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Stubborn Fact and Creative Advance

Stubborn Fact and Creative Advance Author Thomas E. Hosinski
ISBN-10 9781461642626
Release 1993-08-11
Pages 286
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" attractive alternative to Victor Lowe's Understanding Whitehead, Ivor Leclerc's Whitehead's Metaphysics, and Donald Sherburne's A Key to Whitehead's Process and Reality....Recommended for advanced undergraduates and beyond."-CHOICE

Novel Theology

Novel Theology Author Darren J. N. Middleton
ISBN-10 086554624X
Release 2000
Pages 256
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"In Novel Theology, Darren Middleton engages a conversation between literature and theology by using the narrative fiction of Kazantzakis and the process thought of Whitehead. Novel Theology reveals the common philosophy that shapes both Kazantzakis's and Whitehead's understanding of God. It acknowledges that the exercise of sustaining this conversation at times becomes demanding because literature and theology use dissimilar textual modes and forms of discourse. Literature and theology constantly (de)construct each other. Suggesting that this (de)constructive assignment is one that cannot but be "in process itself," Middleton returns to it throughout his study." "Middleton brings theology and literature into conversation by comparing specific themes in novels by Kazantzakis and in the works of particular Whiteheadian process theologians. Works explored include The Last Temptation; Christ in a Pluralistic Age; Saint Francis; Toward a Process Pneumatology; Zorba the Greek; and God and Religion in the Postmodern World: Essays in Postmodern Theology." "Novel Theology is indispensable reading for scholars of literature and theology, Kazantzakis, Whitehead, and process thought."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Leibniz Whitehead and the Metaphysics of Causation

Leibniz  Whitehead and the Metaphysics of Causation Author P. Basile
ISBN-10 9780230242197
Release 2009-05-14
Pages 174
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Introduces the reader to Whitehead's complex and often misunderstood metaphysics by showing that it deals with questions about the nature of causation originally raised by the philosophy of Leibniz. Whitehead's philosophy is an attempt at rehabilitating Leibniz's theory of monads by recasting it in terms of novel ontological categories

The Image of the Unseen God

The Image of the Unseen God Author Hosinski, Thomas E.
ISBN-10 9781608337248
Release 2017-08-17
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The Image of the Unseen God has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Image of the Unseen God also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Image of the Unseen God book for free.

Spirit Qi and the Multitude

Spirit  Qi  and the Multitude Author Hyo-Dong Lee
ISBN-10 9780823255030
Release 2013-09-01
Pages 376
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We live in an increasingly global, interconnected, and interdependent world, in which various forms of systemic imbalance in power have given birth to a growing demand for genuine pluralism and democracy. As befits a world so interconnected, this book presents a comparative theological and philosophical attempt to construct new underpinnings for the idea of democracy by bringing the Western concept of spirit into dialogue with the East Asian nondualistic and nonhierarchical notion of qi. The book follows the historical adventures of the idea of qi through some of its Confucian and Daoist textual histories in East Asia, mainly Laozi, Zhu Xi, Toegye, Nongmun, and Su-un, and compares them with analogous conceptualizations of the ultimate creative and spiritual power found in the intellectual constellations of Western and/or Christian thought namely, Whitehead's Creativity, Hegel's Geist, Deleuze's chaosmos, and Catherine Keller's Tehom. The book adds to the growing body of pneumatocentric (Spirit-centered), panentheistic Christian theologies that emphasize God's liberating, equalizing, and pluralizing immanence in the cosmos. Furthermore, it injects into the theological and philosophical dialogue between the West and Confucian and Daoist East Asia, which has heretofore been dominated by the American pragmatist and process traditions, a fresh voice shaped by Hegelian, postmodern, and postcolonial thought. This enriches the ways in which the pluralistic and democratic implications of the notion of qi may be articulated. In addition, by offering a valuable introduction to some representative Korean thinkers who are largely unknown to Western scholars, the book advances the study of East Asia and Neo-Confucianism in particular. Last but not least, the book provides a model of Asian contextual theology that draws on the religious and philosophical resources of East Asia to offer a vision of pluralism and democracy. A reader interested in the conversation between the East and West in light of the global reality of political oppression, economic exploitation, and cultural marginalization will find this book informative, engaging, and enlightening

