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The Angry Years

The Angry Years Author Colin Wilson
ISBN-10 9781909396647
Release 2014-01-29
Pages 300
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What were the achievements of the angry writers who emerged in the fifties? Historically, they gave birth to the satire movement of the 1960s-Beyond the Fringe, That Was the Week that Was and Private Eye. Their satire and irreverence aroused enthusiasm in man, and a new anti-Establishment mood developed from Look Back in Anger and The Outsider. All literary movements acquire enemies, but the Angry Young Men of the 1950s accumulated more than most. Why? Wilson takes us on a journey back to this era, and reveals fascinating and sometimes disturbing stories from the Greats, including John Osborne, Kingsley Amis, Kenneth Tynan and John Braine-to name but a few. At all events, the story of that period makes a marvellously lively tale which, most importantly, was recorded by someone who was actually there.

Look Back in Anger

Look Back in Anger Author John Osborne
ISBN-10 9780571300877
Release 2013-03-21
Pages 96
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In 1956 John Osborne's Look Back in Anger changed the course of English theatre. 'Look Back in Anger presents post-war youth as it really is. To have done this at all would be a significant achievement; to have done it in a first play is a minor miracle. All the qualities are there, qualities one had despaired of ever seeing on stage - the drift towards anarchy, the instinctive leftishness, the automatic rejection of "official" attitudes, the surrealist sense of humour . . . the casual promiscuity, the sense of lacking a crusade worth fighting for and, underlying all these, the determination that no one who dies shall go unmourned.' Kenneth Tynan, Observer, 13 May 1956 'Look Back in Anger . . . has its inarguable importance as the beginning of a revolution in the British theatre, and as the central and most immediately influential expression of the mood of its time, the mood of the "angry young man".' John Russell Taylor

The Outsider

The Outsider Author Colin Wilson
ISBN-10 9781626813823
Release 2014-09-23
Pages 324
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As relevant today as when it originally published, THE OUTSIDER explores the mindset of characters who exist on the margins, and the artists who take them there. Published to immense acclaim, THE OUTSIDER helped to make popular the literary concept of existentialism. Authors like Sartre, Kafka, Hemingway, and Dostoyevsky, as well as artists like Van Gogh and Nijinsky delved for a deeper understanding of the human condition in their work, and Colin Wilson’s landmark book encapsulated a character found time and time again: the outsider. How does he influence society? And how does society influence him? It’s a question as relevant to today’s iconic characters (from Don Draper to Voldemort) as it was when initially published. Wilson’s seminal work is a must-have for those who love books and are fascinated by that most difficult to understand of characters.

Gale Researcher Guide for The Angry Young Men

Gale Researcher Guide for  The Angry Young Men Author Dale Salwak
ISBN-10 9781535852593
Pages 8
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Gale Researcher Guide for: The Angry Young Men is selected from Gale's academic platform Gale Researcher. These study guides provide peer-reviewed articles that allow students early success in finding scholarly materials and to gain the confidence and vocabulary needed to pursue deeper research.

Foot Soldier of the Constitution A Memoir Parody

Foot Soldier of the Constitution  A Memoir Parody Author Teesta Cheatalvad
ISBN-10 9781365700033
Release 2017-01-22
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This is an unparalleled love story between Mr. Kanha Kumar (the best orator, best PhD student, best political leader, bestselling author in India) and Dr. Teesta Cheatalvad (the best doctor, best journalist and most promising author in India). Love started in PANU Campus Hostel room. Love flourished in the demonetization bank queues. Would they be able to break the barrier of religion, politics and “cash crunch” and live happily ever after?


Serling Author Gordon F. Sander
ISBN-10 UOM:39015029172577
Release 1992-11-01
Pages 284
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Traces the life and career of the creator of The Twilight Zone, drawing on interviews with Serling's family and friends

Interviews with Britain s Angry Young Men

Interviews with Britain s Angry Young Men Author Dale Salwak
ISBN-10 9780893702595
Release 1984
Pages 96
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In the 1950s, a young crop of British writers sprang forth with an unusal commonality of interests. They were promptly dubbed the "angry young men" by the press. Included are Colin Wilson, John Braine, John Wain, Bill Hopkins, and more.

Angry White Men

Angry White Men Author Michael Kimmel
ISBN-10 9781568589626
Release 2017-04-25
Pages 352
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"Kimmel has made a career out of being what you might call a man-translator."-The Atlantic The white American male voter is alive and well--and angry as hell. Sociologist Michael Kimmel, one of the leading writers on men and masculinity, has spent hundreds of hours in the company of America's angry white men--from white supremacists to men's rights activists to young students--in pursuit of a comprehensive diagnosis of their fears, anxieties, and rage. Kimmel locates this increase in anger in the seismic economic, social, and political shifts that have transformed the American landscape: Downward mobility, increased racial and gender equality, and tenaciously clinging to an anachronistic ideology of masculinity has left many men feeling betrayed and bewildered. Raised to expect unparalleled social and economic privilege, white men are suffering today from what Kimmel calls "aggrieved entitlement": a sense that those benefits that white men believed were their due have been snatched away from them. The election of Donald Trump proved that angry white men can still change the course of history. Here, Kimmel argues that we must consider the rage of this "forgotten" group and create solutions that address the concerns of all Americans.

