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Steam Trains Heritage Wall Calendar 2019 Art Calendar

Steam Trains Heritage Wall Calendar 2019  Art Calendar Author
ISBN-10 1786649004
Release 2018-08-15
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Steam Trains Heritage Wall Calendar 2019 Art Calendar has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Steam Trains Heritage Wall Calendar 2019 Art Calendar also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Steam Trains Heritage Wall Calendar 2019 Art Calendar book for free.

Bird talk

Bird talk Author Adeline Dutton Train Whitney
ISBN-10 UOM:39076002597552
Release 1887
Pages 34
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Bird talk has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bird talk also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bird talk book for free.

Odyssey in Steam

Odyssey in Steam Author DAVID C. BELL
ISBN-10 184689252X
Release 2017-06-15
Pages 112
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An Odyssey in Steam is renowned artist David Bell's fifth book which features his beautiful and complex paintings of steam engines and locomotives with captivating technical accuracy. It is a unique look at the railways during the age of steam featuring many of the engines currently at The National Railway Museum in York including the Rocket; the Flying Scotsman; the Evening Star; the Duke of Gloucester and the Mallard. This is a book is a eulogy that captures the skills, sounds and smells of the great days of steam travel and one which will be coveted by rail enthusiasts, modellers and artists alike

Galloping Sausage and Other Train Curiosities

Galloping Sausage and Other Train Curiosities Author Geoff Body
ISBN-10 9780750968522
Release 2016-01-04
Pages 192
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The formative years of Britain's railway network produced a host of ideas, activities and characters, quite a few of which now seem not only highly unusual, but sometimes little short of ridiculous. Weird schemes and designs, extravagant behavior, reckless competition and larger-than-life characters all featured in the genuine struggle of the railway system to evolve. And while regulation and common sense brought about more uniform and responsible practices, factors like the weather and the innate complexity of railway operation continued to produce a stream of nonstandard incidents and outcomes, from wild storms to telegraphic howlers. This book, by ex-railwayman Geoff Body, captures over 150 entertaining snippets, stories and strange and unusual facts from an ample supply of railway curiosities.

British Steam Locomotives

British Steam Locomotives Author Mirco De Cet
ISBN-10 0754831337
Release 2015-06-01
Pages 160
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An overview of the different locomotives from British Heritage lines across the country.

The Complete Book of North American Railroading

The Complete Book of North American Railroading Author Kevin EuDaly
ISBN-10 9780785833895
Release 2016-09
Pages 352
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It would be impossible to imagine the rapid growth of the United States and Canada without railroads. From the industry's first tentative steps in the early nineteenth century to the railways of our day, here is a fitting celebration of that legacy-an all-encompassing tome for hardcore railfans and casual enthusiasts alike. For more than 150 years, railroads have transformed everyday life in North America - Bringing goods to market, carrying travelers across the continent, seeing us through wars, enriching our folklore, and proving indispensible tour economic, industrial, and social infrastructures. And that's not to mention the mind-bending technologies and machines that railroads have spawned. The Complete Book of North American Railroading celebrates the people and machines that have made this growth possible. In these pages, a cast of railroading authorities team up to tackle the industry's genesis; the development of steam, electric, and diesel-electric locomotives; the golden age of passenger travel; workhorse freight haulers; railroad infrastructure; and modern railroading operations.

Full Steam Ahead How the Railways Made Britain

Full Steam Ahead  How the Railways Made Britain Author Peter Ginn
ISBN-10 9780008194321
Release 2016-07-28
Pages 320
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The Age of Railways was an era of extraordinary change which utterly transformed every aspect of British life – from trade and transportation to health and recreation.

Lost Lines of Wales

Lost Lines of Wales Author Tom Ferris
ISBN-10 1912050676
Release 2017-10-06
Pages 64
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Take a nostalgic steam-powered journey back in time on the long-closed line north and west of Brecon. Includes an interesting introduction to the history of the line together with photographs and details of its locomotives, trains and stations. Author Tom Ferris reveals Wales' rich railway heritage through a series of pocket books, each one looking at a 'lost line' of Wales.

