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The American Lineman

The American Lineman Author Alan Drew
ISBN-10 1937498840
Release 2015-10-06
Pages 528
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In a collaborative effort to bring Lineman history to the general public and Lineman across the world, Alan Drew and the Northwest Lineman College have created a beautiful depiction of Lineman s footprint on America. No other book has depicted the history of the lineman so eloquently."

Lineman the Unsung Hero

Lineman  the Unsung Hero Author Michelle Larson
ISBN-10 9781468566628
Release 2012-04-01
Pages 24
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Have you ever seen a guy climbing an electric pole or working on electric lines from a bucket truck? That guy is a Lineman. Linemen work very hard to keep our power on. This book is a token of appreciation to all linemen. Enjoy the detailed illustrations and fun text. Share it with the children in your life-share it with everyone!


Linehand Author Clay Brown
ISBN-10 9781403366023
Release 2002-11-01
Pages 276
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This story will take you where no frictional book has ever dared go! Hometown as well as Fall City are places where drug traffic is out of control managed by very prominent Hometown business folks. Their Hometown store fronts hide the darkside of Hometown and like the song claims they smile in your face! I address Hometown drinking water issues and of illegal dumping of toxic waste setforth for the next generation to consume. Your grandchildren. Can you imagine that toxic waste dumps still exist in the year 2007? Unidentified! I further share with the reader of our automotive industries long gone but, just how great these yesterday autos would serve in today's society. The Studebaker Lark would serve America as well as the world today. However I leave all of this up to you the read. Enjoy! Robert J. Wilson


Methland Author Nick Reding
ISBN-10 9781608192076
Release 2010-06-03
Pages 269
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Traces the efforts of a small Iowa community to counter the pervasiveness of crystal methamphetamine, in an account that offers insight into the drug's appeal while chronicling the author's numerous visits with the town's doctor, the local prosecutor and a long-time addict. Reprint. A best-selling book.

Small signal stability control and dynamic performance of power systems

Small signal stability  control and dynamic performance of power systems Author M.J Gibbard
ISBN-10 9781925261035
Release 2015-07-15
Pages 684
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A thorough and exhaustive presentation of theoretical analysis and practical techniques for the small-signal analysis and control of large modern electric power systems as well as an assessment of their stability and damping performance.

Enhancing the Resilience of the Nation s Electricity System

Enhancing the Resilience of the Nation s Electricity System Author National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
ISBN-10 9780309463072
Release 2017-10-25
Pages 170
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Americans’ safety, productivity, comfort, and convenience depend on the reliable supply of electric power. The electric power system is a complex “cyber-physical†system composed of a network of millions of components spread out across the continent. These components are owned, operated, and regulated by thousands of different entities. Power system operators work hard to assure safe and reliable service, but large outages occasionally happen. Given the nature of the system, there is simply no way that outages can be completely avoided, no matter how much time and money is devoted to such an effort. The system’s reliability and resilience can be improved but never made perfect. Thus, system owners, operators, and regulators must prioritize their investments based on potential benefits. Enhancing the Resilience of the Nation’s Electricity System focuses on identifying, developing, and implementing strategies to increase the power system’s resilience in the face of events that can cause large-area, long-duration outages: blackouts that extend over multiple service areas and last several days or longer. Resilience is not just about lessening the likelihood that these outages will occur. It is also about limiting the scope and impact of outages when they do occur, restoring power rapidly afterwards, and learning from these experiences to better deal with events in the future.

The Sun Above the Clouds

The Sun Above the Clouds Author Paul Hebert
ISBN-10 1946875066
Release 2018-03-12
Pages 274
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In Paul Hebert's inspirational memoir, The Sun Above the Clouds, travel back to a day when men cleared wooded homesteads by hand and horse but raised their families with violence. Watch Paul escape his upbringing to find joy and purpose in being a lineman, skiing, travel, nature, and love, after defeating alcoholism and brawling. Then endure the tragedy of a 14-thousand-volt electrocution that left Paul dead and ultimately without hands and feet. Enjoy the love and friendship that helped rebuild a life filled with family, sports, friends old and new, travel, and a new purpose to share a personal message of safety, forgiveness, and friendship. And with all the jewels of wisdom gained along the way, arrive at the sentient conclusion, that triumph outshines tragedy, if you choose it to.

Certain Victory

Certain Victory Author Robert H. Scales
ISBN-10 9781612340777
Release 1998-02-27
Pages 435
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A balanced, comprehensive account of the largest armored battle since World War II

Soldiers First

Soldiers First Author Joe Drape
ISBN-10 9780805094909
Release 2012-09-04
Pages 275
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An inside look into the 2011 season of the West Point football team reveals the unique pressures and expectations that make a year of Army football so much more than just a tally of wins and losses. 60,000 first printing.

