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Teaching from Rest

Teaching from Rest Author Sarah Mackenzie
ISBN-10 1600512879
Release 2015-09-15
Pages 89
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Teaching from Rest has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Teaching from Rest also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Teaching from Rest book for free.

The Read Aloud Family

The Read Aloud Family Author Sarah Mackenzie
ISBN-10 9780310351375
Release 2018-03-27
Pages 288
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Connecting deeply with our kids can be difficult in our busy, technology-driven lives. Reading aloud offers us a chance to be fully present with our children. It also increases our kids’ academic success, inspires compassion, and fortifies them with the inner strength they need to face life’s challenges. As Sarah Mackenzie has found with her own six children, reading aloud long after kids are able to read to themselves can deepen relationships in a powerful way. Founder of the immensely popular Read-Aloud Revival podcast, Sarah knows first-hand how reading can change a child’s life. In The Read-Aloud Family, she offers the inspiration and age-appropriate book lists you need to start a read-aloud movement in your own home. From a toddler’s wonder to a teenager’s resistance, Sarah details practical strategies to make reading aloud a meaningful family ritual. Reading aloud not only has the power to change a family—it has the power to change the world.

Help for the Harried Homeschooler

Help for the Harried Homeschooler Author Christine Field
ISBN-10 9780307568854
Release 2009-10-07
Pages 288
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Homeschooling moms and dads can be overwhelmed by the demands on their time. Between their children’s educational needs; their roles as spouse, parent, and more; and their own individual desires and goals, these mothers and fathers struggle to accomplish all that must be done. In Help for the Harried Homeschooler, experienced homeschooler, author, and mother of four Christine Field offers sound advice for parents who want not only to achieve homeschooling success but also to reach a balance in their lives. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Homeschooling for the Rest of Us

Homeschooling for the Rest of Us Author Sonya Haskins
ISBN-10 9781441212542
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 176
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Homeschooling parents are under great pressure. Besides trying to balance teaching responsibilities and family life, they often face unrealistic expectations from relatives, churches, other homeschoolers, and society at large. Even parents considering homeschooling sense the need to be perfect. Sonya Haskins doesn't want any more families to give up on homeschooling. In this book she shares affirming stories and practical ideas from dozens of everyday families who successfully deal with cluttered schedules, academic struggles, sibling squabbles, and other real-life issues. Instead of learning a one-size-fits-all approach, readers will discover how to evaluate their own family's strengths and weaknesses and set their own goals for success.

Teaching in Your Tiara

Teaching in Your Tiara Author Rebecca Frech
ISBN-10 0615791506
Release 2013-05-27
Pages 210
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"One of the keys to being happy while homeschooling is to do it in a way that is natural for you - if you are a book girl, then pack your day full of literature, if you're crafty, then get out the glue sticks and glitter, and if your brain works better when it's sparkly... then, by golly, stick a tiara on your head and go teach something!" Do you wish that you had the chance to sit down with a seasoned homeschooling veteran over a cup of tea and ask every question that comes to mind? Mother of seven and twelve year homeschooling veteran Rebecca Frech is the common-sense voice of experience and reassurance that you've been hoping to find. Teaching in Your Tiara is a soup-to-nuts homeschooling book that walks you through the first years - deciding that home education is right for your family, choosing the right curriculum, understanding learning styles, not raising socially awkward kids, maintaining your own identity, and more. Whether you're the parent who's already committed to homeschooling or you're just dipping your toe into the pool of consideration, this book is for you! Rebecca's logic, honesty, and humor will leave you both amused and well-informed about the realities of homeschooling and what it could mean for your family.

Homeschooling the Challenging Child

Homeschooling the Challenging Child Author Christine Field
ISBN-10 9781433674983
Release 2005-02-01
Pages 256
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Often, families will choose homeschooling because they have children who cannot cope or thrive within traditional educational environments due to special physical or emotional needs. Homeschooling the Challenging Child addresses these special education issues, offering potential and current homeschooling families qualified and expert advice. Experienced homeschool mom and author Christine Field will offer hope and direction for those seeking to offer their children the best educational opportunities available.

A Little Way of Homeschooling

A Little Way of Homeschooling Author Suzie Andres
ISBN-10 0983180008
Release 2011
Pages 227
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13 families describe their Catholic unschooling experiences.

