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Teaching Strategies That Prepare Students for High Stakes Tests

Teaching Strategies That Prepare Students for High Stakes Tests Author Donna Walker Tileston
ISBN-10 9781452294360
Release 2008-05-22
Pages 104
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Teach for declarative and procedural knowledge and boost student achievement with these practical, research-proven strategies for incorporating state standards and benchmarks into lessons and assessments.

The Unintended Consequences of High stakes Testing

The Unintended Consequences of High stakes Testing Author M. Gail Jones
ISBN-10 0742526275
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 179
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To understand how high-stakes accountability has influenced teaching and learning, this book looks at the consequences that high-stakes tests hold for students, teachers, administrators, and the public, and demonstates the negative effects of such testing on nontested subjects, minority students, and students with special needs.

The Paradoxes of High Stakes Testing

The Paradoxes of High Stakes Testing Author Michael Russell
ISBN-10 9781607529835
Release 2009-02-01
Pages 265
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As a nation, we spend more than $1 billion a year on federally mandated educational tests that 30 million students must take each year. The country spends an additional $1.2 billion on test preparation materials designed to help students pass these tests. While test mandates were put in place with good intentions, increasingly educational leaders and policy makers are questioning these test based reform efforts. Some question whether these programs are doing more harm than good. Others call for the development of more and better tests. Given the vast amount of resources our nation pours into testing, is it time we pay closer attention to these testing programs? Is it time we hold the testing industry and policy makers accountable for the tests they make and use? Is it time we invest resources to develop new ways of testing our students? The Paradoxes of HighStakes Testing explores these and other questions, as it helps parents, teachers, educational leaders, and policy makers better understand the complexities of educational policies that use tests as a lever for improving the quality of education. The book explores: >> how testing is used to enable teachers and schools to be more effective and improve student learning, >> why testing is so ingrained in the American psyche and why policy makers rely on testing policies to reform our educational system, >> what we can learn from a long history of testbased reform efforts that have occurred over centuries and across continents, >> what effects testing has on teaching and learning in our schools when it is used to solve political, social, or economic problems. Most importantly, the book describes several ways in which testing can be improved to provide more accurate and more useful measures of student learning. Many of these improvements capitalize on technology to provide teachers with more detailed, diagnostic information about student learning and measure skills that some leaders argue are essential for the 21st century work force. Exploring what is within reach is critical because current testing policies are hindering these improvements. Finally, given that testing is and will continue to be an integral part of our educational system, the book concludes that, like other sectors of our society, educational testing must be more closely monitored to ensure that high quality tests are used to measure student achievement and to minimize the negative effects that testing has on students, schools, and our society. Given the opportunity our nation has to rethink and redesign its testing policies, The Paradoxes of HighStakes Testing presents a clear strategy to maximize the positive effects of educational testing.

What Every Teacher Should Know About Student Assessment

What Every Teacher Should Know About Student Assessment Author Donna Walker Tileston
ISBN-10 9781483360263
Release 2003-10-30
Pages 136
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Gain a solid foundation for understanding the implications of standards-based instruction in the classroom and sharpen your skill in enhancing student understanding.

High Stakes

High Stakes Author Committee on Appropriate Test Use
ISBN-10 9780309062800
Release 1998-12-16
Pages 352
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Everyone is in favor of "high education standards" and "fair testing" of student achievement, but there is little agreement as to what these terms actually mean. High Stakes looks at how testing affects critical decisions for American students. As more and more tests are introduced into the country's schools, it becomes increasingly important to know how those tests are used--and misused--in assessing children's performance and achievements. High Stakes focuses on how testing is used in schools to make decisions about tracking and placement, promotion and retention, and awarding or withholding high school diplomas. This book sorts out the controversies that emerge when a test score can open or close gates on a student's educational pathway. The expert panel: Proposes how to judge the appropriateness of a test. Explores how to make tests reliable, valid, and fair. Puts forward strategies and practices to promote proper test use. Recommends how decisionmakers in education should--and should not--use test results. The book discusses common misuses of testing, their political and social context, what happens when test issues are taken to court, special student populations, social promotion, and more. High Stakes will be of interest to anyone concerned about the long-term implications for individual students of picking up that Number 2 pencil: policymakers, education administrators, test designers, teachers, and parents.

