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Tackling College Admissions

Tackling College Admissions Author Cheryl Paradis
ISBN-10 9780742547834
Release 2008
Pages 227
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Discusses the college search and application process for both parents and high school students, covering pre-college academic planning, preparation for standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT, drawing up a list of prospective colleges, and preparing the college application.

The Publishers Weekly

The Publishers Weekly Author
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822036343077
Release 2008
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The Publishers Weekly has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Publishers Weekly also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Publishers Weekly book for free.

The Measure of Madness

The Measure of Madness Author Cheryl Paradis
ISBN-10 9780806534176
Release 2010-07-01
Pages 320
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Enter the “fascinating” and frightening world of modern forensic psychology as experienced by one of the most respected practitioners in the field today (Robert K. Tanenbaum, New York Times–bestselling author). At the heart of countless crimes lie the mysteries of the human mind. In this eye-opening book, Dr. Cheryl Paradis draws back the curtain on the fascinating world of forensic psychology, and revisits the most notorious and puzzling cases she has handled in her multifaceted career. Her riveting, sometimes shocking stories reveal the crucial and often surprising role forensic psychology plays in the pursuit of justice—in which the accused may truly believe their own bizarre lies, creating a world that pushes them into committing horrific, violent crimes. Join Dr. Paradis in a stark concrete cell with the indicted as she takes on the daunting task of mapping the suspect’s madness or exposing it as fakery. Take a front-row seat in a tense, packed courtroom, where her testimony can determine an individual’s fate—or if justice will be truly served. The criminal thought process has never been so intimately revealed—or so darkly compelling—as in this “excellent and entertaining” journey into the darkest corners of the human mind (Booklist).

The McGraw Hill 36 Hour Course Online Marketing

The McGraw Hill 36 Hour Course  Online Marketing Author Lorrie Thomas
ISBN-10 0071750398
Release 2011-01-07
Pages 272
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A crash course on the most dynamic marketing platform today! Online marketing has evolved far beyond flashy websites and banner ads shouting at customers about your product. It's about using an array of Internet tools to build credibility and visibility, spread your message, and form meaningful customer relationships. The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Online Marketing puts you on the fast track to harnessing the power of the Web for your marketing goals. It begins with planning and building a website and then provides in-depth coverage of essential online marketing tools and techniques, such as: Content marketing and blogging Social media marketing Web analytics Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) E-mail marketing Online Public Relations Earn a Certificate of Achievement Through A Free Online Examination! The McGraw-Hill 36 Hour Course: Online Marketing spells it all out in easy-to-understand terms and actionable steps. You’re already on your way to Web marketing mastery!

Crossing the Sound

Crossing the Sound Author Faren R. Siminoff
ISBN-10 9780814798324
Release 2004-08-01
Pages 213
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Sigmund Freud's role in the history and development of psychoanalysis continues to be the standard by which others are judged. One of the most remarkable features of that history, however, is the exceptional caliber of the men and women Freud attracted as disciples and coworkers. One of the most influential, and perhaps overlooked, of them was the Hungarian analyst Sndor Ferenczi. Apart from Freud, Ferenczi is the analyst from that pioneering generation who addresses most immediately the concerns of contemporary psychoanalysts. In Ferenczi's Turn in Psychoanalysis fifteen eminent scholars and clinicians from six different countries provide a comprehensive and rigorous examination of Ferenczi's legacy. Although the contributors concur in their assessment of Ferenczi's stature, they often disagree in their judgments about his views and his place in the history of psychoanalysis. For some, he is a radically iconoclastic figure, whose greatest contributions lie in his challenge to Freudian orthodoxy; for others, he is ultimately a classical analyst, who built on Freud's foundations. Divided into three sections, Contexts and Continuities, Disciple and Dissident, and Theory and Technique, the essays in Ferenczi's Turn in Psychoanalysis invite the reader to take part in a dialogue, in which the questions are many and the answers open-ended.

Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations

Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations Author John M. Bryson
ISBN-10 9781119071617
Release 2017-12-13
Pages 544
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The essential planning resource and framework for nonprofit leaders Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations is the comprehensive, practical guide to building and sustaining a more effective organization. Solid strategy is now more important than ever, and this book provides a clear framework for designing and implementing an effective and efficient planning process. From identifying stakeholders and clarifying a shared vision, to implementing plans and revising strategies, the discussion covers all aspects of the process to help you keep your organization united and on track into the future. The field's leading authority shares insight, advice, helpful tools, and specific techniques, alongside a widely used and well-regarded approach to real-world planning. This new fifth edition includes new case studies and examples along with up-to-date resources and references, and new multimedia-related content. Innovation and creativity produce great ideas, but these ideas must be collected and organized into an actionable plan supported by a coalition of support to make your organization great. This book provides expert guidance and perspective to help you bring everything together into a workable organizational strategy. Discover an effective approach to the strategic planning process Identify issues, establish a vision, clarify mandates, and implement plans Manage the process with continual learning and revising Link unique assets and abilities to better accomplish the central mission Public and nonprofit leaders are forever striving to do more with less, and great strategic planning can help you build efficiency and effectiveness into your organization's everyday operations. Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations provides the framework and tools you need to start planning for tomorrow today.

Uncommon Voyage

Uncommon Voyage Author Laura Shapiro Kramer
ISBN-10 1556433700
Release 2001-08-01
Pages 260
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The story of a mother's search for information, medical treatment and alternative therapies (homeopathy, osteopathy and the Feldenkrais method) to benefit her son diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Free Spirit

Free Spirit Author Joshua Safran
ISBN-10 9781401304959
Release 2013-09-10
Pages 288
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An Unforgettable Journey Through an Unconventional Childhood When Joshua Safran was four years old, his mother--determined to protect him from the threats of nuclear war and Ronald Reagan--took to the open road with her young son, leaving the San Francisco countercultural scene behind. Together they embarked on a journey to find a utopia they could call home. InFree Spirit, Safran tells the harrowing, yet wryly funny story of his childhood chasing this perfect life off the grid--and how they survived the imperfect one they found instead. Encountering a cast of strange and humorous characters along the way, Joshua spends his early years living in a series of makeshift homes, including shacks, teepees, buses, and a lean-to on a stump. His colorful youth darkens, however, when his mother marries an alcoholic and abusive guerrilla/poet. Throughout it all, Joshua yearns for a "normal" life, but when he finally reenters society through school, he finds "America" a difficult and confusing place. Years spent living in the wilderness and discussing Marxism have not prepared him for the Darwinian world of teenagers, and he finds himself bullied and beaten by classmates who don't share his mother's belief about reveling in one's differences. Eventually, Joshua finds the strength to fight back against his tormentors, both in school and at home, and helps his mother find peace. But Free Spirit is more than just a coming-of-age story. It is also a journey of the spirit, as he reconnects with his Jewish roots; a tale of overcoming adversity; and a captivating read about a childhood unlike any other.

Pickett s Charge

Pickett s Charge Author Charles McNair
ISBN-10 1604891203
Release 2013
Pages 331
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A comedy, a tragedy. Threadgill Pickett, veteran of the Civil War, breaks out from an Alabama old folks home and starts a quest northward to kill the last living Union Soldier. This is to avenge his brother, who was needlessly killed by Union soldiers, outside of any conflict. On his journey Threadgill encounters two brothers building a time machine, a trio of Klu Kluxers, a man collecting raccoons that turn out to be rabid, a wannabe country singer, and a truck-driving woman to make men stand in awe. He also encounters a Utopian society of blacks and whites who share family, food, love, and grief.