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Year 2001 Edition

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling  Year 2001 Edition Author Debra Bell
ISBN-10 9781418574611
Release 2000-06-11
Pages 404
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Now even more complete, with updated lists of available resource materials, this manual is your access guide to home schooling- maximizing our family life while providing a quality education for your children. If you're considering homeschooling, this book is a must-read before you decide; and if you've been at it for awhile, it's a fresh perspective, with plenty of tactics for renewing your energy and motivating your kids. With wit and wisdom gleaned from years of experience, Debra Bell sets forth a compelling vision for the joys of home-based learnng and the essential tools for success. The CD-ROM contains the complete text of the book, plus website links and a search engine.

For the Children s Sake

For the Children s Sake Author Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
ISBN-10 1433523086
Release 2009-06-17
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For the Children s Sake has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from For the Children s Sake also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full For the Children s Sake book for free.

Beyond Survival

Beyond Survival Author Diana Waring
ISBN-10 1883002370
Release 1996
Pages 218
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Wouldn't you love to sit down with an experienced homeschooling mom and pick her brain? "Beyond Survival" gives you the preparation and working plan for a successful homeschooling experience. With confidence and compassionate humor, Diana Waring leads you on a joy-filled educational journey.

When You Rise Up

When You Rise Up Author R. C. Sproul, Jr.
ISBN-10 0875527116
Release 2004
Pages 142
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Who should teach our children? What should they be taught? A homeschooling advocate gives answers that profit all parents.

The Core

The Core Author Leigh A. Bortins
ISBN-10 9780230100350
Release 2010-06-08
Pages 238
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The Core is an important resource that helps parents create ways to incorporate study into daily routines involving the entire family. --Book Jacket.

Legendary Learning

Legendary Learning Author Jamie McMillin
ISBN-10 0983151008
Release 2011
Pages 253
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Transform ordinary ho-hum homeschooling into legendary success with the same techniques used by Thomas Edison, Teddy Roosevelt, Agatha Christie, Louis Armstrong, and other famous homeschoolers. Parents will be inspired to break free of conventions, unleash their child's unique creative genius, cultivate determination, and create an authentic atmosphere of learning.

Grace for the Homeschool Mom

Grace for the Homeschool Mom Author Tamara Larraine Chilver
ISBN-10 1492352861
Release 2013-08-06
Pages 82
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When parents who homeschool their children doubt their choice to educate their children, both because of criticism from friends, family, and society at large and because of the tendency to self-critique one's decisions, their children's education suffers. This book offers advice on how to accept homeschooling as a calling from God and gives support to parents who need spiritual uplifting during their homeschooling journey.

When Children Love to Learn

When Children Love to Learn Author Elaine Cooper
ISBN-10 9781433516924
Release 2004-04-07
Pages 256
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They're hallmarks of childhood. The endless "why" questions. The desire to touch and taste everything. The curiosity and the observations. It can't be denied-children have an inherent desire to know. Teachers and parents can either encourage this natural inquisitiveness or squelch it. There is joy in the classroom when children learn-not to take a test, not to get a grade, not to compete with each other, and not to please their parents or their teachers-but because they want to know about the world around them! Both Christian educators and parents will find proven help in creating a positive learning atmosphere through methods pioneered by Charlotte Mason that show how to develop a child's natural love of learning. The professional educators, administrators, and Mason supporters contributing to this volume give useful applications that work in a variety of educational settings, from Christian schools to homeschools. A practical follow-up to Crossway's For the Children's Sake, this book follows a tradition of giving serious thought to what education is, so that children will be learning for life and for everlasting life.

How to Get Your Child Off the Refrigerator and on to Learning

How to Get Your Child Off the Refrigerator and on to Learning Author Carol Barnier
ISBN-10 1883002702
Release 2000-03-01
Pages 112
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Author examines ways to teach children with attention issues and high energy.

Honey for a Child s Heart

Honey for a Child s Heart Author Gladys Hunt
ISBN-10 9780310872641
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 256
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Family favorite now revised and updated, including an annotated list of books for ages 0-12Everything parents need to know to find the best books for their childrenSince its publication in 1969, this has been an essential guide for parents wanting to find the best books for their children. Now in its fourth edition, Honey for a Child’s Heart discusses everything from the ways reading affects both children’s view of the world and their imagination to how to choose good books. Illustrated with drawings from dozens of favorites, it includes an indexed and updated list of the best new books on the market and the classics that you want your children to enjoy. Author Gladys Hunt’s tastes are broad, her advice is rooted in experience, and her suggestions will enrich the cultural and spiritual life of any home.