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Tantric Sex for Men

Tantric Sex for Men Author Diana Richardson
ISBN-10 9781594779770
Release 2010-06-18
Pages 176
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A revolutionary approach to male sexuality offers the keys to achieving sexual fulfillment • Teaches how to retain semen for increased vitality and longer lovemaking • Explains the relationship-strengthening benefits of deep, sustained penetration • Includes foreplay approaches and position sequences Fulfilling sex nourishes love, increases vitality, and boosts mental health. Unfortunately, prevailing attitudes about male sexuality and what is good sex work against these innate features by focusing on the excitement of ejaculation as the one and only goal. Using the tantric guidelines they have practiced for more than 25 years, Diana and Michael Richardson show men how to move beyond their preconceptions of sex as a goal-oriented--and often unintentionally stressful--event so they can relax into sex as a meditative union of complementary energies. They explain how retaining semen allows for increased vitality and extended lovemaking sessions and show the relationship-strengthening benefits of deep, sustained penetration. They also explain how to perform soft penetration and how to avoid premature ejaculation. Tantric Sex for Men includes tried-and-true foreplay approaches, diagrams of sexual position sequences, ways to increase sexual sensitivity through awareness, and how to have ecstatic experiences through reaching a woman’s body on a sexually deeper level. The authors also demonstrate how the sexual organs can be used to heal both men and women physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Slow Sex

Slow Sex Author Diana Richardson
ISBN-10 9781594778230
Release 2011-01-27
Pages 176
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A revolutionary practice for couples to enhance sexuality and reach higher states of consciousness • How to make sex a conscious decision, not an accidental encounter • Discusses how slowness increases sensitivity and awakens the body’s innate mechanism for ecstasy • Reveals how sexuality can be sustainable and enjoyable well into old age While fast, hot, orgasm-driven sex can bring momentary satisfaction, in the long run it can become boring and mechanical, causing many couples to lose interest and stop making time for physical intimacy. The first step to revive a waning sex life or make a healthy one more fulfilling, says author Diana Richardson, is to make sex a conscious decision rather than an accidental encounter. Focusing on eye contact, subtle sensations, and deep breathing, Diana’s practice of slow sex awakens the body’s innate mechanism for ecstasy, unlocking the door to extraordinary realms of sensitivity, sensuality, and higher consciousness. Exploring the healing, spiritual power of slow sex, this book offers a step-by-step guide for committed couples to transform sex into a meditative, loving union of complementary energies. It explains how slow sex increases sensitivity and sexual vitality and how, because it creates and restores love, slow sex is loving sex. With a focus on coolness rather than heat, this practice provides couples a way to reach a shared meditative state and use it as a vehicle to achieve higher consciousness. Illustrating different positions for eye contact, deep sustained penetration, and soft penetration, this book reveals that sex truly can be sustainable and enjoyable well into old age.

The Heart of Tantric Sex

The Heart of Tantric Sex Author Diana Richardson
ISBN-10 9781846946370
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 256
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After many years of exploration, Diana Richardson found that the ancient practice of Tantra, with its unique, intelligent approach to sex, had the effect of enhancing intimacy and deepening love. Here she has adapted Tantra for modern Western lovers in a practical, sympathetic way. Tantric Sex can transform your experience into a more sensual, loving and fulfilling one.

Tantric Love Letters

Tantric Love Letters Author Diana Richardson
ISBN-10 9781780991542
Release 2012
Pages 212
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Diana Richardson, an acclaimed authority on human sexuality, began a personal enquiry into the union of sex and meditation (the essence of tantra) over twenty five years ago while living in India. Through these innocent steps and motivated by simple curiosity, she gained deep insights into the spiritual and generative implications of sex that lie beyond its reproductive aspect. She stresses that it is the how of sex, and not the what of sex, that determines the difference. With additional information we can begin to honor the innate sexual intelligence that exists in our bodies as a subtle electro-magnetic reality. On this fine and delicate level man and woman function as equal yet opposite forces that are highly complimentary. Embracing this polarity potential can elevate and transform sex into an empowering and spiritual act, an experience that creates and sustains love, peace and harmony. Her simple, down to earth and practical approach as presented in her books has created a wave of positive resonance and response from readers worldwide.

