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The African Trilogy

The African Trilogy Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 9780307592705
Release 2010-01
Pages 513
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Collects three of the author's novels, all inspired by the tragedies faced by the Igbo people during the European colonization of Africa.

No Longer at Ease

No Longer at Ease Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 9780307803597
Release 2011-09-28
Pages 208
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A classic story of moral struggle in an age of turbulent social change and the final book in Chinua Achebe’s The African Trilogy When Obi Okonkwo, grandson of Okonkwo, the main character in Things Fall Apart returns to Nigeria from England in the 1950s, his foreign education separates him from his African roots. No Longer at Ease, the third and concluding novel in Chinua Achebe’s The African Trilogy, depicts the uncertainties that beset the nation of Nigeria, as independence from colonial rule loomed near. In Obi Okonkwo’s experiences, the ambiguities, pitfalls, and temptations of a rapidly evolving society are revealed. He is part of a ruling Nigerian elite whose corruption he finds repugnant. His fate, however, overtakes him as he finds himself trapped between the expectation of his family, his village—both representations of the traditional world of his ancestors—and the colonial world. A story of a man lost in cultural limbo, and a nation entering a new age of disillusionment, No Longer at Ease is a powerful metaphor for his generation of young Nigerians.

Arrow of God

Arrow of God Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 9781101666388
Release 2016-09-30
Pages 240
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The second novel in Chinua Achebe’s masterful African trilogy, following Things Fall Apart and preceding No Longer at Ease When Things Fall Apart ends, colonial rule has been introduced to Umuofia, and the character of the nation, its values, freedoms, religious and socio-political foundations have substantially and irrevocably been altered. Arrow of God, the second novel in Chinua Achebe’s The African Trilogy, moves the historical narrative forward. This time, the action revolves around Ezeulu, the headstrong chief priest of the god Ulu, which is worshipped by the six villages of Umuaro. The novel is a meditation on the nature, uses, and responsibility of power and leadership. Ezeulu finds that his authority is increasingly under threat from rivals within his nation and functionaries of the newly established British colonial government. Yet he sees himself as untouchable. He is forced, with tragic consequences, to reconcile conflicting impulses in his own nature—a need to serve the protecting deity of his Umuaro people; a desire to retain control over their religious observances; and a need to gain increased personal power by pushing his authority to the limits. He ultimately fails as he leads his people to their own destruction, and consequently, his personal tragedy arises. Arrow of God is an unforgettable portrayal of the loss of faith, and the downfall of a man in a society forever altered by colonialism.

Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 9780141393964
Release 2013-04-25
Pages 176
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Okonkwo is the greatest warrior alive, famous throughout West Africa. But when he accidentally kills a clansman, things begin to fall apart. Then Okonkwo returns from exile to find missionaries and colonial governors have arrived in the village. With his world thrown radically off-balance he can only hurtle towards tragedy. Chinua Achebe's stark novel reshaped both African and world literature. This arresting parable of a proud but powerless man witnessing the ruin of his people begins Achebe's landmark trilogy of works chronicling the fate of one African community, continued in Arrow of God and No Longer at Ease.

The African Trilogy

The African Trilogy Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 9781524705114
Release 2017-05-02
Pages 576
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Chinua Achebe is considered the father of modern African literature, the writer who "opened the magic casements of African fiction." The African Trilogy--comprised of Things Fall Apart, Arrow of God, and No Longer at Ease--is his magnum opus. In these masterly novels, Achebe brilliantly imagines the lives of three generations of an African community as their world is upended by the forces of colonialism from the first arrival of the British to the waning days of empire. The trilogy opens with the groundbreaking Things Fall Apart, the tale of Okonkwo, a hero in his village, whose clashes with missionaries--coupled with his own tragic pride--lead to his fall from grace. Arrow of God takes up the ongoing conflict between continuity and change as Ezeulu, the headstrong chief priest, finds his authority is under threat from rivals and colonial functionaries. But he believes himself to be untouchable and is determined to lead his people, even if it is towards their own destruction. Finally, in No Longer at Ease, Okonkwo's grandson, educated in England, returns to a civil-service job in Lagos, only to see his morality erode as he clings to his membership in the ruling elite. Drawing on the traditional Igbo tales of Achebe's youth, The African Trilogy is a literary landmark, a mythic and universal tale of modern Africa. As Toni Morrison wrote, "African literature is incomplete and unthinkable without the works of Chinua Achebe. For passion, intellect and crystalline prose, he is unsurpassed."

Contemporary World Literature

Contemporary World Literature Author Various
ISBN-10 0307700828
Release 2010-12
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An extraordinary collection of renowned world literature including Nobel Prize winners and beloved fiction writers in beautiful, enduring hardcover editions with elegant cloth sewn bindings, gold stamped covers, and silk ribbon markers. Titles included: The African Trilogy by Chinua Achebe The Cairo Trilogy by Naguib Mahfouz A House for Mr. Biswas by V. S. Naipaul The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez

The Best Ye Breed

The Best Ye Breed Author Mack Reynolds
ISBN-10 9780575102729
Release 2011-09-29
Pages 279
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ALEXANDER GHENGIS KHAN NAPOLEON Liberator of North Africa, charismatic conqueror of Islam, in reality he is Homer Crawford, "turncoat" black American sociologist who is determined to lead the Dark Continent into the modern age by whatever means are necessary. Arrayed against him are all the forces of the status quo: the combined military might of the North African states, mercenary hirelings of corrupt oil sheikdoms, Moslem religious fanatics, and the American CIA. Only the people are for El Hassan, and they, only so long as he is victorious.

