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Stronger Author George Everly Jr.
ISBN-10 9780814436059
Release 2015-08-05
Pages 240
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Professional athletes, surgeons, first responders-all perform remarkable feats in the face of intense stress. Why do they thrive under pressure, while others succumb? What separates the two is attitude. Resilient people meet adversity head-on and bounce back from setbacks. They seem to naturally exude an inner strength-but studies show that resilience is something that anyone can build. Analyzing the heroic exploits of U.S. Navy SEALs and others who succeed against all odds, Stronger identifies five factors that combine to unlock deep reserves of personal power: Active optimism-believe that you can change things for the better * Decisive action-you can't succeed if you don't take the leap * Moral compass-face any challenge with clear guiding principles * Relentless tenacity-try, try again * Interpersonal support-gain strength from those around you Drawing on the unique perspective of a standout team of authors (a stress management expert, a skilled entrepreneur, and a Navy SEAL), Stronger explores the science behind resilience and explains how you can develop this vital trait for yourself. Whatever your profession, today's demanding world calls for a special kind of strength. This revealing book holds the key.

Examination Paediatrics

Examination Paediatrics Author Wayne Harris
ISBN-10 9780729585989
Release 2017-08-28
Pages 752
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Examination Paediatrics is an essential guide for medical trainees undertaking paediatric clinical examinations. Aligned with current practice and examination format, this new edition provides guidance on history taking, examination procedure, relevant investigations, and management for the majority of chronic paediatric clinical problems encountered in paediatric hospital practice and community paediatric practice. Extended cardiology focus with over 50 colour images Catchy mnemonics to aid recall 5 new long cases, including hypopituitarism, neurofibromatosis type 1 and Rett syndrome 8 new short cases, including lymphadenopathy, ataxia and nystagmus Tips on body language, attitude and the motivation needed to pass your clinical exams

The Gut Balance Revolution

The Gut Balance Revolution Author Gerard E. Mullin
ISBN-10 9781623367787
Release 2017-07-03
Pages 432
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Research shows that gut microflora and intestinal microbiota play a pivotal role in weight maintenance through its influence on metabolism, appetite regulation, energy expenditure, and endocrine regulation. Gut flora imbalance is why so many people can't lose weight despite exercising more and eating less. In The Gut Balance Revolution, Dr. Gerard Mullin--the foremost authority on digestive health and nutritional medicine--explains how to prevent leaky gut, inflammation, and insulin resistance, which are major contributors to obesity. This book will teach you how to rebalance the gut microbiome using a simple three-step method: Reboot: Weed out fat-forming bad bacteria by eliminating foods that make them grow and promote inflammation, insulin, and fat accumulation, and reignite fat burning metabolism with exercise and dietary supplements. Rebalance: Reseed your gut with goods bugs and fertilize these friendly flora to establish a healthy gut ecology, reduce stress, and reinstitute a healthy lifestyle including sleep hygiene. Renew: Carry this lifestyle adjustment forward and maintain your weight with good eating habits with allowances for pleasure foods. The book features step-by-step meal plans, shopping lists, restaurant guides, recipes, recommendations on dietary supplements, and exercises for each phase so you can easily reboot, rebalance, and renew your health.

Learned in the Trenches

Learned in the Trenches Author Maria Angela Capello
ISBN-10 9783319628226
Release 2017-10-13
Pages 267
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This book shares the learnings and perspectives of two pioneer women who waded the many challenges posed by multiculturalism and gender in one of the corporate environments more rigid and traditional in the business world: the energy sector in the Middle East. How they managed to create a growth space for themselves and their teams is a story of professional and personal tenacity, shaping a privileged perspective that enabled them to understand the root causes of barriers, as well as envision plausible solutions. They propose in the book not only their vision, but a remarkable collection of unfiltered interviews to influential leaders in the energy sector, to complete a vision of what is key to achieve success when leading or consulting in a corporate environment. The book offers a compilation of very personal approaches to professionalism, resilience, work, and ultimately, success, from within and outside the ranks of highly regarded corporations in the energy sector. The ultimate aim is that of triggering a self-reflection in the readers, grounded on the learnings and perspectives of those who made it to the highest roles of one of the less understood business environments.

