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ST P Mathematics

ST P  Mathematics Author L. Bostock
ISBN-10 0748712607
Release 1992
Pages 472
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Part of the ST(P) graded series in mathematics, this book follows 1A and 2A and completes coverage of Levels 6 and 7 of the National Curriculum, and most of Level 8. Some of the work goes beyond Level 8. In particular, there is a large section on algebra which starts the preparation for the skills needed to cope with the algebra content of Level 10.

ST P Mathematics

ST P  Mathematics Author L. Bostock
ISBN-10 0748705406
Release 1991-01-01
Pages 360
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Part of the ST(P) graded series in mathematics, this book covers most attainment targets at Levels 4 and 5 of the National Curriculum, about half at level 6 and some at Level 7. Some of the work goes beyond Level 7, offering flexibility for those teachers who prefer to start the work at this stage.

Bite in 2

Bite in 2 Author Cecil Gray
ISBN-10 0175663874
Release 2014-11-01
Pages 128
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Bite In is a three book graded course for teaching students to understand and enjoy poetry at Secondary school level. This third edition offers a carefully graded selection of poems to cater for all abilities.

Computability Complexity and Languages

Computability  Complexity  and Languages Author Martin D. Davis
ISBN-10 9781483264585
Release 2014-05-10
Pages 446
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Computability, Complexity, and Languages: Fundamentals of Theoretical Computer Science provides an introduction to the various aspects of theoretical computer science. Theoretical computer science is the mathematical study of models of computation. This text is composed of five parts encompassing 17 chapters, and begins with an introduction to the use of proofs in mathematics and the development of computability theory in the context of an extremely simple abstract programming language. The succeeding parts demonstrate the performance of abstract programming language using a macro expansion technique, along with presentations of the regular and context-free languages. Other parts deal with the aspects of logic that are important for computer science and the important theory of computational complexity, as well as the theory of NP-completeness. The closing part introduces the advanced recursion and polynomial-time computability theories, including the priority constructions for recursively enumerable Turing degrees. This book is intended primarily for undergraduate and graduate mathematics students.

Stp Mathematics

Stp Mathematics Author Linda Bostock
ISBN-10 1408523809
Release 2014-08-28
Pages 456
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This new edition of the best-selling 'STP Mathematics' series provides all the support you need to deliver the 2014 KS3 programme of study. These new student books retain the authoritative and rigorous approach of the previous editions, whilst developing students' problem-solving skills, helping to prepare them for the highest achievement at KS4.These student books are accompanied by online Kerboodle resources which include additional assessment activities, online digital versions of the student books and comprehensive teacher support.

STP National Curriculum Mathematics

STP National Curriculum Mathematics Author Linda Bostock
ISBN-10 074876495X
Release 2001
Pages 448
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CEM-style Bond Mixed Test Papers Pack 2 are written by expert authors. Developed by the 11 plus (11+) experts each paper offers comprehensive support for all CEM 11 plus subjects. Tried and trusted, Bond has helped millions of children achieve 11 plus success.

Caribbean mathematics

Caribbean mathematics Author C. E. Layne
ISBN-10 0748790721
Release 2014-11-01
Pages 448
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STP Maths is one of the best selling maths courses across the Caribbean. The new edition has been revised in line with the new CXC syllabus, and now includes the use of investigations with opportunities for group work. It provides complete coverage of the CXC syllabus for the CSEC examination.

Limnological Analyses

Limnological Analyses Author Robert G. Wetzel
ISBN-10 9781475732504
Release 2013-06-29
Pages 429
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In this thoroughly updated third edition, the authors provide a series of carefully designed and tested field and laboratory exercises that represent the full scope of limnology. In using the text, students will gain a solid foundation in this complex, multidisciplinary field of ecology as they explore the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of standing and running waters. The book illustrates accepted standard methods as well as modern metabolic and experimental approaches and their research applications. Each exercise is preceded by an introductory section and concludes with questions for students as well as suggestions for further reading. As a textbook, this is a highly structured, concise presentation with a research-oriented approach that openly invites active participation by students.

Introduction to Marine Biogeochemistry

Introduction to Marine Biogeochemistry Author Susan Libes
ISBN-10 0080916643
Release 2011-08-29
Pages 928
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Introduction to Marine Biogeochemistry focuses on the ocean's role in the biogeochemical cycling of selected elements and the impact of humans on the cycling of these elements. Among the topics covered are the chemical composition of seawater from the perspectives of elemental speciation and the impacts of solutes on water's physical behavior; biogeochemical phenomena which control accumulation and preservation of marine sediments; marine chemistry of radioactive and stable isotopes; and seawater pollution. The book contains many examples as well as steady-state models to aid readers in understanding this growing and complex science.. The focus of Introduction to Marine Biogeochemistry is the concept of the ocean as a system, linking land and atmospheric processes The text integrates the most current research, allowing students to learn concepts in context Includes detailed coverage of computational aspects

IGCSE Mathematics

IGCSE Mathematics Author Ric Pimentel
ISBN-10 0340908130
Release 2006-02
Pages 478
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New edition of our best-selling IGCSE Mathematics textbook

Problem Solving Through Problems

Problem Solving Through Problems Author Loren C. Larson
ISBN-10 9781461254980
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 352
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This is a practical anthology of some of the best elementary problems in different branches of mathematics. Arranged by subject, the problems highlight the most common problem-solving techniques encountered in undergraduate mathematics. This book teaches the important principles and broad strategies for coping with the experience of solving problems. It has been found very helpful for students preparing for the Putnam exam.

