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The Almanac of American Politics 2006

The Almanac of American Politics  2006 Author Michael Barone
ISBN-10 0892341114
Release 2005
Pages 1907
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Election results and records of senators, representatives and governors with states and districts.

Almanac of American Politics 2018

Almanac of American Politics 2018 Author Columbia Books Inc
ISBN-10 1938939565
Release 2017-07
Pages 2080
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The 2018 edition includes: In-depth profile of every governor, Senator, and House member. Updated demographic information for every state and district, including information from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, with new categories of economic, occupational, social and geographic data.

The Almanac of American Politics 2008

The Almanac of American Politics 2008 Author Michael Barone
ISBN-10 0892341165
Release 2007-09
Pages 1864
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The unequivocal 2006 election results suggest we have entered a new period in American politics. When America’s votes were tallied this past November, Democrats had won Election Day majorities in both the Senate and the House for the first time since 1992. The House Democrats’ margin of victory, furthermore, was very similar to the House Republicans’ popular vote margin in 1994—a harbinger, perhaps, of a new political era. In the wake of such an eventful election, it’s no surprise that pundits on both sides of the fence are clamoring for the 2008 edition of The Almanac of American Politics—the gold standard for anyone who wants to understand the American political landscape. Once again, renowned journalists Michael Barone and Richard E. Cohen present the ultimate reference guide for everyone involved, invested, or interested in American politics. As in previous editions, the 2008 Almanac includes colorful, fascinating profiles of every member of Congress and every governor. It also includes in-depth and up-to-date political profiles of all fifty states and 435 House districts—covering everything from economics to history to, of course, politics. Specific to this latest edition of the nation’s leading political resource is coverage of all special elections in the 109th Congress and redistricting changes in Georgia and Texas. Barone and Cohen also provide a comprehensive look at the early maneuvering and likely battlegrounds of the 2008 presidential campaign. Complete with maps, census data, and indispensable information on topics ranging from campaign expenditures to voting records to interest group ratings, this latest edition of the Almanac of American Politics presents everything you need to know about current American politics, related in snappy prose and framed by cogent analysis.

The Almanac of American politics 1984

The Almanac of American politics 1984 Author Michael Barone
ISBN-10 0892340312
Release 1983
Pages 1402
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The Almanac of American politics 1984 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Almanac of American politics 1984 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Almanac of American politics 1984 book for free.

The Almanac of American Politics

The Almanac of American Politics Author Michael Barone
ISBN-10 0892340584
Release 1993
Pages 1538
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A political reference offers information on the past, present, and future of American politics and profiles every governor and member of Congress and the states and districts that they represent. Simultaneous.

The End of Southern Exceptionalism

The End of Southern Exceptionalism Author Byron E Shafer
ISBN-10 9780674043466
Release 2009-06-30
Pages 240
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Until now, the critical shift in Southern political allegiance from Democratic to Republican has been explained, by scholars and journalists, as a white backlash to the civil rights revolution. In this myth-shattering book, Byron Shafer and Richard Johnston refute that view, one stretching all the way back to V. O. Key in his classic book Southern Politics. The true story is instead one of dramatic class reversal, beginning in the 1950s and pulling everything else in its wake.

Almanac of American Politics

Almanac of American Politics Author Columbia Books Inc
ISBN-10 1938518292
Release 2015-10-15
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The 2016 Almanac remains the gold standard of accessible political information, relied on by everyone involved, invested or interested in American politics. Highly regarded for its in-depth analysis and comprehensive profiles of every congressional district, state, governor and member of Congress, The Almanac is the tool you need to better understand the context of the people and perspectives shaping the issues that matter to you. The Almanac of American Politics is the must have resource for understanding the American political landscape. The 2016 edition includes: In-depth profile of every governor, Senator, and House member. Updated demographic information for every state and district, including information from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, with new categories of economic, occupational, social and geographic data.

African American Almanac

African American Almanac Author Lean'tin Bracks
ISBN-10 9781578593828
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 560
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The most complete and affordable singlevolume reference of African American culture available today, this almanac is a unique and valuable resource devoted to illustrating and demystifying the moving, difficult, and often lost history of black life in America. A legacy of pride, struggle, and triumph spanning more than 400 years is presented through a fascinating mix of biographies—including more than 750 influential figures—littleknown or misunderstood historical facts, enlightening essays on significant legislation and movements, and 150 rare photographs and illustrations. Covering events surrounding the civil rights movement; African American literature, art, and music; religion within the black community; and advances in science and medicine, this reference connects history to the issues currently facing the African American community and provides a range of information on society and culture.

