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The Art of Language Invention

The Art of Language Invention Author David J. Peterson
ISBN-10 9780143126461
Release 2015
Pages 292
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From master language creator David J. Peterson, creator of Game of Thrones' (HBO) Dothraki language, comes a creative guide to language construction. Peterson begins with a brief history of constructed languages, from Tolkien's creations to Klingon to the thriving global community of language construction. Then, using examples from a variety of languages including his own creations, Peterson offers a captivating and lucid overview, providing a basic foundation of essential linguistic tools for inventing and evolving one's own lexicon.

The Art of Language Invention

The Art of Language Invention Author David J. Peterson
ISBN-10 9780698155671
Release 2015-09-29
Pages 304
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An insider’s tour through the construction of invented languages from the bestselling author and creator of languages for the HBO series Game of Thrones and the Syfy series Defiance From master language creator David J. Peterson comes a creative guide to language construction for sci-fi and fantasy fans, writers, game creators, and language lovers. Peterson offers a captivating overview of language creation, covering its history from Tolkien’s creations and Klingon to today’s thriving global community of conlangers. He provides the essential tools necessary for inventing and evolving new languages, using examples from a variety of languages including his own creations, punctuated with references to everything from Star Wars to Michael Jackson. Along the way, behind-the-scenes stories lift the curtain on how he built languages like Dothraki for HBO’s Game of Thrones and Shiväisith for Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World, and an included phrasebook will start fans speaking Peterson’s constructed languages. The Art of Language Invention is an inside look at a fascinating culture and an engaging entry into a flourishing art form—and it might be the most fun you’ll ever have with linguistics. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Building Imaginary Worlds

Building Imaginary Worlds Author Mark J.P. Wolf
ISBN-10 9781136220814
Release 2014-03-14
Pages 394
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Mark J.P. Wolf’s study of imaginary worlds theorizes world-building within and across media, including literature, comics, film, radio, television, board games, video games, the Internet, and more. Building Imaginary Worlds departs from prior approaches to imaginary worlds that focused mainly on narrative, medium, or genre, and instead considers imaginary worlds as dynamic entities in and of themselves. Wolf argues that imaginary worlds—which are often transnarrative, transmedial, and transauthorial in nature—are compelling objects of inquiry for Media Studies. Chapters touch on: a theoretical analysis of how world-building extends beyond storytelling, the engagement of the audience, and the way worlds are conceptualized and experienced a history of imaginary worlds that follows their development over three millennia from the fictional islands of Homer’s Odyssey to the present internarrative theory examining how narratives set in the same world can interact and relate to one another an examination of transmedial growth and adaptation, and what happens when worlds make the jump between media an analysis of the transauthorial nature of imaginary worlds, the resulting concentric circles of authorship, and related topics of canonicity, participatory worlds, and subcreation’s relationship with divine Creation Building Imaginary Worlds also provides the scholar of imaginary worlds with a glossary of terms and a detailed timeline that spans three millennia and more than 1,400 imaginary worlds, listing their names, creators, and the works in which they first appeared.

In the Land of Invented Languages

In the Land of Invented Languages Author Arika Okrent
ISBN-10 9780812980899
Release 2010
Pages 342
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Okrent tells the fascinating and highly entertaining history of man's enduring quest to build a better language. Peopled with charming eccentrics and exasperating megalomaniacs, the land of invented languages is a place where you can recite the Lord's Prayer in John Wilkins's Philosophical Language, say your wedding vows in Loglan, and read "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" in Lojban--not to mention Babm, Blissymbolics, and the nearly nine hundred other invented languages featured in this language-lover's book.

The Language Construction Kit

The Language Construction Kit Author Mark Rosenfelder
ISBN-10 098447000X
Release 2010
Pages 292
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A guide to creating realistic languages for RPGs, fantasy and science fiction, movies or video games, or international communication... or just an unusual way to learn about how languages work.

Introducing Language Typology

Introducing Language Typology Author Edith A. Moravcsik
ISBN-10 9780521193405
Release 2013
Pages 320
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This textbook provides an introduction to language typology which assumes minimal prior knowledge of linguistics.

