, speech and language therapists and teachers have requested it. With the inclusion of 50 photocopiable handouts and the presentation of the chapters in the order they would use with their own group programmes, the authors set out the principles of therapy in such a way that the treatment techniques fit into a clear management approach. Trudy Stewart is a specialist in dysfluency and has been a service manager since 1986. She studied in America and obtained her PhD in 1991. Jackie Turnbull retired from SLT in July 2009 after 40 years in the profession, over 35 of which were spent as a specialist in dysfluency, working with children and adults. She also worked for many years as a staff counsellor in a large hospital. The collaboration that has grown up between the two of them has sparked further study in stammering. Together they have developed a highly creative clinical practice which has national recognition.

Practical Intervention for Early Childhood Stammering

Practical Intervention for Early Childhood Stammering Author Elaine Kelman
ISBN-10 9781351688253
Release 2017-07-05
Pages 312
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Therapy for young children who stammer is now high priority, with growing research evidence supporting early intervention. This manual from the Michael Palin Centre for stammering Children (MPC) is a detailed, step-by-step guide intended to support general and specialist speech and language therapists in developing their confidence and skills in working with this age group. This manual is based on a strong theoretical framework which explains the factors contributing to the onset and development of stammering and describes recent research findings regarding the nature of stammering in this age group. It provides a comprehensive guide to the assessment process and helps to identify which children are likely to recover naturally and which are at risk of developing a persistent stammering problem. The therapy approach has been successfully tried and tested at the Michael Palin Centre, and the manual provides detailed descriptions of the therapy process.It also includes a supporting CD-Rom and photocopiable resources such as assessment and therapy forms and parents' handouts. The MPC approach is a combination of indirect therapy methods. The indirect therapy component is aimed at helping parents through the use of video feedback, to identify interaction strategies that support their child's fluency and enhance it in the home environment. In addition the approach addresses other concerns, for example, in relation to confidence building, dealing with sensitive children, and establishing clear structures and boundaries to enhance family relationships. For children at increased risk of persistence, this manual incorporates a direct therapy programme which involves teaching the child strategies for developing fluency. This manual disseminates the MPC's specialist therapy knowledge and research findings, and is an invaluable guide for all speech and language therapists and students working with stammering.

School Age Stuttering Therapy

School Age Stuttering Therapy Author Nina Reardon-Reeves
ISBN-10 0983753806
Release 2014-11-15
Pages 287
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This book is a clinical resource for speech-language pathologists who work with school-age children who stutter. It provides comprehensive assessment and intervention strategies designed to enhance positive therapy outcomes.


Stuttering Author Barry Guitar
ISBN-10 0781739209
Release 2006
Pages 503
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This new Third Edition provides a comprehensive overview of the etiology and development of stuttering and details appropriate approaches to accurate assessment and treatment. A new chapter on related fluency disorders discusses evaluation and treatment of stuttering associated with neurological disease or trauma, psychological disturbance, or mental retardation, and explains how developmental stuttering can be differentiated from these conditions. This edition also features a new chapter on preliminaries to assessment as well as new information on differential diagnosis of stuttering versus other fluency disorders. Appendices include forms for diagnosis and evaluation.

If your child stutters

If your child stutters Author Stanley Humphreys Ainsworth
ISBN-10 0933388446
Release 2002
Pages 63
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If your child stutters has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from If your child stutters also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full If your child stutters book for free.

I Have a Voice

I Have a Voice Author Bob G. Bodenhamer
ISBN-10 9781845907532
Release 2011-09-30
Pages 208
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Have you ever wondered why most people who block and stutter do not do so every time they speak? Now the puzzle has finally been solved by this outstanding new book which details a completely new approach to treating this debilitating condition. Bob Bodenhamer explains that this phenomenon results from the thinking (cognition) of the stutterer as he or she associates speaking with a lot of fear and anxiety about blocking. This book both explains the structure of blocking and provides the tools for gaining more fluency.

