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Tap into Balance

Tap into Balance Author Susan Jeffrey Busen
ISBN-10 9781630473266
Release 2015-02-20
Pages 278
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How would you like to transform your life in minutes using only your fingertips? Using her breakthrough GetSetTM Approach (Global Emotional Tapping Scripts and Energy Therapies) and proven Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Susan Jeffrey Busen, The Educated HealerTM, guides you through a ninety-day program of self-discovery and growth that will change your life. The simple-to-follow program allows you to identify and release emotional baggage and limiting beliefs, in order to achieve a more joyful, balanced life. Busen guides you through self-assessment worksheets to determine the root causes of emotional upsets, negative thoughts, and self-limiting behaviors. She walks you through her simple six-step process that involves tapping with your fingertips on acupuncture points, while reading the applicable script. Tapping is proven to release negative programming and establish new positive behavior patterns. This easy-to-use guide contains the most comprehensive set of EFT scripts published to date, with chapters on confidence and limiting beliefs, negative emotions, relationships, fears, workplace issues, financial matters, medical issues and death. Whether you are new to EFT or an advanced practitioner, Susan’s insightful guidance and vast experience in research and healing makes GetSetTM a foolproof tool. If this would improve your life, would you do it for five minutes per day?

Tap Into Success

Tap Into Success Author Susan Jeffrey Busen
ISBN-10 9781440105043
Release 2008-12
Pages 200
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The author uses two unique therapies called Energy Therapy and Emotion Freedom techniques (EFT) to relieve stress and negative thoughts.

The Tapping Solution

The Tapping Solution Author Nick Ortner
ISBN-10 9781401939410
Release 2013
Pages 229
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Explains how to use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to create much needed change in one's life.

The Honor of the Queen

The Honor of the Queen Author David Weber
ISBN-10 9780743435727
Release 2002-08-01
Pages 464
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Science fiction roman.

How to Enjoy Your Life in Spite of it All

How to Enjoy Your Life in Spite of it All Author Ken Keyes
ISBN-10 0915972018
Release 1980
Pages 229
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The "twelve pathways" explained in this book are a modern, practical condensation of thousands of years of accumulated wisdom. A must for people sincerely interested in their personal growth.


Wikinomics Author Anthony D. Williams
ISBN-10 9780857895134
Release 2011-03-01
Pages 300
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The knowledge, resources and computing power of billions of people are self-organizing into a massive, new collective force. Interconnected and orchestrated via blogs, wikis, chat rooms, peer-to-peer networks, and personal broadcasting, the web is being reinvented to provide the first global platform for collaboration in history. Wikinomics is the essential analysis of the new Web 2.0 world.

Tap Into Joy

Tap Into Joy Author Susan Jeffrey Busen
ISBN-10 0595419623
Release 2007
Pages 172
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The author uses two unique therapies called Energy Therapy and Emotion Freedom techniques (EFT) to help your children achieve instant freedom from negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

Why Brilliant People Believe Nonsense

Why Brilliant People Believe Nonsense Author J. Steve Miller
ISBN-10 0988304899
Release 2015-08-01
Pages 448
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The passing of time reveals much expert opinion to be nonsense. How can we evaluate expert opinion and learn to think for ourselves? "In the midst of an information explosion, we face a wisdom deficit," notes author J. Steve Miller. This book, in a remarkably accessible and entertaining way, equips readers to think more clearly, innovate more creatively, see through the deceptions of clever advertisers and salesmen, simplify complex and convoluted arguments, manage life's decisions with more confidence, and express convictions more powerfully. This book is designed to be read by all individuals interested in learning critical and creative thinking skills. It can also be used as a text targeting high school seniors and college freshmen. An accompanying website offers free lesson plans and teaching tips.

