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Terry Riley s In C

Terry Riley s In C Author Robert Carl
ISBN-10 9780199886739
Release 2009-08-05
Pages 160
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Setting the stage for a most intriguing journey into the world of minimalism, Robert Carl's Terry Riley's In C argues that the work holds its place in the canon because of the very challenges it presents to "classical" music. Carl examines In C in the context of its era, its grounding in aesthetic practices and assumptions, its process of composition, presentation, recording, and dissemination.

Wagner s Parsifal

Wagner s Parsifal Author William Kinderman
ISBN-10 9780195366921
Release 2013-08-15
Pages 327
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William Kinderman's detailed study of Parsifal, described by the composer as his "last card," explores the evolution of the text and music of this inexhaustible yet highly controversial music drama across Wagner's entire career, and offers a reassessment of the ideological and political history of Parsifal, shedding new light on the connection of Wagner's legacy to the rise of National Socialism in Germany. The compositional genesis is traced through many unfamiliar manuscript sources, revealing unsuspected models and veiled connections to Wagner's earlier works. Fresh analytic perspectives are revealed, casting the dramatic meaning of Parsifal in a new light. Much debated aspects of the work, such as Kundry's death at the conclusion, are discussed in the context of its stage history. Path-breaking as well is Kinderman's analysis of the religious and ideological context of Parsifal. During the half-century after the composer's death, the Wagner family and the so-called Bayreuth circle sought to exploit Wagner's work for political purposes, thereby promoting racial nationalism and anti-Semitism. Hitherto unnoticed connections between Hitler and Wagner's legacy at Bayreuth are explored here, while differences between the composer's politics as an 1849 revolutionary and the later response of his family to National Socialism are weighed in a nuanced account. Kinderman combines new historical research, sensitive aesthetic criticism, and probing philosophical reflection in this most intensive examination of Wagner's culminating music drama.

Berg s Wozzeck

Berg s Wozzeck Author Patricia Hall
ISBN-10 9780195342611
Release 2011-06-09
Pages 211
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Although Berg decided immediately after seeing Büchner's play Woyzeck in May 1914 to set it to music, he did not complete his opera until 1922, with the Berlin premiere taking place in 1925. Using compositional sketches, diaries, notebooks and other archival material, Hall reveals the challenges Berg faced in completing his masterpiece.

Beethoven s Piano Sonata in E Op 109

Beethoven s Piano Sonata in E  Op  109 Author Nicholas Marston
ISBN-10 9780193153325
Release 1995
Pages 267
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BL Copiously illustrated with detailed transcriptions from the manuscript sources and many music examples In this exhaustive study of the sources for Beethoven's Piano Sonata Op. 109, Nicholas Marston suggests a unique way of understanding this major composition.

Mahler s Fourth Symphony

Mahler s Fourth Symphony Author James L. Zychowicz
ISBN-10 9780195346145
Release 2005-03-31
Pages 206
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Following the earlier volumes in the Studies in Musical Genesis and Structure series, Mahler's Fourth Symphony is a study of origins of one of Mahler's most popular and accessible works. James Zychowicz examines how the composition evolved from the earliest ideas to the finished score, and in doing so sheds new light on Mahler's working process.

Beethovens Diabelli Variations

Beethovens Diabelli Variations Author William Kinderman
ISBN-10 9780199711741
Release 2008-03-15
Pages 248
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The Thirty-three Variations on a Waltz by Diabelli, Op. 120, represent Beethovens most extraordinary achievement in the art of variation-writing. In their originality and power of invention, they stand beside other late Beethoven masterpieces such as the Ninth Symphony, the Missa Solemnis, and the last quartets. William Kindermans study of the compositional history of the work includes the first extended investigation and reconstruction of the sketches and drafts, and reveals, contrary to earlier views of its chronology, that it was actually begun in 1819, then put aside, and completed in 1822-3. Kinderman also provides an analytical discussion of the complete work, and he demonstrates how insights derived from a close study of the sketches can illuminate Beethovens compositional ideas and attitudes and contribute substantially to a better understanding of this massive and complex set of variations. The book includes complete transcriptions of the two central documents in the genesis of the Diabelli variations - the reconstructed Wittgenstein Sketchbook and the Paris - Landsberg - Montauban Draft.

Vaughan Williams s Ninth Symphony

Vaughan Williams s Ninth Symphony Author Alain Frogley
ISBN-10 0198162847
Release 2001
Pages 313
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This study, the first of its kind on a work of Vaughan Williams, traces the genesis of the composer's enigmatic final symphony as documented in the surviving manuscripts. The latter reveal an underlying program based on Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles, and chart the composer's struggle to find the technical means by which to realize his most complex spiritual vision.