Henry Adams and the Making of America

Henry Adams and the Making of America Author Garry Wills
ISBN-10 9780547959405
Release 2007-08-02
Pages 480
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One of our greatest historians offers a surprising new view of the greatest historian of the nineteenth century, Henry Adams. Wills showcases Henry Adams's little-known but seminal study of the early United States and elicits from it fresh insights on the paradoxes that roil America to this day. Adams drew on his own southern fixation, his extensive foreign travel, his political service in Lincoln's White House, and much more to invent the study of history as we know it. His nine-volume chronicle of America from 1800 to 1816 established new standards for employing archival sources, firsthand reportage, eyewitness accounts, and other techniques that have become the essence of modern history. Adams's innovations went beyond the technical; he posited an essentially ironic view of the legacy of Jefferson and Madison. As is well known, they strove to shield the young country from "foreign entanglements," a standing army, a central bank, and a federal bureaucracy, among other hallmarks of "big government." Yet by the end of their tenures they had permanently entrenched all of these things in American society. This is the "American paradox" that defines us today: the idealized desire for isolation and political simplicity battling against the inexorable growth and intermingling of political, economic, and military forces. As Wills compellingly shows, the ironies spawned two centuries ago still inhabit our foreign policy and the widening schisms over economic and social policy. Ambitious in scope, nuanced in detail and argument, Henry Adams and the Making of America throws brilliant light on how history is made -- in both senses of the term.

Going Dirty

Going Dirty Author David Mark
ISBN-10 9780742599826
Release 2009-04-16
Pages 300
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Going Dirty is a history of negative campaigning in American politics and an examination of how candidates and political consultants have employed this often-controversial technique. The book includes case studies on notable races throughout the television era in which new negative campaign strategies were introduced, or existing tactics were refined and amplified upon. Strategies have included labeling opponents from non-traditional political backgrounds as dumb or lightweight, an approach that got upended when a veteran actor and rookie candidate named Ronald Reagan won the California governorship in 1966, setting him on a path to the White House. The negative tone of campaigns has also been ratcheted up dramatically since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001: Campaign commercials now routinely run pictures of international villains and suggest, sometimes overtly, at other times more subtly, that political opponents are less than resolute in prosecuting the war on terror. The book also outlines a series of races in which negative campaigning has backfired, because the charges were not credible or the candidate on the attack did not understand the political sentiments of the local electorate they were trying to persuade. The effect of newer technologies on negative campaigning is also examined, including blogs and Web video, in addition to tried and true methods like direct mail.

The Bluest State

The Bluest State Author Jon Keller
ISBN-10 9781466855236
Release 2013-10-22
Pages 272
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What's Happened to Massachusetts? At one time, Americans thought of Massachusetts with pride. It was the place where the charge against British oppression was incubated and first battle of the Revolutionary War was fought. It was the intellectual center of the United States, the home of the country's first university – Harvard - and the birthplace of some of our most famous writers -- Emily Dickinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, to name just a few. What do Americans picture when they think of Massachusetts today? They think of taxes on everything that moves and a burning desire to tax what doesn't. They think of unctuous, doomed Presidential candidates from Michael Dukakis to John Kerry. And, most of all, they think of "Kennedy Country" - not the moderate politics of JFK who backed supply-side tax cuts and saber-rattling foreign policy, but a place influenced by the ideology of his little brother, Ted, a punch line for bad political jokes and the relic of a dream gone bad. Over the past thirty years, Massachusetts has been the test kitchen for the baby boom's political impulses and instincts, with devastating results: urban deterioration, failing public schools and a vanishing job base. Unfortunately, the story of Massachusetts' decline has national implications. Other states share its problems. And the cautionary tale of their mishandling in Massachusetts speaks to a broader issue. What's gone wrong with the Democratic Party? In The Bluest State, a book that echoes Tom Franks' bestseller "What's the Matter With Kansas?" Jon Keller, a veteran political commentator, shows how the collapse of the Massachusetts Miracle into the Massachusetts Miasma mirrors chronic failures within the Democratic Party and American liberalism. After an election in which Democrats elsewhere regained power in Washington by moving toward the political center, the story of how failed boomer politics ruined one of America's great liberal citadels is a timely warning to the party for the election ahead.

