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The Artful Wooden Spoon

The Artful Wooden Spoon Author Joshua Vogel
ISBN-10 9781452143842
Release 2015-11-10
Pages 176
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Marvels of craftsmanship, beauty, and function, Joshua Vogel's hand-carved kitchenware is coveted far and wide. In The Artful Wooden Spoon, Vogel shares more than 100 gorgeous pieces from his workshop gallery, providing rich visual inspiration along with explaining the principles behind handcrafting spoons and sharing simple instructions and step-by-step photographs—no expertise and very few tools required. With more than 225 photographs of Vogel's stunning specimens, this visual introduction to the craft is an invitation to explore an age-old art and to create a timeless gift.

The Artful Wooden Spoon

The Artful Wooden Spoon Author Josh Vogel
ISBN-10 1452137722
Release 2015-11-10
Pages 176
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Marvels of craftsmanship, beauty, and function, Joshua Vogel's hand-carved kitchenware is coveted far and wide. In The Artful Wooden Spoon, Vogel shares more than 100 gorgeous pieces from his workshop gallery, providing rich visual inspiration along with explaining the principles behind handcrafting spoons and sharing simple instructions and step-by-step photographs—no expertise and very few tools required. With more than 225 photographs of Vogel's stunning specimens, this visual introduction to the craft is an invitation to explore an age-old art and to create a timeless gift.


Spon Author Barn The Spoon
ISBN-10 9780753545966
Release 2017-05-25
Pages 224
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'No one in Britain knows more about crafting a spoon from greenwood than Barn The Spoon.' Guardian 'London's most famous and charismatic spoon whittler ... King of the whittlers.' Sunday Telegraph Barn The Spoon, as he’s affectionately known is a rare master craftsman in the art of spoon carving. In this book he generously shares his extraordinary skill, gentle philosophy and his life’s work – designing and carving beautiful spoons that are both a joy to use and hold. The simple, ordinary spoon is part of our everyday lives, intimately entwined with the acts of eating and socialising, from stirring our first cup of coffee to scraping the last bit of pudding from the bowl. And who doesn't like to spoon in bed? Barn’s spoons will take you on a journey into the new wood culture, from understanding the relationship between wood, the raw material and its majestic origins in our trees and woodland, to the workshop and the axe block, and into your own kitchen. Barn will show you how to use the axe and knife, from how they should feel in your hand to honing the perfect edge when carving your own spoons. Featuring sixteen unique designs in the four main categories of spoon – eating, serving, cooking and measuring spoons, Barn takes you through the nuances of their making, how each design is informed by its function at the table or in the kitchen, and the key skills you will learn – such as creating octagonal handles, manipulating grain patterns and mastering bent branches. Beautiful photography will inspire and act as a blue-print to help perfect your technique.

The Art of Spoon Carving

The Art of Spoon Carving Author Lora Susan Irish
ISBN-10 9780486813493
Release 2017-08-15
Pages 160
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Beautifully illustrated guide by a master woodcrafter presents 12 projects, with mix-and-match suggestions for creating dozens of spoons and other implements. Perfect for beginners, the book features clear, detailed directions.

A Gathering of Spoons

A Gathering of Spoons Author Norman D. Stevens
ISBN-10 9781610351430
Release 2012-12-07
Pages 104
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"Featuring over 200 hand-carved art spoons, "A Gathering of Spoons" is the definitive photographic record of the world's most brilliant and beautiful examples of art spoon design. Spoonmaking has been a respected craft and art form in many cultures for centuries, providing not just utilitarian tools but also revered and powerful ceremonial and symbolic objects. Artists and craftspeople from many walks of life are exploring this ancient tool of daily life and creating designs that hark back to centuries of tradition but also speak to contemporary life. "A Gathering of Spoons" celebrates the resurgence of spooncarving in recent years. Presenting a dazzling variety of forms, materials, and carving techniques, "A Gathering of Spoons" presents the finest work in spoonmaking from around the world. Each piece is beautifully photographed to present its unique visual appeal, making "A Gathering of Spoons" a fascinating visual record of great art in an unusual form"--

Heirloom Wood

Heirloom Wood Author Max Bainbridge
ISBN-10 9781683350842
Release 2017-03-28
Pages 144
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Heirloom Wood is a love letter to wood’s form and function through simple woodworking projects. Combining traditional techniques with contemporary design, Max Bainbridge teaches you how to identify wood types, source timber, and set up a basic toolbox, then offers step-by-step carving and cutting techniques for making your own pieces. With little experience and very few tools, you’ll learn to create hand-carved bowls, cutting boards, spoons, knives, and spatulas, perfect for adding a touch of the handmade to your home. With further advice on finishing your projects—how to sand, ebonize, scorch, and texture the surfaces, as well as wax and oil your new, beloved kitchen creations—each of your handcrafted projects will be imbued with a tangible history visible through the maker’s mark. With beautiful photography and clear how-to instruction, Heirloom Wood gives you everything you need to create timeless kitchen keepsakes to be passed down from generation to generation.