Four Musical Minimalists

Four Musical Minimalists Author Keith Potter
ISBN-10 0521015014
Release 2002-04-25
Pages 390
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Offers the most detailed account yet of the early works of these four minimalist composers.

Repeating Ourselves

Repeating Ourselves Author Robert Fink
ISBN-10 0520938941
Release 2005-09-13
Pages 296
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Where did musical minimalism come from—and what does it mean? In this significant revisionist account of minimalist music, Robert Fink connects repetitive music to the postwar evolution of an American mass consumer society. Abandoning the ingrained formalism of minimalist aesthetics, Repeating Ourselves considers the cultural significance of American repetitive music exemplified by composers such as Terry Riley, Steve Reich, and Philip Glass. Fink juxtaposes repetitive minimal music with 1970s disco; assesses it in relation to the selling structure of mass-media advertising campaigns; traces it back to the innovations in hi-fi technology that turned baroque concertos into ambient "easy listening"; and appraises its meditative kinship to the spiritual path of musical mastery offered by Japan's Suzuki Method of Talent Education.

Mendelssohn s Italian Symphony

Mendelssohn s  Italian  Symphony Author John Michael Cooper
ISBN-10 0198166532
Release 2003
Pages 230
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This is the first book-length study of the composition, reception, extramusical implications, and stylistic eclecticism of Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony, a staple of the nineteenth-century musical canon. Cooper devotes extensive attention to the differences between the posthumously published familiar version of the work and the composer's revision, which remained unpublished until 2001. He presents substantial new insights into a work which many listeners and scholars have known only in the version the composer considered less successful.

Music of the Twentieth Century

Music of the Twentieth Century Author Ton de Leeuw
ISBN-10 9789053567654
Release 2005
Pages 223
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Ton de Leeuw was a truly groundbreaking composer. As evidenced by his pioneering study of compositional methods that melded Eastern traditional music with Western musical theory, he had a profound understanding of the complex and often divisive history of twentieth-century music. Now his renowned chronicle Music of the Twentieth Century is offered here in a newly revised English-language edition. Music of the Twentieth Century goes beyond a historical survey with its lucid and impassioned discussion of the elements, structures, compositional principles, and terminologies of twentieth-century music. De Leeuw draws on his experience as a composer, teacher, and music scholar of non-European music traditions, including Indian, Indonesian, and Japanese music, to examine how musical innovations that developed during the twentieth century transformed musical theory, composition, and scholarly thought around the globe.

Five Lines Four Spaces

Five Lines  Four Spaces Author George Rochberg
ISBN-10 0252034252
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 305
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The candid, insightful memoir of a maverick American composer and publisher

Claiming Diaspora

Claiming Diaspora Author Su Zheng
ISBN-10 9780199873593
Release 2011-10-25
Pages 448
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Framed by a century and a half of racialized Chinese American musical experiences, Claiming Diaspora explores the thriving contemporary musical culture of Asian/Chinese America. Ranging from traditional operas to modern instrumental music, from ethnic media networks to popular music, from Asian American jazz to the work of recent avant-garde composers, author Su Zheng reveals the rich and diverse musical activities among Chinese Americans and tells of the struggles of Chinese Americans to gain a foothold in the American cultural terrain. She not only tells their stories, but also examines the dynamics of the diasporic connections of this musical culture, revealing how Chinese American musical activities both reflect and contribute to local, national, and transnational cultural politics, and challenging us to take a fresh look at the increasingly plural and complex nature of American cultural identity.

The Rest Is Noise

The Rest Is Noise Author Alex Ross
ISBN-10 1429932880
Release 2007-10-16
Pages 640
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The scandal over modern music has not died down. While paintings by Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock sell for a hundred million dollars or more, shocking musical works from Stravinsky's Rite of Spring onward still send ripples of unease through audiences. At the same time, the influence of modern music can be felt everywhere. Avant-garde sounds populate the soundtracks of Hollywood thrillers. Minimalist music has had a huge effect on rock, pop, and dance music from the Velvet Underground onward. Alex Ross, the brilliant music critic for The New Yorker, shines a bright light on this secret world, and shows how it has pervaded every corner of twentieth century life. The Rest Is Noise takes the reader inside the labyrinth of modern sound. It tells of maverick personalities who have resisted the cult of the classical past, struggled against the indifference of a wide public, and defied the will of dictators. Whether they have charmed audiences with the purest beauty or battered them with the purest noise, composers have always been exuberantly of the present, defying the stereotype of classical music as a dying art. Ross, in this sweeping and dramatic narrative, takes us from Vienna before the First World War to Paris in the twenties, from Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia to downtown New York in the sixties and seventies. We follow the rise of mass culture and mass politics, of dramatic new technologies, of hot and cold wars, of experiments, revolutions, riots, and friendships forged and broken. In the tradition of Simon Schama's The Embarrassment of Riches and Louis Menand's The Metaphysical Club, the end result is not so much a history of twentieth-century music as a history of the twentieth century through its music.

