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Stealth Power Nanostealth Book 2

Stealth Power  Nanostealth  Book 2 Author Vikki Kestell
ISBN-10 0986261556
Release 2017-01-27
Pages 321
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I must survive. For Dr. Bickel's sake, I must survive.Weakened by the nanomites' drain, Gemma flees from General Cushing's renewed pursuit. She finds temporary refuge in Dr. Bickel's vacant safe house-refuge and time for her body to recover from the damage inflicted by the nanomites. But how does an invisible woman with no identity survive in a visible world? While the nanomites search for Dr. Bickel (intent upon facilitating his rescue), Gemma appropriates a new identity and, piece by piece, secures a tenuous foothold in the real world that allows her to move about unnoticed. To Gemma's amazement and grave misgivings, the nanomites, who had previously withstood her every overture, show themselves to be her allies. Or are they? The struggle for control is on. Nanostealth Book 1: Stealthy Steps Book 2: Stealth Power Book 3: Stealth Retribution, June 2017

Stealth Retribution Nanostealth Book 3

Stealth Retribution  Nanostealth   Book 3 Author Vikki Kestell
ISBN-10 0986261564
Release 2017-05-29
Pages 325
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Retribution. Also known as "payback" or a more dated word: "vengeance." Arnaldo Soto has taken Emilio and intends to use him as bait to trap Gemma. It's an effective strategy, because Gemma will do anything-anything-to save the young boy. The woman known as Gemma Keyes is gone, her molecular structure destroyed and reassembled as . . . something else. In Gemma's stead emerges a fierce weapon: part woman, part nanotechnology, her cellular composition conjoined with the nanocloud, indissoluble and formidable. She and the nanomites are now more than a match for her enemies-but Gemma has promised God that she will not strive to exact retribution on Arnaldo Soto for taking Emilio. The nanomites have made no such promise. The conclusion to the Nanostealth series will blow your mind. Excerpt. First the "merge." Now this, the latest iteration of Gemma Keyes-or should I say, the "new and improved nanocloud"? The revived and restored nanocloud . . . superior in every way, comprised of six tribes and, at last count, more than twenty trillion nanomites; the nanocloud that had just annexed and incorporated the person I'd been-all of who and what I was. The nanomites and I were melded. We were irrevocably bound to each other now. We were an amalgamation. I lifted my hands to examine them. As I did, the light fixtures banding the cavern flickered; current jetted from the wavering lights and slammed into my chest. The drawn energy coursed through me and reverberated in my bones. It swelled and spread down my arms until it reached my fingertips, ready to burst forth. With a curious and almost detached air, I watched as my body attracted more energy from the light fixtures. Electricity crackled around me, infusing me with might. I flexed and curved my fingers; tongues of current sizzled in the palm of my hand and built into a ball of pulsing blue fire. I drew another deep breath and felt my body respond, my strength rise. The electricity I attracted from the cavern's lights (without conscious intent) pulsed and crackled; it bent toward me and flowed into me. I raised one hand toward the electrical source and current jetted into my palm-arcing and building within the span of my fingertips. I rotated my wrist, and the ball of energy sizzled. Intensified. I brought my hands together and stared with fascination as the shimmering bolus of energy enlarged. It swirled between my extended fingers. As I moved my splayed hands apart, tendrils of electricity climbed from my fingers onto the ball; they wrapped themselves about the sphere to hold and feed it. The orb grew larger; its vibrations thudded through my chest. I stared at the sparking sphere of electricity sitting in my hand. What could I do with it? What would happen if I . . . tossed it? I thought that I knew the answer. Nanostealth Book 1: Stealthy Steps Book 2: Stealth Power Book 3: Stealth Retribution

Back on Murder A Roland March Mystery Book 1

Back on Murder  A Roland March Mystery Book  1 Author J. Mark Bertrand
ISBN-10 1441211896
Release 2010-07-01
Pages 384
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Det. Roland March is a homicide cop on his way out. But when he's the only one at a crime scene to find evidence of a missing female victim, he's given one last chance to prove himself. Before he can crack the case, he's transferred to a new one that has grabbed the spotlight--the disappearance of a famous Houston evangelist's teen daughter. With the help of a youth pastor with a guilty conscience who navigates the world of church and faith, March is determined to find the missing girls while proving he's still one of Houston's best detectives.

