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The Anthropology of Islam

The Anthropology of Islam Author Gabriele Marranci
ISBN-10 9781847886200
Release 2008-03-01
Pages 224
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An increasing number of people have questions about Islam and Muslims. But how can we approach and study Islam after September 11th? Which is the best methodology to understand an Islam that is changing in a globalized world? The Anthropology of Islam argues that Islam today needs to be studied as a living religion through the observation of everyday Muslim life. Drawing on extensive original fieldwork, Marranci provides provocative analyses of Islam and its relation to issues such as identities, politics, culture, power and gender. The Anthropology of Islam is unprecedented in its innovative and challenging discussion about fieldwork among Muslims, and its ethnographically based interpretations of contemporary aspects of Islam in a post-September 11th society. The book will appeal to those in anthropology and beyond who see and are interested in investigating the unsettled place of Islam in our multicultural society.

The Anthropology of Islam Reader

The Anthropology of Islam Reader Author Jens Kreinath
ISBN-10 041578025X
Release 2012
Pages 420
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The Anthropology of Islam Reader brings together a rich variety of ethnographic work, offering an insight into various forms of Islam as practiced in different geographic, social, and cultural contexts. Topics explored include Ramadan and the Hajj, the Feast of Sacrifice, and the representation of Islam. An extensive introduction and bibliography helps students develop their understanding of the variety of methodological and theoretical approaches involved in the anthropological study of Islam. In his selections, Jens Kreinath highlights the diversity of practices and themes that were formative for this field of study, making this essential reading for students of Islam at undergraduate and graduate level.

The Idea of an Anthropology of Islam

The Idea of an Anthropology of Islam Author Talal Asad
ISBN-10 LCCN:2002280764
Release 1986
Pages 22
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The Idea of an Anthropology of Islam has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Idea of an Anthropology of Islam also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Idea of an Anthropology of Islam book for free.

A New Anthropology of Islam

A New Anthropology of Islam Author John R. Bowen
ISBN-10 9780521529785
Release 2012-08-02
Pages 219
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This powerful, accessible new study explores the contributions that anthropology has made to the study and understanding of Islam.

Pilgrims of Love

Pilgrims of Love Author Pnina Werbner
ISBN-10 9780253028853
Release 2016-12-19
Pages 350
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"... will be of interest not only to those concerned with Pakistan and the new Muslim presence in Europe, but also to those interested in an anthropological study of religion." —Barbara Metcalf, University of California, Davis Pnina Werbner traces the development of a Sufi Naqshbandi order founded by a living saint, Zindapir, whose cult originated in Pakistan and has extended globally to Britain, Europe, the Middle East, and southern Africa. Drawing on 12 years of fieldwork in Pakistan and Great Britain, she elucidates the complex organization of Sufi orders as regional and transnational cults, and examines how such cults are manifested through ritual action and embodied in sacred mythology and global diasporas. A focus of the study is the key event in the order’s annual ritual cycle, a celebration in which tens of thousands of people gather at the saint’s lodge in Pakistan and in the streets of Britain. Werbner challenges accepted anthropological and sociological truths about Islam and modernity, and reflects on her own role as ethnographic observer. Pilgrims of Love is a major contribution to our understanding of disaporic Islamic practices, highlighting the vitality of Sufi orders in the postcolonial world.

Islam Law and Equality in Indonesia

Islam  Law  and Equality in Indonesia Author John Richard Bowen
ISBN-10 0521531896
Release 2003-05-29
Pages 289
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Muslims currently struggle to reconcile radically different sets of social norms and laws (including those derived from Islam, as well as contemporary ideas about gender equality and law) in Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim-majority country. John Bowen explores their struggle through archival and ethnographic research and interviews with national religious and legal figures. His book relates to debates in any society where people struggle to live together with extreme differences in values and lifestyles and is welcomed by scholars and students in all branches of the social sciences.

Conservative Islam

Conservative Islam Author Erich Kolig
ISBN-10 9780739174258
Release 2012-04-05
Pages 410
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Conservative Islam: A Cultural Anthropology by Erich Kolig analyzes the salient characteristics of Islam and contemporary Muslim society from the perspective of traditional cultural anthropology. By highlighting socio-cultural configurations, the universals they represent, the circumstances of their creation, and their semiotic meaning, Kolig helps the reader gain understanding of Islam in the modern world.

The Anthropology of Justice

The Anthropology of Justice Author Lawrence Rosen
ISBN-10 0521367409
Release 1989-06-15
Pages 101
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In this first full-scale study of the operations of a modern Islamic court of law in the Arabic-speaking world, the author examines the cultural foundations of judicial discretion. He shows how the analysis of legal systems requires an understanding of the concepts and relationships encountered in everyday life. Using the Islamic courts of Morocco as its substantive base, he demonstrates how the shaping of facts in a court of law, the use of local experts, and the organization of the judicial structure all contribute to the reliance on local concepts and personnel to inform the range of judicial discretion. By drawing comparisons with Anglo-American law, the author demonstrates that in both societies, it is necessary to view law as integral to culture and culture as indispensable to law.

Islam Obscured

Islam Obscured Author D. Varisco
ISBN-10 9781403973429
Release 2005-02-15
Pages 226
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Ethnographers have observed Muslims nearly everywhere Islam is practiced. This study analyzes four seminal texts that have been read widely outside anthropology. Two are by distinguished anthropologists on either side of the Atlantic, Islam Observed (by Clifford Geertz in 1968) and Muslim Society (by Ernest Gellner in 1981). Two other texts are by Muslim scholars, Beyond the Veil (Fatima Mernissi in 1975) and Discovering Islam (by Akbar Ahmed in 1988). Varisco argues that each of these four authors approaches Islam as an essentialized organic unity rather than letting 'Islams' found in the field speak to the diversity of practice. The textual truths engendered, and far too often engineered, in these idealized representations of Islam have found their way unscrutinized into an endless stream of scholarly works and textbooks. Varisco's analysis goes beyond the rhetoric over what Islam is to the information from ethnographic research about what Muslims say they do and actually are observed to do. The issues covered include Islam as a cultural phenomenon, representation of 'the other', Muslim gender roles, politics of ethnographic authority, and Orientalist discourse.