Taoist Yoga and Sexual Energy

Taoist Yoga and Sexual Energy Author Eric Steven Yudelove
ISBN-10 1567188346
Release 2000
Pages 256
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When most people think of the term yoga, they think of the body-stretching techniques from India. But there are many different forms of yoga, including techniques practiced in secret by the Taoist masters in the Far East. Some of the most important, yet previously secret techniques of Taoist Alchemy and Sexual Kung Fu are revealed for the first time by Taoist Master Eric Steven Yudelove in Taoist Yoga and Sexual Energy. This is not just a book, it is an entire, fourteen-week course in alchemy, healing, and magick. Perhaps the most important part of this is learning how to manipulate the body's mysterious energies. In order to do this you will learn many breathing techniques, including hair breathing, reverse breathing, bone marrow breathing, and several more. You'll learn the amazing secrets of Chi Gung, including standing, sitting, lying, and moving forms. In the West, most people think of sounds as merely being music or, when put together in words, a way to communicate. But here you will learn that there are six special healing sounds. Each is associated with a body organ (or, more accurately, the functioning of that organ which may involve other part of the body) and five of them are associated with a color and element. If you don't know, the Taoist elements are different from the Western elements and consist of earth, fire, water, wood, and metal. These healing sounds are very simple. They are: S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s, Ch-u-w-a-a-y, Sh-h-h-h-h-h, H-a-w-w-w-w, Wh-o-o-o-o and H-e-e-e-e. The proper way to use them for healing yourself is clearly explained in Taoist Yoga and Sexual Energy. As the title of the book shows, this book is also about working with the sexual energy. You will learn breathing techniques, visualizations, and massage methods that will allow you and your partner to experience bliss beyond your wildest imagination! Now is the time for you to investigate improving your life. This book can lead the way. This is a Print-on-Demand title. Please allow an additional 2-3 days for delivery.

Scientific Vortex Information

Scientific Vortex Information Author Pete A. Sanders, Jr.
ISBN-10 9781622337118
Release 2005-04-01
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This book was originally written to help those visiting Sedona, Arizona who could not attend my regular Scientific Vortex Information Training Class (see It teaches how to rapidly, easily, and effectively tap Sedona's famous meditation sites. It also contains a system for finding vortexes closer to your home area. Understanding vortexes and how to tap them is a key asset for exploring your "dimensions beyond" described in Superstrings Physics. Even more important, however, is knowing how to weave that knowledge into a method for "Living life AS a Soul." When you are having difficulty accessing deeper spiritual skills, or are facing intense inner hurts, vortex energies can provide portals to new insights. People tend to be drawn to upflow areas to feel the exhilaration of tapping those dimensions beyond. What they are also craving (in many cases without even realizing it) is to escape the worries, hurts, angers, and fears created by the Limbic Brain. The Soul-shift technique (contained in this book) makes tapping the vortexes easier, primarily because it gets the meditator out of their limbic brain focus. It allows you to create an inner upflow vortex, where ever you are. The brain science technique for natural mood elevation contained in my book, Access Your Brain's Joy Center (soon also available as an e-book), teaches how to counter limbic brain effects anywhere, anytime without having be in a meditative state. That makes it possible to self-generate that inner upflow effect in ALL of life (eyes open, moving, etc.). As you read through this book, see the bigger picture. Imagine having the ability to live accessing ALL of your dimensions beyond and ALL your spiritual skills, without having to physically be in the enhanced energy sites. Enjoy exploring the unlimited potentials that ARE your birthright As a Free Soul.

The Good Study Guide

The Good Study Guide Author Andrew Northedge
ISBN-10 9780749259747
Release 2005
Pages 383
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Developing your learning skills is one of the best investments you can make. We all need to be lifelong learners now. Whether you are an experienced student or just starting out this book will stimulate, guide and support you. It will make you think about yourself and how your mind learns. And it will change forever the way that you study.Topics include:- motivating yourself and managing your time- taking full advantage of your computer- reading with concentration and understanding- developing flexible note-taking strategies- getting the most from seminars and workshops- making presentations- researching online- handling numbers and charts with confidence- writing clear, well argued assignments- doing yourself justice in exams.For more information, go to

The Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease

The Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease Author Lindy Ashford
ISBN-10 0989326608
Release 2013-10-09
Pages 320
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Personal in approach, beautiful in design, global in scope, The Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease envisions a better world for people with Parkinson disease (PD). Developed by the Parkinsons Creative Collective (all of whom have PD), it is an anthology of the experiences of over 120 experts at living with PD -- the patients themselves. Join them on a journey from diagnosis, to informed patient, to empowered advocate. Filled with information and inspiration, it's a color-illustrated encyclopedia of PD from the patients' point of view. With nearly one quarter of the voices from around the world, it encourages discussion while it speaks to those newly diagnosed as well as to those who have lived with PD for years. Even medical professionals reading the book have found new perspectives on what it is like to live with PD. It delivers much more than the basics about this chronic, progressive, neurological disease. The authors share their stories and strategies on how to improve health, quality of life, and wellness in spite of PD. They also present opinions on how to speed the development of new treatments and how to face other life challenges that come with PD. --For those with PD, it's a support group between two covers; and for everyone else, it's a window into the world of PD.


