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Teacher Preparation for Bilingual Student Populations

Teacher Preparation for Bilingual Student Populations Author Belinda Bustos Flores
ISBN-10 9781136966101
Release 2011-01-04
Pages 272
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The growing number of bilingual students in public schools coupled with a critical shortage of teachers specially prepared to serve this population calls for a critical examination of policies and practices in bilingual and ESL teacher preparation. This volume focuses on understanding the structural, substantive, and contextual elements of preparation programs, and provides transformative guidelines for creating Educar signature programs. Designed to improve the practice of teacher preparation by promoting dialogic conversations and applications of praxis in the preparation of bilingual/ESL teacher candidates, it emphasizes that exemplary teacher preparation requires transformative teacher educators. Simultaneously organizing the scholarship in the field and advancing new understandings, this book is must-have resource for current and future teacher educators. Contributors include Maria Brisk, Sylvia Celédon-Pattichis, Lourdes Diaz-Soto, Eugene García, Virginia Gonzáles, Guillermo Solano-Flores, Maria Torres-Guzman, Carmen Mercado, Bertha Pérez, Mari Riojas-Cortez, Francisco Rios, Concepción Valadez, and Angela Valenzuela.

Research on Preparing Preservice Teachers to Work Effectively with Emergent Bilinguals

Research on Preparing Preservice Teachers to Work Effectively with Emergent Bilinguals Author Yvonne S. Freeman
ISBN-10 9781784412647
Release 2014-09-22
Pages 370
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Teacher educators from institutions across the U.S. report their research with preservice teachers in large cities, suburban communities, and rural border areas. The authors explain what they have learned as they have conducted research on education for preservice teachers who will teach emergent bilinguals in mainstream, bilingual, and ESL.

Multicultural Literature for Latino Bilingual Children

Multicultural Literature for Latino Bilingual Children Author Ellen Riojas Clark
ISBN-10 9781475814934
Release 2015-11-25
Pages 350
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This book presents theoretical, research based, and classroom practices that explore the use of multicultural children’s literature to support the linguistic, academic, and psychological development of Latino children in the process of becoming bilingual and acquiring English. The contributions cover a broad spectrum of issues related to the effective use of children’s literature with Bilingual Learners (BL), including identity development, critical pedagogy, biliteracy development, and holistic literacy instruction.

English as a foreign language teacher education

English as a foreign language teacher education Author Juan de Dios Martínez Agudo
ISBN-10 9789401210485
Release 2014-02-01
Pages 364
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The field of Second Language Teacher Education (SLTE) is mainly concerned with the professional preparation of L2 teachers. In order to improve teaching in the multilingual and multicultural classroom of the 21st century, both pre- and in-service L2 teachers as well as L2 teacher educators must be prepared to meet the new challenges of education under the current circumstances, expanding their roles and responsibilities so as to face the new complex realities of language instruction. This volume explores a number of key dimensions of EFL teacher education. The sixteen chapters discuss a wide variety of issues related to second language pedagogy and SLTE. Topics discussed include the importance of SLA research; competency-based teacher education approach; classroom-based action research; SLTE models; the value and role of practicum experience abroad; the models of pronunciation teaching; multicultural awareness and competence; the influence of teachers’ cognitions, emotions and attitudes on their emerging and changing professional identities; the potential of classroom materials and technology; and CLIL and ESP teacher education. English as a foreign language teacher education: Current perspectives and challenges will be of interest to teachers-in-training, teachers, teacher educators and to those educational researchers interested in how L2 teaching is actually learned in professional preparation programmes. Juan de Dios Martínez Agudo is Associate Professor of EFL Teacher Education at the University of Extremadura, Spain. His current research interests include Second Language Acquisition and English Teaching Methodology. His most recent books are Oral Communication in the EFL Classroom (2008), Errors in the Second Language Classroom: Corrective Feedback (2010) and Teaching and Learning English through Bilingual Education (2012).

Generating Transworld Pedagogy

Generating Transworld Pedagogy Author Belinda Bustos Flores
ISBN-10 9780739186848
Release 2014-02-19
Pages 254
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Generating Transworld Pedagogy: Reimagining La Clase Mágica forges multiple lines of theory and practice to address one of the greatest challenges in the 21st century: meeting the educational needs of an increasingly diverse classroom and society. It situates teacher preparation and a new pedagogy as the focal points of a comprehensive approach that meets the cultural, linguistic, social, technical, and ethical demands of a world in motion.