The Railways

The Railways Author Simon Bradley
ISBN-10 9781847653529
Release 2015-09-24
Pages 516
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Sunday Times History Book of the Year 2015 Currently filming for BBC programme Full Steam Ahead Britain's railways have been a vital part of national life for nearly 200 years. Transforming lives and landscapes, they have left their mark on everything from timekeeping to tourism. As a self-contained world governed by distinctive rules and traditions, the network also exerts a fascination all its own. From the classical grandeur of Newcastle station to the ceaseless traffic of Clapham Junction, from the mysteries of Brunel's atmospheric railway to the lost routines of the great marshalling yards, Simon Bradley explores the world of Britain's railways, the evolution of the trains, and the changing experiences of passengers and workers. The Victorians' private compartments, railway rugs and footwarmers have made way for air-conditioned carriages with airline-type seating, but the railways remain a giant and diverse anthology of structures from every period, and parts of the system are the oldest in the world. Using fresh research, keen observation and a wealth of cultural references, Bradley weaves from this network a remarkable story of technological achievement, of architecture and engineering, of shifting social classes and gender relations, of safety and crime, of tourism and the changing world of work. The Railways shows us that to travel through Britain by train is to journey through time as well as space.

Britain s 100 Best Railway Stations

Britain s 100 Best Railway Stations Author Simon Jenkins
ISBN-10 9780241978993
Release 2017-09-28
Pages 352
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The perfect new gift from the bestselling author of Britain's 1000 Best Churches It is the scene for our hopeful beginnings and our intended ends, and the timeless experiences of coming and going, meeting, greeting and parting. It is an institution with its own rituals and priests, and a long-neglected aspect of Britain's architecture. And yet so little do we look at the railway station. Simon Jenkins has travelled the length and breadth of Great Britain, from Waterloo to Wemyss Bay, Betws-y-Coed to Beverley, to select his hundred best. Blending his usual insight and authority with his personal reflections and experiences - including his founding the Railway Heritage Trust - the foremost expert on our national heritage deftly reveals the history, geography, design and significance of each of these glories. Beautifully illustrated with colour photographs throughout, this joyous exploration of our social history shows the station's role in the national imagination; champions the engineers, architects and rival companies that made them possible; and tells the story behind the triumphs and follies of these very British creations. These are the marvellous, often undersung places that link our nation, celebrated like never before.

Mile by Mile

Mile by Mile Author S. N. Pike
ISBN-10 9781781316726
Release 2017-02-23
Pages 176
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Travel back in time on a journey across Britain’s main-line railways on the eve of nationalisation. The views from the carriage windows are conveyed through finely detailed, hand-drawn maps, each a rich reminder of the linesides bursting with activity in an era of technical progress, glamour and prestige. Speed along the LNER’s racing track from King’s Cross to Newcastle upon Tyne and Edinburgh; from next-door St Pancras through the Peak District to Manchester; from Waterloo to Plymouth (with some pleasant seaside diversions on the way); from Euston through the industrial heartlands of the West Midlands and the north-west to the seaport of Liverpool; and from Paddington along Brunel’s ‘bowling green’ railway to Bristol, Exeter and Penzance. Mile by Mile faithfully reproduces the three original route maps drafted in 1947 by S.N. Pike, and adds a new one for the Great Western Railway to complete its coverage of the so-called ‘Big Four’ railway firms formed in the aftermath of the First World War. New introductions describe how the ‘Big Four’ came about, the passengers and goods they conveyed, the key personalities that shaped them – engineers, managers, even publicists – and the trains and locomotives that gave each its unique character. Climb aboard, sit back and take a ride to a special period in the history of Britain’s railways.

British Steam BR Standard Locomotives

British Steam BR Standard Locomotives Author Keith Langston
ISBN-10 9781845631468
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 208
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After WWII the existing railway companies were all put into the control of the newly formed British Transport Commission and that government organization spawned British Railways, which came into being on 1st January 1948. The railway infrastructure had suffered badly during the war years and most of the steam locomotives were 'tired' and badly maintained and or life expired. Although the management of British Railways was already planning to replace steam power with diesel and electric engines/units they still took a decision to build more steam locomotives (as a stop gap). Some 999 (yes just 1 short) Standard locomotives were built in 12 classes ranging from super powerful express and freight engine to suburban tank locomotives. The locomotives were mainly in good order when the order came in 1968 to end steam, some only 8 years old.There still exists a fleet of 46 preserved Standards of which 75% are in working order in and around the UKs preserved railways, furthermore 3 new build standard locomotives are proposed. Steam fans who were around in the 1960s all remember the 'Standards'.

