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Teaching Learning and Schooling in Film

Teaching  Learning  and Schooling in Film Author Daniel P. Liston
ISBN-10 9781317815020
Release 2014-12-05
Pages 276
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Films about education provide many of the most popular interpretations of what teaching and learning mean in schools. An analysis of this medium reveals much about the historical, cultural, political, and philosophical dimensions of education. Timely and engaging, this book fills a gap for scholarly and informed public commentary on the portrayal of education in film, offering a wide range of conceptual and interpretive perspectives. Teaching, Learning, and Schooling in Film explores several key questions, including: What does it mean to be a good teacher? How do these good teachers instruct? When is and what makes teaching complex? What constitutes learning? Do educational reforms work? The book’s interdisciplinary group of contributors answers these important questions in essays highlighting Hollywood, independent, and documentary films. Prospective and practicing teachers will engage with the thought-provoking educational issues raised in this book and gain insight into the complexities of teaching and learning portrayed in film.

Sports and K 12 Education

Sports and K 12 Education Author Ian Parker Renga
ISBN-10 9781475841442
Release 2018-05-18
Pages 182
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Sports are an integral part of education, but what does this mean for educators? Sports and K-12 Education addresses this through chapters divided into 3 themes: sports and classroom success; sports and identity; and sports, media, and schools, exploring coaching and teaching, student-athlete identity, media portrayals of female athletes, and more.

Exploring Teachers in Fiction and Film

Exploring Teachers in Fiction and Film Author Melanie Shoffner
ISBN-10 9781317371687
Release 2016-03-31
Pages 232
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This book about teachers as characters in popular media examines what can be learned from fictional teachers for the purposes of educating real teachers. Its aim is twofold: to examine the constructed figure of the teacher in film, television and text and to apply that examination in the context of teacher education. By exploring the teacher construct, readers are able to consider how popular fiction and film have influenced society’s understandings and views of classroom teachers. Organized around four main themes—Identifying with the Teacher Image; Constructing the Teacher with Content; Imaging the Teacher as Savior; The Teacher Construct as Commentary—the chapters examine the complicated mixture of fact, stereotype and misrepresentation that create the image of the teacher in the public eye today. This examination, in turn, allows teacher educators to use popular culture as curriculum. Using the fictional teacher as a text, preservice—and practicing—teachers can examine positive and negative (and often misleading) representations of teachers in order to develop as teachers themselves.

Why Teach

Why Teach Author Mark Edmundson
ISBN-10 9781620406427
Release 2014-08-12
Pages 240
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From one of the country's great professors, a fresh, modern take on what higher education is for.

Real Learning Real Work

Real Learning  Real Work Author Adria Steinberg
ISBN-10 041591793X
Release 1998
Pages 198
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First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

High stakes Testing and the Decline of Teaching and Learning

High stakes Testing and the Decline of Teaching and Learning Author David W. Hursh
ISBN-10 0742561496
Release 2008
Pages 175
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Argues that education in the States and Britain has been radically transformed, through efforts to create curricular standards, and through an emphasis on accountability measured by standardized tests, and efforts to introduce market competition and private services into educational systems.

Real Education

Real Education Author Charles A. Murray
ISBN-10 9780307405388
Release 2008
Pages 219
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The coauthor of The Bell Curve addresses serious problems with the American educational system and introduces four simple truths that parents and educators need to confront--Ability varies, Half of the children are below average, Too many people are going to college, and America's future depends on how we educate the gifted. 80,000 first printing.

