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Statistical Mechanics

Statistical Mechanics Author A.M. Glazer
ISBN-10 0198508166
Release 2001-08-02
Pages 160
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This superb book provides the reader with a general perspective of an interdisciplinary field between statistical physics and information sciences/engineering. It is effectively the only book on the subject, aside from a collection of papers published fourteen years ago. The field is a rapidly expanding one and this self-contained presentation will be sure to acquire a wide audience in physics and engineering.

Statistical Mechanics for Beginners

Statistical Mechanics for Beginners Author Lucien Gilles Benguigui
ISBN-10 9789813100923
Release 2010-08-19
Pages 180
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This textbook is for undergraduate students on a basic course in Statistical Mechanics. The prerequisite is thermodynamics. It begins with a study of three situations — the closed system and the systems in thermal contact with a reservoir — in order to formulate the important fundamentals: entropy from Boltzmann formula, partition function and grand partition function. Through the presentation of quantum statistics, Bose statistics and Fermi–Dirac statistics are established, including as a special case the classical situation of Maxell–Boltzmann statistics. A series of examples ensue it: the harmonic oscillator, the polymer chain, the two level system, bosons (photons, phonons, and the Bose–Einstein condensation) and fermions (electrons in metals and in semiconductors). A compact historical note on influential scientists forms the concluding chapter. The unique presentation starts off with the principles, elucidating the well-developed theory, and only thereafter the application of theory. Calculations on the main steps are detailed, leaving behind minimal gap. The author emphasizes with theory the link between the macroscopic world (thermodynamics) and the microscopic world.

Introduction to Modern Statistical Mechanics

Introduction to Modern Statistical Mechanics Author David Chandler
ISBN-10 0195042778
Release 1987
Pages 274
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"[This] book contains concise explanations of such fundamentals as the connection between measurements and ensemble averages, discussions of equilibrium fluctuations and stability criteria, and the utility of Legendre transforms. It also explores many of the traditional elementary applications of statistical mechanics. Most importantly, it treats the principles and basic methods of time correlation functions (including the fluctuation-dissipation theorem and the Langevin equation), renormalization group theory, Monte Carlo simulations, and liquid structure."--Back cover.

Introductory Statistical Mechanics

Introductory Statistical Mechanics Author Roger Bowley
ISBN-10 UOM:39015047847721
Release 1999
Pages 352
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This book explains the ideas and techniques of statistical mechanics-the theory of condensed matter-in a simple and progressive way. The text starts with the laws of thermodynamics and simple ideas of quantum mechanics. The conceptual ideas underlying the subject are explained carefully; themathematical ideas are developed in parallel to give a coherent overall view. The text is illustrated with examples not just from solid state physics, but also from recent theories of radiation from black holes and recent data on the background radiation from the Cosmic background explorer. In thissecond edition, slightly more advanced material on statistical mechanics is introduced, material which students should meet in an undergraduate course. As a result the new edition contains three more chapters on phase transitions at an appropriate level for an undergraduate student. There are plentyof problems at the end of each chapter, and brief model answers are provided for odd-numbered problems. From reviews of the first edition: '...Introductory Statistical Mechanics is clear and crisp and takes advantage of the best parts of the many approaches to the subject' Physics Today

The Theory of Magnetism Made Simple

The Theory of Magnetism Made Simple Author Daniel Charles Mattis
ISBN-10 9812386718
Release 2006
Pages 565
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The original edition of The Theory of Magnetism was the first book to develop the various relevant topics using modern methods adapted for the many-body problem and thus it became popular (reportedly the "most-stolen" book from the exhibition stalls at the March meeting of the American Physical Society!). It presented and taught the fermionic field theory central to Onsager's analysis of the statistical mechanics of the two-dimensional Ising model of magnetism. In its pages the Lieb-Mattis theorems on magnetic ordering of electronic energy levels and on the absence of ferromagnetism in one dimension were restated and proved in a form accessible to students. The exchange mechanism in insulators and the Ruderman-Kittel interaction in metals were some of the innovative topics presented to the reader. Spin waves and their interactions were analyzed in some detail. The first chapter, on the history of physics as seen through the prism of research in magnetism, co-authored with Dr Noemi Mattis, proved especially popular. In this new edition, while retaining much of the material in earlier editions, especially the first chapter, the author has eliminated some of the bulk (the most recent edition was in two volumes) and added a number of new subjects. Among these are the effects of lowering the dimensionality (exact solutions of some important models in zero and one dimension are exhibited and contrasted with the three-dimensional versions) and the importance of the two-body Coulomb interactions. The reader is introduced to the topic of critical exponents, which has been so marvellously worked out in recent decades. Quoting a novel theorem by Lieb and exotic band structures, the authorre-examines the origins of ferromagnetism. In the presentation, physical principles come first, the mathematics second. Developing the reader's intuition and mastery of the subject takes precedence. Because of this the book was not