Dred Author Harriet Beecher Stowe
ISBN-10 0807877298
Release 2009-11-17
Pages 656
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Harriet Beecher Stowe's second antislavery novel was written partly in response to the criticisms of Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852) by both white Southerners and black abolitionists. In Dred (1856), Stowe attempts to explore the issue of slavery from an African American perspective. Through the compelling stories of Nina Gordon, the mistress of a slave plantation, and Dred, a black revolutionary, Stowe brings to life conflicting beliefs about race, the institution of slavery, and the possibilities of violent resistance. Probing the political and spiritual goals that fuel Dred's rebellion, Stowe creates a figure far different from the acquiescent Christian martyr Uncle Tom. In his introduction to the classic novel, Robert S. Levine outlines the antislavery debates in which Stowe had become deeply involved before and during her writing of Dred. Levine shows that in addition to its significance in literary history, the novel remains relevant to present-day discussions of cross-racial perspectives.

The Tent Dwellers

The Tent Dwellers Author Albert Paine
ISBN-10 9785040497355
Release 2017-09-05
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The Tent Dwellers has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Tent Dwellers also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Tent Dwellers book for free.


Folklorica Author Egle Victoria Zygas
ISBN-10 0700703802
Release 1997
Pages 348
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Folklorica has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Folklorica also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Folklorica book for free.

Jose Silva s Everyday ESP

Jose Silva s Everyday ESP Author José Silva (Jr.)
ISBN-10 156414951X
Release 2007
Pages 250
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Jose Silva's Everyday ESP will help you not only learn how to tap into the natural ability of ESP but it will also help you understand hidden information that you can use to make better decisions in all areas of your life. Imagine if you had a guide who actually knew what lies ahead for you, and who could guide you to success, happiness, and fulfillment. In Jose Silva's Everyday ESP you will learn how to use your ESP to obtain guidance and help from higher intelligence to help you make better decisions and to fulfill your life's mission. Learn to use the scientifically researched and proven Silva Dynamic Meditation System to help you in all areas of life: health, relationships, success, making good decisions, and finding your purpose in life. Wouldn't it be nice to have guidance from higher intelligence as to how to achieve all this? For the first time in any of the many books released by Jose Silva, this book will contain an audio CD to speed up the process. The CD contains the Silva Centering Exercise, a practice Jose Silva invested 22 years of scientific research to develop. In just a few hours you can be functioning at the powerful alpha brain wave level. In addition to the resources in the book and on the audio CD, you can call on a network of Silva instructors throughout the world to help you. Plus, you will also be provided with a link to a special Website with additional resources and provisions to get personal answers to questions about using Silva's System to help you live the successful life that higher intelligence envisioned for you. As Jose Silva used to say, "May the rest of your life, be the best of your life."

Evolution of Goddess

Evolution of Goddess Author Emma Mildon
ISBN-10 9781501164088
Release 2018-07-10
Pages 240
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Bestselling spiritual author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook, Emma Mildon—the “goddess-messenger-girlfriend who may just lead you to your inner guru” (Katie Silcox, New York Times bestselling author)—provides a fascinating, fun, and inspiring exploration of female divinity throughout history, myth, and religion to help women understand, embody, and celebrate their inner goddess. Evolution of Goddess is a practical introduction to the goddess realm, digging up the histories of long-forgotten myths of goddesses of love, war, death, the sun, the moon, and more. With this clear-eyed and spirited book, you can finally become familiarized with goddesses from a wide range of cultures throughout history, including the mermaids of the Atlantic, the empresses of ancient Egypt, the wise women of the Middle Ages, right up to the modern-day goddesses who walk amongst us today as humble light workers, educating and inspiring. Through a goddess assessment, you’ll uncover your own goddess archetype and be given rituals, meditations, and exercises to tap and embolden your own feminine superpowers. Imbue your life with healing, invigorating goddess energy, and discover ways to harness your new empowerment to improve the world. Now is the time to reconnect with the strength and holistic spirituality of our ancestors—to trace the evolution of the Goddess.