Education in Popular Culture

Education in Popular Culture Author Roy Fisher
ISBN-10 9781134320639
Release 2008-05-06
Pages 221
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Education in Popular Culture explores what makes schools, colleges, teachers and students an enduring focus for a wide range of contemporary media. What is it about the school experience that makes us wish to relive it again and again? The book provides an overview of education as it is represented in popular culture, together with a framework through which educators can interpret these representations in relation to their own professional values and development. The analyses are contextualised within contemporary, historical and ideological frameworks, and make connections between popular representations and professional and political discourses about education. Through its examination of film, television, popular lyrics and fiction, this book tackles educational themes that recur in popular culture, and demonstrates how they intersect with debates concerning teacher performance, the curriculum and young people’s behaviour and morality. Chapters explore how experiences of education are both reflected and constructed in ways that sometimes reinforce official and professional educational perspectives, and sometimes resist and oppose them. Education in Popular Culture will stimulate critical reflection on the popular myths and professional discourses that surround teachers and teaching. It will serve to deepen analyses of teaching and learning and their associated institutional and societal contexts in a creative and challenging way.

Computer Science Education

Computer Science Education Author Sue Sentance
ISBN-10 9781350057128
Release 2018-03-22
Pages 264
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Drawing together the most up-to-date research from experts all across the world, Computer Science Education provides full, current coverage of a teaching subject that's still developing. It offers the most up-to-date coverage available on this developing subject, ideal for building confidence of new PGCE students teaching a very new discipline, exploring key concepts, pedagogical approaches and assessment practices. Highlights include: - a comprehensive taxonomy of programming misconceptions from Juha Sorva - an up-to-date discussion of computational thinking by Shuchi Grover and Roy Pea - a detailed look at issues of equity in computer science education by Jill Denner and Shannon Campe - teachers' and pupils' attitudes are considered by Quintin Cutts and Peter Donaldson - Paul Curzon and colleagues explore a range of different strategies for teaching computer science concepts - Ira Diethelm and her colleagues highlight the difficulties presented by the language we use to talk about computer science. The book is structured to support the reader with chapter outlines, synopses and key points. Explanations of key concepts, real-life examples and reflective points keep the theory grounded in classroom practice.

Why School

Why School Author Mike Rose
ISBN-10 9781620970041
Release 2014-02-04
Pages 272
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Why School? is a little book driven by big questions. What does it mean to be educated? What is intelligence? How should we think about intelligence, education, and opportunity in an open society? Drawing on forty years of teaching and research and "a profound understanding of the opportunities, both intellectual and economic, that come from education" (Booklist), award-winning author Mike Rose reflects on these and other questions related to public schooling in America. He answers them in beautifully written chapters that are both rich in detail and informed by an extensive knowledge of history, the psychology of learning, and the politics of education. This paperback edition includes three new chapters showing how cognitive science actually narrows our understanding of learning, how to increase college graduation rates, and how to value the teaching of basic skills. An updated introduction by Rose, who has been hailed as "a superb writer and an even better storyteller" (TLN Teachers Network), reflects on recent developments in school reform. Lauded as "a beautifully written work of literary nonfiction" (The Christian Science Monitor) and called "stunning" by the New Educator Journal, Why School? offers an eloquent call for a bountiful democratic vision of the purpose of schooling.

Learning Directory

Learning Directory Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015036929068
Release 1970
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Learning Directory has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Learning Directory also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Learning Directory book for free.

Jules on Schools

Jules on Schools Author Julia M. Williams
ISBN-10 9780979488320
Release 2008
Pages 201
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This timely collection of essays addresses the demanding but also rewarding work of supporting schools and nurturing the learning of school children today. (Education/Teaching)

Ency Of Teaching Of Science 2Vol

Ency  Of Teaching Of Science 2Vol Author Poly Dat
ISBN-10 8176250902
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 676
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Ency Of Teaching Of Science 2Vol has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ency Of Teaching Of Science 2Vol also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ency Of Teaching Of Science 2Vol book for free.

