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The Fantastic Art of Jacek Yerka

The Fantastic Art of Jacek Yerka Author Jacek Yerka
ISBN-10 1883398053
Release 1994
Pages 48
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In the tradition of such masters of the surrealist genre as Magritte, Bosch, and Dali, Polish artist Jacek Yerka's works transport viewers into another space and time. This gallery of Yerka's richly mysterious paintings is a delight to the eye and intellect. 21 color photos.

Mind Fields

Mind Fields Author Jacek Yerka
ISBN-10 0962344796
Release 1994
Pages 71
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A collection of fantastic short fiction by an award-winning author is complemented by richly detailed, surrealistic images from a renowned Polish painter. Simultaneous.

Fractal Cosmos

Fractal Cosmos Author Jeff Berkowitz
ISBN-10 1569370648
Release 1994
Pages 212
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The Fractal Cosmos Calendar has been the most successful calendar for Amber Lotus. Over the years, Amber Lotus has published the development in Fractal Art. Now, Amber Lotus publishes FRactal Images by Lifesmith, including an introductory text, a brief history as well as the mechanics of mathematical art. The book includes 350 color images of popular designs in modern fractals. Amber Lotus also publishes Fractal Arts as greeting cards, wrapping paper, calendars, and blank journals.

The Art of Daniel Merriam

The Art of Daniel Merriam Author Daniel B. Merriam
ISBN-10 0979715709
Release 2007
Pages 128
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This is the second catalogue raisonné of Daniel Merriam's art, which celebrates another decade of the artist's work. This remarkable book features 134 color images of Merriam's vibrant and skillfully executed watercolors. A seasoned and masterful virtuoso with his brush, Merriam forcefully communicates his subtle yet dramatic, comforting yet disarming messages. His carefully constructed environments and dreamy architectural structures are lovingly populated with a diverse array of bizarre, other-worldly denizens. The paintings are illuminated by intimate perspectives and personal accounts in the words of the artist himself. Opening essays are by a distinguished designer, historian and author, Paul Duchscherer, and by an internationally known analytical psychologist and expert on learning styles, Dr. J. Robert Hanson. Welcome to the world of Daniel Merriam's dreams. A taste for adventure and an open mind will make the trip one to savor!

Imagine a World

Imagine a World Author Rob Gonsalves
ISBN-10 9781481449748
Release 2015-09-29
Pages 48
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Rob Gonsalves—master of magical realism—presents another mesmerizing picture book in his Imagine a… series, that will “stimulate wonder and imagination” (Booklist, starred review). Imagine a world where the sky becomes the Earth; where a waterfall freefalls to become dancing women; where you can cut mountains out of curtains, and ships sail into the sky. This amazing world is what Rob Gonsalves has created. His vision inspires and astounds—and he wants to share that vision with you. With stunning illustrations that stretch the limits of the imagination, this fourth installment in the Imagine a… series explores a world that is boundless and beautiful, inviting you to imagine a world of possibilities—to imagine this world.

Master Of Illusion The Art Of Rob Gonsalves 2019

Master Of Illusion   The Art Of Rob Gonsalves 2019 Author Robert Gonsalves
ISBN-10 1531903967
Release 2018-07-25
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Master Of Illusion The Art Of Rob Gonsalves 2019 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Master Of Illusion The Art Of Rob Gonsalves 2019 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Master Of Illusion The Art Of Rob Gonsalves 2019 book for free.

Microcosmic God

Microcosmic God Author Theodore Sturgeon
ISBN-10 9781556436598
Release 2010-11
Pages 372
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Gathers seventeen stories including "Shottle Bop," "Yesterday Was Monday," "Completely Automatic," "Poker Face," "Nightmare Island," "The Purple Light," and "The Golden Egg"

Imagine a Night

Imagine a Night Author Sarah L. Thomson
ISBN-10 9781442440685
Release 2011-04-19
Pages 40
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Imagine a night when you can ride your bike right up the stairs to your bed. Imagine a night when your toy train rumbles on its tracks out of your room and roars back in, full sized, ready for you to hop on for a nighttime adventure. Imagine a night when a farmer plays a lullaby on his fiddle, and his field of sunflowers begins to dip and sway to the rhythm. Imagine a night when ordinary objects magically become extraordinary...a night when it is possible to believe the impossible. With the intrigue of an Escher drawing and the richness of a Chris Van Allsburg painting, renowned Canadian artist Rob Gonsalves depicts that delicious time between sleep and wakefulness, creating a breathtaking, visual exploration of imagination and possibility that will encourage both children and adults to think past the boundaries of everyday life, and see the possibilities beyond.

In Search of Forever

In Search of Forever Author Rodney Matthews
ISBN-10 1850280037
Release 1985
Pages 142
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The images in Rodney Matthews’ fantasy world flood forth in bright, vivid abundance. With entertaining narration by well-known writer Nigel Suckling and Matthews himself, this compilation of his posters, book covers, record sleeves, and calendars reveal how he goes from sketch to finished work, demonstrating both his techniques and his affinity for detail.


