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Stella Batts

Stella Batts Author Courtney Sheinmel
ISBN-10 9781627537766
Release 2014-09-01
Pages 160
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Can you keep a secret? Stella Batts has a lot of secrets to keep these days--there's the secret of what really happened to her little sister's pet fish, and there's the secret school project she's working on with her friend Lucy, and there's the secret on the second floor of her family's candy store. Actually, Stella doesn't know the candy store secret yet, because her dad won't tell her. Even though she's eight years old, and that's old enough to be trusted! Stella hasn't told any of her other secrets all week, and some of her other friends are feeling left out. But that's the problem with being told a secret: You have to keep it!

Stella Batts Needs a New Name

Stella Batts Needs a New Name Author Courtney Sheinmel
ISBN-10 9781410310514
Release 2012-06-25
Pages 160
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In Needs a New Name, Stella decides to change her name after a boy from her class keeps calling her "Smella." How hard can it be to pick a new name? It's not as easy as it sounds.

Who s in Charge

Who s in Charge Author Courtney Sheinmel
ISBN-10 9781627530439
Release 2013-08-01
Pages 152
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In "Who's in Charge" Stella gets a lesson in responsibility when she volunteers to watch her best friend’s dog, Bella, for a few days. The only problem with this plan is that Stella didn’t ask her mother for permission. With new baby Marco at home, Stella’s mom already has her hands full. But Grandma agrees it’s good for Stella to have some responsibility as she’s getting older. It looks as though Stella has things under control. It’s only for a few days—what could go wrong? When Bella gets loose and runs away, Stella is heartbroken. Will Stella find Bella before Evie gets back? And where does she even start to look? It’s just another day in the life of Stella Batts! In this early chapter book series, the ups and downs of Stella’s life are charmingly chronicled.

Stella Batts

Stella Batts Author Courtney Sheinmel
ISBN-10 1585368547
Release 2014-09-01
Pages 169
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Stella keeps a secret from her sister Penny after her sister's gold fish dies and later keeps a school secret from her best friend Evie, both of which cause misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Simultaneous and eBook.


Sincerely Author Courtney Sheinmel
ISBN-10 144240664X
Release 2010-06-08
Pages 400
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Eleven-year-old Sophie Turner attends an all-girls private school in Manhattan. When Sophie’s family falls apart and her best friend rejects her for a faster crowd, Sophie’s only source of comfort is the distant voice of her school-assigned pen pal, Katie. Eleven-year-old Katie Franklin lives in California. She is thrilled to be spearheading a charity project with her best friend, Jake—but when Jake starts paying attention to another girl, a jealous and misunderstood Katie is left with one friend she can confide in—her pen pal, Sophie. This realistic, gentle novel is a testament to the enduring power of friendship—even from miles away.

Stella Batts

Stella Batts Author Courtney Sheinmel
ISBN-10 1585361984
Release 2012
Pages 156
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""Everyone is invited to a birthday party at her parent's candy store, except Stella Batts. She needs to figure out to be a pleasant hostess when she's not on the guest list"--

Stella Batts Scaredy Cat

Stella Batts Scaredy Cat Author Courtney Sheinmel
ISBN-10 9781634707909
Release 2016-05-01
Pages 160
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Are you afraid of the dark? Stella Batts never thought she was. In fact she's not feeling afraid of anything right now. She's just excited. Her class read the most books out of every class in school. The prize is a sleepover in the library. What could be better than that? Everyone is in pajamas, even the teachers. The kids break off into groups to go on a scavenger hunt. That's when Stella finds a really old book by an author who is also named Stella B. Though the subject matter is nothing this Stella would ever write about. And then there's an unexpected visitor who shows up in the middle of the night. Stella doesn't know what to think, but she knows one thing for sure--she's scared of the dark now!

Stella Batts Something Blue

Stella Batts Something Blue Author Courtney Sheinmel
ISBN-10 9781627537339
Release 2014-04-01
Pages 40
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The Batts family has arrived at a hotel in Los Angeles and everything is all set for Aunt Laura’s wedding weekend. Stella and Penny are going to be getting a new uncle, and a new cousin! Plus, they get to be flower girls, and wear fancy dresses, and walk down the aisle throwing rose petals. It’s going to be perfect--just the way Aunt Laura has imagined it. Just the way Stella has imagined it, too. But sometimes a wedding doesn’t happen the way anyone thinks it will--including the bride. Things are starting to go wrong, and Stella is worried that it’s all her fault!