Diversity Pedagogy

Diversity Pedagogy Author Rosa Hernández Sheets
ISBN-10 UVA:X004807112
Release 2005
Pages 238
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WINNER OF THE NAME 2005 PHILLIP C. CHINN MULTICULTURAL BOOK AWARD! Written by a powerful new voice in the field of multicultural education, Rosa Hernandez Sheets draws from her extensive teaching experience in urban schools to examine the learning issues of diverse student populations from pre-school to high school. The first in its field to demonstrate and explicate the interconnectedness of culture and cognition to the teaching-learning process, Diversity Pedagogy: Examining The Role Of Culture In The Teaching-Learning Process promotes successful services for more students, especially those from underserved communities. This text introduces a new theory--diversity pedagogy--constructs explicit applications to practice by providing examples of real-life classroom situations throughout, ultimately uniting schooling, culture, and psychology

Team based Learning

Team based Learning Author Larry K. Michaelsen
ISBN-10 089789863X
Release 2002
Pages 288
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The remarkable teaching strategy of team learning is explained in this book, taking the teaching of small groups to a whole new level. Team learning's distinctive feature is its ability to transform "groups" into "teams" and use the energy from team dynamics to generate significant learning, offering teachers advantages that are not available in any other form of teaching.

Engaging Students in Academic Literacies

Engaging Students in Academic Literacies Author María Estela Brisk
ISBN-10 9781317816140
Release 2014-07-25
Pages 366
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The Common Core State Standards require schools to include writing in a variety of genres across the disciplines. Engaging Students in Academic Literacies provides specific information to plan and carry out genre-based writing instruction in English for K-5 students within various content areas. Informed by systemic functional linguistics—a theory of language IN USE in particular ways for particular audiences and social purposes—it guides teachers in developing students’ ability to construct texts using structural and linguistic features of the written language. This approach to teaching writing and academic language is effective in addressing the persistent achievement gap between ELLs and "mainstream" students, especially in the context of current reforms in the U.S. Transforming systemic functional linguistics and genre theory into concrete classroom tools for designing, implementing, and reflecting on instruction and providing essential scaffolding for teachers to build their own knowledge of its essential elements applied to teaching, the text includes strategies for apprenticing students to writing in all genres, features of elementary students’ writing, and examples of practice.

Subtractive Schooling

Subtractive Schooling Author Angela Valenzuela
ISBN-10 9781438422626
Release 2010-03-31
Pages 346
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Provides an enhanced sense of what’s required to genuinely care for and educate the U.S.–Mexican youth in America.

Racial and Ethnic Identity in School Practices

Racial and Ethnic Identity in School Practices Author ROSA HERNANDEZ SHEETS
ISBN-10 9781135682101
Release 1999-04-01
Pages 288
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This book demonstrates and explicates the work of scholars and practitioners who are exploring the interconnectedness of racial and ethnic identity scholarship to human development in order to promote successful pedagogical practices and services. Racial and ethnic identity issues are brought directly to schooling so that teaching-learning experiences, psychological services, and counseling practices within the educational process can be made more effective for a greater number of students. By acknowledging that the racial and ethnic psychological experiences of individuals are consequential, the volume: * Provides scholars and students in psychology, educational psychology, counseling, and teacher preparation programs with current research on racial and ethnic identity formation and human development. * Explains why traditional theories of human development, which lack racial and ethnic dimensions and which have evolved exclusively from a Eurocentric perspective, are problematic. * Documents current best practices from psychology, educational leadership, counseling, and teaching and classroom practices that support the claim that practitioners who are aware of racial and ethnic identity (their own and others) are better prepared to respond to students from their own background as well as those from other racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Part I explains why the relationship among racial identity, ethnic identity, and human development is critical to schooling and provides the conceptual framework guiding and unifying subsequent chapters. In Part II, current research in racial and ethnic identity is presented and discussed. Challenges and strategies for multicultural practices are the focus of Part III. This book's goal is to help researchers, practitioners, and graduate students whose work directly intersects educational issues and the needs of children within the school environment to interpret and contextualize relevant research and theory, and to bridge theory into practice.

