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The Artist Project

The Artist Project Author Christopher Noey
ISBN-10 9780714873541
Release 2017-09-19
Pages 272
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Artists have long been stimulated and motivated by the work of those who came before them—sometimes, centuries before them. Interviews with 120 international contemporary artists discussing works from The Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection that spark their imagination shed new light on art-making, museums, and the creative process. Images of works from The Met collection appear alongside images of the contemporary artists' work, allowing readers to discover a rich web of visual connections that spans cultures and millennia.

The artist project

The artist project Author Peter Bellamy
ISBN-10 UOM:39015029708032
Release 1991-01
Pages 256
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In the beginning, Peter Bellamy was a babe in the lofts. He didn't know much about art (he had been to the Whitney about once), but he astutely knew that a photographer needs a vehicle. If photography is a way of seeing, there has to be a consistent and cumulative way to see and be seen, especially if your goal is a book, and Bellamy has a substantial product between these covers in the manner of Robert Frank, Walker Evans, and Garry Winogrand. Since the start of The Artist Project in 1981, Bellamy has taken over 10,000 photographs of artists. In the course of it he has become educated, and we have this record of the artists' lives. What is honest and resonating about the project is Bellamy's photography of all kinds of artists at all levels of success and notoriety. This democratic coverage wasn't mandated; rather the subject accreted informally and naturally as a network: future subjects were referred to Bellamy by those who had been photographed. For such an important and unique record, there was a surprising modesty about Bellamy's conception and approach. He did not consider any one photograph to be more significant than the others; instead (and there is a mystical cast to this), each photograph embodied or represented the entire project. The project's being organic and cellular required the eventual inclusion of more renowned artists not because of the cachet that stars would bring it, but because the presence of artists whom younger artists use as models heightened the authenticity of the project. Peter Bellamy's way of seeing is absorbing. I have long thought that the most fascinating aspect of visual artist is their possession of emblems or surrogates - their works - which stand for them. Though the works can seem shields or buffers, getting acquainted with the work is one way to get through to the artist. Sometimes the artist in the flesh appeals more than the work. And almost invariably, one is reminded that few artists are romantic, or noticeably less normal than you or I, though perhaps they are slightly more earnest. In the photographs reproduced on these pages, the notion of the artwork as the artist's emblem is often evident. Connie Reyes' constructivist-like sculpture seems to enfold her in her Manhattan loft. But there is a sense of the confident artist dominating the work in the portraits of Jack Whitten and A-1. A-1's casual stance reflects the visual rhythms of the street, while Whitten looks triumphant, as if he has mastered his circular painting. At the other extreme, Bob Yucikas stands with his sculptures arrayed like trophies beneath one of the paintings that engendered them, while Lee Sherry is forcing us to come to terms with her. However she is not stripped of emblem, for a shield-like painting hangs above her bathtub. Another avenue into the art world is the capturing of time just prior to the event of art-making. Cindy Sherman is posed in a spartan way with photographic appurtenances, and Michael Goldberg has hedonistic trappings which prime him for painting. The attitudes assumed by Dale Henry and Nancy Arlen could reflect after-the-event. The two might be contemplating the turnabout Bellamy enforces: they usually make unique objects - here they are unique objects. The project ultimately is a celebration of the artists' existence of choice and their desire to "make art" in our society. It constitutes the most extensive, interlocking survey of the New York artist that has ever been compiled, and it transcends the fact that it is essentially a collection of portraits of individuals; it has become, collectively, a documentation of a particular community and a recognition of their contribution to our culture. - William Zimmer.

The Stamp Artist s Project Book

The Stamp Artist s Project Book Author Sharilyn Miller
ISBN-10 156496762X
Release 2001
Pages 176
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Includes how-to information for projects: steno pad covers ; paper mobile ; "ex libris" bookplates ; wild things postcards ; votive candleholders ; whale greeting cards ; artistamps ; foam-stamped greeting cards ; trading cards ; stamped gift bags and tags ; mail art ; accordion-fold book ; wedding gift box ; tag art ;paper clock ; Asian gift box ; elegant brooches ; double-cover bound books ; paper art dolls ; framed watercolor painting ; ribbon ; block-printed silk scarf ; roll-up beads ; coffee napkin ; canvas tote bag ; pillow beads ; pillow bead necklace ; stamped and embossed diary ; stamped table setting ; canvas director's chair ; jungle shower curtain ; stamped curtain ; tablecloth and felt table topper ; canvas wine bottle bag ; muslin pillow ; stamped velvet book ; velvet embossed throw ; velvet embossed pillows ; fabric art dolls ; Fortuny velvet pillows.


