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The Atlantic Coast

The Atlantic Coast Author Harry Thurston
ISBN-10 9781553654469
Release 2011
Pages 327
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Presents a look at the northern Atlantic Coast of North America, describing its ecosystems; forest realms; geological structures; the fish, bird, and plant life that flourish there; and the conservation efforts that have been made to preserve it.

Atlantic shorelines

Atlantic shorelines Author Mark D. Bertness
ISBN-10 0691125538
Release 2007
Pages 431
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Atlantic Shorelinesis an introduction to the natural history and ecology of shoreline communities on the East Coast of North America. Writing for a broad audience, Mark Bertness examines how distinctive communities of plants and animals are generated on rocky shores and in salt marshes, mangroves, and soft sediment beaches on Atlantic shorelines.The book provides a comprehensive background for understanding the basic principles of intertidal ecology and the unique conditions faced by intertidal organisms. It describes the history of the Atlantic Coast, tides, and near-shore oceanographic processes that influence shoreline organisms; explains primary production in shoreline systems, intertidal food webs, and the way intertidal organisms survive; sets out the unusual reproductive challenges of living in an intertidal habitat, and the role of recruitment in shaping intertidal communities; and outlines how biological processes like competition, predation, facilitation, and ecosystem engineering generate the spatial structure of intertidal communities.The last part of the book focuses on the ecology of the three main shoreline habitats--rocky shores, soft sediment beaches, and shorelines vegetated with salt marsh plants and mangroves--and discusses in detail conservation issues associated with each of them.

A Natural History of Quiet Waters

A Natural History of Quiet Waters Author Curtis J. Badger
ISBN-10 0813926181
Release 2007
Pages 143
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Although swamps today are recognized as one of the richest and most prolific natural systems on Earth, they have long held a mysterious and tenuous place in America’s history and culture. Ernest Hemingway equated them with madness and death in "Big Two-hearted River." We have images of Humphrey Bogart covered with leeches while slogging through a swamp in the film The African Queen. In our culture, swamps have been associated with mystery and evil, and we spent generations draining, filling, and otherwise destroying them. Indeed, in the four centuries since the European colonists arrived, we have lost more than half of the forested wetlands that were native to America. Swamps have until now received little attention, despite recent efforts to protect them. With A Natural History of Quiet Waters: Swamps and Wetlands of the Mid-Atlantic Coast, Curtis Badger takes us on a personalized trip to the swamp, providing an insightful look at the nature of these special places, and arguing persuasively that these natural systems should be protected, not destroyed. Using such locations as the Pocomoke River and the Great Dismal Swamp as exemplars of swamps in general, Badger examines the natural history of wetlands, and also relates the role they have played in the history and culture of the mid-Atlantic coast. A great iron furnace and its surrounding village once stood in a cypress swamp along Nassawango Creek in Maryland. The Great Dismal was a safe haven for runaway slaves, and it has been the source of many ghostly tales and legends. Although swamps have for centuries been cast in a negative light, they are wonderfully productive places, a refuge for migrating songbirds, insects, fish, animals, and rare plants. Swamps and wetlands provide us with clean water, they protect uplands from flooding, and their waters serve as a spawning ground for valuable fish and shellfish. And, Badger writes, they provide us with an island of forested wilderness, a place where one can launch a canoe and temporarily escape the irritations of the modern world. Notwithstanding the government’s goal of "no net loss" of wetlands, swamps are still being drained, filled, and paved over each year. With this book, Badger invites us to appreciate these special places and the natural communities they support.

A Sierra Club naturalist s guide to the North Atlantic coast

A Sierra Club naturalist s guide to the North Atlantic coast Author Michael Berrill
ISBN-10 087156243X
Release 1981-05-01
Pages 464
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As well as the general geology and climate of this region, there is extensive coverage on the marine habitats for animal and plant life that these coastlines contain.

The Atlantic shore

The Atlantic shore Author John Hay
ISBN-10 UCAL:B5022588
Release 1966
Pages 246
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The Atlantic shore has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Atlantic shore also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Atlantic shore book for free.

A Special Place in History

A Special Place in History Author Jane Freeland
ISBN-10 UOM:39015015398194
Release 1988
Pages 127
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A Special Place in History has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Special Place in History also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Special Place in History book for free.

