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Strange Aeon 2nd Edition

Strange Aeon 2nd Edition Author Forever People
ISBN-10 9781326964733
Release 2017-03-10
Pages 364
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""The Mist meets Silent Hill meets Lovecraft meets Doctor Who... a uniquely terrifying game."" Lovecraft's strange aeons are here. The stars were right and yes, in time even death may die. Humanity exists on the precipice, a handful of survivors teetering on the brink of extinction. The dominion of Earth is lost. The Old Ones have returned. Strange Aeon is a roleplaying game in which you, the player, take on the role of survivor and scavenger in a terrifying post-apocalypse setting. With the help of fellow players you must remain alive while battling the forces of the mythos, enduring the toxic fumes of the Morbus mist and the ever crumbling state of human civilisation. You have only one advantage over the other humans still clinging to life in the aftermath of The Event; you have in your possession a mythos relic known as The Celestial Sphere. With the sorcery contained in this artefact you can travel through time, into future and past versions of the Earth.

The First Seal With Strange Aeons

The First Seal  With Strange Aeons Author CJ Moseley
ISBN-10 9780244622176
Release 2017-07-24
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In a world of dark secrets and lies, it takes only an unbelievable truth to bring it all crashing down. Professor Andrew Kemp just wants to teach English. When a student comes to him, asking for help, he assumes he means with University work. He couldn't be more wrong. Andy Kemp and his friends are about to be drawn by strange coincidences into the dark secretive world of a powerful cartel that believes kidnappings, child abuse, human slavery, and playing god are all good for the bottom-line.

Pathfinder Adventure Path

Pathfinder Adventure Path Author John Compton
ISBN-10 1601259131
Release 2016-12
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Pathfinder Adventure Path has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Pathfinder Adventure Path also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Pathfinder Adventure Path book for free.

The King in Yellow

The King in Yellow Author Robert William Chambers
ISBN-10 OSU:32435059497594
Release 1895
Pages 316
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A milestone of American supernatural fiction, The King in Yellow created a sensation upon its 1895 publication. Since then, it has markedly influenced writers in the genre, most famously, H. P. Lovecraft. Author Robert W. Chambers has been hailed as a writer of remarkable imaginative powers and the historic link between Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King.

The Thrushmoor Terror

The Thrushmoor Terror Author Tito Leati
ISBN-10 1601258925
Release 2016-10-18
Pages 96
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After escaping from the waking nightmare of Briarstone Asylum, the former captives venture to the dismal town of Thrushmoor to unravel the enigma of their lost memories. Upon arrival, the adventurers discover that the town's leadership has either fled town or gone missing, and a rash of kidnappings and rumors of the Briarstone Witch spread terror through the people of Thrushmoor. As the adventurers investigate the unsettling mysteries, they uncover a secretive cult who plans to use Thrushmoor's ancient monuments to grow their strength and power. Will the adventurers discover the secret to their affliction and find an answer in an uninviting town, or will they fall victim to the ruthless cult that wants to slay the people of Thrushmoor as a sacrifice? "The Thrushmoor Terror" is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 4th-level characters. The adventure continues the Strange Aeons Adventure Path, a twisted delve into madness that pits the heroes against the cosmic horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos. A selection of new monsters, a gazetteer of the town of Thrushmoor, details on the Great Old One Hastur, and the next installment of a new Pathfinder's Journal round out this volume of the Pathfinder Adventure Path. Each monthly full-color softcover Pathfinder Adventure Path volume contains an in-depth adventure scenario, stats for several new monsters, and support articles meant to give Game Masters additional material to expand their campaign. Pathfinder Adventure Path volumes use the Open Game License and work with both the Pathfinder RPG and the world's oldest fantasy RPG.

The Cthulhu Wars

The Cthulhu Wars Author Kenneth Hite
ISBN-10 9781472807892
Release 2016-05-19
Pages 80
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From the Patriots' raid on the necromancer Joseph Curwen to the Special Forces' assault on Leng in 2007, this unique document reveals the secret and terrible struggle between the United States and the supernatural forces of Cthulhu. In this war, immortal cultists worship other-dimensional entities and plot to raise an army of the dead. Incomprehensible undersea intelligences infiltrate and colonize American seaports, and alien races lurk beneath the ice of Antarctica and high in the mountains of Afghanistan. It is only through constant vigilance and violence that the earth has surived. Also included are threat reports describing the indescribable ? humanity's deadliest foes serving Cthulhu and the other Great Old Ones. Strange times are upon us, the world is changing, and even death may die ? but, until then, the war continues. This product is not associated with the Cthulhu Wars tabletop game by Petersen Games, LLC;

Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha

Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha Author Daniel Ingram
ISBN-10 9781911597186
Release 2018-06-30
Pages 800
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The very idea that Buddhist teachings can be mastered will arouse controversy within Buddhist circles. Even so, Daniel Ingram insists that enlightenment is an attainable goal, once our fanciful notions of it are stripped away, and we have learned to use meditation as a method for examining reality rather than an opportunity to wallow in self-absorbed mind-noise. This book sets out concisely the difference between concentration-based and insight meditation. This is a revised and much expanded edition.

Aeon Flux

Aeon Flux Author Mark Mars
ISBN-10 9781416516972
Release 2005-11-29
Pages 96
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Aeon Flux, a lethal, leather-clad spy, makes her perilous way through the intrigue, treachery, subterfuge, and perils of Bregna, a high-tech society controlled by her nemesis, Trevor Goodchild. Reissue. (A Paramount Pictures film, directed by Karyn Kusama, releasing Fall 2005, starring Charlize Theron, Frances McDormand, & Marton Csokas) (Comics & Graphic Novels)

Strange Aeons II

Strange Aeons II Author Chaosium
ISBN-10 1568823266
Release 2010-03-01
Pages 232
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The Great Old Ones were, the Great Old Ones are, the Great Old Ones shall be. That famous saying is the essence of the Cthulhu Mythos. The Great Old Ones are a cosmic evil that have existed since before time, and shall exist long after humanity has gone the way of the dinosaurs. This book illustrates the eternal struggle between man and the forces of the mythos.

The Lorax

The Lorax Author Dr. Seuss
ISBN-10 9780394823379
Release 1971
Pages 70
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The Once-ler describes the results of the local pollution problem.

Dreams of the Yellow King

Dreams of the Yellow King Author Ron Lundeen
ISBN-10 1601258992
Release 2016-11-29
Pages 96
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The cult of Hastur no longer threatens Thrushmoor, and now the adventurers discover the final clues needed to solve the enigma of their lost memories. Boarding a riverboat to Cassomir, the adventurers begin researching the manuscripts found in Iris Hill during the previous adventure. From these esoteric tomes, the adventurers discover a ritual that allows them to explore the Dreamlands in order to reclaim the parts of their minds they lost and track down their obsessed and corrupted former employer. After completing a number of bizarre and demanding dream quests, the adventurers find the answer to their fragmented minds, but they learn a greater threat looms over Golarion. Can they survive the perilous Dreamlands and emerge complete or will the adventurers be stranded in a dimension of nightmares? "Dreams of the Yellow King" is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 7th-level characters. The adventure continues the Strange Aeons Adventure Path, a twisted delve into madness that pits the heroes against the cosmic horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos. Several new monsters, a look at encounters found along the Sellen River, and the next installment of the Pathfinder's Journal round out this volume of the Pathfinder Adventure Path. Each monthly full-color softcover Pathfinder Adventure Path volume contains an in-depth adventure scenario, stats for several new monsters, and support articles meant to give Game Masters additional material to expand their campaign. Pathfinder Adventure Path volumes use the Open Game License and work with both the Pathfinder RPG and the world's oldest fantasy RPG.

Woven Paths

Woven Paths Author D. L. Widek
ISBN-10 9781504927024
Release 2015-08-04
Pages 334
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Living as a normal family in Arlington, Virginia, Marcy Frank’s life was about to spiral down to the pits of hell. Her father walked into the path of the bullet. Her mother had to move the girls from their way of life to the poorest section of the District of Columbia, DC, or better known as the Federal Triangle. Her mother and sister were into drug use and prostitution. Marcy went to the corner store, only to return to the apartment to find her sister beaten beyond recognition and her mother dead! This will be the hardest decision of her life: to stay and become like her sister or mother or run far away to better herself. Her journey becomes even harder when a mysterious person gives Marcy her baby to raise—yet another choice on where to live with the baby and how to raise it. She finds a loving couple to take the baby and her into their family. Marcy has the love of the family she yearned for. Finishing college, she enters into training with the FBI all because of Sam Smith. Marcy/Faith’s journey in life takes her from a young teen to a wise young person. She finds challenges with being a mom, welcoming romance, becoming an FBI agent, and traveling from state to state, tracking the drug cartel to bring them down. The journey will take you into the lives of others who have had their lives uprooted also by the drug cartel.