CINEMA 4D Author Kent McQuilkin
ISBN-10 9781136061332
Release 2012-10-12
Pages 448
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Make the creative leap to 3D. Realize your artistic vision with this treasure chest of instructional, practical projects. Get the essential concepts and techniques without drowning in the technical complexities.

                  Author Jeff VanderMeer
ISBN-10 9789600359831
Release 2015-12-12
Pages 208
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Μια τετραμελής ομάδα –μια ψυχολόγος, μια βιολόγος, μια ανθρωπολόγος και μια χωρομέτρης– στέλνεται να εξερευνήσει την αποκλεισμένη, μυστηριώδη Περιοχή Χ (είναι η δωδέκατη αποστολή που αναλαμβάνει τούτη την εξερεύνηση). Εκεί, μες στην παρθένα ερημιά, όπου δεν απομένουν παρά μόνο τα χαλάσματα ενός εγκαταλειμμένου χωριού, τα τέσσερα μέλη βρίσκουν έναν μυστηριώδη πύργο βυθισμένο στη γη, που στους τοίχους του ξετυλίγεται μια παράξενη γραφή φτιαγμένη από μύκητες, και στην άλλη άκρη της Περιοχής Χ ένα φάρο με ίχνη, μέσα, ενός τρομερού μακελειού. Πατώντας στέρεα στη λογοτεχνία του Χ. Φ. Λάβκραφτ και του Τζ. Γκ. Μπάλαρντ, μα και στο Σολάρις, ίσως, του Στάνισλαβ Λεμ, και στην αίσθηση που δίνει μια ταινία όπως το Στάλκερ του Αντρέι Ταρκόφσκι, ο Τζεφ Βάντερμιερ στον Αφανισμό (βραβευμένο με το Βραβείο Nebula το 2014), το πρώτο μυθιστόρημα της Τριλογίας της Νότιας Ζώνης, πλάθει μια εφιαλτική και συνάμα μαγευτική μα εντελώς μοναδική ιστορία επιστημονικής φαντασίας, ένα από εκείνα τα σπάνια βιβλία που εντέλει, και παρά τις όποιες ομοιότητες και αναφορές, στέκουν μόνα τους, δίχως στην πραγματικότητα να έχουν όμοιό τους.

100 artists see God

100 artists see God Author John Baldessari
ISBN-10 UOM:39015061329432
Release 2004
Pages 136
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With a mix of irreverence and sincerity, artists John Baldessari and Meg Cranston here tackle nothing less than the question of God. Acting as curators, they have invited 100 artists to respond to one of art's most enduring challenges: picturing the divine. The artists selected are those whose work the curators know and admire, those who possess the sense of humor and audacity necessary for such a project, or artists who are "likely to surprise." The works in this exhibition explore many different themes, including miracles, divine intervention, baptism, heaven, martyrdom, and the search for enlightenment. Included is one work by each of the 100 artists--primarily drawings, photographs, and paintings, along with a few sculptures and single-channel videos--some of them made in response to the curators' call for participation. Represented artists include Reverend Ethan Acres, Eleanor Antin, Chris Burden, Sam Durant, Jimmie Durham, Nicole Eisenman, Katharina Fritsch, Liam Gillick, Jack Goldstein, Scott Grieger, Rebecca Horn, Christian Jankowski, Mike Kelley, Mary Kelly, Martin Kippenberger, Louise Lawler, Roy Lichtenstein, Rita McBride, Paul McCarthy, Catherine Opie, Tony Oursler, Jorge Pardo, Raymond Pettibon, Paul Pfeiffer, Richard Prince, Rob Pruitt & Jonathan Horowitz, Gerhard Richter, Susan Rothenberg, Ed Ruscha, Gary Simmons, Lawrence Weiner, James Welling and Franz West.

Interpreting American Jewish History at Museums and Historic Sites

Interpreting American Jewish History at Museums and Historic Sites Author Avi Y. Decter
ISBN-10 9781442264366
Release 2016-11-09
Pages 248
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Interpreting American Jewish History at Museums and Historic Sites begins with a broad overview of American Jewish history in the context of a religious culture than extends back more than 3,000 years and which manifests itself in a variety of distinctive American forms. Five chapters examine key themes in American Jewish history: movement, home life, community, prejudice, and culture. Each thematic chapter is followed by a series of case studies that describe and analyze a variety of projects by historical organizations to interpret American Jewish life and culture for general public audiences. The last two chapters of the book are a history of Jewish collections and Jewish museums in North America and a look at “next practice,” intended to promote continuous innovation, new thinking, and programming that is responsive to ever-changing circumstances.