Those Angry Days

Those Angry Days Author Lynne Olson
ISBN-10 9781400069743
Release 2013
Pages 548
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Traces the crisis period leading up to America's entry in World War II, describing the nation's polarized interventionist and isolation factions as represented by the government, in the press and on the streets, in an account that explores the forefront roles of British-supporter President Roosevelt and isolationist Charles Lindbergh. (This book was previously featured in Forecast.)

The Disappointed Bridge

The Disappointed Bridge Author Richard Pine
ISBN-10 9781443860987
Release 2014-06-02
Pages 615
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This original study is the first major critical appraisal of Ireland’s post-colonial experience in relation to that of other emergent nations. The parallels between Ireland, India, Latin America, Africa and Europe establish bridges in literary and musical contexts which offer a unique insight into independence and freedom, and the ways in which they are articulated by emergent nations. They explore the master-servant relationship, the functions of narrative, and the concepts of nationalism, map-making, exile, schizophrenia, hybridity, magical realism and disillusion. The author offers many incisive answers to the question: What happens to an emerging nation after it has emerged?

From The Back Page To The Front Room

From The Back Page To The Front Room Author Roger Domeneghetti
ISBN-10 9781912022397
Release 2017-04-07
Pages 448
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From the days of folk football to the digital age, from Match of the Day to Fever Pitch and from soccer specials to lads mags, From The Back Page To The Front Room tells the story of how the media and football have developed together and become almost indistinguishable.

Billy Joel

Billy Joel Author Hank Bordowitz
ISBN-10 0823082482
Release 2006
Pages 272
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The definitive biography of a pop giant! From the groundbreaking "Piano Man" to "Just the Way You Are" to "Allentown" to "Uptown Girl" and dozens of other chart toppers, Billy Joel’s music has provided the soundtrack to millions of lives. His songs are etched in our memories, and his live shows are breaking sales records everywhere. His albums have sold more than 100 million copies, his singles have sold millions more, and 33 Joel songs have appeared onBillboard’s Top 40 charts since 1974. Here at last is the definitive biography of the brilliant and volatile artist Billy Joel. Interviews with Irwin Mazur, Joel’s first manager, Artie Ripp, Joel’s first producer, plus many others from every part of the musician’s life offer revealing glimpses of a man known for his outsize personal struggles as well as his phenomenal gifts. With dramatic new information on Joel’s legal battles and his substance abuse, plus his live concerts and Broadway showMovin’ Out,Billy Joel: The Life and Times of an Angry Young Manis an exciting, up-to-the-minute look at one of the great musical geniuses of our times. •Everyoneknows Billy Joel's music • Recent tour sold out all over the country • The only bio of Billy Joel in print today • Hardcover ISBN 0-8230-8250-4 From the Trade Paperback edition.

Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital Author Robert Hewison
ISBN-10 9781781685921
Release 2014-11-11
Pages 320
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Britain began the twenty-first century convinced of its creativity. Throughout the New Labour era, the visual and performing arts, museums and galleries, were ceaselessly promoted as a stimulus to national economic revival, a post-industrial revolution where spending on culture would solve everything, from national decline to crime. Tony Blair heralded it a “golden age.” Yet despite huge investment, the audience for the arts remained a privileged minority. So what went wrong? In Cultural Capital, leading historian Robert Hewison gives an in-depth account of how creative Britain lost its way. From Cool Britannia and the Millennium Dome to the Olympics and beyond, he shows how culture became a commodity, and how target-obsessed managerialism stifled creativity. In response to the failures of New Labour and the austerity measures of the Coalition government, Hewison argues for a new relationship between politics and the arts. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Angry Young Men

The Angry Young Men Author Humphrey Carpenter
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105026137195
Release 2002
Pages 243
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The Angry Young Men has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Angry Young Men also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Angry Young Men book for free.

The Cigarette Book

The Cigarette Book Author Chris Harrald
ISBN-10 9781616080730
Release 2010
Pages 247
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“A truthful and learned treasury of musings on the miracle drug.”—Beryl Bainbridge

Interviews with Britain s Angry Young Men

Interviews with Britain s Angry Young Men Author Dale Salwak
ISBN-10 9780893702595
Release 1984
Pages 96
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In the 1950s, a young crop of British writers sprang forth with an unusal commonality of interests. They were promptly dubbed the "angry young men" by the press. Included are Colin Wilson, John Braine, John Wain, Bill Hopkins, and more.

Manning Up

Manning Up Author Kay S. Hymowitz
ISBN-10 9780465031405
Release 2012-03-06
Pages 248
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In Manning Up, Manhattan Institute fellow and City Journal contributing editor Kay Hymowitz argues that the gains of the feminist revolution have had a dramatic, unanticipated effect on the current generation of young men. Traditional roles of family man and provider have been turned upside down as “pre-adult” men, stuck between adolescence and “real” adulthood, find themselves lost in a world where women make more money, are more educated, and are less likely to want to settle down and build a family. Their old scripts are gone, and young men find themselves adrift. Unlike women, they have no biological clock telling them it's time to grow up. Hymowitz argues that it's time for these young men to “man up.”