History of Lovespoons

History of Lovespoons Author David H. Western
ISBN-10 1565236734
Release 2012
Pages 111
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With gorgeous photographs of heirloom lovespoons from museums and collectiosn from around the world as a guide, prominent lovespoon artist David Western details the origin, symbols, myths, and significance of this 350 year old tradition of love and friendship.

The Wood Carver s Dozen

The Wood Carver s Dozen Author Celina Muire
ISBN-10 1616896604
Release 2018-02-06
Pages 144
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If you want to join the woodworking and carving renaissance, Woodcarver's Dozen is the perfect starting point. An inspiring D.I.Y. book, written by a passionate advocate for the ancient and rewarding craft of hand wood carving, Woodcarver's Dozen includes simple step-by-step tutorials to guide readers through twelve charming hand-crafted projects including housewares (egg holders, salad bowl, spoons) to desk accessories (picture holders, trays, reclaimed wood desk lamps), and even a comb. Easy-to-follow, traceable templates make it possible for absolute beginners to dive straight in and create something unique from scratch in addition to detailing the few essential tools, Muire advises on how to pick the right wood for a project, and how to get the very best out of your materials. Woodcarver's Dozen will have you creating wooden objects in no time, beautiful in their simplicity and unique design. The twelve projects are all enormously satisfying, eminently doable, and highly giftable.

The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees The Ash in Human Culture and History

The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees  The Ash in Human Culture and History Author Robert Penn
ISBN-10 9780393253740
Release 2016-07-25
Pages 256
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The story of how one man cut down a single tree to see how many things could be made from it. Out of all the trees in the world, the ash is most closely bound up with who we are: the tree we have made the greatest and most varied use of over the course of human history. One frigid winter morning, Robert Penn lovingly selected an ash tree and cut it down. He wanted to see how many beautiful, handmade objects could be made from it. Thus begins an adventure of craftsmanship and discovery. Penn visits the shops of modern-day woodworkers—whose expertise has been handed down through generations—and finds that ancient woodworking techniques are far from dead. He introduces artisans who create a flawless axe handle, a rugged and true wagon wheel, a deadly bow and arrow, an Olympic-grade toboggan, and many other handmade objects using their knowledge of ash’s unique properties. Penn connects our daily lives back to the natural woodlands that once dominated our landscapes. Throughout his travels—from his home in Wales, across Europe, and America—Penn makes a case for the continued and better use of the ash tree as a sustainable resource and reveals some of the dire threats to our ash trees. The emerald ash borer, a voracious and destructive beetle, has killed tens of millions of ash trees across North America since 2002. Unless we are prepared to act now and better value our trees, Penn argues, the ash tree and its many magnificent contributions to mankind will become a thing of the past. This exuberant tale of nature, human ingenuity, and the pleasure of making things by hand chronicles how the urge to understand and appreciate trees still runs through us all like grain through wood.

Tiny Whittling

Tiny Whittling Author Steve Tomashek
ISBN-10 9781613744994
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 112
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This handbook" "uses step-by-step photography and easy-to-follow instructions to teach you how to whittle whimsical miniature creatures. With just a sharp knife, a little practice, and the tiniest block of wood, anyone can make a charming carving in less than an hour. You will- create a simple turnip bear and a carrot mouse to start- graduate to wood and master a variety of cuts and carving techniques - learn how to sand, paint, and decorate your tiny carvings - create a fox, an owl, a horse, a hen, and even a forest or farmyard setting for your miniature menagerie and more

Swedish Carving Techniques

Swedish Carving Techniques Author Wille Sundqvist
ISBN-10 1627106731
Release 2013-12-17
Pages 133
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The best table and chair projects from America's premier woodworking magazine are now together in one book. This collection of projects from the pages of Fine Woodworking will walk the reader through the process of building elegant works of furniture with the clear instruction and comprehensive drawings that Fine Woodworking is known for. The projects, designed by some of America's best woodworkers, will help build skills and result in furniture worthy of being passed down for generations. Included are projects that cover a broad range of styles, ensuring something for every taste. With such a wide range of furniture types covered this book will include something to appeal to every woodworker.