Webern and the Lyric Impulse

Webern and the Lyric Impulse Author Anne Chatoney Shreffler
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105004210311
Release 1994
Pages 256
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This study provides a new view of a composer long considered to be one of the century's most rigorously intellectual creators, Anton Webern. By examining a central pre-twelve-tone work, the Trakl cycle, Op 14, in the context of the Viennese intellectual and artistic climate, Professor Shreffler shows how Webern's responses to Trakl's complex verse enabled him to expand his musical vocabulary. The author's emphasis on Webern's compositional process is of particular importance: whether because of the anxiety of creating a new musical language, or because of an innate hyper-perfectionism (or both), Webern rejected most of what he composed. A close examination of the manuscript sources - fragments, sketches, and fair copies - of Webern's comparatively neglected middle-period lieder enables her to shed light on Webern's musical language and his working methods. A focus on the sources also helps to modify the view that his music progressed steadily in the direction of the twelve-tone technique. The works reveal instead a concern with expressing the essence of the text; this lyricism, rather than articulating a substantially different aesthetic from the later works, provides a better understanding of the consummate lyricism of all his music, however compressed or fragmented its utterance in the `classic' twelve-tone works.

World Music

World Music Author Terry E. Miller
ISBN-10 9781317434368
Release 2016-12-19
Pages 544
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World Music: A Global Journey, Fourth Edition takes students around the world to experience the diversity of musical expression and cultural traditions. It is known for its breadth in surveying the world's major cultures in a systematic study of world music within a strong pedagogical framework. As one would prepare for any journey, each chapter starts with background preparation, reviewing the historical, cultural, and musical overview of the region. Visits to multiple "sites" within a region provide in-depth studies of varied musical traditions. Music analysis begins with an experiential "first impression" of the music, followed by an "aural analysis" of the sound and prominent musical elements. Finally, students are invited to consider the cultural connections that give the music its meaning and life. Fourth Edition features: New sites! Plena from Puerto Rico Chuida from China Gagaku from Japan has returned from the Second Edition New "Inside Look" features spotlight distinguished ethnomusicologists such as Dr. Terence Liu, K.S. Resni, Dr. Sumarsam, Dr. Mick Moloney, Walter Mahovlich, Natalie MacMaster, and Gilbert Velez Addition of DANCE, inseparable to musical expression in some cultures Updates as needed, resulting from various changes in culture, politics, and war New and revised test questions, new photos, and other revised resources The dynamic companion website hosts interactive listening guides plus many student and instructor resources. A set of three CDs is available, with over three hours of diverse music examples necessary to the study. PURCHASING OPTIONS Print Paperback Pack - Book and CD set: 9781138911277 Print Hardback Pack - Book and CD set: 9781138911284 Audio CD: 9781138697805 eBook Pack - eBook and mp3 file: 9781315692791* *See for various eBook options (mp3 audio compilation not available for separate sale)

Asian American

Asian American Author David Palumbo-Liu
ISBN-10 0804734453
Release 1999
Pages 504
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This book argues that the invention of Asian American identities serves as an index to the historical formation of modern America. By tracing constructions of "Asian American" to an interpenetrating dynamic between Asia and America, the author obtains a deeper understanding of key issues in American culture, history, and society. The formation of America in the twentieth century has had everything to do with "westward expansion" across the "Pacific frontier" and the movement of Asians onto American soil. After the passage of the last piece of anti-Asian legislation in the 1930's, the United States found it had to grapple with both the presence of Asians already in America and the imperative to develop its neocolonial interests in East Asia. The author argues that, under these double imperatives, a great wall between "Asian" and "American" is constructed precisely when the two threatened to merge. Yet the very incompleteness of American identity has allowed specific and contingent fusion of "Asian" and "American" at particular historical junctures. From the importation of Asian labor in the mid-nineteenth century, the territorialization of Hawaii and the Philippines in the late-nineteenth century, through wars with Japan, Korea, and Vietnam and the Cold War with China, to today's Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation group, the United States in the modern age has seen its national identity as strongly attached to the Pacific. As this has taken place, so has the formation of a variety of Asian American identities. Each contains a specific notion of America and reveals a particular conception of "Asian" and "American." Complicating the usual notion of "identity politics" and drawing on a wide range of writings—sociological, historical, cultural, medical, anthropological, geographic, economic, journalistic, and political—the author studies both how the formation of these identifications discloses the response of America to the presence of Asians and how Asian Americans themselves have inhabited these roles and resisted such categorizations, inventing their own particular subjectivities as Americans.