Self therapy for the Stutterer

Self therapy for the Stutterer Author Malcolm Fraser
ISBN-10 9780933388451
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 192
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Malcolm Fraser knew from personal experience what the person who stutters is up against. His introduction to stuttering corrective procedures first came at the age of fifteen under the direction of Frederick Martin, M.D., who at that time was Superintendent of Speech Correction for the New York City schools. A few years later, he worked with J. Stanley Smith, L.L.D., a stutterer and philanthropist, who, for altruistic reasons, founded the Kingsley Clubs in Philadelphia and New York that were named after the English author, Charles Kingsley, who also stuttered. The Kingsley Clubs were small groups of adult stutterers who met one night a week to try out treatment ideas then in effect. In fact, they were actually practicing group therapy as they talked about their experiences and exchanged ideas. This exchange gave each of the members a better understanding of the problem. The founder often led the discussions at both clubs. In 1928 Malcolm Fraser joined his older brother Carlyle who founded the NAPA-Genuine Parts Company that year in Atlanta, Georgia. He became an important leader in the company and was particularly outstanding in training others for leadership roles. In 1947, with a successful career under way, he founded the Stuttering Foundation of America. In subsequent years, he added generously to the endowment so that at the present time, endowment income covers over fifty percent of the operating budget. In 1984, Malcolm Fraser received the fourth annual National Council on Communicative Disorders' Distinguished Service Award. The NCCD, a council of 32 national organizations, recognized the Foundation's efforts in "adding to stutterers', parents', clinicians', and the public's awareness and ability to deal constructively with stuttering." Book jacket.

Early Childhood Stuttering Therapy

Early Childhood Stuttering Therapy Author Nina Reeves
ISBN-10 0983753873
Release 2017-02-28
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Early Childhood Stuttering Therapy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Early Childhood Stuttering Therapy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Early Childhood Stuttering Therapy book for free.

Classroom Dynamics Resource Books for Teachers

Classroom Dynamics   Resource Books for Teachers Author Jill Hadfield
ISBN-10 9780194426046
Release 2013-07-15
Pages 192
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This very popular series gives teachers practical advice and guidance, together with resource ideas and materials for the classroom.


Stuttering Author Stuttertalk Publications
ISBN-10 0615689523
Release 2012-08-01
Pages 312
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This book reflects a wide range of experiences and knowledge found in the stuttering community and includes 25 chapters written by people who stutter and leading professionals. In the first section of the book (16 chapters), people who stutter share their inspiring stuttering stories. Topics include growing up stuttering, chasing fluency, facing fears, covert stuttering, voluntary stuttering and other speech tools, avoiding stuttering, making productive changes, advertising stuttering (telling others that you stutter), meeting others who stutter, passing as fluent, the importance of being a good listener, substance abuse and stuttering, LGBT issues in the stuttering community, using acting to help cope with stuttering, a letter to "fluency," learning from children who stutter, stuttering paradoxes and much more. The second section of the book (9 chapters) delves into some current and exciting issues in stuttering and treatment. These chapters reflect the deep knowledge of well respected speech-language pathologists and researchers and a disabilities rights lawyer. Authors include Walter H. Manning, Phil Schneider, J. Scott Yaruss, Bob Quesal, John A. Tetnowski and others. Topics covered are the acceptance of stuttering, the therapeutic alliance (the relationship between client and therapist), considerations in choosing a speech-language pathologist, the body and soul of speech therapy, mindfulness in stuttering treatment, the biggest mistakes made in stuttering treatment, people who stutter becoming speech therapists, disability issues and stuttering, a conversation about "fluency" and much more.


Images Author Jamie Keddie
ISBN-10 0194425797
Release 2009-04-16
Pages 150
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Includes 61 activities and 35 original images. Examines the possibilities for using a wide range of original images and resources including art, photography, advertising, the Internet, and student-generated images.

Beyond Stammering

Beyond Stammering Author Dave McGuire
ISBN-10 9780285639065
Release 2011-01-02
Pages 192
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Combining mental strategies with breathing techniques, this book explains the McGuire Program, a proven technique for long-term improvement in speech and self-confidence for those who suffer from stammering. Developed through the author’s own struggles, readers learn to alter breathing patterns while incorporating mental strategies to maintain fluent speech. This complete program quickly and dramatically improves verbal fluency while the sufferer gains self-esteem, from learning to control the physical and mental aspects of dysfunctional breathing.