CINEMA 4D Author Anne Powers
ISBN-10 9781136061417
Release 2012-10-12
Pages 368
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Make the creative leap to 3D. Realize your artistic vision with this treasure chest of instructional projects. Get the essential concepts and techniques without drowning in the technical complexities. This new edition is an artist's sourcebook for the visionary in you that wants to master 3D-and have fun in the process. It serves as a complete guide for the creative use of CINEMA 4D R10 and all of its modules. This new edition features an engaging full-color presentation of short, playful projects show you how to put this powerful toolset to work. You will master R10's improved workflow, scene management, enhanced animation timeline and searchable object manager, as well as its: * MOCCA 3 system, including Joints, Skin Objects, the Weight Tool, the Morph Tool, Visual Selector and Clothilde * MoGraph module for motion graphics, type manipulation and the animation of multiple forms * Bodypaint 3D for applying 2D drawing and painting skills to 3D models * Advanced modeling tools such as the Brush tool * Interface with third-party applications including Z-Brush, and Adobe's Creative Suite You also get inventive quick starts for other modules including Hair, Sketch and Toon, Advanced Render, Dynamics and Thinking Particles. The companion DVD is bursting to the brim with project source files, extra projects, tutorial movies, guest artist tutorials, inspirational galleries and unique C4D Teacher Files (C4D scenes with embedded step-by-step instruction).

The Artist s Guide to Public Art

The Artist s Guide to Public Art Author Lynn Basa
ISBN-10 9781581159769
Release 2012-02-28
Pages 240
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Public art commissions--how to find them, how to get them. * First-hand advice from experienced public artists * Written by an artist for artists * Includes expert information on public art law Learn how to find, apply for, compete for, and win a public art commission. First-hand interviews with experienced public artists and arts administrators provide in-the-trenches advice and insight, and a chapter on public art law, written by Barbara Hoffman, the country's leading public art law attorney, answers questions about this complex area. Packed with details on working with contracts, conflict, controversy, communities, committees, and more, The Artist’s Guide to Public Art shows artists the way to cut through the red tape and win commissions that are rewarding both financially and artistically.

The Artist Portrait Project

The Artist Portrait Project Author Jennifer G. Spencer
ISBN-10 9781631523946
Release 2018-07-10
Pages 120
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After five years’ absence from San Diego’s art community, Jennifer G. Spencer returned and began to photograph the artists she became acquainted with during her thirteen-year stint as an executive director of a visual arts organization—a project that became a ten-year journey. In The Artist Portrait Project, Spencer reveals the results of her adventure in portraiture after her retirement, and shares how this endeavor enlightened and shaped her opinion of these fifty artists and her art community. Engaging and visually stunning, The Artist Portrait Project is a book about self-discovery and the persistence of the creative spirit.

Letting Go

Letting Go Author Bill Adair
ISBN-10 9781611326628
Release 2012-03-15
Pages 336
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Letting Go? investigates path-breaking public history practices at a time when the traditional expertise of museums seems challenged at every turn—by the Web and digital media, by community-based programming, by new trends in oral history and by contemporary art. In this anthology of 19 thought pieces, case studies, conversations and commissioned art, almost 30 leading practitioners such as Michael Frisch, Jack Tchen, Liz Ševcenko, Kathleen McLean, Nina Simon, Otabenga Jones and Associates, and Fred Wilson explore the implications of letting audiences create, not just receive, historical content. Drawing on examples from history, art, and science museums, Letting Go? offers concrete examples and models that will spark innovative work at institutions of all sizes and budgets. This engaging new collection will serve as an introductory text for those newly grappling with a changing field and, for those already pursuing the goal of “letting go,” a tool for taking stock and pushing ahead.

On a Broader Canvas

On a Broader Canvas Author D. J. Stevens
ISBN-10 9781438943060
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 148
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Stanley Ketchel was an early 20th century Middleweight Champion from 1908-1910. This book tells the story of a young boy who left home to find his place in the world, and hopefully find the means by which to assist his family economically. His parents, and three sibling brothers, at the time, would not see him again for nine years. When they, finally, saw him, again, he was a newly-named pugilistic challenger whose boxing fame was building higher with each bout. This book is an excursion into the, researched, truth of both Stanley Ketchel's life, and his boxing career.