Nature and Experience in the Culture of Delusion

Nature and Experience in the Culture of Delusion Author D. Kidner
ISBN-10 9780230391369
Release 2012-03-06
Pages 327
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While the historical development of symbolic power has benefitted humanity enormously, there is an insidious and seldom recognised price that goes beyond environmental degradation and cultural disintegration. With insights from both social and natural sciences, this book explores the changing character of subjectivity in contemporary life.

Process and Difference

Process and Difference Author Catherine Keller
ISBN-10 9780791488980
Release 2012-02-01
Pages 272
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Leading scholars explore the relationship between deconstructive theory and process thought.

Reenchantment Without Supernaturalism

Reenchantment Without Supernaturalism Author David Ray Griffin
ISBN-10 0801486572
Release 2001
Pages 426
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Kathleen E. Smith examines the use of collective memories in Russian politics during the Yeltsin years, surveying the various issues that became battlegrounds for contending notions of what it means to be Russian.

A Key to Whitehead s Process and Reality

A Key to Whitehead s  Process and Reality Author Donald Wynne Sherburne
ISBN-10 OCLC:468253521
Release 1995
Pages 263
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A Key to Whitehead s Process and Reality has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Key to Whitehead s Process and Reality also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Key to Whitehead s Process and Reality book for free.

God as Poet of the World

God as Poet of the World Author Roland Faber
ISBN-10 UVA:X030474481
Release 2008
Pages 365
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Process theology has been a major theological innovation of the last hundred years, and its influence on American theology has been pervasive. But process thought is far from being simply an American phenomenon. Throughout the last few decades, some of the most exciting work in process theology has been undertaken in Asia and Europe. Now that process theology is a truly international movement, all theologians need to reconsider this school of thought. In this book, world-recognized expert in process thought Roland Faber presents a systematic exploration of process theology's roots and development, its chief concerns and concepts, and its opportunities for new contributions to today's theological scene. This book is a superb resource for those who want to know more about this important theological movement.

Process and Reality

Process and Reality Author Alfred North Whitehead
ISBN-10 9781439118368
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 448
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One of the major philosophical texts of the 20th century, Process and Reality is based on Alfred North Whitehead’s influential lectures that he delivered at the University of Edinburgh in the 1920s on process philosophy. Whitehead’s master work in philsophy, Process and Reality propounds a system of speculative philosophy, known as process philosophy, in which the various elements of reality into a consistent relation to each other. It is also an exploration of some of the preeminent thinkers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, such as Descartes, Newton, Locke, and Kant. The ultimate edition of Whitehead’s magnum opus, Process and Reality is a standard reference for scholars of all backgrounds.

The Adventure of Relevance

The Adventure of Relevance Author Martin Savransky
ISBN-10 9781137571465
Release 2016-06-16
Pages 248
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At a time where the relevance of the social sciences is under threat, this innovative book offers a speculative experimentation on the philosophy and methodology of the social sciences to rethink what 'relevance' is, and to cultivate a new ethos of knowledge-making for an eventful world. Engaging a diverse a range of thinkers including Alfred North Whitehead, Gilles Deleuze and Isabelle Stengers, as well as the American pragmatists John Dewey and William James, Martin Savransky challenges longstanding assumptions in the social sciences and argues that relevance is an event that is part and parcel of the immanent and situated processes by which things come to matter. He develops new conceptual tools for cultivating an empiricist ethos of inquiry that is attuned to the question of how things come to matter– an ethics that turns social inquiry into a veritable adventure. The result is an original and rigorous book that infuses knowledge-practices in the social sciences with new sensibilities, creative possibilities, and novel habits of thinking, knowing, and feeling.

