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The Affirmations Coloring Book

The Affirmations Coloring Book Author Louise L. Hay
ISBN-10 1401950507
Release 2015-10-21
Pages 96
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World-famous teacher Louise Hay has already helped millions of people to free themselves from the cycles of fear, stress, and guilt that limit our lives. Now, in this first ever affirmations coloring book, Louise combines the life-changing powers of affirmations with the profound positive effects of creativity. This unique combination will enable readers to start creating deep shifts in their lives. This stunning coloring book, in collaboration with Alberta Hutchinson, features 44 affirmations, each coupled with an exquisite illustration and decorative border. Colouing these in and focusing on the affirmation at the same time encourages our minds to put attention on what we truly desire in life. What's more, through creative right-brain activity, we tap into our subconscious, and therefore all transformations through this process are even more effective and long-lasting. For all those who want to take their work with affirmations to a new level through an enjoyable, relaxing and meditative activity.

Affirmations Coloring Book

Affirmations Coloring Book Author Mia Blackwood
ISBN-10 1519199120
Release 2015-11-09
Pages 86
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Experience the combied power of mandalas, affirmations and coloring at the same time!The ultimate adult coloring book of affirmations...get it today at this fantastic low price! This adult coloring book of affirmations contains 40 stress relieving coloring pages and is suitable for use with everything from coloring pencils to markers. The circular mandala style patterns in this book are designed to draw your eye into their centre and help you achieve a state of meditation, simply by coloring them. Mandalas are considered to be some of the most stress relieving and therapeutic designs. Combine this with the inspirational affirmations and you have a very powerful coloring book with a range of benefits! This fantastic mandala pattern coloring book has been designed specifically to help you relax and unwind in the most enjoyable way possible. With their stunning patterns and mesmerising shapes, these pattern designs will enable you to forget the worries of day today life. The coloring pages in this book are printed single side only. This means that you are able to remove all of the pages and frame them if there are any that you are particularly proud of! Happy coloring! Tags: adult coloring book patterns, adult coloring books, adult coloring book, adult color book, adults coloring books, adults coloring book, adult coloring book pages, amazon adult coloring books, adult coloring books amazon, where to buy adult coloring books, where can i buy adult coloring books, adult coloring books online, adult color books, best adult coloring books, adult coloring book stress relieving patterns, coloring books for adults, buy adult coloring books, adult coloring, the adult coloring book, coloring book for adults, adult coloring book amazon, adult coloring book pattern, adult coloring books printable, free adult coloring books, where can you buy adult coloring books, where can i find adult coloring books, coloring books, amazon adult coloring book, coloring book, adult coloring sheets, color books for adults, where to find adult coloring books, where to get adult coloring books, free adult coloring book, adult coloring in books, stress relief coloring book, best adult coloring book, anti stress coloring book, adult coloring books for stress, coloring book patterns

Positive Affirmations Coloring Books

Positive Affirmations Coloring Books Author Tiny Cactus Publishing
ISBN-10 1975705904
Release 2017-08-23
Pages 56
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GREAT GIFT IDEAS | COLOURING BOOKS FOR GROWN-UPS This incredible Adult Coloring Book by best-selling artist This book is the perfect way to relieve stress and while enjoying beautiful and highly detailed images. Product Details: Printed single sided on bright white paper Perfect for all coloring mediums High quality paper Large Size format 8.5" x 11.0" pages


ISBN-10 1942589107
Release 2016-08-31
Pages 160
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The Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations Coloring Book is a positive coloring book for adults and kids that brings to life the joys of combining affirmations with mindful artistry. Let this book be your guide to visualizing success, reinforcing the mindset you need to make it happen, and deepening your connection with your loved ones. Choose the affirmations that resonate with you, and use the images to create or enhance your vision board. Keep them highly visible so you can read and re-read them throughout your day. This book is filled with coloring pages, affirmations, insights, and activities. Use this book to inspire and empower you to become the best version of yourself. Take the time to appreciate how beautiful your creations are, and let them guide you toward your goals. Unleash your inner artist and join The Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations Community today!