The Smithsonian guides to natural America

The Smithsonian guides to natural America Author John Ross
ISBN-10 0679763147
Release 1995
Pages 285
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Provides a detailed study of more than one hundred parks, wilderness preserves, nature sanctuaries, and other scenic wonders, from Virginia's barrier islands to the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. Original. 35,000 first printing.

Land s edge

Land s edge Author Michael L. Hoel
ISBN-10 0961608005
Release 1986-05
Pages 141
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Traces the history of barrier beaches along the east coast of the U.S., explains how dunes form, and describes the plants and animals that flourish in coastal areas

Potential Impacts of U S Coast Guard Activities Along the U S Atlantic Coast EA

Potential Impacts of U S  Coast Guard Activities Along the U S  Atlantic Coast  EA Author
ISBN-10 NWU:35556030215149
Release 1995
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Potential Impacts of U S Coast Guard Activities Along the U S Atlantic Coast EA has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Potential Impacts of U S Coast Guard Activities Along the U S Atlantic Coast EA also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Potential Impacts of U S Coast Guard Activities Along the U S Atlantic Coast EA book for free.

The Swift Creek Gift

The Swift Creek Gift Author Neill J. Wallis
ISBN-10 9780817356293
Release 2011-02-23
Pages 247
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A study on what Swift Creek Complicated Stamp pottery reveals about Woodland Period social interactions addresses key questions about the distributions of the pottery and the wooden tools used for its creation, drawing on examples from Atlantic coast villages and mortuary mounds. Simultaneous.

A Natural History of the Ducks Plectropterinae Dendrocygninae Anatinae in part 1 v

A Natural History of the Ducks  Plectropterinae  Dendrocygninae  Anatinae  in part   1 v  Author John Charles Phillips
ISBN-10 0486251411
Release 1922
Pages 419
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Reproduced from rare original worth $5,000, great nature classic covers 200 species of ducks. Exhaustive, unsurpassed study. Includes illustrations by Fuertes, Brooks, others. 74 full-color plates, 102 black-and-white plates, 117 maps. Clothbound. 4 volumes bound as two.

Everything Under the Sun

Everything Under the Sun Author David Suzuki
ISBN-10 9781553659969
Release 2012-05-14
Pages 288
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In this compilation of David Suzuki's latest thoughts and writings, the renowned scientist, author, and broadcaster explores the myriad environmental challenges the world faces and their interconnected causes. In doing so, Suzuki shows that understanding the causes—and recognizing that everything in nature, including us, is interconnected—is crucial to restoring hope for a better future. The solutions are there, he argues; we just need the will to act together to bring about change. Everything Under the Sun delves into such provocative topics as the difference between human hunters and other predators, the lessons we must learn from the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the subsequent meltdown of the nuclear reactors, and our dependence on the sun for all of our food and energy—indeed for our very lives. Suzuki also considers the many positive steps people are making today. And he doesn't shy away from controversial opinion, especially when it comes to taking on those who stand in the way of resolving serious issues like climate change. Underpinning it all is the recognition that we are blessed to live on a planet that gives us everything we require to live, under a sun that gives us the energy we need to produce food and transport and modern conveniences. But we must protect what we have if we want to survive and prosper.

Coastal Works

Coastal Works Author Nicholas Allen
ISBN-10 9780198795155
Release 2017-07-06
Pages 320
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In all the complex cultural history of the islands of Britain and Ireland the idea of the coast as a significant representative space is critical. For many important artists coastal space has figured as a site from which to braid ideas of empire, nation, region, and archipelago. They have been drawn to the coast as a zone of geographical uncertainty in which the self-definitions of the nation founder; they have been drawn to it as a peripheral space of vestigial wildness, of island retreats and experimental living; as a network of diverse localities richly endowed with distinctive forms of cultural heritage; and as a dynamically interconnected ecosystem, which is at the same time the historic site of significant developments in fieldwork and natural science. This collection situates these cultures of the Atlantic edge in a series of essays that create new contexts for coastal study in literary history and criticism. The contributors frame their research in response to emerging conversations in archipelagic criticism, the blue humanities, and island studies, the essays challenging the reader to reconsider ideas of margin, periphery and exchange. These twelve case studies establish the coast as a crucial location in the imaginative history of Britain, Ireland and the north Atlantic edge. Coastal Works will appeal to readers of literature and history with an interest in the sea, the environment, and the archipelago from the 18th century to the present. Accessible, innovative and provocative, Coastal Works establishes the important role that the coast plays in our cultural imaginary and suggests a range of methodologies to represent relationships between land, sea, and cultural work.

