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The Anthropology of Texts Persons and Publics

The Anthropology of Texts  Persons and Publics Author Karin Barber
ISBN-10 9781139467520
Release 2007-12-20
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What can texts - both written and oral - tell us about the societies that produce them? How are texts constituted in different cultures, and how do they shape societies and individuals? How can we understand the people who compose them? Drawing on examples from Africa and other countries, this original study sets out to answer these questions, by exploring textuality from a variety of angles. Topics covered include the importance of genre, the ways in which oral genres transcend the here-and-now, and the complex relationship between texts and the material world. Barber considers the ways in which personhood is evoked, both in oral poetry and in written diaries and letters, discusses the audience's role in creating the meaning of texts, and shows textual creativity to be a universal human capacity expressed in myriad forms. Engaging and thought-provoking, this book will be welcomed by anyone interested in anthropology, literature and cultural studies.


Popobawa Author Katrina Daly Thompson
ISBN-10 9780253024619
Release 2017-02-06
Pages 238
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Since the 1960s, people on the islands off the coast of Tanzania have talked about being attacked by a mysterious creature called Popobawa, a shapeshifter often described as having an enormous penis. Popobawa’s recurring attacks have become a popular subject for stories, conversation, gossip, and humor that has spread far beyond East Africa. Katrina Daly Thompson shows that talk about Popobawa becomes a tool that Swahili speakers use for various creative purposes such as subverting gender segregation, advertising homosexuality, or discussing female sexuality. By situating Popobawa discourse within the social and cultural world of the Swahili Coast as well as the wider world of global popular culture, Thompson demonstrates that uses of this legend are more diverse and complex than previously thought and provides insight into how women and men communicate in a place where taboo, prohibition, and restraint remain powerful cultural forces.

The Palgrave Handbook of Media and Communication Research in Africa

The Palgrave Handbook of Media and Communication Research in Africa Author Bruce Mutsvairo
ISBN-10 9783319704432
Release 2018-03-22
Pages 497
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This handbook attempts to fill the gap in empirical scholarship of media and communication research in Africa, from an Africanist perspective. The collection draws on expert knowledge of key media and communication scholars in Africa and the diaspora, offering a counter-narrative to existing Western and Eurocentric discourses of knowledge-production. As the decolonial turn takes centre stage across Africa, this collection further rethinks media and communication research in a post-colonial setting and provides empirical evidence as to why some of the methods conceptualised in Europe will not work in Africa. The result is a thorough appraisal of the current threats, challenges and opportunities facing the discipline on the continent.

One Hundred Years of the ANC

One Hundred Years of the ANC Author Arianna Lissoni
ISBN-10 9781868148486
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 408
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On 8 January 2012 the African National Congress (ANC) of South Africa, the oldest African nationalist organisation on the continent, celebrated its one hundredth anniversary. This historic event has generated significant public debate within both the ANC and South African society at large. There is no better time to critically reflect on the ANC?s historical trajectory and struggle against colonialism and apartheid than in its centennial year. One Hundred Years of the ANC is a collection of new work by renowned South African and international scholars. Covering a broad chronological and geographical spectrum and using a diverse range of sources, the contributors build upon but also extend the historiography of the ANC by tapping into marginal spaces in ANC history. By moving away from the celebratory mode that has characterised much of the contemporary discussions on the centenary, the contributors suggest that the relationship between the histories of earlier struggles and the present needs to be rethought in more complex terms. Collectively, the book chapters challenge hegemonic narratives that have become an established part of South Africa?s national discourse since 1994. By opening up debate around controversial or obscured aspects of the ANC?s century-long history, One hundred years of the ANC sets out an agenda for future research. The book is directed at a wide readership with an interest in understanding the historical roots of South Africa?s current politics will find this volume informative. This book is based on a selection of papers presented at the One Hundred Years of the ANC: Debating Liberation Histories and Democracy Today Conference held at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg from 20_23 September 2011.