Mantras and Affirmations Coloring Book for Activists and Allies

Mantras and Affirmations Coloring Book for Activists and Allies Author Bridget Owens
ISBN-10 9781365627514
Release 2016-12-28
Pages 66
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Mantras and Affirmations Coloring Book for Activists and Allies is the first in a series of adult coloring books with a purpose. Adults all over the world are rediscovering the joy of coloring and the calming, centering effect it can have. This book combines that calm with specific phrases chosen to focus the mind. This first edition is created specifically for those who seek to enact positive change, who fight for social causes and give of themselves to benefit the greater good. Each of the 30 coloring pages is a visually rendered phrase intended to motivate, encourage, and challenge you as you color.

A Year of Coloring Affirmations for New Mothers Adult Coloring Book

A Year of Coloring Affirmations for New Mothers   Adult Coloring Book Author Sarah Renae Clark
ISBN-10 1532968426
Release 2016-04-27
Pages 114
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Combine the therapeutic art of coloring with the power of positive thinking! "A Year of Coloring Affirmations for New Mothers" is an adult coloring book that includes 52 coloring pages of positive affirmations to give new mothers the encouragement, confidence, inner strength and coping abilities they need to get through the unexpected ups and downs of the early years of motherhood. Motherhood is something that nobody can really prepare for. You can read every book, follow every routine, do everything right, have the "perfect" baby, and still not cope. Sometimes it's hormones, sometimes it's post natal depression, and sometimes it's just a bad day. In those moments, it's hard to ask for help, but sometimes all it takes is an encouraging word or a boost of confidence to get through. One positive thought can change your entire day. Affirmations can sometimes feel forced and it can be hard to embrace them. We are encouraged by experts to repeat our affirmations out loud, multiple times a day. Coloring page affirmations combine the therapeutic art of coloring with the power of positive thinking and visualization. Through the meditation and mindful focus of coloring, you are absorbing the positive message on each page without having to force yourself to repeat it. You are expanding the concept of positive affirmations to appeal to more of your senses - rather than just speaking and hearing, you can now touch and visualize as well. By working on the same page for multiple days, you are establishing positive thoughts in your long term memory and changing your entire way of thinking. When your baby is crying because they don't want to have a nap today.... Color "My baby loves me" When you're feeling like a bad mother for using the TV so you can take a break... Color "I am proud of the Mother I am" When you are second guessing your decisions and feeling like a failure... Color "I am strong enough to fight my insecurities" When you've called your friend for the fifth time this week to settle your baby... Color "It's ok to ask for help" When you feel like you haven't slept all year... Color "I am full of energy" When your baby is teething in the middle of a growth spurt and won't eat or sleep... Color "I have been through hard days before and I will get through today" When you accidentally cut your child's fingers instead of cutting their nails... color "I'm a good mother" When you're eating breakfast while your husband is preparing lunch... Color "If I'm out of my pajamas by noon, it's a great day" When that nappy just wasn't big enough... Color "This too shall pass" When your baby finally falls asleep in your arms instead of their cot... Color "I will enjoy every cuddle" Each coloring page in "A Year of Coloring Affirmations for New Mothers" is single sided, so you can color without worrying about your colors bleeding through to the next page. This affirmations coloring book is a great gift for your mother, sister or wife. Add it to you Baby Registry or buy a few as Baby Shower gifts for friends. It is a must have for any new or expecting mother.