Meet the Planets

Meet the Planets Author John McGranaghan
ISBN-10 9781607188698
Release 2011-02
Pages 32
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Presents an introduction to the Solar System and the physical features of the eight planets that revolve around the Sun, in a text that includes learning activities.

The Girl in the Well Is Me

The Girl in the Well Is Me Author Karen Rivers
ISBN-10 9781616206963
Release 2017-02-28
Pages 224
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Kammie Summers has fallen into a well during a (fake) initiation into a popular club; now trapped in the dark, waiting to be rescued, Kammie thinks about the best and worst moments of her life so far in this unforgettable story about a bullied girl.

Broken Birthday

Broken Birthday Author Courtney Sheinmel
ISBN-10 9781634724029
Release 2017-04-15
Pages 160
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What's the best day of the year? A birthday, of course! Stella Batts is turning nine, and she has big plans. Her family will be going to Pennsylvania to celebrate. That's where Stella's best friend Willa moved to, and Stella hasn't seen Willa for months. It's hard not to see your best friend for that long, so this is an important trip. But before Stella can get on the plane--DISASTER STRIKES! Now instead of a birthday weekend sleepover with Willa in Pennsylvania, Stella is stuck in a hospital room in her hometown of Somers, California, with a broken leg, doctors, nurses, and a roommate who is a stranger. What's the worst day of the year? You guessed it. Stella's birthday.


Superstar Author Courtney Sheinmel
ISBN-10 1585368563
Release 2015
Pages 184
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In Superstar, Book 8 of the Stella Batts series, Stella gets the chance to audition for her favorite television show. The casting director says she is perfect for the role. Stella rehearses her lines until she knows the part by heart. But the audition doesn't go as planned.

The Doublecross

The Doublecross Author Jackson Pearce
ISBN-10 9781619634145
Release 2015-07-14
Pages 304
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Part "Spy Kids" and all fun, "The Doublecross" is the first in a fresh middle grade action-adventure series with a healthy dose of humor.

The Golden Glove

The Golden Glove Author Fred Bowen
ISBN-10 9781480443129
Release 2013-09-10
Pages 112
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Jamie has the perfect glove. No matter the play, he can make the catch. He’s oiled the glove all winter and, as the season approaches, he—and his glove—are in top form. But when the golden glove mysteriously disappears, so do Jamie’s confidence and his baseball skills. Will Jamie find his glove in time for the big game? Was the golden glove really the secret of his success?


Superstar Author Courtney Sheinmel
ISBN-10 9781634704182
Release 2015-08-01
Pages 184
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Meet Stella Batts. She's in third grade, she wants to be a writer, and her parents own a wonderful candy shop. Life should be good, right? And now she's back and ready to start writing her eighth book about her favorite subject--her life! In Superstar, Stella gets the chance to audition for her favorite television show, Superstar Sam, after a casting director spots Stella out for dinner with her family. He said she is perfect for the role. Stella rehearses her lines until she knows the part by heart. Her little sister, Penny, is jealous but sometimes older sisters get to do things little sisters can't. But the audition doesn't go as planned. Stella was sure she had the part. Now will she ever get a chance to show her acting skills and meet her favorite actress?

The Kindness Club

The Kindness Club Author Courtney Sheinmel
ISBN-10 9781681190921
Release 2016-11-01
Pages 176
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Chloe Silver has always been good at looking on the bright side. Even though her parents got divorced and she's moved to a new town, she knows that she will make great friends at her new school. So when she is assigned a science project with offbeat Lucy Tanaka and nerdy Theo Barnes, they have fun creating an experiment that tests out the laws of science through different acts of kindness . . . officially forming The Kindness Club. But when she is also asked join the cool girls' exclusive It Girls club, Chloe feels completely torn between the It Girls and The Kindness Club. Faced with the possibility of upsetting all her new friends, Chloe's capacity for kindness is put to the test. Sometimes mistakes yield the best discoveries, and there is one hypothesis that can always be proven correct: Kindness is the coolest. Inspired by kindness projects and anti-bullying campaigns across the country, the first book of this delightful series will have all readers thinking kind!

Vampirina at the Beach

Vampirina at the Beach Author Anne Marie Pace
ISBN-10 9781368013109
Release 2017-04-04
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When the summer moon is full, a beach trip is an epic way to spend the night. With her signature poise, Vampirina and her clan gear up for a festive time at the beach. Keeping her ballet lessons in mind, Vampirina demi-pliés on a surfboard, leaps for a volleyball, and finishes each competition with style, even if she doesn't always come out on top. Readers will shout "Brava!" for this third gracefully ghoulish picturebook by duo Anne Marie Pace and LeUyen Pham.