Tantric Sex and Menopause

Tantric Sex and Menopause Author Diana Richardson
ISBN-10 9781620556849
Release 2018-04-10
Pages 224
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A tantric guide to discovering the hidden gifts of menopause • Explains why Tantra works for menopausal women and how their bodies are naturally entering a more tantric phase focused on creative, spiritual energy • Details tantric practices and tools to connect with the body’s inner intuitive wisdom, remove the “performance pressure” of conventional sex, and set the stage for passion and pleasure to thrive both in the bedroom and beyond • Explores what to expect physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and in relationships As women, we live so closely to the body--through menstruation, pregnancy, birthing, motherhood, and then menopause. Each of these transitions changes a woman in a multitude of ways, most of which are celebrated. Yet menopause often causes women to feel despondent, as if our bodies are broken or deficient, especially when it comes to sex and intimacy. However, as tantric teachers Diana Richardson and Janet McGeever show, menopause has many hidden gifts to offer if we learn to embrace rather than suppress the changes this natural transition brings. Shining the light of tantric intelligence on menopause, the authors reveal how to explore and experience menopause in a radically positive fashion, suffused with a sense of vital awakening and “re-wilding” of a woman’s sexuality, creativity, and spirituality. Explaining what to expect physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as what it means for relationships, they detail tantric practices and tools to connect with the body’s inner intuitive wisdom and heart energies, remove the “performance pressure” of conventional sex, and set the stage for passion and pleasure to thrive both in the bedroom and beyond. They explain why Tantra works for menopausal women and how their bodies are naturally entering a more tantric phase focused on creative, spiritual energy. They explore how, in Tantra, sex is practiced not for the sake of sex itself but as an instrument for going “beyond” sex, for better health, improved relationships, enhanced self-control and emotional balance, and even higher states of consciousness. They also offer many self-help practices, exercises, and meditations to reinforce a positive attitude toward menopause and overcome many of the physical and sexual problems, such as pain, dryness, loss of interest, and loss of libido. Providing a guide for women who are approaching, experiencing, or have gone through menopause, the authors show how a more informed, tantric approach to menopause allows each woman to deepen her trust in the perfect functioning of the female body, embrace her natural sexual response, and reconnect with her inner self.

Making Love

Making Love Author Barry Long
ISBN-10 1899324232
Release 2006-11-15
Pages 64
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This audio book (2 CDs) is the text of Barry Long's ground-breaking book with the same title, read by the author. Long maintained that his speaking voice transmitted more of the truth behind his words than the printed page alone - and this is more noticeable with such an intimate subject as sexual love. Beginning with an almost mythical account of what love was like when mankind was new to this planet, Long lays bare the dishonesty which infects sexual love today. He then gives us a lesson in right love-making, describes the difference between love and sex and offers advice about common sexual problems.

Tantric Orgasm for Women

Tantric Orgasm for Women Author Diana Richardson
ISBN-10 9781594779916
Release 2004-05-10
Pages 224
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A revolutionary approach to female sexuality that focuses on relaxation as the key to achieving deep orgasmic states • Explores how receptive feminine energy influences the male-female exchange • Reevaluates the role of the clitoris, breasts, and vagina in achieving orgasm • Provides ancient tantric meditations for increased sensitivity and awareness Fulfilling sex nourishes love, rejuvenates the body, and boosts mental health. Unfortunately, prevailing attitudes in the West work against the natural capacity of women to realize their sexual potential and experience deep orgasmic states. Tantric Orgasm for Women offers women a fresh look at the ecstatic bliss possible within their bodies, using knowledge and approaches from the sensually cultivated traditions of the East. Exploring Tantra from the female perspective, Diana Richardson reveals the critical role receptive feminine energy plays in allowing orgasmic states to arise. Her 20 years of tantric research and personal experience provide readers with an understanding of how the various parts of the female body may be activated to deepen ecstatic states. Readers will learn how to re-circulate orgasmic energy; why breast stimulation takes priority over vaginal attention; the difference between soft penetration and deep sustained penetration, including how to avoid premature male ejaculation; and how women can strengthen the erection response of male partners. Tantric Orgasm for Women shows how women can exert a powerful influence on their sexual experiences when they understand the inner workings of their bodies and when they avoid adopting conventional ideas about what should be satisfying to them.

Tantric Sex For Women

Tantric Sex For Women Author Christa Schulte
ISBN-10 8122204619
Release 2009-01-30
Pages 224
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Over 50 exercises form the heart of this book: solo exercises; love games for couples; and rituals, meditation and massage techniques. They are by turns creative and enjoyable, uplifting and profound, even thrilling and naughty, intended to inspire women to activate their sensuality and enjoy the small ecstasies of everyday life. Men who read the book and play with the exercises are likely to gain valuable insight into women and women's sexuality, making them more sensitive and skilled lovers.

The Essence of Tantric Sexuality

The Essence of Tantric Sexuality Author Mark A. Michaels
ISBN-10 9780738709000
Release 2006
Pages 207
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In 1976, Dr. Jonn Mumford gave a series of groundbreaking lectures on sexual Tantra at the annual Gnosticon conference. Thirty years later, his teachings still resonate. Based on Dr. Mumford''s pioneering work, The Essence of Tantric Sexuality introduces Tantric theory and practice-revealing powerful techniques that, until now, have been kept secret. From autoerotic mysticism to sex magic, this book reveals how internal energies can be used to reach altered states of consciousness and transcendence. Much more than an erotic sex manual, this book also carefully explains the Tantric philosophy and the principles of this Indian tradition, effectively demystifying Tantra and making it accessible to beginners. Erogenic zones, perfume magic, secret Tantric symbols, Tantric massage, the Tantric mass, and Tantric terminology are all explored in this comprehensive guide to sexual Tantra.