Spoon Carving

Spoon Carving Author EJ Osborne
ISBN-10 1849497192
Release 2017-03-07
Pages 144
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This book demonstrates how, with three basic tools – an axe and two knives – you can shape a small tree branch into a simple, honest utensil. As well as information on tree identification, EJ explains the key techniques of chopping, splitting, planing, shaving, and cutting. Once you are confident with the woodworking skills, you can progress to the projects chapter where full instructions are given for making five different utensil types, starting with the simplest spatula, cooking spoon, and hanging jar spoon, before moving on to a coffee scoop and then finally graduating on to the bentbranch spoon.

Carving Spoons Revised Second Edition

Carving Spoons  Revised Second Edition Author Shirley Adler
ISBN-10 1565238508
Release 2014-07-21
Pages 88
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Carving Spoons, Revised Second Edition is your introduction to the fascinating world of these hand-crafted objects of utility and sentiment. Classic in simplicity of form, spoons can be carved in an endless assortment of shapes. This book shows how to elevate the humble wooden spoon from a utilitarian object to a work of art. With a few small scraps of wood and some common carving tools, spoon carving instructor Shirley Adler will get you started making beautiful spoons to keep for yourself or give away. Shirley provides step-by-step instructions for shaping the bowl and adding detail to the handle. She offers a thorough introduction to carving basics, from selecting tools and materials to making models, transferring patterns, sanding, finishing, and handling mistakes. 45 ready-to-use patterns offer dozens of mix-and-match designs for both beginning and experienced carvers. A colourful photo gallery shows a gorgeous selection of finished spoons, and an introduction to Welsh and Scandinavian spoon carving traditions provides a rich context for this historical craft.


Stickmaking Author Charlie Walker
ISBN-10 9781785004148
Release 2018-05-21
Pages 128
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Sticks are essentially practical aides but are also works of art that often become integral to the owner. They have to be strong and reliable, but are beautiful too. This essential book covers all these qualities - it explains the traditional principles and methods of stickmaking, but also celebrates the designs and ideas behind these creations. Written by an award-winning stickmaker, it provides a full acount of this age-old craft. Topics covered include materials, equipment and tools required to make a variety of sticks from timber, antler and horn; stick types and shapes; preparing timber to make handles and shanks; straightening shanks; making joints and exhibiting and competing. This new book will be an inspiration for all stickmakers, both new and old and will be of great interest to countryside enthusiasts, shepherds, farmers, woodworkers and working dogs owners. Superbly illustrated with 349 colour photographs.

Spoon Carving

Spoon Carving Author Nicola Wood
ISBN-10 0854421025
Release 2015-06-15
Pages 128
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What could be more appealing than taking a small branch from a tree in your garden and, with a few simple tools, making a wooden spoon to use in your kitchen or give to a friend? Carving this way is a very accessible hobby. The tools are reasonably priced, the raw material is everywhere (yes, it grows on trees!) and there is no need for a dedicated workspace. This book is an introduction to a set of knife and axe cuts that will help you use spoon carving tools effectively and safely. The teaching method is unusual in that it initially focuses on the skills needed to use the tools, rather than what you are making.

Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons

Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons Author David Western
ISBN-10 1565233743
Release 2008
Pages 185
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Learn to create beautiful lovespoons, hand-carved symbols of affection popular for centuries. This is the most thorough and detailed book available on the subject of lovespoon carving. Contains sections on the history of lovespoon carving, selecting woods, using and maintaining tools, applying long-lasting finishes as well as 3 step-by-step projects and 15 original patterns. Learn techniques to carve romantic gifts from a professional lovespoon artist. Included is a chapter on the history and symbolism of this captivating craft.

Sculpting Traditional Bowls

Sculpting Traditional Bowls Author Rip Mann
ISBN-10 088740698X
Release 1994
Pages 48
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Hand hewing bowls is an ancient craft, but one which has been almost lost. This new book will help revive it. Using only hand tools, the bowl adze, a bowl shave and a carver's hook, Rip and Tammi lead the carver or sculptor through the steps of this satisfying art. Each step is illustrated in color, with a complete description of design and technique concerns.