Coloring Through Cancer

Coloring Through Cancer Author Sarah Renae Clark
ISBN-10 1534767258
Release 2016-07-02
Pages 70
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Coloring Through Cancer is an inspirational adult coloring book featuring 30 single sided, unique adult coloring pages, designed specifically for people who have lived with or are living with cancer. Each coloring page includes a positive affirmation to encourage and uplift every colorist. Many cancer patients are already turning to adult coloring books to relax, relieve stress and get through treatment. Coloring Through Cancer takes adult coloring one step further for cancer patients by introducing powerful positive affirmations to each page. The positive affirmations found in the Coloring Through Cancer adult coloring book include: Cancer doesn't define me It won't be easy, but it will be worth it I will get through this I am not alone Nothing is impossible The pain that I'm feeling doesn't compare to the joy that is coming My family and friends love me Nothing can steal my joy I give thanks for my full recovery and perfect health I am glowing with health and energy I choose to think positive thoughts I will beat cancer I am unstoppable Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful I believe in miracles Something good is going to happen today My body heals as I sleep I am beautiful I surround myself with love and light I will not give up My body grows stronger every day I will keep on living I heal with every breath in, and let go of cancer with every breath out I will persevere This too shall pass Cancer has no power over my dreams I will make every day count Some days are harder than others (but hard is not impossible) My courage is stronger than my fear I am more than a conqueror Anyone who has been through cancer, is going through cancer or who knows someone who has been affected by cancer will love this adult coloring book!

Conscious Creation Coloring Book

Conscious Creation Coloring Book Author Kristen N. Fox
ISBN-10 1518856152
Release 2015-10-30
Pages 82
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The Conscious Creation Coloring Book features 20 hand-lettered affirmations about conscious reality creation and the law of attraction, and 20 intricate mandalas to color while meditating on the various concepts. And each mandala is followed by a lined page (with a border to color), where you can write insights and inspirations as they come to you! Color the Conscious Creation designs as a way to relax and release stress, as an artful way to meditate, or as a method to explore ideas and perhaps discover something new, while having fun! All of these original designs were hand-drawn with a stylus and a drawing tablet. Each page is one-sided.

Positive Affirmations Coloring Book for Kids

Positive Affirmations Coloring Book for Kids Author Affirmation Kids
ISBN-10 1979908052
Release 2017-11-20
Pages 62
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The Positive Affirmations Coloring Book For Kids is created to encourage kids and young children to think positively and boost their self-esteem. It is also great for those practising the law of attraction for kids. Boost your child's self confidence with this unique coloring book to get them motivated and build self confidence. It is filled with positive affirmations and cute images to color. It contains 30 positive affirmations with 30 beautiful illustrations (there are cats, dogs, horses, unicorns, unicorn of the sea, and more) printed on one side of the pages only for coloring. Each page is printed on large 8.5" x 11" pages giving enough space for younger kids to color. Our children at this young age are learning behaviours and wiring their brain and this is why affirmations are so effective with youngsters. Positive self-belief developed in childhood will stay with them throughout their life. So, the earlier you start the better it gets. Get this positive affirmations coloring book for your kids / children to increase their confidence and promote a positive attitude. To get the best value from this book, get your child to read each affirmation before coloring to tap into the power of affirmations to create postive attitudes and mental state. This also makes a FUN and THOUGHTFUL GIFT!

Notes from the Universe Coloring Book

Notes from the Universe Coloring Book Author Mike Dooley
ISBN-10 1401950515
Release 2015-10-16
Pages 96
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In the Flow

In the Flow Author Tian Dayton
ISBN-10 0999232029
Release 2017-09-15
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Let go and get in the flow! Where at our best when we¿re in the flow of the moment, neither preoccupied with the past or the future: just here, now. Activities that are just complex enough to engage our interest but not so challenging that we have to strain to do them, produce a ¿flow state¿ according to research at the University of Chicago. Adult coloring books hit just that sweet spot which certainly accounts for their explosive popularity. Inspiring words by best selling affirmations author Tian Dayton coupled with beautiful, hand drawn designs are a luscious mixture when it comes to the genre of coloring books. Life is a flow and the more we can drop down into the moment, the more we can tap into the good stuff. So just relax, chose the color that draws you, read some inspiring words and enjoy some valuable ¿me time¿.