On the Poetics of the Utendi

On the Poetics of the Utendi Author Clarissa Vierke
ISBN-10 9783643800893
Release 2011
Pages 704
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On the Poetics of the Utendi has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from On the Poetics of the Utendi also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full On the Poetics of the Utendi book for free.

Anthropology and the New Genetics

Anthropology and the New Genetics Author Gísli Pálsson
ISBN-10 9780521855723
Release 2007-08-02
Pages 268
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A broad, fresh perspective on how genetic research redefines what it means to be human, first published in 2007.


Folklore Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105132654083
Release 2008
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Folklore has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Folklore also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Folklore book for free.

Truth in Motion

Truth in Motion Author Martin Holbraad
ISBN-10 9780226349206
Release 2012-06-01
Pages 320
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Embarking on an ethnographic journey to the inner barrios of Havana among practitioners of Ifá, a prestigious Afro-Cuban tradition of divination, Truth in Motion reevaluates Western ideas about truth in light of the practices and ideas of a wildly different, and highly respected, model. Acutely focusing on Ifá, Martin Holbraad takes the reader inside consultations, initiations, and lively public debates to show how Ifá practitioners see truth as something to be not so much represented, as transformed. Bringing his findings to bear on the discipline of anthropology itself, he recasts the very idea of truth as a matter not only of epistemological divergence but also of ontological difference—the question of truth, he argues, is not simply about how things may appear differently to people, but also about the different ways of imagining what those things are. By delving so deeply into Ifá practices, Truth in Motion offers cogent new ways of thinking about otherness and how anthropology can navigate it.

After Kinship

After Kinship Author Janet Carsten
ISBN-10 0521665701
Release 2004
Pages 216
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What is the impact on anthropology of recent studies of reproductive technologies, gender, and the social construction of science in the West? What is the significance of public anxiety about the family to anthropology's analytic approach? Janet Carsten presents an original view of the past, present, and future of kinship in anthropology which will be of interest to anthropologists as well as to other social scientists.

A Cognitive Theory of Cultural Meaning

A Cognitive Theory of Cultural Meaning Author Claudia Strauss
ISBN-10 052159541X
Release 1997
Pages 323
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"Culture" and "meaning" are central to anthropology, but anthropologists do not agree on what they are. Claudia Strauss and Naomi Quinn propose a new theory of cultural meaning, one that gives priority to the way people's experiences are internalized. Drawing on "connectionist" or "neural network" models as well as other psychological theories, they argue that cultural meanings are not fixed or limited to static groups, but neither are they constantly revised or contested. Their approach is illustrated by original research on understandings of marriage and ideas of success in the United States.

Beyond the language issue

Beyond the language issue Author Anja Oed
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105132577656
Release 2008
Pages 293
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Beyond the language issue has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Beyond the language issue also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Beyond the language issue book for free.

Economic Anthropology

Economic Anthropology Author Chris Hann
ISBN-10 9780745644837
Release 2011-03-28
Pages 206
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This book is a new introduction to the history and practice of economic anthropology by two leading authors in the field. They show that anthropologists have contributed to understanding the three great questions of modern economic history: development, socialism and one-world capitalism. In doing so, they connect economic anthropology to its roots in Western philosophy, social theory and world history. Up to the Second World War anthropologists tried and failed to interest economists in their exotic findings. They then launched a vigorous debate over whether an approach taken from economics was appropriate to the study of non-industrial economies. Since the 1970s, they have developed a critique of capitalism based on studying it at home as well as abroad. The authors aim to rejuvenate economic anthropology as a humanistic project at a time when the global financial crisis has undermined confidence in free market economics. They argue for the continued relevance of predecessors such as Marcel Mauss and Karl Polanyi, while offering an incisive review of recent work in this field. Economic Anthropology is an excellent introduction for social science students at all levels, and it presents general readers with a challenging perspective on the world economy today. Selected by Choice as a 2013 Outstanding Academic Title