Hacker Crackdown

Hacker Crackdown Author Bruce Sterling
ISBN-10 1535486902
Release 2016-07-27
Pages 292
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A history of hacker sub-culture in the 1990s - from Operation Sun Devil to the formation of the EFF.

Life on the Mississippi

Life on the Mississippi Author Mark Twain
ISBN-10 HARVARD:32044080901317
Release 1883
Pages 465
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A memoir of the steamboat era on the Mississippi River before the American Civil War. The first half details a brief history of the river from its discovery by Hernando de Soto in 1541 and describes Twain's career as a Mississippi steamboat pilot, the fulfillment of a childhood dream. The second half of Life on the Mississippi tells of Twain's return, many years after, to travel the river from St. Louis to New Orleans. By then the competition from railroads had made steamboats passe, in spite of improvements in navigation and boat construction. Twain sees new, large cities on the river, and records his observations on greed, gullibility, tragedy, and bad architecture.

Power System SCADA and Smart Grids

Power System SCADA and Smart Grids Author Mini S. Thomas
ISBN-10 9781351831260
Release 2017-12-21
Pages 335
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Power System SCADA and Smart Grids brings together in one concise volume the fundamentals and possible application functions of power system supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). The text begins by providing an overview of SCADA systems, evolution, and use in power systems and the data acquisition process. It then describes the components of SCADA systems, from the legacy remote terminal units (RTUs) to the latest intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), data concentrators, and master stations, as well as: Examines the building and practical implementation of different SCADA systems Offers a comprehensive discussion of the data communication, protocols, and media usage Covers substation automation (SA), which forms the basis for transmission, distribution, and customer automation Addresses distribution automation and distribution management systems (DA/DMS) and energy management systems (EMS) for transmission control centers Discusses smart distribution, smart transmission, and smart grid solutions such as smart homes with home energy management systems (HEMs), plugged hybrid electric vehicles, and more Power System SCADA and Smart Grids is designed to assist electrical engineering students, researchers, and practitioners alike in acquiring a solid understanding of SCADA systems and application functions in generation, transmission, and distribution systems, which are evolving day by day, to help them adapt to new challenges effortlessly. The book reveals the inner secrets of SCADA systems, unveils the potential of the smart grid, and inspires more minds to get involved in the development process.

Why Brilliant People Believe Nonsense

Why Brilliant People Believe Nonsense Author J. Steve Miller
ISBN-10 0988304899
Release 2015-08-01
Pages 448
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The passing of time reveals much expert opinion to be nonsense. How can we evaluate expert opinion and learn to think for ourselves? "In the midst of an information explosion, we face a wisdom deficit," notes author J. Steve Miller. This book, in a remarkably accessible and entertaining way, equips readers to think more clearly, innovate more creatively, see through the deceptions of clever advertisers and salesmen, simplify complex and convoluted arguments, manage life's decisions with more confidence, and express convictions more powerfully. This book is designed to be read by all individuals interested in learning critical and creative thinking skills. It can also be used as a text targeting high school seniors and college freshmen. An accompanying website offers free lesson plans and teaching tips.

Prescription for the Planet

Prescription for the Planet Author Tom Blees
ISBN-10 1419655825
Release 2008
Pages 411
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Prescription for the Planet by Tom Blees offers readers a revolutionary plan to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, end resource wars, and usher in a post-scarcity era for the world by 2050.

Gardens of Water

Gardens of Water Author Alan Drew
ISBN-10 9781408818169
Release 2011-06-01
Pages 352
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Turkey, 1999. A devastating earthquake brings Istanbul crumbling to the ground, ripping apart the fragile stability of Sinan's world. His family home becomes a makeshift tent in a camp run by Western missionaries whom he stubbornly distrusts, and he soon finds himself struggling to protect his family's honour and values. As he becomes a helpless witness to his daughter's dangerous infatuation with a young American, Sinan takes a series of drastic decisions with unforeseeable consequences. Cultures clash, political and religious tensions mount, and Sinan's actions spiral into a powerful and heartbreaking conclusion.

Undefeated Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football Team

Undefeated  Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football Team Author Steve Sheinkin
ISBN-10 9781596439542
Release 2017-01-17
Pages 288
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America's favorite sport and Native American history collide in this thrilling true story of the legendary Carlisle Indians football team and their rise from underdogs to champions.

The Boom

The Boom Author Russell Gold
ISBN-10 9781451692280
Release 2014-04-08
Pages 384
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A Pulitzer Prize finalist presents an unstinting exploration of today's controversial fracking technologies to consider the arguments of its supporters and detractors, profiling key contributors while explaining how the practice is changing the way energy is used.