Shaping Our Nation

Shaping Our Nation Author Michael Barone
ISBN-10 9780307461537
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 320
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It is often said that America has become culturally diverse only in the past quarter century. But from the country’s beginning, cultural variety and conflict have been a centrifugal force in American politics and a crucial reason for our rise to power. The peopling of the United States is one of the most important stories of the last five hundred years, and in Shaping our Nation, bestselling author and demographics expert Michael Barone illuminates a new angle on America’s rise, using a vast array of political and social data to show America is the product of a series large, unexpected mass movements—both internal and external—which typically lasted only one or two generations but in that time reshaped the nation, and created lasting tensions that were difficult to resolve. Barone highlights the surprising trends and connections between the America of today and its migrant past, such as how the areas of major Scots-Irish settlement in the years leading up to the Revolutionary War are the same areas where John McCain performed better in the 2008 election than George W. Bush did in 2004, and how in the years following the Civil War, migration across the Mason-Dixon line all but ceased until the annealing effect that the shared struggle of World War II produced. Barone also takes us all the way up to present day, showing what the surge of Hispanic migration between 1970 and 2010 means for the elections and political decisions to be made in the coming decades. Barone shows how, from the Scots-Irish influxes of the 18th century, to the Ellis Island migrations of the early 20th and the Hispanic and Asian ones of the last four decades, people have moved to America in part in order to make a better living—but more importantly, to create new communities in which they could thrive and live as they wanted. And the founders’ formula of limited government, civic equality, and tolerance of religious and cultural diversity has provided a ready and useful template for not only to coping with these new cultural influences, but for prospering as a nation with cultural variety. Sweeping, thought-provoking, and ultimately hopeful, Shaping Our Nation is an unprecedented addition to our understanding of America’s cultural past, with deep implications for the immigration, economic, and social policies of the future.

Our Country

Our Country Author Michael Barone
ISBN-10 0029018625
Release 1992
Pages 805
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Combining his proven mastery of political facts and trends with a rich narrative, Barone tells the story of how the country of our parents was transformed through each political era into the country as we know it today.

Electoral Realignment and the Outlook for American Democracy

Electoral Realignment and the Outlook for American Democracy Author Arthur C. Paulson
ISBN-10 1555536670
Release 2007
Pages 220
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Journalists and the general public have seized upon the notion of "red" and "blue" states to better understand the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004, but this conception of political geography is seldom placed in historical perspective. In Electoral Realignment and the Outlook for American Democracy, Arthur Paulson analyzes the impact of ideological polarization on political parties and electoral realignment in the contemporary United States. Recalling the extensive realignment that occurred between 1964 and 1972 (with the contentious 1968 election as its fulcrum) and the three decades of split-ticket voting and "divided government" (most often featuring a Republican president and a Democratic Congress) that followed, Paulson recognizes the resurgence of party-line voting in the last decade. A new, ideologically polarized party system--resembling a responsible party system more than has ever been the case in the American experience--has taken shape. The American polity continues to realign, and Paulson discusses how the forces at work are reshaping the party system in particular and the health of American democracy in general. Although the United States is an "advanced" democracy, he demonstrates the need to view even American democracy as "developing." If American democracy is to thrive, Paulson says, it must change to meet the realities of a rapidly changing world. The realigned system presents challenges to national unity, but it also offers opportunities for debating compelling issues that demand extreme choices, including zero-sum economics in a postindustrial society, globalization and the international economy, development and underdevelopment around the world, and terrorism, war, and peace. Strong on realignment theory, Paulson's timely and authoritative study incorporates the latest data from the 2000 and 2004 elections into his analysis, and it offers vital perspectives on the outlook for the 2008 election. Scholars and students of the American political system, American government, comparative politics, political theory, electoral politics, and American political culture will embrace this text, which easily lends itself to classroom adoption.

Common Destiny

Common Destiny Author Juanita Tamayo Lott
ISBN-10 0742546519
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 133
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Filipino Americans, like other American populations, are not an absolute group that evolved in a vacuum. This book documents how they emerged and grew within the larger context of political forces, the prevailing social order, rights and responsibilities of individuals, economic well being, and the American Dream. In doing so, Filipino Americans became active participants in the American democracy, a crucial step because the 21st century will be defined not so much by the color line but by a more basic human relationship: the sustained commitment and shared sacrifice by adults for the well being of future generations.

Deliver the Vote

Deliver the Vote Author Tracy Campbell
ISBN-10 078671591X
Release 2005
Pages 452
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A history of election fraud in the United States exposes the ways in which political culture is diminished by election corruption, citing such practices of ballot stuffing, voter intimidation, and returns manipulation while explaining how election reform practices have only changed the methods through which corruption occurs.

Republican Ascendancy in Southern U S House Elections

Republican Ascendancy in Southern U S  House Elections Author Seth C. McKee
ISBN-10 9780429977312
Release 2018-04-17
Pages 274
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Tremendous transformation marks the last three decades of American politics, and nowhere has this change been as distinctive and penetrating as in the American South. After 120 consecutive years of minority status, the rapid ascendancy of Southern House Republicans in the 1990s has reshaped the contours of contemporary American politics: increasing party polarization, making a Republican House majority possible, and, most recently, contributing to the revival of Democratic fortunes in national congressional elections. Southern Republican ascendancy constitutes an exemplar of party system change, made possible by three sequential factors: increasing Republican identification, redistricting, and the emergence of viable Republican candidates. Relying on existing and original data sources, this text presents the most recent example of large-scale partisan change. Beyond serving as a primer for the study of political parties, campaigns and elections, and Southern politics, Republican Ascendancy in Southern U.S. House Elections provides an original theoretical argument and an expansive view of why political change in the South has such strong implications for national politics.