The Rebirth of Education

The Rebirth of Education Author Lant Pritchett
ISBN-10 9781933286778
Release 2013-09-30
Pages 274
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Despite great progress around the world in getting more kids into schools, too many leave without even the most basic skills. In India’s rural Andhra Pradesh, for instance, only about one in twenty children in fifth grade can perform basic arithmetic. The problem is that schooling is not the same as learning. In The Rebirth of Education, Lant Pritchett uses two metaphors from nature to explain why. The first draws on Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom’s book about the difference between centralized and decentralized organizations, The Starfish and the Spider. Schools systems tend be centralized and suffer from the limitations inherent in top-down designs. The second metaphor is the concept of isomorphic mimicry. Pritchett argues that many developing countries superficially imitate systems that were successful in other nations— much as a nonpoisonous snake mimics the look of a poisonous one. Pritchett argues that the solution is to allow functional systems to evolve locally out of an environment pressured for success. Such an ecosystem needs to be open to variety and experimentation, locally operated, and flexibly financed. The only main cost is ceding control; the reward would be the rebirth of education suited for today’s world.

Staying After School

Staying After School Author Robert Eidelberg
ISBN-10 9781543448016
Release 2017-08-30
Pages 124
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Remarkable teachers. Challenging classes. What if! Like his So You Think You Might Like to Teach, educator Robert Eidelbergs latest next word book, Staying After School, is about what goes into good instruction and true learning (and that odd couple relationship of teacher and student). Schools out, but then its back in. And through a unique form and structure, Staying After School showcases more than a dozen school-set novels and films and the imaginative writing about them by nineteen of Eidelbergs student collaborators. Here is a class-act assortment of what-ifs by college students who figuratively stayed after school in their special course, The Teacher and Student in Literature, to creatively extrapolate from the literary works of such school book authors as Bel Kaufman, Evan Hunter, E. R. Braithwaite, Frances Gray Patton, and Leo Rosten, along with major film director Richard Brooks

Learning and Teaching Real World Problem Solving in School Mathematics

Learning and Teaching Real World Problem Solving in School Mathematics Author Murad Jurdak
ISBN-10 9783319082042
Release 2016-05-30
Pages 199
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The ultimate aim of this book is to identify the conceptual tools and the instructional modalities which enable students and teachers to cross the boundary between school mathematics and real world problem solving. The book identifies, examines, and integrates seven conceptual tools, of which five are constructs (activity theory, narrative, modeling, critical mathematics education, ethnomathematics) and two are contexts (STEM and the workplace). The author develops two closely linked multiple-perspective frameworks: one for learning real world problem solving in school mathematics, which sets the foundations of learning real world problem solving in school mathematics; and one for teaching real world problem solving in school mathematics, which explores the modalities of teaching real world problem solving in school mathematics. “The book is composed as, on the one hand, a high-level theoretical scholarly work on real world problem solving in school mathematics, and, on the other hand, a set of twelve narratives which, put together, constitute a thought-provoking and moving personal and professional autobiography.” - Mogens Niss “These narratives combine aspects of Murad’s personal trajectory as an individual with those points in his professional career at which he became aware of perspectives on and approaches to mathematics education that were both significant in and of themselves, and instrumental for the specific scholarly endeavor presented in the book.” - Mogens Niss

Teaching the Screen

Teaching the Screen Author Michael Anderson
ISBN-10 9781741768626
Release 2009-05-01
Pages 224
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Digital video and film technologies are transforming classrooms across the world. Teaching the Screen looks beyond the buttons and knobs to explore ways of teaching video and film effectively in secondary classrooms. More and more young people have access to low-cost filming and editing technologies - mobile phones, computers, portable digital - which is changing the experience of digital storytelling. Approaches to classroom teaching and learning need to change too. The authors offer a new pedagogy of film storytelling that draws on research from effective classroom film learning practice. They contextualise screen learning within different educational settings, discuss how teachers can highlight aesthetics in film appreciation and filmmaking, and explore the impact of different technologies. Teaching the Screen is essential reading for educators who want to create engaging learning and teaching activities with screen technologies in secondary English and other subject areas. 'A well balanced and comprehensive account of the issues in filmmaking likely to be encountered by English teachers. It lifts engagement beyond the usual procedural knowledge level, to one of active critique.' - Sue Brindley, University of Cambridge 'This book has bridged the theoretical and practical without compromising either. It offers a thorough systematic account of theoretical issues and practical techniques in teaching film appreciation and filmmaking.' - Associate Professor George Belliveau, University of British Columbia