How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist

How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist Author Caroll Michels
ISBN-10 9781466818033
Release 2009-06-09
Pages 384
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The classic handbook for launching and sustaining a career that "explodes the romantic notion of the starving artist," (The New York Times) with a brand-new chapter on Internet art marketing Now in its sixth edition, How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist is the definitive guide to taking control of your career and making a good living in the art world. Drawing on nearly three decades of experience, Caroll Michels offers a wealth of insider's information on getting into a gallery, being your own PR agent, and negotiating prices, as well as innovative marketing, exhibition, and sales opportunities for various artistic disciplines. She has also added a new section on digital printmaking and marketing in this emerging field. Most notably, this sixth edition contains an entirely new chapter: "Art Marketing on the Internet." Michels offers criteria for selecting an ideal Web designer for your online portfolio and for organizing your Web presence, and shares proven methods for attracting curators, dealers, and private clients to your site. She also addresses vital legal concerns in the age of e-commerce, including copyrighting and registering your art, and finally, the appendix of resources, consistently updated online at Michels's site the Artist Help Network, is fully revised.

Art as Existence

Art as Existence Author Gabriele Guercio
ISBN-10 026251320X
Release 2009-09-18
Pages 378
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Is the artist's monograph an endangered species or a timeless genre? This criticalhistory traces the formal and conceptual trajectories of art history's favorite form, from Vasarionward, and reconsiders the validity of the life-and-work model for the twenty-firstcentury.

The Artist s Guide to Grant Writing

The Artist s Guide to Grant Writing Author Gigi Rosenberg
ISBN-10 9780823027224
Release 2010-12-14
Pages 208
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The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing is designed to transform readers from starving artists fumbling to get by into working artists who confidently tap into all the resources at their disposal. Written in an engaging and down-to-earth tone, this comprehensive guide includes time-tested strategies, anecdotes from successful grant writers, and tips from grant officers and fundraising specialists. The book is targeted at both professional and aspiring writers, performers, and visual artists who need concrete information about how to write winning grant applications and fundraise creatively so that they can finance their artistic dreams. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Anywhere Anytime Art Gouache

Anywhere  Anytime Art  Gouache Author Agathe Singer
ISBN-10 9781633224971
Release 2018-05-01
Pages 128
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Take a fresh look at an up-and-coming art medium with Anywhere, Anytime Art: Gouache! Gouache paint has a long history, but it’s often associated with watercolor and multimedia art. Until now, that is! Trendy artists with large social-media followings are reinvigorating gouache, making this the ideal time to add this medium to your toolbox...or start your art journey with it! Like the other books in the Anywhere, Anytime Art series, Gouache explores this medium in a portable, approachable, and contemporary way. Basic painting topics, such as tools and materials, techniques, and color theory, are presented in an easy-to-read, visual style. The subsequent step-by-step projects focus on various subjects that artists can find anywhere, whether they’re home or out and about. Artists can learn to paint their favorite things, including plants, flowers, cats, patterns, and more. Anywhere, Anytime Art: Gouache is filled with vibrant, colorful artwork that’s sure to inspire any artist to give gouache a try and get out there and paint!

Philosophical Perspectives on Art

Philosophical Perspectives on Art Author Stephen Davies
ISBN-10 9780199202430
Release 2010-02-18
Pages 288
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Philosophical Perspectives on Art presents a series of essays devoted to two of the most fundamental topics in the philosophy of art: the distinctive character of artworks and what is involved in understanding them as art. In Part I, Stephen Davies considers a wide range of questions about the nature and definition of art. Can art be defined, and if so, which definitions are the most plausible? Do we make and consume art because there are evolutionary advantages to doing so? Has art completed the mission that guided its earlier historical development, and if so, what is to become of it now? Should architecture be classified as an art form? Part II turns to the interpretation and appreciation of art. What is the target and purpose of the critic's interpretation? Is interpretation primarily directed at uncovering artists' intended meanings? Can apparently contradictory interpretations of a given piece both be true? Are interpretative evaluations entailed by descriptions of a work's aesthetic and artistic characteristics? In addition to providing fresh answers to these and other central questions in aesthetics, Davies considers the nature and content of metaphor, and the relation between the expressive qualities of a work of art and the emotions of its creator.