Exile Book One of The Africa Trilogy

Exile  Book One of The Africa Trilogy Author Jakob Ejersbo
ISBN-10 9781623655495
Release 2014-09-09
Pages 320
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For the vagabond pack of ex-pat Europeans, Indian Tanzanians and wealthy Africans at Moshi's International School, it's all about getting high, getting drunk and getting laid. Their parents--drug dealers, mercenaries and farmers gone to seed--are too dead inside to give a damn. Outwardly free but empty at heart, privileged but out of place, these kids are lost, trapped in a land without hope. They can try to get out, but something will always drag them back--where can you go when you believe in nothing and belong to nowhere?

Girl with the Golden Voice

Girl with the Golden Voice Author Carl Hancock
ISBN-10 1921829303
Release 2011
Pages 410
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In the early years of the twentieth century, the rich English aristocrat, Lord Delamere, led a group of well-off pioneers out of the northern deserts into the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. He immediately fell in love with its spectacular grandeur and its fe

Just the Memory of Love

Just the Memory of Love Author Peter Rimmer
Release 2017-09-12
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Just the Memory of Love has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Just the Memory of Love also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Just the Memory of Love book for free.

Cry of the Fish Eagle

Cry of the Fish Eagle Author Peter Rimmer
Release 2014-03-20
Pages 378
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HISTORICAL FICTION AT ITS BEST He's been through hell and back but it's over now. With the optimism and enthusiasm of youth, he returns home only to find his dreams are in tatters. Rupert Pengelly briefly escapes to the British colony of Rhodesia from the bloody conflict that is terrorizing Europe. His mission is not just duty-driven but a promise to look for and protect an orphaned, young girl. It is a futile search and with time running out he has no choice but to re-join the theatre of war. When peace returns, exhausted but exhilarated, Rupert travels home to his beloved Cornwall and the farm he loves. But all is not as it seems. He has been cheated out of his inheritance. Devastated and desolate, Rhodesia is his only recourse. To begin anew. But as time passes, nothing prepares him for what is next. Another war is looming. Everything is at risk with death a daily threat and changes are coming with the chaotic tide of nationalism. What does the future hold for Rupert? Is he to face loss and despair once again, and what became of his promise? Peter Rimmer brings to life a turbulent period of history that has unexpected twists and turns keeping you turning the pages. Cry of the Fish Eagle will leave you breathless and yearning for a time gone by. Are you ready for this epic saga? Dont miss out, get your copy of Cry of the Fish Eagle today.

Anthills of the Savannah

Anthills of the Savannah Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 0435905384
Release 1988
Pages 233
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Annotation Achebe writes of the old Africa and the new, tribal warfare and the war that goes on in people's hearts. His story takes place two years after a military coup in the mythical West African state of Kangan, and shows the transformation of a brilliant young.

Collected Poems

Collected Poems Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 9780307517913
Release 2009-01-16
Pages 96
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A collection of poetry spanning the full range of the African-born author's acclaimed career has been updated to include seven never-before-published works, as well as much of his early poetry that explores such themes as the African consciousness, the tragedy of Biafra, and the mysteries of human relationships.

The Rwandan Hostage

The Rwandan Hostage Author Christopher Lowery
ISBN-10 1910692964
Release 2016-04-07
Pages 672
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Heroine Jenny Bishop faces a terrifying new threat not only to her own life, but the lives of her closest family. When her nephew is kidnapped while at the World Cup Final in South Africa, Jenny needs to help her sister get him back unharmed. Joining forces with private investigator Pedro Espinoza, Jenny uncovers an international conspiracy dating back to the horrific events of the Rwandan genocide in 1994. Jenny is in a race against time to find the abductors, before horrific revelations threaten to tear her family apart. The Rwandan Hostage is a compelling international mystery story that will enthrall all thriller fans, in the best traditions of Gerald Seymour, Frederick Forsyth, and Richard North Patterson.

The African Experience

The African Experience Author Vincent Khapoya
ISBN-10 9781317343585
Release 2015-07-14
Pages 304
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Updated in its 4th edition, The African Experience is the only interdisciplinary survey to examine this region of the world from geographic, linguistic, social, historical, and political perspectives. Drawing on research from all of the social sciences, this text captures Africa in its complex totality. The African Experience helps readers develop a comprehensive and critical understanding of Africa, one that allows them to grasp the regions internal dynamics and its evolving place in the world.

The African Trilogy

The African Trilogy Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 0330303317
Release 1988
Pages 558
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The African Trilogy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The African Trilogy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The African Trilogy book for free.

Home and Exile

Home and Exile Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 9780190285555
Release 2000-07-27
Pages 128
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Chinua Achebe is Africa's most prominent writer, the author of Things Fall Apart, the best known--and best selling--novel ever to come out of Africa. His fiction and poetry burn with a passionate commitment to political justice, bringing to life not only Africa's troubled encounters with Europe but also the dark side of contemporary African political life. Now, in Home and Exile, Achebe reveals the man behind his powerful work. Here is an extended exploration of the European impact on African culture, viewed through the most vivid experience available to the author--his own life. It is an extended snapshot of a major writer's childhood, illuminating his roots as an artist. Achebe discusses his English education and the relationship between colonial writers and the European literary tradition. He argues that if colonial writers try to imitate and, indeed, go one better than the Empire, they run the danger of undervaluing their homeland and their own people. Achebe contends that to redress the inequities of global oppression, writers must focus on where they come from, insisting that their value systems are as legitimate as any other. Stories are a real source of power in the world, he concludes, and to imitate the literature of another culture is to give that power away. Home and Exile is a moving account of an exceptional life. Achebe reveals the inner workings of the human conscience through the predicament of Africa and his own intellectual life. It is a story of the triumph of mind, told in the words of one of this century's most gifted writers.