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Married to a Stranger

Married to a Stranger Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781460355589
Release 2014-03-15
Pages 224
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Back in sleepy Weaver, Wyoming, for his father's wedding, rich and handsome Tristan Clay found himself unaccountably attracted to bespectacled Hope Leoni—a homespun, hometown schoolmarm! With every fiber of his astonished being, he craved her innocent kiss. Just a kiss—nothing more. Tristan knew better than to flirt further with such sweet, virginal temptation…especially in this town. Yet in one short week his sensual attention compromised Hope's hard-won reputation, jeopardizing her job. And suddenly—though wedding bells gave him the willies—the only way to make things right…was to make Hope his wife!

The Rancher And The Redhead

The Rancher And The Redhead Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781460869383
Release 2012-07-01
Pages 228
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JUST WHAT THE RANCHER NEEDED Rancher Matthew Clay was as solid as an oak, unmovable as granite. Until temporary housekeeper Jaimie Greene came to the Double–C. She was the queen of calamity, riskier than a Wyoming winter! And the feisty redhead's tempting innocence and sassy rebukes drove Matthew to sweet distraction. But experience had taught him that a tender hearted city gal didn't belong on a remote cattle ranch and that she wouldn't stay. Still, he'd never met a woman so determined to prove herself. Or one who loved the land the way he did. Was this confirmed bachelor suddenly ready to face his biggest challenge love? MEN OF THE DOUBLE–C RANCH: Under the big, blue Wyoming sky, these five brothers discover true love.

Sarah And The Sheriff

Sarah And The Sheriff Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 1426800282
Release 2007-04-01
Pages 256
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The hometown hero returns… And for Sarah Clay, that was the bad news—because Max Scalise had rejected her outright seven years ago. And now Max was back in Weaver, working as a sheriff and everywhere she turned. His slightest touch still caused her traitorous body to quake, but Sarah knew better. Didn't she? When it came to Sarah, Max was as much in love with her as ever. But he'd returned home to find that eyes that had once gazed at him with such trust now turned away. Still, he was a wiser man now…a man determined to win back her love. Even if it meant telling secrets that weren't his to reveal…

A Child for Christmas

A Child for Christmas Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781459260481
Release 2011-07-15
Pages 192
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HOLIDAY STRANGER? She was beautiful, aloof…and the only thing Sawyer recognized since the accident that had stolen his memory. Instinctively, he knew they weren't strangers—not when his emotions reacted so strongly, and not when he could almost feel being intimately close to her. But what was Dr. Rebecca Morehouse hiding from him? Rebecca was denying she'd ever seen Sawyer before—and was frantic to keep the incredibly appealing Navy SEAL out of her life. Because even if Sawyer's memories had been taken, her own were all too real. After all, she had her own reminder of their very passionate encounter! MEN OF THE DOUBLE-C RANCH: Under the big, blue Wyoming sky, these five brothers discover true love.


Stay   Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781459281547
Release 2011-10-17
Pages 256
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WELCOME HOME, STRANGER After ten long years Jefferson Clay was back. But now he was a different man. Leaner. Mysterious. Pained. Something else had changed, too. The pint-sized tomboy who'd tagged along after him at his family's ranch had matured into a beautiful woman… Emily Nichols had been hopelessly in love with Jefferson ever since she could remember. And now this gorgeous, enigmatic man was sending her heart further into a tailspin, awakening her woman's passion as no other man could. but would Emily's love be enough to bring Jefferson's deepest, darkest secrets into the light and convince her wounded hero to stay…with her…forever?

A Wedding for Maggie

A Wedding for Maggie Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781459260078
Release 2011-07-15
Pages 248
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THEIR SURPRISE BABY… Three years ago, Daniel clay had left the Double-C because of his forbidden—and unfulfilled—passion for Maggie Greene. Now he'd come home a changed man. A brooding cowboy who thought he could now give only one stolen night of passion to confort the newly widowed Maggie. But Maggie was holding out for more, because that one night had left her pregnant. And Daniel's tenderness and all-consuming lovemaking had awakened wonderfully new feelings. But though his marriage demand voiced her deepest longings, Maggie wasn't accepting his proposal until came from Daniel's heart! MEN OF THE DOUBLE-C RANCH: Under the big, blue Wyoming sky, these five brothers discover true love.

Yuletide Baby Bargain

Yuletide Baby Bargain Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781488014628
Release 2017-12-01
Pages 224
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Christmas Miracle…or Christmas Mayhem? When Lincoln Swift finds a two-month-old infant on his doorstep, it’s panic time! Still, he takes the child in, believing she’s his MIA brother’s unless a DNA test proves otherwise. Then he turns to social worker and old friend Maddie Templeton for help. But his relationship with Maddie is complicated by past beefs and a present attraction that grows ever fiercer as they bond over the baby. Linc knows this instant family could be taken away from him in a heartbeat. Will he propose a more permanent arrangement to Maddie just for the baby’s sake? Or will she drive a hard bargain of her own, holding out for the truest Christmas gift a man could give?

A Weaver Baby

A Weaver Baby Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781426841040
Release 2009-10-01
Pages 224
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J. D. Clay's biological clock is busted. She'd long ago given up her dream of having children, and poured her heart and soul into her career as a horse trainer. Until a night of passion with her jet-setting boss, Jake Forrest, results in an unexpected but desperately desired consequence. But when Jake offers J.D. financial support, a place in his bed and not much more, J.D. bolts home to Weaver, Wyoming. Jake might be drop-dead gorgeous, wealthy and brimming with Southern charm, but J.D. knows he's not daddy material. Or so she thinks…

A Weaver Wedding

A Weaver Wedding Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781426831300
Release 2009-04-01
Pages 224
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Shy and retiring Tara Browning couldn't believe it. One minute she was enjoying an outrageous, out-of-the-blue weekend of heaven with Weaver's hometown hunk, Axel Clay, and the next minute he disappeared without so much as a goodbye! Was she dreaming? The baby on the way seemed very real indeed…. Now, months later, Axel was back in town, showing up on her doorstep with a song and dance about being her bodyguard while her brother testified in a high-profile criminal trial. In such close quarters, could Tara keep her baby secret—and her hands to herself—now that this masterful man of the Double-C Ranch was back on her radar?