Deep State Stealth Nanostealth Book 4

Deep State Stealth  Nanostealth Book 4 Author Vikki Kestell
ISBN-10 0986261572
Release 2018-06-02
Pages 380
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Conspiracies. Collusion. Plots. Secrets within secrets and plans within plans. Thanks to Gemma and the nanomites' timely intervention, President Jackson survives Vice President Harmon's attempt to assassinate him and seize the presidency. Back in Albuquerque, Gemma makes a difficult decision: She allows the explosion that killed her identical twin sister to serve as the cover-up for her own "death." Half a year later, Gemma emerges from hiding as Jayda Locke. Soon after, the President's sole contact within the NSA, an old and trusted friend, vanishes. Did the President's friend learn the identities of Harmon's co-conspirators in his plot to assassinate the President? Was the President's friend found out and eliminated because of what he uncovered? The President calls upon Jayda (now married to Zander Cruz) to infiltrate the NSA and, with the nanomites' assistance, identify the remaining traitors. But is the sedition within the government more widespread than either Jayda or the President believed? More importantly, will Harmon's confederates stage another coup, a second attempt upon the President's life? As Jayda and the nanomites breach the NSA's security and begin to untangle the web of treachery, no one can conceive how deep the corruption runs-or how close it stands to the President himself. Nanostealth Book 1: Stealthy Steps Book 2: Stealth Power Book 3: Stealth Retribution Book 4: Deep State Stealth

Crispens Point

Crispens Point Author JoHannah Reardon
ISBN-10 1475116853
Release 2012-03-28
Pages 282
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Charlotte is a successful romance novelist who escapes city life and moves to the small town of Crispens Point in Blackberry County. She immediately connects with some of the quirky but friendly residents and begins to feel at home right away. When a friend invites her to attend a local community church, Charlotte is attracted to the pastor, but refuses to acknowledge that attraction because of some dark things in her past. What is the mysterious thing in Charlotte's past that seems to dominate everything? Is it enough to keep her from ever finding a lasting relationship?


Nanoweapons Author Louis A. Del Monte
ISBN-10 9781612348964
Release 2017-04
Pages 264
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"Nanoweapons describes the deadliest generation of military weaponry the world has ever seen and offers concrete recommendations for controlling their future use, thus avoiding global war and the end of humanity."--Provided by publisher.


Aftershock Author Bonnie S. Calhoun
ISBN-10 9781493400478
Release 2015-07-07
Pages 48
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It's been two days since Selah Rishon Chavez escaped the Mountain with her father and dozens of other Landers who had been held captive there. Now it's time to move on to safety. But no one can agree on a safe route or even the final destination. Selah's real problem, however, lies deep within. Ever since her first interaction with a Lander, she has been changing, and the changes go far beyond the mark just below her collarbone. As a novarium, she is destined to be the key to solving a 150-year-old mystery--making her Public Enemy Number One not just to the Company but to other Landers.


Hunter Author Joanna M. White
ISBN-10 1535178876
Release 2016-07-16
Pages 348
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A reckless young woman named Averella does what no woman has ever done. She disguises herself as a man and purposefully gets herself arrested and thrown into Zagerah. Her brother Gabriel was taken, and with his disease, he will not survive on his own. She has no idea what to expect inside the prison; all she knows is that once men get taken, they never come back. The Hunters will find her. Genetically altered to be faster and stronger than humans, the Hunters use their powers to find and kill every prisoner who enter Zagerah. The only ones who can defeat them, are in fact, themselves. Jared is a Hunter. It's all he's known, all he remembers. He kills ruthlessly and without regret, one prisoner after another. When a new prisoner Dalex shows up, everything begins to change. Jared goes undercover to make Dalex and the other prisoners believe he is one of them, a prisoner himself. No one knows the truth. He will trick them. Toy with them. Then, he will kill them.

Edwin Brook

Edwin Brook Author Daeus Lamb
ISBN-10 1544124597
Release 2017-02-28
Pages 180
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Matthew is sworn to avenge a murder. His dedication to his wronged family is powerful enough to bring him through any trial, but youth and inexperience hold him back. Setting out to find new strength, he plummets into a web of tangled plots, tragedies, and a deep uncertainty surrounding his destiny. Matthew returns years later with wealth and power, ready to fulfill his vengeance. Assuming the mysterious guise of Edwin Brook, he begins his struggle for justice, but uncanny events keep thwarting his every move. In a twist of fate, he is forced to confront the shattering of everything he fights for, the testing of everything he has ever cherished, and a long-hidden truth that will threaten his life. Edwin Brook is a tale of tragedy and hope, love and justice, highwaymen, daring rescues, historic treasure, and a stirring bittersweetness that won't be easily forgotten. It is an 18th-century action adventure novel with a classical bent, but an intensity that will appeal to modern readers. This tale promises to engage lovers of historical fiction, action and espionage, mysterious characters, and stories with a psychological aspect. Lovers of classical literature may also enjoy some of this book's similarities in style to works such as Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities or Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo. If you are beginning to feel the call, dive into the book and experience it for yourself.