Modeling Financial Time Series with S PLUS

Modeling Financial Time Series with S PLUS  Author Eric Zivot
ISBN-10 0387323481
Release 2007-10-10
Pages 998
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This book represents an integration of theory, methods, and examples using the S-PLUS statistical modeling language and the S+FinMetrics module to facilitate the practice of financial econometrics. It is the first book to show the power of S-PLUS for the analysis of time series data. It is written for researchers and practitioners in the finance industry, academic researchers in economics and finance, and advanced MBA and graduate students in economics and finance. Readers are assumed to have a basic knowledge of S-PLUS and a solid grounding in basic statistics and time series concepts. This edition covers S+FinMetrics 2.0 and includes new chapters.

Property for Groups Graded by Root Systems

Property     for Groups Graded by Root Systems Author Mikhail Ershov
ISBN-10 9781470426040
Release 2017-09-25
Pages 135
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The authors introduce and study the class of groups graded by root systems. They prove that if is an irreducible classical root system of rank and is a group graded by , then under certain natural conditions on the grading, the union of the root subgroups is a Kazhdan subset of . As the main application of this theorem the authors prove that for any reduced irreducible classical root system of rank and a finitely generated commutative ring with , the Steinberg group and the elementary Chevalley group have property . They also show that there exists a group with property which maps onto all finite simple groups of Lie type and rank , thereby providing a “unified” proof of expansion in these groups.

Intelligent Computer Mathematics

Intelligent Computer Mathematics Author Jacques Carette
ISBN-10 9783642026140
Release 2009-07-06
Pages 493
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As computers and communications technology advance, greater opportunities arise for intelligent mathematical computation. While computer algebra, au- mated deduction and mathematical publishing each have long and successful histories, we are now seeing increasing opportunities for synergy among them. The Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (cicm 2009) is a c- lection of co-located meetings, allowing researchers and practitioners active in these related areas to share recent results and identify the next challenges. The speci?c areas of the cicm conferences and workshops are described below, but the unifying theme is the computerized handling of mathematical knowledge. The successful formalization of much of mathematics, as well as a better - derstanding of its internal structure, makes mathematical knowledge in many waysmore tractable than generalknowledge,as traditionally treatedin arti?cial intelligence. Similarly, we can also expect the problem of e?ectively using ma- ematical knowledge in automated ways to be much more tractable. This is the goal of the work in the cicm conferences and workshops. In the long view, so- ing the problems addressed by cicm is an important milestone in formulating the next generation of mathematical software.

Personal Wireless Communications

Personal Wireless Communications Author Robert Bestak
ISBN-10 1441944893
Release 2010-11-19
Pages 680
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The International conference on Personal Wireless Communications (PWC 2007) was the twelfth conference of its series aimed at stimulating technical exchange between researchers, practitioners and students interested in mobile computing and wireless networks. The program covered a variety of research topics that are of current interest, including Ad-Hoc Networks, WiMAX, Heterogeneous Networks, Wireless Networking, QoS and Security, Sensor Networks, Multicast and Signal processing.

Principles and Methods for Accelerated Catalyst Design and Testing

Principles and Methods for Accelerated Catalyst Design and Testing Author E.G. Derouane
ISBN-10 9789401005548
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 521
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High throughput experimentation has met great success in drug design but it has, so far, been scarcely used in the field ofcatalysis. We present in this book the outcome of a NATO ASI meeting that was held in Vilamoura, Portugal, between July 15 and 28, 2001, with the objective of delineating and consolidating the principles and methods underpinning accelerated catalyst design, evaluation, and development. There is a need to make the underlying principles of this new methodology more widely understood and to make it available in a coherent and integrated format. The latter objective is particularly important to the young scientists who will constitute the new catalysis researchers generation. Indeed, this field which is at the frontier offundamental science and may be a renaissance for catalysis, is one which is much more complex than classical catalysis itself. It implies a close collaboration between scientists from many disciplines (chemistry, physics, chemical and mechanical engineering, automation, robotics, and scientific computing in general). In addition, this emerging area of science is also of paramount industrial importance, as progress in this area would collapse the time necessary to discover new catalysts or improve existing ones.

Fluid Transport in Nanoporous Materials

Fluid Transport in Nanoporous Materials Author Wm. Curtis Conner
ISBN-10 9781402043826
Release 2006-05-06
Pages 686
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The last several years have seen a dramatic increase in the synthesis of new nanoporous materials. The most promising include molecular sieves which are being developed as inorganic or polymeric systems with 0. 3-30nm in pore dimensions. These nanoporous solids have a broad spectrum of applications in chemical and biochemical processes. The unique applications of molecular sieves are based on their sorption and transport selectivity. Yet, the transport processes in nanoporous systems are not understood well. At the same time, the theoretical capabilities have increased exponentially catalyzed by increases in computational capabilities. The interactions between a diffusing species and the host solid are being studied with increasing details and realism. Further, in situ experimental techniques have been developed which give an understanding of the interactions between diffusing species and nanoporous solids that was not available even a few years ago. The time was ripe to bring together these areas of common interest and study to understand what is known and what has yet to be determined concerning transport in nanoporous solids. Molecular sieves are playing an increasing role in a broad range of industrial petrochemical and biological processes. These include shape-selective separations and catalysis as well as sensors and drug delivery. Molecular sieves are made from inorganic as well as organic solids, e. g. , polymers. They can be employed in packed beds, as membranes and as barrier materials. Initially, the applications of molecular sieves were dominated by the use of zeolites.