Understanding Whitehead

Understanding Whitehead Author Victor Lowe
ISBN-10 0801803993
Release 1962
Pages 398
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Understanding Whitehead has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Understanding Whitehead also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Understanding Whitehead book for free.

Physics of the World Soul The Relevance of Alfred North Whitehead s Philosophy of Organism to Contemporary Scientific Cosmology

Physics of the World Soul  The Relevance of Alfred North Whitehead s Philosophy of Organism to Contemporary Scientific Cosmology Author Matthew David Segall
ISBN-10 9781300697589
Release 2013
Pages 107
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Physics of the World Soul The Relevance of Alfred North Whitehead s Philosophy of Organism to Contemporary Scientific Cosmology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Physics of the World Soul The Relevance of Alfred North Whitehead s Philosophy of Organism to Contemporary Scientific Cosmology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Physics of the World Soul The Relevance of Alfred North Whitehead s Philosophy of Organism to Contemporary Scientific Cosmology book for free.

Essential Skills for Management Research

Essential Skills for Management Research Author David Partington
ISBN-10 0761970088
Release 2002-09-16
Pages 282
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This essential text provides an authoritative overview of research methodology for both students and professional researchers in management. Based on course needs and written by expert academics in the field, this core text addresses the practical concerns of students in undertaking research that is relevant to management practice. It places emphasis on the more practical concerns of management researchers, focusing on the detail of developing and applying particular sets of research skills. In addition, the book gives straightforward advice on how to: ·develop a systematic methodology · learn to be a successful writer · acknowledge the individual in the researcher The text develops tangible skills and will be an invaluable guide for management researchers and students at postgraduate and MBA levels.

Transforming Process Theism

Transforming Process Theism Author Lewis S. Ford
ISBN-10 0791445364
Release 2000-05-18
Pages 380
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Process theism, in a variety of manifestations and modifications stemming from Whitehead's original suggestions, dominates discussions of philosophical and natural theology in Europe and America. In Transforming Process Theism Ford argues that subsequent modifications of Whitehead's original line of thought mask a fundamental and unresolved aporia in that original proposal: since only past or "objectified" determinate events can influence present experiences and since God, as conceived by Whitehead, is never fully determinate or objectifiable as a "past event", it is difficult to see how this divine persuasive power can have any influence on the present as a source of creativity and genuinely new possibilities for enactment. Ford meticulously reconstructs and evaluates Whitehead's own versions of theism, and he critically appraises the most influential subsequent modifications of these unrecognized variants by other process thinkers. He recovers the original trajectory of Whitehead's continuous revision of his conception of God, and forges an appropriate solution to this central aporia. He concludes that -- consistent with Whitehead's overarching metaphysical principles, there is another kind of causal influence that does not require objectification, and is the opposite of past determinateness. The future, conceived as active, offers an account of subjectivity which is both universal and transcendent. God, according to Ford's revisions, must be understood as this particular but indefinite creativity or universal activity of the future, bestowing subjectivity on each present occasion of experience without ever becoming determinate.

Strategy Without Design

Strategy Without Design Author Robert C. H. Chia
ISBN-10 9780521895507
Release 2009-10-08
Pages 248
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"In business the survival and flourishing of an organisation is most often associated with the ability of its strategists to create a distinctive identity by confronting and rising above others. Yet not all organisational accomplishment can be explained with recourse to deliberate choice and purposeful design on the part of strategic actors. This book shows why. Using examples from the world of business, economics, military strategy, politics and philosophy, it argues that collective success may inadvertently emerge as a result of the everyday coping actions of a multitude of individuals, none of whom intended to contribute to any preconceived plan. A consequence of this claim is that a paradox exists in strategic interventions, one that no strategist can afford to ignore. The more directly and deliberately a strategic goal is single-mindedly sought, the more likely it is that such calculated instrumental action eventually works to undermine its own initial success"--Provided by publisher.