Tests That Teach

Tests That Teach Author Karen Tankersley
ISBN-10 9781416612216
Release 2010-06-22
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Now that the No Child Left Behind Act has left its mark on public education, educators across the United States are all the more invested in preparing their students for state and national assessments. In Tests That Teach: Using Standardized Tests to Improve Instruction, Karen Tankersley guides you with proven tips and instructional strategies to help your students perform to their potential. Covering all core contents areas--language arts, social studies, math, and science--and respecting all levels of student performance, Tankersley *Examines the various types of questions that routinely appear on these assessments; *Provides sample multiple-choice and constructed-response questions from the tests; *Offers guidelines on how to create daily lessons that encourage students to practice the skills and demonstrate the knowledge they'll need to use on the high-stakes tests; *Suggests word lists, games, discussion topics, and testing ideas for your classroom; and *Describes how school staff can create a learning community that fosters collaboration among teachers and high performance in students. Also included are a wealth of online resources for lesson plans, daily classroom activities, and virtual field trips, as well as links to every state's released materials on its own assessment. As Tankersley explains, teaching students the skills they need to do well on constructed-response tests will better prepare students both to score well on state and national assessments and to take their place as thoughtful and organized thinkers in a rapidly changing, competitive society.

Addressing Test Anxiety in a High Stakes Environment

Addressing Test Anxiety in a High Stakes Environment Author Gregory J. Cizek
ISBN-10 1412908906
Release 2006
Pages 178
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This research-based guide offers recommendations for dealing with test anxiety, and includes suggestions on reducing its effects and identifying situations in which it can actually be helpful.

Self Driven Learning

Self Driven Learning Author Larry Ferlazzo
ISBN-10 9781317921615
Release 2013-09-05
Pages 224
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In this lively, research-based book, award-winning educator Larry Ferlazzo tackles everyday classroom challenges with creative instructional techniques to help middle- and high-school teachers develop self-motivated and high-achieving students. The practical tips, online resources, and mini-lessons in this book encourage students to take charge of their own learning, boosting their success in and outside of the classroom. Detailed lesson plans in every chapter align with the Common Core English Language Arts Standards and cover a variety of valuable skills, including: Personal responsibility and perseverance Social and emotional learning Standardized test-taking strategies And much more!

What Every Parent Should Know About Schools Standards and High Stakes Tests

What Every Parent Should Know About Schools  Standards  and High Stakes Tests Author Donna Walker Tileston
ISBN-10 1412914701
Release 2005-10-13
Pages 70
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Help parents understand educational standards, mandated tests, No Child Left Behind, and other issues affecting their children’s schools with this reader-friendly guide.

Closing the Poverty and Culture Gap

Closing the Poverty and Culture Gap Author Donna Walker Tileston
ISBN-10 9781412955317
Release 2009-03-31
Pages 98
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Improve achievement in diverse classrooms with a six-part framework to help learners become motivated, create connections from prior knowledge, and acquire procedural and declarative knowledge.

What Every Teacher Should Know About Effective Teaching Strategies

What Every Teacher Should Know About Effective Teaching Strategies Author Donna Walker Tileston
ISBN-10 9780761931218
Release 2003-10-30
Pages 115
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The innovative strategies presented in this volume will give you a bag of tools to help your students achieve higher-level learning.