Innovative Departures

Innovative Departures Author Ravindra K. Jain
ISBN-10 9781351384292
Release 2017-09-18
Pages 170
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This volume brings together analytical insights from modern social and cultural anthropology to unravel processes of globalization in the 21st century through diasporic migrations. Developments in anthropological theory and method are traced from the heritage of Enlightenment to the present times, with special reference to India. While firmly anchored in the local experience, the narrative of diasporic migrations presented in this book ranges widely to cover comparisons across the world and is informed by an interdisciplinary focus. The author deals with the issues of ethnicity, identity and modernity in a transnational and geopolitical context. The innovative and multi-dimensional thrust encompasses major themes and research methodology. The work includes important case studies and a detailed empirical exploration of the multicultural societies of Malaysia and South Africa. Authoritative and accessible, this book will be essential reading in contemporary anthropology, especially for scholars and researchers of sociology, social and cultural anthropology, diaspora and migration studies, ethnic studies and cultural studies as also international relations, foreign affairs, public policy, think-tanks and government bodies.

After the Ancestors

After the Ancestors Author Andrew Beatty
ISBN-10 9781107094789
Release 2015-02-26
Pages 372
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A gripping narrative that interweaves the story of fieldwork with the drama of life in a tribal society in extremis.

A New Anthropology of Islam

A New Anthropology of Islam Author John R. Bowen
ISBN-10 9780521529785
Release 2012-08-02
Pages 219
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This powerful, accessible new study explores the contributions that anthropology has made to the study and understanding of Islam.

The Routledge Handbook of Medical Anthropology

The Routledge Handbook of Medical Anthropology Author Lenore Manderson
ISBN-10 9781317743781
Release 2016-05-12
Pages 394
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The Routledge Handbook of Medical Anthropology provides a contemporary overview of the key themes in medical anthropology. In this exciting departure from conventional handbooks, compendia and encyclopedias, the three editors have written the core chapters of the volume, and in so doing, invite the reader to reflect on the ethnographic richness and theoretical contributions of research on the clinic and the field, bioscience and medical research, infectious and non-communicable diseases, biomedicine, complementary and alternative modalities, structural violence and vulnerability, gender and ageing, reproduction and sexuality. As a way of illustrating the themes, a rich variety of case studies are included, presented by over 60 authors from around the world, reflecting the diverse cultural contexts in which people experience health, illness, and healing. Each chapter and its case studies are introduced by a photograph, reflecting medical and visual anthropological responses to inequality and vulnerability. An indispensible reference in this fastest growing area of anthropological study, The Routledge Handbook of Medical Anthropology is a unique and innovative contribution to the field.

Encyclopaedia Aethiopica O X

Encyclopaedia Aethiopica  O X Author Siegbert Uhlig
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105217793988
Release 2010
Pages 1198
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The first three volumes of the Encyclopaedia Aethiopica (vol. 1: A-C, 2003; vol. 2: D-Ha, 2005; vol. 3: He-N, 2007) are now being followed by volume 4, which includes 970 articles ranging alphabetically from O to W. The volume, written in English, comprises ca. 1150 pages and was compiled in cooperation with 280 authors coming from 26 countries. As with the preceding volumes, the geographic scope remains Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia; such regions as Sudan, Kenya, and the Arabian Peninsula are considered as well.The reference work's main focus is the humanities. The topics covered include basic elements of country study with fundamental geographic facts; topics from history, language and literature studies, art and culture, religion and ethnography, as well as aspects of social, political and economic development; and the region's relationships with Near East and the Western countries well into the second half of the 20th century. Key actors of regional history, politics and research are treated in biographic articles. All entries are supplied with bibliographic references with a distinction being made between primary and secondary sources. Illustrations and maps provide additional information where possible. Cross-references place entries in due thematic context. The Encyclopaedia Aethiopica will be completed by volume 5, which will include articles ranging from Y to Z and additional entries, along with overview tables, maps and a general index.