Promising Practices to Support Family Involvement in Schools

Promising Practices to Support Family Involvement in Schools Author Diana B. Hiatt-Michael
ISBN-10 9781617350238
Release 2010
Pages 187
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A volume in Family-School-Community Partnership Series Editor Diana B. Hiatt-Michael, Pepperdine University (sponsored by the Family School Community Partnership Issues SIG) Promising Practices to Support Family Involvement in Schools is a must-have volume for every contemporary educator. This monograph provides a broad array of exciting research-supported practices to reform schools for the benefit of students, teachers, administrators, families and their communities. These practices will lead to higher student academic and school satisfaction outcomes. Experts in the field prepared this highly readable volume for teachers, school administrators, educational researchers, policymakers, and university faculty. The authors share their decades of educational research, wise insights and practical experiences with hopes to better life for individual families, educators, and society. This book belongs on every educator's desk!

School Choice in China

School Choice in China Author Wu Xiaoxin
ISBN-10 9781134675944
Release 2013-10-15
Pages 176
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School Choice in China explores the major characteristics of schooling options in China, highlighting how largely middle-class parents exploit their cultural, economic and social capital for their children's admission into choice schools. It highlights how payments such as choice fees, donations, prize-winning certificates and awards, as well as the use of guanxi, result in Chinese school choice as a parent-driven, bottom-up movement. The author also explores how schools and local governments cash in on the school choice fever in order to obtain significant economic returns, leading to policies that accommodate the needs of mostly middle-class families. He argues that although this system seems to create winners among the parties involved, it exacerbates the educational inequality that already exists in Chinese society. Chapters include: Positional competition for cultural capital Exploitation of social capital Economics of school choice Class reproduction through parental choice This book is not simply a detailed analysis of Chinese school choice practices, but also a study of the competitive middle class search for advantage for their children. As such it will be beneficial to undergraduates, postgraduates, education professionals, policy makers, and anyone with an interest in education, sociology, social policy, and the rise and future of China.

Love Loss and Laughter

Love  Loss  and Laughter Author Cathy Greenblat
ISBN-10 9780762784028
Release 2012-03-06
Pages 176
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See the BBC’s slideshow of photos from Love, Loss, and Laughter.

Teaching Against Global Capitalism and the New Imperialism

Teaching Against Global Capitalism and the New Imperialism Author Peter McLaren
ISBN-10 9780742510395
Release 2005
Pages 299
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This book will address a number of urgent themes in education today that include multiculturalism, the politics of whiteness, the globalization of capital, neoliberalism, postmodernism, imperialism, and current debates in Marxist social theory. The above themes will be linked to critical educational praxis, particularly to teaching activities within urban schools. Finally, the book will develop the basis for a wider political project directed at resisting and transforming economic exploitation, cultural homogenization, political repression, and gender inequality. Recent and widespread scholarly attention has been given to the unabated mercilessness of global capitalism. Little opposition exists as capital runs amok, unhampered and undisturbed by the tectonic upheaval that is occurring in the geopolitical landscape that has recently witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union and the regimes of the Eastern Bloc. As we examine education policies within the context of economic globalization, we attempt to address the extent to which the pedagogy and politics of everyday life has fallen under the sway of what we identify as cultural and economic imperialism. Finally, the book raises a number of urgent questions: What are the current limitations to educational reform efforts among the educational left? What are some of the problems associated with certain developments within postmodern education? How can a return to Marxist theory and revolutionary politics revitalize the educational left at a time when capitalism appears to be unstoppable? What actions need to be taken in both local and global arenas to overcome the exploitation that the globalization of capital has wreaked upon the world?

Never Trust a Liberal Over Three Especially a Republican

Never Trust a Liberal Over Three Especially a Republican Author Ann Coulter
ISBN-10 9781621571964
Release 2013-10-14
Pages 256
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You have NEVER seen Coulter like this before! Coulter is uncensored, unapologetic, and unflinching in her ruthless mockery of liberals, sissies, morons, hypocrites, and all other species of politician. Coulter doesn’t stop at the politicians, though. Watch her skewer pundits, salesmen, celebrities, and bureaucrats with ruthlessness and hilarity. No topic is safe! This is Coulter at her most incisive, funny, and brilliant, featuring irreverent and hilarious material her syndicators were too afraid to print!