9 Ways to a Resilient Child

9 Ways to a Resilient Child Author Justin Coulson
ISBN-10 9781460705896
Release 2017-02-01
Pages 272
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The author of 21 Days to a Happier Family, Dr Justin Coulson, on raising kids who'll bounce back from adversity and challenging times. 'How can I help my child be more resilient?' is a question Dr Justin Coulson often hears from worried mums and dads. 9 Ways to a Resilient Child gives parents practical strategies to help their children cope with the challenges that life throws at them - from friendship problems and bullying to losing a game or failing an exam. Even our home environment and the way that we parent can impact our children's potential to recover from difficulty. Dr Coulson explains the factors that help or hinder resilience and why common advice such as 'Toughen up, princess' just doesn't work. Learn the secrets of positive psychology that will build your child's capacity to bounce back, stronger and more resilient than ever, including the ability to think flexibly, exercise self-control, and make safe and healthy choices. Discover the powerful impact of family, relationships, school and community, and the most effective ways to support your child. Dr Coulson aims to bolster resilience - not just in our children, but also in ourselves. Because it takes resilient parents to raise a resilient child.

How to Lead

How to Lead Author Jo Owen
ISBN-10 0273693646
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 213
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This practical book shows the career advantage of leadership skills - and how to develop yours, wherever you are in an organisation.

Could You Succeed as a Business Leader

Could You Succeed as a Business Leader Author Herb Greenberg
ISBN-10 9780795334054
Release 2013-05-31
Pages 30
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Have you ever thought about moving from an individual contributor role or management role into a business leadership role? Maybe it sounds like fun, but are you ready to take the plunge? Find out in this fun yet informative ebook that explores the ups and downs of business management. It also includes a short personality quiz to see if you have what it takes.

Wider Professional Practice in Education and Training

Wider Professional Practice in Education and Training Author Sasha Pleasance
ISBN-10 9781473981225
Release 2016-05-10
Pages 232
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Developing an understanding of professional practice is essential for anyone training to teach in the further education and skills sector. This go-to guide will give you a clear understanding of the major topics covered in the mandatory Wider Professional Practice and Development unit of the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training, and more broadly explores the value of professionalism to all aspects of further education. Key coverage includes: · Understanding learners and attitudes to learning · How to do action research · Professional observation and development · Making sense of education policy · Teacher expectations · Challenges to equality and diversity · The inclusive curriculum These topics are discussed within a wider political and socio-economic context, and are supported by insightful case studies and activities. This is essential for anyone studying the Diploma in Education and Training, and recommended reading for related courses in the further education and skills sector.


Resiliency Author Tessa Albert Warschaw
ISBN-10 1571010211
Release 1995-02-01
Pages 224
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Resiliency is packed with practical techniques and insight on solving problems in new ways. It also shows readers how to become more resilient in their personal and professional lives, and teaches the skills for bouncing back from every day stresses.

Raising an Army of Helaman s Warriors

Raising an Army of Helaman s Warriors Author Mark D. Ogletree, Ph.D.
ISBN-10 9781462123766
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Turn your home into an MTC! Get them ready with this missionary-minded parents’ guide. Licensed professional counselors and popular speakers Mark D. Ogletree and Kevin A. Hinckley help you keep your kids on the missionary track. Determine whether you’re using discipline or punishmentTeach the principle of obedience and the blessings of workInquire of the Lord and receive answers from the SpiritModel healthy communication between family membersHelp your children prepare emotionally, physically, and spiritually Their mission calls will be here sooner than you think. Start now so they can serve faithfully and honorably and spread the word to the world!

The 21 Success Secrets of Self Made Millionaires

The 21 Success Secrets of Self Made Millionaires Author Brian Tracy
ISBN-10 9781609943042
Release 2000-10-13
Pages 96
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IN HIS BOOK The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success, Brian Tracy drew on his thirty years of experience and knowledge to present a set of principles or "universal laws" that lie behind the success of business people everywhere, in every kind of enterprise, large and small. This latest volume, The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires, is made up of entirely new material that shows how anyone, no matter where they are in life at this moment, can become a millionaire. The advice in this book is based on Brian Tracy's twenty-five years of research, teaching, and personal experience on the subject of self-made millionaires. Tracy himself used these ideas to rise from humble beginnings to become a millionaire. And Tracy has discovered that all successful people practice these 21 success secrets, whether they're consciously aware of it or not. In The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires Tracy not only identifies and defines each success secret, but also reveals its source and foundation, illustrates how it functions in the world, and shows how to apply it in life and work through specific steps and practical exercises that everyone can use. Easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to apply, The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires shows how anyone can cultivate the habits and behaviors that will enable them to achieve not just financial independence, but success in any area of life. Because, as Tracy writes, "The most important part of achieving great success is not the money. It is the kind of person you have to become to earn that money and hold onto it."