The Planet Construction Kit

The Planet Construction Kit Author Mark Rosenfelder
ISBN-10 0984470034
Release 2010-10
Pages 376
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A companion volume to the Language Construction Kit, this book explains everything you need to know about creating your own world with its own geology, creatures, cultures, religions, technology, and styles of war- plus how to create maps, illustrations and 3-D models. An essential whether you're writing science fiction or fantasy, designing RPGs, creating movies or video games, or remodeling a spare asteroid.

The A Zs of Worldbuilding

The A Zs of Worldbuilding Author Rebekah Loper
ISBN-10 0692850554
Release 2017-09-30
Pages 252
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Worldbuilding is the ultimate act of creation for speculative fiction writers, but how exactly do you worldbuild? You ask 'what if' and use each answer as a springboard to more questions and answers about your fictional world. In The A-Zs of Worldbuilding, that 'what if' process is broken down into 26 themed chapters, covering topics ranging from architecture to zoology. Each chapter includes a corresponding set of guided exercises to help you find the 'what if' questions relevant to your story's world. Fair warning, though: worldbuilding is addictive. Once you get started, you might never put your pen down again.

Relevant Linguistics

Relevant Linguistics Author Paul W. Justice
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106017730752
Release 2004
Pages 311
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This revised and expanded edition of Paul W. Justice's popular text provides a straightforward, accessible introduction to the basics of linguistics for education students and all non-linguistics majors, covering the essentials of phonetics, phonology, morphology, morpho-phonology, and syntax. While this overview is accessible to any student, Justice's text will be of particular use in teacher training programs, many of which now expose trainees to these topics in order to cope with rising linguistic diversity in classrooms. Each chapter of Relevant Linguistics leads students through descriptive analysis, helps them grasp linguistic concepts, and provides them with the reference materials necessary for their own teaching. This second edition contains more exercises as well as expanded and clarified explanations of the issues discussed in the first edition. Also included are more references to areas such as the history of English and semantics.

World building

World building Author Stephen Lee Gillett
ISBN-10 UVA:X002782285
Release 1996
Pages 198
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With Stephen Gillett's help, you'll be on solid ground, no matter what kinds of worlds you create for your science fiction. World-Building explains science to help you make your fiction plausible. You'll give your worlds the pull of gravity, aware of the effects on inhabitants and the planets themselves. Mix elements and build planets with chemically credible, geologically accurate characteristics - and anomalies - that affect those who live there. Create planetary "engines," convincing atmospheres and fact-based weather patterns. Colonize a truly weird world: ancient Earth. Explore our neighboring planets and their satellites for SF possibilities. Light and heat your landscapes with the right types of stars. See how things might be on a "chloroxygen" world and other hypothetical places. In this book, you'll follow calculations, read tables, view diagrams, learn what forces are at work in the universe, and see how you can harness them to give realism to the fantasy in your storytelling.

Creating Language

Creating Language Author Morten H. Christiansen
ISBN-10 9780262034319
Release 2016-04-01
Pages 344
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A work that reveals the profound links between the evolution, acquisition, and processing of language, and proposes a new integrative framework for the language sciences.

Creating Places

Creating Places Author Randy Ellefson
ISBN-10 1946995037
Release 2017-11-22
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CREATING PLACES (THE ART OF WORLD BUILDING, #2) is a detailed how-to guide on inventing the heart of every imaginary world - places. It includes chapters on inventing planets, moons, continents, mountains, forests, deserts, bodies of water, sovereign powers, settlements, and interesting locales. Extensive, culled research on each is provided to inform your world building decisions and understand the impact on craft, story, and audience. You'll also learn how and when to create history and maps. Experts and beginners alike will benefit from the free templates that make building worlds easier, quicker, and more fun.Learn the difference between types of monarchies, democracies, dictatorships and more for realistic variety and believable conflict. Understand how latitude, prevailing winds, and mountains affect climate, rainfall, and what types of forests and deserts will exist in each location. Consistently calculate how long it takes to travel by horse, wagon, sailing vessels, or even dragon over different terrain types and conditions.CREATING PLACES is the second volume in THE ART OF WORLD BUILDING, the only multi-volume series of its kind. Three times the length, depth, and breadth of other guides, the series can help fantasy and science fiction creators determine how much to build and why, how to use world building in your work, and whether the effort to create places will reap rewards for you and your audience.