Dangerous Diagnostics

Dangerous Diagnostics Author Dorothy Nelkin
ISBN-10 0226571297
Release 1994-03
Pages 207
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Dangerous Diagnostics is a powerful study of the pervasiveness of diagnostic testing and the potential it offers institutions to classify, categorize, and ultimately control individuals. Nelkin and Tancredi explore the ethical, social, and legal implications of cutting-edge technologies that can lead to new forms of discrimination in the name of standardized, objective measurements. They caution against the creation of an underclass deemed unemployable, untrainable, or uninsurable by such diagnostic tests.

The Transformation

The Transformation Author Faren Siminoff
ISBN-10 0692766103
Release 2016-08-10
Pages 250
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The Transformation: GTE 45, is alternately a love triangle, a mystery, and dystopian fantasy of an America that might now be unfolding. The story is set in a fictionalized America forty-five years in the future (GTE 45) after the collapse of the Republican Party. As a result, Emily Harris, the democrat, is elected president. Her triumph is short-lived. From the ashes of the Republican Party a new far-right national political party emerges, the Founders Action Party ("FAP"). Disciplined, organized and well funded, the FAP is ready to challenge President Harris in the 2020 election. Their opportunity to defeat the incumbent comes when they accuse her of economic terrorism right before the 2020 presidential election. She is arrested, impeached and the FAP's candidate is elected. This ushers in sweeping changes to the American political, social and economic system. Forty-five years after these events, the U.S.A., re-branded as the Corporate States of America ("CSA"), has settled into its new reality. In the CSA, corporations represented by the "Corpus," become the fourth branch of government. A rigorous system of assessment is used to classify its citizens as "Makers" or "Takers." Makers are assigned to careers and occupations, while Takers are sent to live in gated Projects. At the spiritual heart of the CSA is the "Church of the Revealed Saints," a new religion founded by the son of a former Mississippi sharecropper. Its "Book of Darwin," God's final revelation, assures salvation to all who accept one's pre-determined place in society as reveled by the assessments. The story of this transformed America is told through the eyes of its three main characters living forty-five years after the Great Transformation. Paul Gaugin, classified by his Learning Center as a Wage Earner ("WE") works as a 3-D graphic designer, but dreams of being a real artist. He falls on hard times and is given one last chance to prove himself a Maker and not a Taker. At City University he meets Layla Saenz, raised by Takers in the Projects. She has tested out of the Projects and lives as a high-ranking history professor and author, but worries her Maker status will be revoked and she will be sent back to the Projects. Layla becomes entangled in a love triangle with Paul and the powerful Reverend Isaac Freeman, the head of the Church of the Revealed Saints. The story of this transformed American unfolds as the reader follows the lives of these three individuals as they navigate the realities of the CSA, along with the mystery of an illegally uploaded and unofficial history of the events leading up to the Great Transformation.

Extraordinary Hearts

Extraordinary Hearts Author John A. Elefteriades, MD
ISBN-10 9780698139596
Release 2014-04-01
Pages 288
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Cardiac surgeon John A. Elefteriades, one of Men’s Health magazine’s ten best doctors in America, shares moving patient stories and lessons about the human heart. The human heart is a paradox, incredibly strong yet surprisingly fragile. And while stories that reveal its symbolic characteristics abound, there are far fewer that laud its physical capabilities, which are perhaps even more profound. Dr. Elefteriades, one of the most respected cardiac surgeons in America, has treated more than 10,000 patients in his distinguished career. Now, for the first time, he shares fascinating stories of his most memorable patients and cases—patients who have challenged him technically and moved him emotionally, patients who have enriched his life and expanded his horizons while he cared for their hearts. By detailing heart conditions and cardiac reparative procedures with specific yet accessible medical narratives, Dr. Elefteriades encapsulates the beauty, complexity, and majesty of the human heart. But there is far more to this organ—and these stories—than a collection of veins, arteries, and valves. These are stories of courage, miracles, and the bravery of patients (some famous and others not) and their families when facing nearly insurmountable challenges, offering a thought-provoking, informative, and at times heart-wrenching study of the resilience of both the human body and spirit.