A Rose Blooms Twice

A Rose Blooms Twice Author Vikki Kestell
ISBN-10 0982445733
Release 2012
Pages 237
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Rose Brownlee has lost more than most can endure. Now she must find a way to move on with her life. Will she bow to conventional wisdom or will she, like Abraham of old, choose to follow where God leads her ... even to a wild and strange land she does not know? Set in the American prairie of the late 1800s, this story of loss, disillusionment, rebirth, and love will inspire, challenge, and encourage you.

Ruby in the Water

Ruby in the Water Author J. P. Sterling
ISBN-10 0998442100
Release 1916-12-12
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Peter Arnold, a teen-age musical prodigy, collapses on the biggest night of his career, and he receives crippling news; his prognosis is grim.While in a coma, Peter experiences dream-like flashbacks revealing his journey to piano stardom, the people who have impacted his life and that of his family's, including Peter's strange connection to a mysterious woman who lives behind his church.Peter's life changes forever when she steps forward with a secret that could be the key to his recovery.

Eco friendly Polymer Nanocomposites

Eco friendly Polymer Nanocomposites Author Vijay Kumar Thakur
ISBN-10 9788132224709
Release 2015-06-22
Pages 579
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This book contains precisely referenced chapters, emphasizing environment-friendly polymer nanocomposites with basic fundamentals, practicality and alternatives to traditional nanocomposites through detailed reviews of different environmental friendly materials procured from different resources, their synthesis and applications using alternative green approaches. The book aims at explaining basics of eco-friendly polymer nanocomposites from different natural resources and their chemistry along with practical applications which present a future direction in the biomedical, pharmaceutical and automotive industry. The book attempts to present emerging economic and environmentally friendly polymer nanocomposites that are free from side effects studied in the traditional nanocomposites. This book is the outcome of contributions by many experts in the field from different disciplines, with various backgrounds and expertises. This book will appeal to researchers as well as students from different disciplines. The content includes industrial applications and will fill the gap between the research works in laboratory to practical applications in related industries.


Tabitha Author Vikki Kestell
ISBN-10 098626153X
Release 2015-11-02
Pages 350
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Tabitha has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Tabitha also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Tabitha book for free.

The Flaming Sword

The Flaming Sword Author Heather L. L. FitzGerald
ISBN-10 194395903X
Release 2016-11-01
Pages 341
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Sadie Larcen and her family are slowly recovering from their life-altering trek to the Tethered World. That is until their aunt arrives clutching a mysterious letter and sporting a black eye. The letter that Aunt Jules shares with the family writhes with sinister implications. A new and menacing enemy has slunk from the shadows and is conspiring to seize the most powerful piece of weaponry in the land: The Flaming Sword of Cherubythe. The sword must--at all costs--be kept from the enemies who lust for its power. The threat extends to Sadie's autistic brother Brock. As High King in training, he now resides in the Tethered World, within close proximity to the sword. It's apparent that drastic measures will be required by all in order to protect what's most important. Can Sadie once again confront her disabling fear, stare evil in the face, and walk away whole--let alone alive? How can one teenage girl and her family save a sword with the potential to start a world war? Will lines be crossed even as Sadie's faith is tested? Sadie knows it's going to take a lot more than strength, grit, and courage to survive.

The Word Changers

The Word Changers Author Ashlee Willis
ISBN-10 9780990397908
Release 2017-02-13
Pages 334
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Her parents argue and fight almost every day. Not only is their marriage falling apart, but teenager Posy feels her life is falling apart with it. Amidst anger and tears, she retreats to the old library down the street. Posy selects one mysterious book in an undiscovered corner of the library and is magically drawn into another world. Posy finds herself in a kingdom ruled by a cruel and manipulative king and queen who have attempted to usurp the role that belongs only to the Author of their story. The princess flees, an uprising is breaking out in the kingdom, and the prince and other characters fight against their slavery to the Plot. Posy and the prince search for the fled princess, encountering hideous monsters, fierce battles, incredible danger, and strange creatures that Posy only ever dreamed. They must travel to mysterious places that expose the darkest part of the heart, their own raw fear, and past wounds that haunt them. Will they find truth and forgiveness as they plunge into the book? Will Posy and the prince save the story? Will Posy heal the heartache she knew in her own world? A fantasy with elements of Christian allegory, The Word Changers will keep you turning the pages until the very end.

Red Bird

Red Bird Author Stephanie Grace Whitson
ISBN-10 0785274847
Release 1997
Pages 276
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Coming back to Nebraska to complete her education, Carrie Brown plans to return to teach on the Lakota Indian reservation and to marry Soaring Eagle, but the intrusions of western society and a romantic rival force Carrie to reevaluate her own life and her relationship with God

Lost Are Found

Lost Are Found Author Vikki Kestell
ISBN-10 0982445792
Release 2014-10-18
Pages 292
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"Four families bind themselves in a solemn pledge: They vow to never stop searching for Edmund and to never stop trusting that God will restore him to them, whether in this life or the next."--Back cover.