Atlantic Coast Beaches

Atlantic Coast Beaches Author William J. Neal
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822034649871
Release 2007
Pages 250
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At first glance, the beach may appear to be an endless, flat, monotone landscape meant only for swimming, snoozing, or working on your tan. Upon closer inspection, though, the beach reveals that it has myriad treasures for the curious to locate, such as ephemeral beach ripples decorating the sand, traces of miniature organisms inscribed on dunes, and armored mudballs. Atlantic Coast beaches, from Maine to Florida, are full of amazing features formed by the interactions between tides, currents, bedrock, weather, beach critters, and much more. Written for a general audience, Atlantic Coast Beaches: A Guide to Ripples, Dunes, and Other Natural Features of the Seashore covers everything, from microscopic nematodes to the potentially cataclysmic changes occurring along the coastline due to rising sea level. Its clear writing, illustrative photographs, and instructive diagrams answer some curious questions, such as why do some sands bark and sing, how do miniature sand volcanoes form, and how do barrier islands migrate?

Molecular Markers Natural History and Evolution

Molecular Markers  Natural History and Evolution Author J. C. Avise
ISBN-10 0412037718
Release 1994
Pages 511
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Molecular approaches have opened new windows on a host of ecological and evolutionary disciplines, ranging from population genetics and behavioral ecology to conservation biology and systematics. Molecular Markers, Natural History and Evolution summarizes the multi-faceted discoveries about organisms in nature that have stemmed from analyses of genetic markers provided by polymorphic proteins and DNAs. The first part of the book introduces rationales for the use of molecular markers, provides a history of molecular phylogenetics, and describes a wide variety of laboratory methods and interpretative tools in the field. The second and major portion of the book provides a cornucopia of biological applications for molecular markers, organized along a scale from micro-evolutionary topics (such as forensics, parentage, kinship, population structure, and intra-specific phylogeny) to macro-evolutionary themes (including species relationships and the deeper phylogenetic structure in the tree of life). Unlike most prior books in molecular evolution, the focus is on organismal natural history and evolution, with the macromolecules being the means rather than the ends of scientific inquiry. Written as an intellectual stimulus for the advanced undergraduate, graduate student, or the practicing biologist desiring a wellspring of research ideas at the interface of molecular and organismal biology, this book presents material in a manner that is both technically straightforward, yet rich with concepts and with empirical examples from the world of nature.

Lapland A Natural History

Lapland  A Natural History Author Derek Ratcliffe
ISBN-10 9781408131671
Release 2010-06-30
Pages 368
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This stunning new Poyser title looks at the flora and fauna of Lapland - that area of northern Europe and northwestern Russia which lies within the Arctic circle. After general introductions, the book examines the Lapland ecosystems and species by habitat type, with one chapter dealing with freshwater habitats, another with open tundra and so on. The history of natural history study in the region, and the conservation issues affecting it today, are also discussed. The book is illustrated throughout with a wealth of the author's own colour photographs, and there are also some line drawings and a number of maps and other figures to illustrate key points. This is a wonderfully evocative book which creates a vivid sense of place for one of the planet's last wildernesses, and will appeal to anyone who loves wildlife and wild places. "A rare window onto one of Europe's most unspoiled areas, by the outstanding British field naturalist of the late 20th century." The Independent "An informative and easy-to-read text on a part of the natural world unfamiliar to many. It is a fascinating, enjoyable book." Wildlife Activist, Summer 2006

A Natural History of North American Trees

A Natural History of North American Trees Author Donald Culross Peattie
ISBN-10 0618799044
Release 2007
Pages 490
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An informative overview of more than one hundred different tree species describes their physical characteristics, ranges, and the role they played in the history of America.