Vegas Wedding Weaver Bride

Vegas Wedding  Weaver Bride Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781488014413
Release 2017-08-01
Pages 224
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"I do. Wait…did I?" Hometown girl Penny Garner is having a Vegas moment: waking up in bed with her teenage crush, a ring on her finger. Then there's the matter of the marriage certificate. How did that happen? The jury's out on whether it's Penny's dream come true or worst nightmare. Quinn Templeton has to wonder what they actually did that night, too. And when they get back to Weaver, Wyoming, the air force pararescueman can't just ignore the real feelings for his fake bride—especially if Penny's pregnant. Will they remember what brought them to the altar in the first place…and maybe sign up for a repeat performance?

A Weaver Beginning

A Weaver Beginning Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9780373657704
Release 2013-09-17
Pages 224
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USA TODAY bestselling author Allison Leigh introduces readers to a reluctant hero—and the woman who just might heal his wounded heart—in this newest addition to her popular miniseries, RETURN TO THE DOUBLE C! Small town deputy Sloan McCray was making amends for his past. They called him a hero but only he had to live with the difficult choices he'd made. And he certainly wasn't prepared to fall in love again, not even with his beautiful—and innocent—new neighbor, whose very presence was a balm to his troubled soul. There was no doubt in Abby Marcum's mind that Sloan was the guy for her. Though she'd moved to Weaver, Wyoming, to make a better life for her little brother, she saw her future with Sloan. Now she had to convince the man who felt unworthy of love that she, and her heart, were his for the asking….

A Child Under His Tree

A Child Under His Tree Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781488002762
Release 2016-11-01
Pages 224
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'Tis the season for second chances…and secrets! Forget the mistletoe maneuvers. Kelly Rasmussen isn't planning on having that reunion kiss with Dr. Caleb Buchanan any time soon. Things had long ago gone south for these former high school sweethearts. Except for that one night six years ago—which resulted in an explosive secret Kelly's kept till this very day. Now career and family have brought them both back to Weaver, Wyoming. Their unavoidable clashes—and instant chemistry—make them realize this town isn't big enough for the two of them. Or three of them—counting Kelly's son. Because there's something about that little boy… For one thing, he has Caleb's eyes…

The BFF Bride

The BFF Bride Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781488002533
Release 2016-07-01
Pages 224
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"You might as well just kiss me. It's gonna happen, one way or another." Ever since those fateful words on the playground—and the resulting childhood kiss that ended in a broken nose!—they'd been besties. But four years ago, after a misguided night of passion, Justin Clay went from best friend to worst heartbreak in Tabby Taggart's book. Now he's back in Weaver, Wyoming, and the next kiss feels inevitable. But the closer they get, the more Tabby wants to run. And when she takes a drastic step to escape, it might be time for Justin to call her bluff—just like he did on the playground—and make her his bride…

Courtney s Baby Plan

Courtney s Baby Plan Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781459209312
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 224
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Her baby secret is out Twenty-six-year-old nurse Courtney Clay longs to be a mother. Husband and father candidates in tiny Weaver, Wyoming? None. So she's carefully checking out profiles on a sperm-bank registry. But when Courtney takes in Mason Hyde after his accident, the oh-so-familiar private patient sprawled in her cot has her remembering old dreams—about a long-ago passionate night spent with this gorgeous gone-the-next-morning secret agent. If Mason thought for one minute he'd be a good father, he'd loan himself to his beautiful nurse—forever. But Courtney's solo baby plan will go full speed ahead without him…unless this lone ranger figures out how he really feels. Fast.

Just Friends

Just Friends Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781552548882
Release 2007-02-01
Pages 256
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He was the most infuriating man. But on television it was a different story. There, Evan Taggart came off as handsome. Confident. Single. A state the reality show played up a little more than producer Leandra Clay planned. All too soon women with the same thought in mind—marriage!—started invading their small town in droves. So now it was payback time. Evan's ultimatum to Leandra—masquerade as his fiancée or he was walking (and her career in television was toast). The choice seemed easy at the time. But this Evan didn't act like the childhood friend Leandra remembered. Who knew he could kiss like that? Or that his slightest touch could set her skin on fire? Just friends? Stay tuned.…

A Weaver Holiday Homecoming

A Weaver Holiday Homecoming Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781426844669
Release 2009-12-01
Pages 224
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After Mallory Keegan's sister died in childbirth, the grieving doctor vowed to do one thing: find her niece's father. Mallory never expected her long search to lead her to Weaver and its most mysterious resident, Ryan Clay. Brooding, elusive Ryan was an unlikely dad for little Chloe…and unexpectedly set Mallory's blood burning with desire. Ryan had always lived a life of secrets, but learning he was a father took even the former undercover agent by surprise. More shocking was how strongly he felt about his newfound daughter—and the sparks that simmered between him and Chloe's tantalizing aunt. They were turning out to be the best Christmas gift he had never imagined….

The Rancher s Dance

The Rancher s Dance Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9780373655922
Release 2011-03-22
Pages 224
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When injured ballerina Lucy Buchanan comes home to her family's Wyoming ranch to heal, the petite dancer is not prepared for her feelings for the sexy rancher next door.