Blissful Birth

Blissful Birth Author Andrea Zahnd
ISBN-10 1523328037
Release 2016-01-20
Pages 74
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Color and write your way through a blissful pregnancy and birth. - 20 hand-drawn images of pregnancy, birth and motherhood await your creative touch. - 11 journal pages are ready for you to explore your feelings during this time and for you to record moments of your pregnancy. - 2 ready-made affirmation pages for you to color and hang up where you can see them to remind you of your own power. - 2 blank affirmation pages for you to fill in with your own uplifting words. This is the perfect gift for pregnancy, for yourself or someone you know. Use the images to create a calm and creative space for you to really enjoy this miraculous time. Take the coloring book with you to your appointments, bring the images with you to your birth and recall the relaxation they induced, or have it as a precious keepsake. Take time for yourself to really enjoy your pregnancy and birth. Note: A few of the images in this book contain tasteful nudity (mother's giving birth). I hope that you enjoy this coloring book and that it brings you joy and relaxation, two very important emotional states for having a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Artistic Affirmations Volume One I Am

Artistic Affirmations  Volume One   I Am Author Shawn Hansen
ISBN-10 1939229219
Release 2015-08-07
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Each of the 25 artistic affirmation designs in this book is original and was created to gently pull you into its intricate lines, shapes, and swirls where your mind will lose itself in the peaceful and tactile act of putting color onto paper.All of the designs are original and will gently pull you into their intricate lines, shapes, and swirls where your mind will lose itself in the peaceful and tactile act of putting color onto paper.Coloring to Calm, Artistic Affirmations - I Am provides hours of coloring fun and peaceful relaxation as well as an avenue to explore your creativity.Grab your colored pencils, ink pens, or a medium of your choice, and get ready to fill the pages with your unique and colorful expressions.

Natural Truths Coloring Book

Natural Truths Coloring Book Author Amanda Smith
ISBN-10 0692769617
Release 2016-08-15
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Natural Truths Coloring Book is the first book by renowned Chicago-based illustrator and painter, Amanda K. Smith. It features 52-weekly, hand-drawn images and positive affirmations intended to provide a calming, positive, mindful experience for any adult coloring book enthusiast.

The Emdr Coloring Book

The Emdr Coloring Book Author Mark Odland
ISBN-10 154052390X
Release 2017-06-19
Pages 224
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Along with standard resources like the safe/calm place and container, this innovative coloring book seamlessly complements the EMDR therapy process. It includes 200 positive affirmations paired with 200 works of fine art by famed printmaker, Alphonse Legros. Used for both coloring and journaling, each page provides an elegant and creative opportunity for clients to practice emotional regulation in and between EMDR therapy sessions.

Color My Heart

Color My Heart Author Tian Dayton
ISBN-10 0999232002
Release 2017-07-06
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Take a HEART BREAK, remind yourself of what's really important and be transported through your own creativity and receptivity to another time and place. Breathe into the moment and let your thoughts and feelings flow freely. Beautiful images of hearts are yours to color so that you can relieve anxieties and stress as you focus on your own heart imagery. Read the inspiring words of best selling affirmations author Tian Dayton and be reminded of what really matters. Energize yourself as you enter the current of the moment and are carried away to a peaceful place. Inspire, rewire and let go!

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace Author Tian Dayton
ISBN-10 0999232037
Release 2017-08-12
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Bring the feeling of Amazing Grace into your day today! Be transported by your own color palate as you fill in designs that inspire, focus and bring you into the mindful moment. Read the inspiring and motivating words of best selling affirmations author Tian Dayton and be carried off into another world. Affirmations soothe and enliven the spirit and make adult coloring book designs come alive with deeper meaning. Using affirmations with adult coloring pages enhances stress relief and brings out the artist in all of us. Forget about retail therapy! Kicking back with a coloring book for grown-ups is a form of art therapy that costs pennies and leaves you with a feeling of ease and inner comfort. Give yourself the gift of your own time, find grace in the now!