Teaching and Evaluating Writing in the Age of Computers and High stakes Testing

Teaching and Evaluating Writing in the Age of Computers and High stakes Testing Author Carl Whithaus
ISBN-10 9780805847994
Release 2005
Pages 169
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This book takes on a daunting task: How do writing teachers continue to work toward preparing students for academic and real-world communication situations, while faced with the increasing use of standardized high-stakes testing? Teachers need both the technical ability to deal with this reality and the ideological means to critique the information technologies and assessment methods that are transforming the writing classroom. Teaching and Evaluating Writing in the Age of Computers and High-Stakes Testing serves this dual need by offering a theoretical framework, actual case studies, and practical methods for evaluating student writing. By examining issues in writing assessment--ranging from the development of electronic portfolios to the impact of state-wide, standards-based assessment methods on secondary and post-secondary courses--this book discovers four situated techniques of authentic assessment that are already in use at a number of locales throughout the United States. These techniques stress: *interacting with students as communicators using synchronous and asynchronous environments; *describing the processes and products of student learning rather than enumerating deficits; *situating pedagogy and evaluation within systems that incorporate rather than exclude local variables; and *distributing assessment among diverse audiences. By advocating for a flexible system of communication-based assessment in computer-mediated writing instruction, this book validates teachers' and students' experiences with writing and also acknowledges the real-world weight of the new writing components on the SAT and ACT, as well as on state-mandated standardized writing and proficiency exams.

The Ethical Teacher

The Ethical Teacher Author Campbell, Elizabeth
ISBN-10 9780335212187
Release 2003-09-01
Pages 178
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This text combines teachers' beliefs and practices with a discussion of the connections between the moral dimensions of schooling and professional ethics applied in teaching. It presents the concept of ethical knowledge as it is revealed, as it is challenged, and as it may be used in schools.

What Every Teacher Should Know About Instructional Planning

What Every Teacher Should Know About Instructional Planning Author Donna Walker Tileston
ISBN-10 9781483360232
Release 2003-10-30
Pages 128
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How will teachers know when students understand? This lesson planning guide provides the answers based on current, quality research on instructional planning.

Teacher Involvement in High Stakes Language Testing

Teacher Involvement in High Stakes Language Testing Author Daniel Xerri
ISBN-10 9783319771779
Release 2018-04-27
Pages 345
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This book advocates that teachers should play an active role in high-stakes language testing and that more weight should be given to teacher judgement. This is likely to increase the formative potential of high-stakes tests and provide teachers with a sense of ownership. The implication is that the knowledge and skills they develop by being involved in these tests will feed into their own classroom practices. The book also considers the arguments against teacher involvement, e.g. the contention that teacher involvement might entrench the practice of teaching to the test, or that teachers should not be actively involved in high-stakes language testing because their judgement is insufficiently reliable. Using contributions from a wide range of international educational contexts, the book proposes that a lack of reliability in teacher judgement is best addressed by means of training and not by barring educators from participating in high-stakes language testing. It also argues that their involvement in testing helps teachers to bolster confidence in their own judgement and develop their assessment literacy. Moreover, teacher involvement empowers them to play a role in reforming high-stakes language testing so that it is more equitable and more likely to enhance classroom practices. High-stakes language tests that adopt such an inclusive approach facilitate more effective learning on the part of teachers, which ultimately benefits all their students.

Studying and Learning in a High Stakes World

Studying and Learning in a High Stakes World Author Rona F. Flippo
ISBN-10 9781475812497
Release 2014-12-11
Pages 174
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Designed to help middle and high school teachers, as well as students new to the rigor of college, Studying and Learning in a High Stakes World incorporates test preparation into classrooms without asking teachers to “teach to the test.”

What Every Teacher Should Know About Student Motivation

What Every Teacher Should Know About Student Motivation Author Donna Walker Tileston
ISBN-10 9781452271415
Release 2010-03-30
Pages 136
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Powerful, brain-friendly strategies for motivating, challenging, and celebrating your students! This second edition is filled with practices for motivating even the most at-risk and reluctant students. Informed by current research on the plasticity of the brain and new insights on the relationship between culture and student motivation, the book features an extended classroom example of motivational techniques in action and vocabulary pre- and post-tests for teachers and details how: Technology influences the brain and motivation Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are related to celebrations and rewards Specific strategies can motivate students to begin and finish a task Teachers can foster students' positive self-talk and on-task behaviors