Cambridge Global English Stage 1 Activity Book

Cambridge Global English Stage 1 Activity Book Author Caroline Linse
ISBN-10 9781107655133
Release 2014-05-22
Pages 112
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Cambridge Global English (1-6) is a six-level Primary course following the Cambridge Primary English as a Second Language Curriculum Framework developed by Cambridge English Language Assessment. Activity Book 1 provides additional practice activities to consolidate language skills and content material introduced in Learner's Book 1. Nine units correspond with the topics, texts and language input of Learner's Book 1 with each lesson of the Learner's Book supported by two pages in the Activity Book. Learning is reinforced through activities clearly framed within the 'I can' objectives of the course, opportunities for personalisation and creative work and a higher level of challenge to support differentiation. Each unit in the Activity Book ends with a quiz, offering more in depth assessment for learners. CEFR Level: towards A1.

World Building Guide and Workbook

World Building Guide and Workbook Author T. G. Franklin
ISBN-10 0692693920
Release 2016-04-16
Pages 194
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For writers, screenwriters, and gamers. World Building involves more than elaborate settings, more than magic and magical beings, and more than paranormal happenings. Speculative fiction is a fast growing market, and world building is an essential tool for creating successful stories where the reader can suspend disbelief. This World Building Guide & Workbook gives writers the proper tools to craft a well written manuscript, rich with details, by guiding them through steps for choosing the right world elements to include in their story. Use a simple blueprint method to lay the foundation, and then complete the story. Beginning writers in the genre can learn to identify potential pitfalls. More complex concepts are included for intermediate to advance level authors. Get started world building today!

Formative Language Assessment for English Learners

Formative Language Assessment for English Learners Author Rita MacDonald
ISBN-10 032505357X
Release 2015-03-26
Pages 112
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The significant challenges faced by English Language Learners (ELLs) become greater during the middle and high school years, when they must learn more abstract academic concepts with emergent English language skills and differing levels of background knowledge. To meet these challenges, ELLs need immediate feedback about how the development of their language abilities interacts with their academic performance; and teachers need practical strategies to help ELLs develop the specific content and language abilities necessary for success. In Formative Language Assessment for English Learners, the research team of Rita MacDonald, Timothy Boals, Mariana Castro, H. Gary Cook, Todd Lundberg, and Paula A. White demonstrates what good language assessment for formative purposes is, explains the cycle of formative language assessment, and shows how it unfolds stage by stage in a school setting. Based on a five-year collaborative project with middle and high school teachers in three major school districts, the book presents a process for: Weaving a language focus into content lessons Analyzing students' language from writing samples to help them broaden their linguistic choices Creating active partnerships with students as they learn and practice new ways to use English. When classrooms are defined by effective language assessment for formative purposes, they become dynamic spaces in which teachers can use that information to plan clear, attainable steps to increase student learning, and students develop deeper understandings of both academic content and academic language. Formative Language Assessment for English Learners provides practical strategies to implement a unique process for formative assessment that can truly change classroom practice. This team of authors works together at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and have collaborated on formative language assessment for English Language Learners through their work for WIDA (World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment), a 36-state consortium that supports academic language development for linguistically diverse students through standards, assessment, research, and professional development.

The Fellowship of the Ring

The Fellowship of the Ring Author John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
ISBN-10 9780007269709
Release 2008
Pages 531
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Fantasy fiction. The first ever illustrated paperback of part one of Tolkien's epic masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings, featuring 19 colour paintings by Alan Lee.


Journal Author Knights of Labor
ISBN-10 UOM:39015091744725
Release 1893
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Journal has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Journal also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Journal book for free.