A Companion to the Anthropology of the Middle East

A Companion to the Anthropology of the Middle East Author Soraya Altorki
ISBN-10 9781118475614
Release 2015-07-07
Pages 542
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A Companion to the Anthropology of the Middle East presents a comprehensive overview of current trends and future directions in anthropological research and activism in the modern Middle East. Featuring contributions from a wide range of distinguished contemporary scholars of Middle East anthropology, chapters encompass the entire breadth of the region’s cultural, social, political, and religious diversity. Numerous issues covering various aspects of Middle Eastern anthropological concerns are addressed—topics drawn from religion, the arts, language, and politics to political economy, the law, human rights, multiculturalism, and globalization. Within each topic explored, individual authors focus on the most pressing methodological and theoretical concerns raised by contemporary scholars, along with key conceptual breakthroughs, gaps in the literature, and fruitful areas for further research. Timely and thought-provoking, A Companion to the Anthropology of the Middle East is an invaluable resource for anthropologists and other social scientists seeking a better understanding of the complex relationship between the East and West in our new global environments.

Articulating Islam Anthropological Approaches to Muslim Worlds

Articulating Islam  Anthropological Approaches to Muslim Worlds Author Magnus Marsden
ISBN-10 9789400742673
Release 2012-11-08
Pages 268
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This collection of arresting and innovative chapters applies the techniques of anthropology in analyzing the role played by Islam in the social lives of the world’s Muslims. The volume begins with an introduction that sets out a powerful case for a fresh approach to this kind of research, exhorting anthropologists to pause and reflect on when Islam is, and is not, a central feature of their informants’ life-worlds and identities. The chapters that follow are written by scholars with long-term, specialist research experience in Muslim societies ranging from Kenya to Pakistan and from Yemen to China: thus they explore and compare Islam’s social significance in a variety of settings that are not confined to the Middle East or South Asia alone. The authors assess how helpful current anthropological research is in shedding light on Islam’s relationship to contemporary societies. Collectively, the contributors deploy both theoretical and ethnographic analysis of key developments in the anthropology of Islam over the last 30 years, even as they extrapolate their findings to address wider debates over the anthropology of world religions more generally. Crucially, they also tackle the thorny question of how, in the current political context, anthropologists might continue conducting sensitive and nuanced work with Muslim communities. Finally, an afterword by a scholar of Christianity explores the conceptual parallels between the book’s key themes and the anthropology of world religions in a broader context. This volume has key contemporary relevance: for example, its conclusions on the fluidity of people’s relations with Islam will provide an important counterpoint to many commonly held assumptions about the incontestability of Islam in the public sphere.

Anthropology of Law in Muslim Sudan

Anthropology of Law in Muslim Sudan Author Barbara Casciarri
ISBN-10 9789004362185
Release 2018-04-05
Pages 344
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Anthropology of Law in Muslim Sudan analyses the hybridity of law systems and the plurality of legal practices in rural and urban contexts of contemporary Sudan, shedding light on the complex relation between Islam and society.

Toward Islamic Anthropology

Toward Islamic Anthropology Author Akbar S. Ahmed
ISBN-10 9780912463056
Release 1986
Pages 79
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Toward Islamic Anthropology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Toward Islamic Anthropology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Toward Islamic Anthropology book for free.

Islam Politics Anthropology

Islam  Politics  Anthropology Author Filippo Osella
ISBN-10 1444324411
Release 2010-03-19
Pages 256
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Part of The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute Special Issue Book Series, Islam, Politics, Anthropology offers critical reflections on past and current studies of Islam and politics in anthropology and charts new analytical approaches to examining Islam in the post-9/11 world. Challenges current and past approaches to the study of Islam and Muslim politics in anthropology Offers a critical comprehensive review of past and current literature on the subject Presents innovative ethnographic description and analysis of everyday Muslim politics in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and North America Proposes new analytical approaches to the study of Islam and Muslim politics

Islam Observed

Islam Observed Author Clifford Geertz
ISBN-10 0226285111
Release 1971-08-15
Pages 136
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"In four brief chapters," writes Clifford Geertz in his preface, "I have attempted both to lay out a general framework for the comparative analysis of religion and to apply it to a study of the development of a supposedly single creed, Islam, in two quite contrasting civilizations, the Indonesian and the Moroccan." Mr. Geertz begins his argument by outlining the problem conceptually and providing an overview of the two countries. He then traces the evolution of their classical religious styles which, with disparate settings and unique histories, produced strikingly different spiritual climates. So in Morocco, the Islamic conception of life came to mean activism, moralism, and intense individuality, while in Indonesia the same concept emphasized aestheticism, inwardness, and the radical dissolution of personality. In order to assess the significance of these interesting developments, Mr. Geertz sets forth a series of theoretical observations concerning the social role of religion.

Muslim Societies in Africa

Muslim Societies in Africa Author Roman Loimeier
ISBN-10 9780253007971
Release 2013-06-05
Pages 358
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Includes bibliographical references and index.

The Anthropology of Religious Conversion

The Anthropology of Religious Conversion Author Andrew Buckser
ISBN-10 0742517780
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 236
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This text paints a picture of conversion far more complex than its customary image in anthropology and religious studies.