Statistical and Thermal Physics

Statistical and Thermal Physics Author Harvey Gould
ISBN-10 1400837030
Release 2010-07-01
Pages 552
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This textbook carefully develops the main ideas and techniques of statistical and thermal physics and is intended for upper-level undergraduate courses. The authors each have more than thirty years' experience in teaching, curriculum development, and research in statistical and computational physics. Statistical and Thermal Physics begins with a qualitative discussion of the relation between the macroscopic and microscopic worlds and incorporates computer simulations throughout the book to provide concrete examples of important conceptual ideas. Unlike many contemporary texts on thermal physics, this book presents thermodynamic reasoning as an independent way of thinking about macroscopic systems. Probability concepts and techniques are introduced, including topics that are useful for understanding how probability and statistics are used. Magnetism and the Ising model are considered in greater depth than in most undergraduate texts, and ideal quantum gases are treated within a uniform framework. Advanced chapters on fluids and critical phenomena are appropriate for motivated undergraduates and beginning graduate students. Integrates Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulations as well as other numerical techniques throughout the text Provides self-contained introductions to thermodynamics and statistical mechanics Discusses probability concepts and methods in detail Contains ideas and methods from contemporary research Includes advanced chapters that provide a natural bridge to graduate study Features more than 400 problems Programs are open source and available in an executable cross-platform format Solutions manual (available only to teachers)

Maths A Student s Survival Guide

Maths  A Student s Survival Guide Author Jenny Olive
ISBN-10 0521017076
Release 2003-09-18
Pages 634
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First published in 1998.

A Kinetic View of Statistical Physics

A Kinetic View of Statistical Physics Author Pavel L. Krapivsky
ISBN-10 9781139493345
Release 2010-11-18
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Aimed at graduate students, this book explores some of the core phenomena in non-equilibrium statistical physics. It focuses on the development and application of theoretical methods to help students develop their problem-solving skills. The book begins with microscopic transport processes: diffusion, collision-driven phenomena, and exclusion. It then presents the kinetics of aggregation, fragmentation and adsorption, where the basic phenomenology and solution techniques are emphasized. The following chapters cover kinetic spin systems, both from a discrete and a continuum perspective, the role of disorder in non-equilibrium processes, hysteresis from the non-equilibrium perspective, the kinetics of chemical reactions, and the properties of complex networks. The book contains 200 exercises to test students' understanding of the subject. A link to a website hosted by the authors, containing supplementary material including solutions to some of the exercises, can be found at

Quantum Statistical Mechanics

Quantum Statistical Mechanics Author Leo P. Kadanoff
ISBN-10 9780429972843
Release 2018-03-08
Pages 224
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Green's Function Methods in Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Problems

Statistical Physics

Statistical Physics Author A.M. Guenault
ISBN-10 9789401097925
Release 2013-03-09
Pages 186
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Statistical physics is not a difficult subject, and I trust that this will not be found a difficult book. It contains much that a number of generations of Lancaster students have studied with me, as part of their physics honours degree work. The lecture course was of twenty hours duration, and I have added comparatively little to the lecture syllabus. A pre requisite is that the reader should have a working knowledge of basic thermal physics (i.e. the laws of thermodynamics and their application to simple substances). The book Thermal Physics by Colin Finn in this series forms an ideal introduc tion. Statistical physics has a thousand and one different ways of approaching the same basic results. I have chosen a rather down-to-earth and unsophisticated approach, without I hope totally obscuring the considerable interest of the fun damentals. This enables applications to be introduced at an early stage in the book. As a low-temperature physicist, I have always found a particular interest in statistical physics, and especially in how the absolute zero is approached. I should not, therefore, apologize for the low-temperature bias in the topics which I have selected from the many possibilities.

Statistical Physics

Statistical Physics Author Ian Ford
ISBN-10 9781118597491
Release 2013-03-27
Pages 280
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This undergraduate textbook provides a statistical mechanical foundation to the classical laws of thermodynamics via a comprehensive treatment of the basics of classical thermodynamics, equilibrium statistical mechanics, irreversible thermodynamics, and the statistical mechanics of non-equilibrium phenomena. This timely book has a unique focus on the concept of entropy, which is studied starting from the well-known ideal gas law, employing various thermodynamic processes, example systems and interpretations to expose its role in the second law of thermodynamics. This modern treatment of statistical physics includes studies of neutron stars, superconductivity and the recently developed fluctuation theorems. It also presents figures and problems in a clear and concise way, aiding the student’s understanding.