Advocating for English Learners

Advocating for English Learners Author James Crawford
ISBN-10 9781847690722
Release 2008
Pages 193
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A collection of 18 essays addressing the policy and politics of educating English language learners. Subjects include demographic change and its educational implications, American responses to language diversity, public controversies over bilingual education, high-stakes testing and its impact on English language learners, and the precarious status of language rights in the USA.

Teaching and Learning in Two Languages

Teaching and Learning in Two Languages Author Eugene E. García
ISBN-10 0807745367
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 199
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This is the most comprehensive, up-to-date volume on the state of bilingual education in the United States and, in particular, on effective curriculum and instructional approaches. Eugene García, renowned authority, depicts the vast scope and complexity of the problem of educating English language learners. He sets forth a conceptual framework to guide educational policy and practice that reflects democratic ideals and values. This authoritative reference: provides a comprehensive review of theory, research, practice, and policy that accurately characterizes the education of bilingual students in U.S. schools; presents an analysis of teachers, classrooms, schools, and communities that have successfully educated bilingual children by employing diverse instructional strategies; addresses language, social, and cognitive issues as they intersect with various instructional practices; and identifies the characteristics of effective bilingual education programs, presenting examples of school programs that exemplify these characteristics.

Reading Paulo Freire

Reading Paulo Freire Author Moacir Gadotti
ISBN-10 0791419231
Release 1994
Pages 204
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This book was written as Paulo Freire himself would have done it, using a method of learning through victories and defeats in the same way one learns in life. The author follows a chronological line in which life and work are naturally mixed. In many cases, he lets Paulo Freire's work speak for itself.

Teacher Education in America

Teacher Education in America Author Merle L. Borrowman
ISBN-10 0835796094
Pages 264
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Teacher Education in America has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Teacher Education in America also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Teacher Education in America book for free.

Progressives Patterns Pedagogy

Progressives  Patterns  Pedagogy Author Ute Römer
ISBN-10 9027222894
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 327
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This book presents a large-scale corpus-driven study of progressives in 'real' English and 'school' English, combining an analysis of general linguistic interest with a pedagogically motivated one. A systematic comparative analysis of more than 10,000 progressive forms taken from the largest existing corpora of spoken British English and from a small corpus of EFL textbook texts highlights numerous differences between actual language use and textbook language concerning the distribution of progressives, their preferred contexts, favoured functions, and typical lexical-grammatical patterns. On the basis of these differences, a number of pedagogical implications are derived, the integration of which then leads to a first draft of an innovative concept of teaching progressives - a concept which responds to three key criteria in pedagogical description: typicality, authenticity, and communicative utility. The analysis also demonstrates that many existing accounts of the progressive are inappropriate in several respects and that not enough attention is being paid to lexical-grammatical relations.! Winner of the "Wissenschaftspreis Hannover 2006" for outstanding research monographs !

AICLE CLIL EMILE Educaci pluriling e Experiencias research pol tiques

AICLE     CLIL     EMILE  Educaci   pluriling  e  Experiencias  research   pol  tiques Author Cristina Escobar Urmeneta
ISBN-10 9788449026782
Release 2011-04-29
Pages 342
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El present volum és el resultat de la selecció de les millors comunicacions presentades en la primera Taula Rodona Internacional TRI-CLIL sobre Aprenentatge Integrat de Continguts i Llengües (AICLE). El congrés va aconseguir reunir professionals de la docència i de la recerca, tant de matèries escolars, llengües estrangeres i llengües considerades oficials o co-oficials a diferents territoris, que esdevenen llengües addicionals per a la població escolar migrada.

Urban Literacies

Urban Literacies Author Valerie Kinloch
ISBN-10 0807751820
Release 2011
Pages 220
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Showcasing cutting-edge perspectives, Urban Literacies explores meanings of urban education in the lives of students and their families across three intersecting spectrums: 1) research on family and community literacies, 2) research in teaching and teacher education, and 3) research in popular culture, digital media, and forms of multimodality. Contributors include: Marcelle M. Haddix, Marc Lamont Hill, Korina Jocson, Sonia Nieto, Django Paris, Patricia Sanchez, Peter Smagorinsky, Mariana Souto-Manning, and Maisha T. Winn