Taoist Sexual Meditation

Taoist Sexual Meditation Author Bruce Frantzis
ISBN-10 1583944958
Release 2012
Pages 467
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A comprehensive primer on philosophical Taoist sexual teachings explains how to use dissolving meditation to relax, release inhibitions and connect sexual and spiritual energies, providing coverage of such topics as Taoist ethics, using chi during sex and realizing the meditative benefits of a sexual practice. Original.

Tantric Sex for Busy Couples

Tantric Sex for Busy Couples Author Diana Daffner
ISBN-10 9780897935654
Release 2011-02-15
Pages 226
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In Tantric Sex for Busy Couples, Diana Daffner offers readers a modern approach to intimacy based on ancient techniques. Combining age-old tantric teachings, the peaceful exercise program of t'ai chi, and meditation, the book shows couples how to energize their relationship. The basic exercises include "Solo Stillness," which helps readers embrace the inner self; "Connected Pose," a way for couples to simply be together; and the "Tantra T'ai Chi Trilogy," a tri-partite system for moving sexual energy throughout the body. The author's foundational tantra t'ai chi exercises help readers prepare.

Tantric Love

Tantric Love Author Diana Richardson
ISBN-10 1846942837
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 106
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What happens when suddenly the wind changes and the loving connection between two partners is disrupted for hours or even days? Why is love associated with ups and downs? This title shows in easy to follow steps how to recognise emotions, to leave them behind, and to create space for the expression of real feelings where love has a chance.

Tantra for Gay Men

Tantra for Gay Men Author Bruce Anderson
ISBN-10 1555837492
Release 2002
Pages 156
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A guidebook for gay men about the mysterious sensual art of tantra.

Tantric Secrets for Men

Tantric Secrets for Men Author Kerry Riley
ISBN-10 9781594779800
Release 2002-10-01
Pages 272
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Contains everything a man needs to know in order to be a good lover, based on esoteric traditions of sexual ecstasy. • Includes practical and easy-to-follow Tantric rituals and sacred sexuality exercises for a modern lifestyle. • Uses real-life stories of couples to show the benefits achieved with the practices. • Offers an approach to lovemaking that encompasses all dimensions--physical, emotional, and spiritual. • Written by the co-creators of The Secrets of Sacred Sex video Being a good lover isn't easy. With more freedom, knowledge, and body awareness, today's woman knows better than to settle for predictable, performance-based sex. Tantric Secrets for Men offers everything a man needs to know in order to satisfy a woman's physical, emotional, and spiritual yearnings. Employing the ancient secrets of physical ecstasy, men learn to transform rote sex into passionate lovemaking, pleasure into ecstasy, and partnership into union. From the expert teachings of a committed couple practicing and teaching ecstatic sexuality in a modern-day context, men will learn how to satisfy a woman on the levels of body, heart, and soul--and how to bring themselves to new heights of ecstasy in the process. The authors draw upon time-honored tantric and Taoist practices and modern sexology that will enable couples to make love more frequently, achieve higher and prolonged states of orgasmic intensity, experience lovemaking as a sacred endeavor, and deepen loving relationships.

The Love Keys

The Love Keys Author Diana Richardson
ISBN-10 1862045070
Release 1999
Pages 256
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The author uses her knowledge of Tantra to help Western couples transform sex into a sensual, loving, and fulfilling experience

Tantric Love

Tantric Love Author Ma Ananda Sarita
ISBN-10 0743215311
Release 2001
Pages 143
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Sometimes it can be difficult for even the closest of partners to fully express their love during sex. We may resist deeper intimacy for many reasons, among them pain, insecurity, or simply a fear of sharing our most natural desire for physical love with another person. Tantra can help you dissolve these barriers to intimacy, and invites you to awaken the physical and spiritual energy that can bring partners together as loving soul mates. "Tantric Love" unlocks the secret powers of meditation, breathing, massage, and more to help you celebrate and revitalize your love life. Each chapter focuses on one of the chakras -- or energy centers -- in the body and offers simple exercises that will help you share this energy and open the door to ecstasy. Discover new ways of pleasing your partner Enjoy sexual satisfaction through and beyond orgasm Learn how to open up to your partner -- both in and out of the bedroom As you move from one stage to the next, you'll find that you're not only connecting with your lover on a physical level but on a deep spiritual level, too -- one that prepares you for a loving, lasting commitment to each other.

Divine Sex

Divine Sex Author Caroline Aldred
ISBN-10 1903258022
Release 2003-10-01
Pages 160
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This highly illustrated guide to Tantric and Taoist practices shows how to heighten awareness, increase sexual intensity and bring about spiritual enrichment. Adding a new dimension to sex and sexuality as currently perceived in the West, it demonstrates how to use the vital energy resources within us to achieve undreamed levels of ecstasy. It reveals the mental preparation, individual exercises, love-making rituals, healing positions and appropriate occasions previously known only to a few, and makes all this information accessible to the widest possible audience.