Statistical Mechanics

Statistical Mechanics Author Donald Allan McQuarrie
ISBN-10 1891389157
Release 2000
Pages 641
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A renowned accessible introduction to the subject, this text contains a large number of problems at the end of each chapter to help students understand the material and to introduce them to selected extensions.

Introduction To The Theory Of Neural Computation

Introduction To The Theory Of Neural Computation Author John A. Hertz
ISBN-10 9780429979293
Release 2018-03-08
Pages 352
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Comprehensive introduction to the neural network models currently under intensive study for computational applications. It also provides coverage of neural network applications in a variety of problems of both theoretical and practical interest.

Statistical Physics

Statistical Physics Author Franz Mandl
ISBN-10 9781118723432
Release 2013-06-05
Pages 248
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The Manchester Physics Series General Editors: D. J. Sandiford; F. Mandl; A. C. Phillips Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester Properties of Matter B. H. Flowers and E. Mendoza Optics Second Edition F. G. Smith and J. H. Thomson Statistical Physics Second Edition E. Mandl Electromagnetism Second Edition I. S. Grant and W. R. Phillips Statistics R. J. Barlow Solid State Physics Second Edition J. R. Hook and H. E. Hall Quantum Mechanics F. Mandl Particle Physics Second Edition B. R. Martin and G. Shaw The Physics of Stars Second Edition A. C. Phillips Computing for Scientists R. J. Barlow and A. R. Barnett Statistical Physics, Second Edition develops a unified treatment of statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, which emphasises the statistical nature of the laws of thermodynamics and the atomic nature of matter. Prominence is given to the Gibbs distribution, leading to a simple treatment of quantum statistics and of chemical reactions. Undergraduate students of physics and related sciences will find this a stimulating account of the basic physics and its applications. Only an elementary knowledge of kinetic theory and atomic physics, as well as the rudiments of quantum theory, are presupposed for an understanding of this book. Statistical Physics, Second Edition features: A fully integrated treatment of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. A flow diagram allowing topics to be studied in different orders or omitted altogether. Optional "starred" and highlighted sections containing more advanced and specialised material for the more ambitious reader. Sets of problems at the end of each chapter to help student understanding. Hints for solving the problems are given in an Appendix.

Exam Survival Guide Physical Chemistry

Exam Survival Guide  Physical Chemistry Author Jochen Vogt
ISBN-10 9783319498102
Release 2017-02-24
Pages 382
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A text- and exercise book for physical chemistry students! This book deals with the fundamental aspects of physical chemistry taught at the undergraduate level in chemistry and the engineering sciences in a compact and practice-oriented form. Numerous problems and detailed solutions offer the possibility of an in-depth reflection of topics like chemical thermodynamics and kinetics, atomic structure and spectroscopy. Every chapter starts with a recapitulation of important background information, before leading over to representative exercises and problems. Detailed descriptions systematically present and explain the solutions to the problems, so that readers can carefully check their own solutions and get clear-cut introductions on how to approach similar problems systematically. The book addresses students at the (upper) undergraduate level, as well as tutors and teachers. It is a rich source of exercises for exam preparation and can be used alongside classical textbooks. Furthermore it can serve teachers and tutors for the conception of their lessons. Its well-thought-through presentation, structure and design make the book appeal to everybody who wants to succeed with the physical chemistry lessons and exercises.

Statistical Mechanics

Statistical Mechanics Author R. K. Pathria
ISBN-10 UOM:39015055733193
Release 1972
Pages 527
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Statistical Mechanics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Statistical Mechanics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Statistical Mechanics book for free.


ISBN-10 9788120350625
Release 2014-10-21
Pages 708
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This comprehensive textbook, now in its second edition, is mainly written as per the latest syllabi of physical chemistry of all the leading universities of India as well as the new syllabus recommended by the UGC. This thoroughly revised and updated edition covers the principal areas of physical chemistry, such as thermodynamics, quantum chemistry, molecular spectroscopy, chemical kinetics, electrochemistry and nanotechnology. In a methodical and accessible style, the book discusses classical, irreversible and statistical thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, and describes macroscopic chemical systems, steady states and thermodynamics at a molecular level. It elaborates the underlying principles of quantum mechanics, molecular spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography and solid state chemistry along with their applications. The book explains various instrumentation techniques such as potentiometry, polarography, voltammetry, conductometry and coulometry. It also describes kinetics, rate laws and chemical processes at the electrodes. In addition, the text deals with chemistry of corrosion and nanomaterials. This text is primarily designed for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of chemistry (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) for their course in physical chemistry. Key Features • Gives a thorough treatment to ensure a solid grasp of the material. • Presents a large number of figures and diagrams that help amplify key concepts. • Contains several worked-out examples for better understanding of the subject matter. • Provides numerous chapter-end exercises to foster conceptual understanding.