Smoke Over Steamtown

Smoke Over Steamtown Author Dennis Livesey
ISBN-10 0764351273
Release 2016-11-28
Pages 120
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Through Dennis A. Livesey's camera lens, readers will experience the thrill of the steam railroad, a transportation system that dominated the USA for over 100 years and helped build a nation. In 131 photographs of Steamtown--a heritage railroad--see the billowing smoke and the flashing steel rods that turn enormous spoked wheels, hear the scream of the whistle, and listen as veteran railroaders share their stories and wisdom. Find out what it means to be in charge of the handbrake on a 400-passenger train as it begins a downhill descent. This book goes beyond train hardware and history, sharing stories so that those outside the railfan community can appreciate the importance of preserving this part of our history.

A Romantic Education

A Romantic Education Author Patricia Hampl
ISBN-10 0393319059
Release 1999
Pages 349
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A thoughtful meditation on the contrasting cultures of East and West follows a contemporary young woman's travels to Czechoslovakia where she explores her personal history, identity, and homeland

Nature s Essential Oils Aromatic Alchemy for Well Being Countryman Know How

Nature s Essential Oils  Aromatic Alchemy for Well Being  Countryman Know How Author Cher Kaufmann
ISBN-10 9781581574609
Release 2018-04-17
Pages 304
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Lavender is calming and relaxing; lemon uplifting and stimulating. But why do each of these scents provoke specific, visceral responses? In Nature’s Essential Oils, certified aromatherapist Cher Kaufmann demystifies the how and why behind essential oils, explaining the environmental factors that impact the chemical make-ups of herbs and plants and how they trigger our physical and emotional responses. This thorough and welcoming guide includes recipes for oil blends that can be used in diffusers and personal inhalers as well as for bath salts, salves, linen sprays, and more. Kaufmann also explains essential oil dilution and safety, shares the best carrier oils for each application, and includes tips for buying and storing oils. With detailed profiles of more than 30 of the most common essential oils for well-being, this is a valuable resource for anyone hoping to expand their knowledge of essential oils and their properties.


Gricing Author Carl Wilson
ISBN-10 1514885751
Release 2015-07-10
Pages 118
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Railways and train spotters Jim, but not as we know them. An antidote to bucolic railway rambles, sacred cows served up as mince 'n' tatties. From the railway sublime to the railway as a whole sewer full of snouts - Gricing is not a rose tinted tale written by an old engineman. Poets, vicars, villains, folk songs about runaway trains and railway heroes, the 6.05 special, railway children, smoke at 1000 a puff, the Maginot line, and Chattanooga Choo-choo, room for them all, and more, in this personal view of the railway and its influence on, culture, language, and modern life. Connections, which ones we make and the ones we don't, trains of thought trundling across the last 200 years of railway landscape, culture, and society - and over 100 lovely photos of engines great and small on the main lines and branch lines of our railway network and heritage railways."

1 000 Ideas for Graffiti and Street Art

1 000 Ideas for Graffiti and Street Art Author Cristian Campos
ISBN-10 9781610601504
Release 2011-02-01
Pages 320
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Graffiti and street art used to be a sure sign of a neighborhood’s neglect. Even though it is still a countercultural art form, its role has grown: it enlivens public space, provides social commentary, and adds humor and color to the urban and suburban landscape. 1,000 Ideas for Graffiti and Street Art is a showcase of urban art suitable for artists of any medium, designers, and other creative artists looking for urban-style inspiration for their visual work. A visual catalog, it is both a practical, inspirational handbook and a coffee-table conversation piece. Graffiti and street artists—rebellious and non-rebellious alike—will relish the opportunity to have so many ideas for color play, illustration, and wild expressions at their fingertips. Inside you’ll find: -1,000 photographs of graffiti and other types of urban art, with captions that feature location (city, state, country) artist name (if known). -Artwork sorted into categories such as letterforms, stencils, portraits, murals, nature, tags, throw-ups, pieces, and productions -Urban art glossary, basic aerosol painting and street art techniques, and more