When Will You Rage

When Will You Rage Author Stewart Wieck
ISBN-10 1565049039
Release 2000-11-01
Pages 285
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Once the people known as the Garou existed in harmony with their mother Gaia, the Earth. But the rise of mankind has seen an increase in the power of the Wyrm, a decayed entropic force that seeks to ruin Gaia. The Garou will not have this and wage a war that they have been losing for a millennia. The second edition of this anthology contains the best stories from the first edition, as well as new stories that even better reflect the world of Werewolf: The Apocalypse "TM" as presented in the revised edition of the Storyteller game.

The Mirrors

The Mirrors Author Nicole Cushing
Release 2016-10-15
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In Nicole Cushing's first full-length collection, The Mirrors, one finds the reflections of a nightmare world brimming with horror, despair, and brazen absurdity. Within these pages are tales of identities lost and found ... relationships lost and found ... sanity lost and found. Included in this collection: The Truth, as Told by a Bottle of Liquid Morphine The Cat in the Cage The Orchard of Hanging Trees The Fourteenth A Catechism for Aspiring Amnesiacs White Flag The Company Town The Choir of Beasts All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Piggy Class The Last Kid Scared by Lugosi I Am Moonflower The Meaning The Suffering Clown Eulogy to be Given by Whoever’s Still Sober Youth to Be Proud Of Subcontractors The Peculiar Salesgirl Non Evidens The Squatters The Mirrors

The Worldwound

The Worldwound Author James Jacobs
ISBN-10 1601255322
Release 2013-07-02
Pages 63
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This rift is known as the Worldwound, and through it, the demon horde has infested an entire region. While the demon armies have been held in check by barbarians and crusaders alike, the region within that was once Sarkoris is now ruled by fiends. Worse, the Worldwound itself is slowly growing - if something isn't done to halt this blight, it and the demons it spawns may one day swallow all of Golarion! This Pathfinder sourcebook explores the demon-blighted land of the Worldwound (site of the new Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path) in great detail. Ruined cities (such as the shattered capital city of Iz, the frozen city of Dyinglight, and the river city of Undarin), key historical sites (like the Circle of the Hierophants - birthplace of the druidic sect known as the Green Faith), and more are presented, along with an exhaustive examination of the strange and otherworldly hazards of the region. The book also includes several adventure sites ready for exploration, along with a few locations like the holdout town of Gundrun, which can serve heroes as (relatively) safe harbor in a deadly land. Finally, an extensive bestiary presents more than a dozen new monsters and demons and enemy NPCs along with two new monster templates, ensuring your PCs will never lack for foes in this devastated realm.

The Case Against Sugar

The Case Against Sugar Author Gary Taubes
ISBN-10 9780451493996
Release 2016-12-27
Pages 384
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From the best-selling author of Why We Get Fat, a groundbreaking, eye-opening exposé that makes the convincing case that sugar is the tobacco of the new millennium: backed by powerful lobbies, entrenched in our lives, and making us very sick. Among Americans, diabetes is more prevalent today than ever; obesity is at epidemic proportions; nearly 10% of children are thought to have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. And sugar is at the root of these, and other, critical society-wide, health-related problems. With his signature command of both science and straight talk, Gary Taubes delves into Americans' history with sugar: its uses as a preservative, as an additive in cigarettes, the contemporary overuse of high-fructose corn syrup. He explains what research has shown about our addiction to sweets. He clarifies the arguments against sugar, corrects misconceptions about the relationship between sugar and weight loss; and provides the perspective necessary to make informed decisions about sugar as individuals and as a society. From the Hardcover edition.

Rule of Fear

Rule of Fear Author F. Wesley Schneider
ISBN-10 160125301X
Release 2011-05-10
Pages 63
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Enter the shadow-cloaked realm of Ustalav, the seat of horror in the Pathfinder campaign setting. Here, accursed Counts vie for power over terror-torn lands of mystery and dark legend, endlessly plagued by terrifying creatures of the night and the eternal curses of a haunted past. In the shadows of both cities and wilds prowl vampires and werewolves, while ghosts and worse lurk amid the ruins of glories squandered long ago. Here, superstition, fortune-telling, and bargains with dark powers hold sway over folk that know all too well not to venture out at night. Learn what horrors lurk in Ustalav's shadows in this in-depth guide to the mysterious realm, along with harrowing investigations into its most infamous ruins and haunted houses.