Necronomicon Author Donald Tyson
ISBN-10 9780738717593
Release 2012-04-08
Pages 288
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Anyone familiar with H. P. Lovecraft's work knows of the Necronomicon, the black magic grimoire he invented as a literary prop in his classic horror stories. There have been several attempts at creating this text, yet none stand up to Lovecraft's own descriptions of the Necronomicon . . . until now. Fans of Lovecraftian magic and occult fiction will delight in Donald Tyson's Necronomicon, based purely within Lovecraft's own fictional universe, the Cthulhu Mythos. This grimoire traces the wanderings of Abdul Alhazred, a necromancer of Yemen, on his search for arcane wisdom and magic. Alhazred's magical adventures lead him to the Arabian desert, the lost city of Irem, ruins of Babylon, lands of the Old Ones, and Damascus, where he encounters a variety of strange creatures and accrues necromantic secrets.

Imagine a Place

Imagine a Place Author Sarah L. Thomson
ISBN-10 1416968024
Release 2008-09-02
Pages 40
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If you can imagine a place, you can go there. Imagine a place that makes you feel as free as a bird. Imagine a place where getting there is worth whatever it takes. Imagine a place that makes you feel like it's always been your destination. Imagine a place made out of pure imagination. Imagine a Place is a gorgeous companion to the critically acclaimed Imagine a Night and Imagine a Day, and reminds us that imagination is powerful enough to take us anywhere we want to go. And Rob Gonsalves's exquisitely conceived paintings leave you in awe...of his imagination.

Coming Home to Tibet

Coming Home to Tibet Author Tsering Wangmo Dhompa
ISBN-10 9780834840102
Release 2016-07-12
Pages 304
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In this beautifully written memoir, a daughter travels to her mother's Tibetan homeland and finds both her own deep connections to her heritage and a people trying to maintain its cultural integrity despite Chinese occupation. After her mother dies in a car accident in India, Tsering Wangmo Dhompa decides to take a handful of her ashes back to her homeland in Tibet. Her mother left Tibet in her youth as a refugee and lived in exile the rest of her life, always yearning to return home. When the author arrives at the foothills of her mother's ancestral home in a nomadic village in East Tibet, she realizes that she had been preparing for this homecoming her whole life. Coming Home to Tibet is Dhompa's evocative tribute to her mother and a homeland that she knew little about. Dhompa's story is interlaced with poetic prose describing the land, people, and spirit of the country as experienced by a refugee seeing her country for the first time. It's an intriguing memoir and also an unusual inside view of life in contemporary Tibet, among ordinary people trying to negotiate the changes enforced on it by Chinese rule and modern society.

Leap Into the Blue

Leap Into the Blue Author Jean Paul Bourdier
ISBN-10 0983298343
Release 2013-02-26
Pages 251
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The main body of the book assembles a collection of photographs of painted humans, shot on analog film, without any digital manipulation, in the context of several desert landscapes in the United States. All photographs attempt to bring forward the body as our most intimate tool of perception -- outside of Eros -- of the universe‘s complexity and beauty. Through the careful staging of the models and colors, it is hoped that the viewer may see a poetical performance suggesting the multitude of rapports we can experience with our environment. Further, the work attempts to evoke a most common human longing: the experience of freedom -- which is seen by some as a basis of a host of spiritual practices.

River of Mirrors

River of Mirrors Author Judson Huss
ISBN-10 1883398177
Release 1996
Pages 95
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The first large-format volume to display the paintings and drawings of one of today's bestselling fantasy artists, River of Mirrors includes dark, edgy, fantastic, grotesque, dream- and sometimes nightmare-like images which testify to Huss's truly idiosyncratic vision of society and the individual. 60 illustrations, 50 in color.

Imagine a Day

Imagine a Day Author Sarah L. Thomson
ISBN-10 9781442436787
Release 2011-04-19
Pages 40
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Imagine a day when your swing swings you higher than the highest treetops. Imagine a day when you can ride your bike up a path of falling leaves into the very tree they are falling from. Imagine a day when you release a handful of blue balloons into a cloudy, gray sky to create a postcard-perfect day. Imagine a day when the ordinary becomes the extraordinary...a day when anything is possible. Imagine a Day is the companion book to the critically acclaimed Imagine a Night, which School Library Journal declared "a fascinating foray into the imagination." Renowned Canadian artist Rob Gonsalves once again stretches the limits of visual exploration with his breathtaking paintings and encourages parents and children alike to look beyond the limits of the everyday world and imagine.


Dali Author Robert Descharnes
ISBN-10 3822835536
Release 2004
Pages 780
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This publication presents in 2 volumes in a box the entire painted oeuvre of Salvadore Dali (1904-1989). After many years of research, Robert Descharnes and Gilles Neret finally located all the paintings of this highly prolific artist. These two volumes represent a one time offer at 29.99 as a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Dali's birth. The set will have a sticker indicating the 100th anniversary,

The Graphic Work

The Graphic Work Author Maurits Cornelis Escher
ISBN-10 3822896349
Release 1992
Pages 76
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""Graphic Work"" presents over 80 of Escher's most interesting pictures selected by the artist himself. It includes Escher's commentaries on his work, which make his startling visual effects more easy to interpret. The book also features Escher's own account of his evolution as an artist. An authentic source book of high significance, it offers the best introduction to the fantastic universe of the grand master of illusion.