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Strength of Materials

Strength of Materials Author J. P. Den Hartog
ISBN-10 9780486156903
Release 2012-06-28
Pages 323
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In addition to coverage of customary elementary subjects (tension, torsion, bending, etc.), this introductory text features advanced material on engineering methods and applications, plus 350 problems and answers. 1949 edition.

History of Strength of Materials

History of Strength of Materials Author Stephen Timoshenko
ISBN-10 0486611876
Release 1953
Pages 452
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Strength of materials is that branch of engineering concerned with the deformation and disruption of solids when forces other than changes in position or equilibrium are acting upon them. The development of our understanding of the strength of materials has enabled engineers to establish the forces which can safely be imposed on structure or components, or to choose materials appropriate to the necessary dimensions of structures and components which have to withstand given loads without suffering effects deleterious to their proper functioning. This excellent historical survey of the strength of materials with many references to the theories of elasticity and structures is based on an extensive series of lectures delivered by the author at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California. Timoshenko explores the early roots of the discipline from the great monuments and pyramids of ancient Egypt through the temples, roads, and fortifications of ancient Greece and Rome. The author fixes the formal beginning of the modern science of the strength of materials with the publications of Galileo's book, "Two Sciences," and traces the rise and development as well as industrial and commercial applications of the fledgling science from the seventeenth century through the twentieth century. Timoshenko fleshes out the bare bones of mathematical theory with lucid demonstrations of important equations and brief biographies of highly influential mathematicians, including: Euler, Lagrange, Navier, Thomas Young, Saint-Venant, Franz Neumann, Maxwell, Kelvin, Rayleigh, Klein, Prandtl, and many others. These theories, equations, and biographies are further enhanced by clear discussions of the development of engineering and engineering education in Italy, France, Germany, England, and elsewhere. 245 figures.

Advanced Strength of Materials

Advanced Strength of Materials Author J. P. Den Hartog
ISBN-10 9780486138725
Release 2014-07-01
Pages 388
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Text for advanced undergraduates and graduate students features numerous problems with complete answers. Topics include torsion, rotating disks, membrane stresses in shells, bending of flat plates, more. 1952 edition.


Mechanics Author J. P. Den Hartog
ISBN-10 9780486158693
Release 2013-03-13
Pages 480
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This classic introductory text features hundreds of applications and design problems that illuminate fundamentals of trusses, loaded beams and cables, and related areas. Includes 334 answered problems.

Understanding Thermodynamics

Understanding Thermodynamics Author H.C. Van Ness
ISBN-10 9780486132280
Release 2012-06-08
Pages 128
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Clear treatment of systems and first and second laws of thermodynamics features informal language, vivid and lively examples, and fresh perspectives. Excellent supplement for undergraduate science or engineering class.

Engineering Mechanics for Structures

Engineering Mechanics for Structures Author Louis L. Bucciarelli
ISBN-10 9780486468556
Release 2009-03-26
Pages 306
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Explores the mechanics of solids and statics as well as the strength of materials and elasticity theory. Features design exercises that encourage creative initiative and systems thinking.

Mechanical Vibrations

Mechanical Vibrations Author J. P. Den Hartog
ISBN-10 9780486131856
Release 2013-02-28
Pages 464
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This classic text combines the scholarly insights of its distinguished author with the practical, problem-solving orientation of an experienced industrial engineer. Abundant examples and figures, plus 233 problems and answers. 1956 edition.

Elementary Mechanics of Fluids

Elementary Mechanics of Fluids Author Hunter Rouse
ISBN-10 9780486145129
Release 2011-10-14
Pages 384
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This classic text, still widely used, covers pressure variation in accelerated flow, the effects of gravity and viscosity on fluid motion, theories of surface resistance and form resistance, lift and propulsion, surface tension, role of compressibility in fluid motion and more. 224 illustrations.

Aircraft Structures

Aircraft Structures Author David J. Peery
ISBN-10 9780486267302
Release 2013-04-29
Pages 576
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This legendary, still-relevant reference text on aircraft stress analysis discusses basic structural theory and the application of the elementary principles of mechanics to the analysis of aircraft structures. 1950 edition.

Continuum Mechanics

Continuum Mechanics Author A. J. M. Spencer
ISBN-10 9780486139470
Release 2012-06-08
Pages 192
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Undergraduate text offers an analysis of deformation and stress, covers laws of conservation of mass, momentum, and energy, and surveys the formulation of mechanical constitutive equations. 1992 edition.

Mechanics of Materials SI Edition

Mechanics of Materials  SI Edition Author Barry J. Goodno
ISBN-10 9781337093354
Release 2017-01-27
Pages 1152
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Readers gain a complete and integrated treatment of the mechanics of materials -- an essential subject in mechanical, civil, and structural engineering. -- with a market-leading MECHANICS OF MATERIALS, 9E. This book examines the analysis and design of structural members subjected to tension, compression, torsion, and bending, laying the foundation for further study. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Quantum Mechanics in Simple Matrix Form

Quantum Mechanics in Simple Matrix Form Author Thomas F. Jordan
ISBN-10 9780486137063
Release 2012-05-23
Pages 288
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With this text, basic quantum mechanics becomes accessible to undergraduates with no background in mathematics beyond algebra. Includes more than 100 problems and 38 figures. 1986 edition.

Continuum Mechanics

Continuum Mechanics Author P. Chadwick
ISBN-10 9780486139142
Release 2012-08-08
Pages 200
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DIVComprehensive treatment offers 115 solved problems and exercises to promote understanding of vector and tensor theory, basic kinematics, balance laws, field equations, jump conditions, and constitutive equations. /div

An Introduction to the Theory of Elasticity

An Introduction to the Theory of Elasticity Author R. J. Atkin
ISBN-10 9780486150994
Release 2013-02-20
Pages 272
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Accessible text covers deformation and stress, derivation of equations of finite elasticity, and formulation of infinitesimal elasticity with application to two- and three-dimensional static problems and elastic waves. 1980 edition.


Release 1935
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Mathematics for Physicists

Mathematics for Physicists Author Philippe Dennery
ISBN-10 9780486157122
Release 2012-06-11
Pages 416
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Superb text provides math needed to understand today's more advanced topics in physics and engineering. Theory of functions of a complex variable, linear vector spaces, much more. Problems. 1967 edition.

Engineering Analysis of Flight Vehicles

Engineering Analysis of Flight Vehicles Author Holt Ashley
ISBN-10 9780486166537
Release 2013-05-27
Pages 400
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Excellent graduate-level text explores virtually every important subject in the fields of subsonic, transonic, supersonic, and hypersonic aerodynamics and dynamics, demonstrating their interface in atmospheric flight vehicle design. 1974 edition.