How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer 2nd edition The Qualities That Make Salespeople Great

How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer  2nd edition  The Qualities That Make Salespeople Great Author Herb Greenberg
ISBN-10 9780071791649
Release 2012-08-14
Pages 304
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The sales management classic—updated for today’s competitive business environment Advanced digital technologies, the breakdown of traditional business barriers, and increased customer empowerment have transformed the sales profession. The future now belongs to salespeople who deeply understand, embrace, and take advantage of these unprecedented changes to enhance their relationships with their customers. What does this mean for you? You absolutely need these people on your team to succeed. And this fully updated edition of How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer will show you how to find them, attract them, and retain them. It’s the key to maintaining the competitive edge now and in the future. Written by the CEO and president of Caliper, one of the world’s leading management consultancies, How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer, Second Edition, delivers the proven game plan their company has used to power growth for SAP, Avis Budget Group, and thousands of other clients. Updated and revised for the age of the digitally connected customer and expanded to cover global and remote leadership topics, this one-of-a-kind guide gives you essential strategies to: Recruit and evaluate candidates via social media and other platforms Spot the qualities of top performers—and make sure the entire sales team has them Set realistic coaching goals Understand the psychology of “A” players, so you can give these stars what they need to succeed When you know how to hire, onboard, coach, motivate, and lead a powerful sales team, nothing can stop you. How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer is the essential playbook for long-term sales success. Praise for How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer: “We wouldn’t hire a salesperson without Caliper’s advice. If you’re concerned about recruiting the right person and driving increased profitable sales, you’ve got to read this book!” —Thomas M. Gart land, President, North America, Avis Budget Group, Inc. “This book has changed my life and, more importantly, it has changed the lives of many of my customers.” —Peter Smith, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Hearts On Fire “Caliper can dramatically improve your ability to hire and develop top performers. If you want to increase sales, read this book before your competition gets a hold of this gem.” —Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and Publisher, Selling Power “There is no better book on hiring and developing top performing salespeople.” ,b>—Ron Rubin, Minister of Tea (Owner), The Republic of Tea “This book should be on the desk of anyone interested in creating the best sales organization possible.” —Sean Sweeney, President, Chief Operating Officer, Philadelphia Insurance Companies “A must read. This book can save you a lot of wasted time and energy, while increasing your success rate dramatically.” —Alyson Brandt, Executive Vice President, General Manager Americas, The Forum Corporation To discover your defining qualities, take Caliper’s free, in-depth personality profile and receive a developmental guide pinpointing the qualities that distinguish you, along with suggestions for developing your potential.

Student Success

Student Success Author Tim Walter
ISBN-10 0155082787
Release 2000
Pages 265
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Offers an introductory guide to college, featuring exercises, projects, and self-assessment quizzes that form the foundation of college and career skills.

How to Grow a Backbone

How to Grow a Backbone Author Susan Marshall
ISBN-10 0809224941
Release 2000-09-01
Pages 224
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To succeed in business today, an individual must be smart, competitive, and fearless. In short, they need a good, old-fashioned backbone. In "How to Grow a Backbone", Marshall, a top business consultant, outlines skills that readers can develop and perfect to become stronger, and more influential on the job. Using straight talk laced with wry humor, the author draws upon business situations from a variety of companies and industries to show how a strong backbone can change not only the outcome of the situation but also how one is perceived.

The Upper Elementary Years

The Upper Elementary Years Author Christine Finnan
ISBN-10 9781452294162
Release 2008-10-29
Pages 232
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Offering a child-centered approach for teaching 8- to 12-year-olds, this detailed resource discusses child development, instruction and assessment, and professional growth and advocacy.

Hope Fulfilled for At risk and Violent Youth

Hope Fulfilled for At risk and Violent Youth Author Robert D. Barr
ISBN-10 0205308864
Release 2001
Pages 306
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Hope Fulfilled for At-Risk and Violent Youth is a comprehensive synthesis of the latest research on how schools are teaching all students effectively. The book looks at the crisis of a growing underclass of students who arrive at school under-prepared to learn, fail to learn effectively, drop out of school and live out their lives unemployed, underemployed, unemployable, and too often in prison. The book provides detailed information on effective programs that have been successful in addressing the needs of these difficult children. Essential components of effective programs are identified and effective schools and programs are described at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. A special emphasis focuses on violent, violence-prone, and bullying students and how to deal with them. The book serves as a complete reference book, with an extensive topical bibliography, school self-evaluations, recommendations for where to go for help, and personal interviews with teachers and students in more than 200 schools. MAKRET: For administrators and teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools.

Emotional Success

Emotional Success Author David Desteno
ISBN-10 9780544703100
Release 2018-01-09
Pages 240
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A pioneering psychologist draws on fresh research to reveal the most effective--and least appreciated--route to achievement: our emotions.