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The Automobile and American Life 2d ed

The Automobile and American Life  2d ed Author John Heitmann
ISBN-10 9781476669359
Release 2018-07-31
Pages 291
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Reviews of the first edition: "The prose is almost flawless, and the writing never feels is almost like the author enjoyed every topic and every page. Highly recommended. All collections"—Choice "A great starting point for any student of American automotive history and a worthwhile addition to a collector's bookshelf"—Autoweek "Fun, informative, and close to a prewar bull's eye!"—Prewar Auto Notes "Very worthwhile reading"—Hemmings Classic Car "This is an immensely useful work, especially for those of us who want an entertaining and provocative text for our courses...provide teachers with a great opportunity to expand on the text in class...a valuable asset to any teacher who hopes to bring the automobile and automobility into the classroom"—Technology and Culture "Highly recommended"—Enterprise & Society "A deeply thought provoking study"— Now revised and updated, this book tells the story of how the automobile transformed American life and how automotive design and technology have changed over time. It details cars' inception as a mechanical curiosity and later a plaything for the wealthy; racing and the promotion of the industry; Henry Ford and the advent of mass production; market competition during the 1920s; the development of roads and accompanying highway culture; the effects of the Great Depression and World War II; the automotive Golden Age of the 1950s; oil crises and the turbulent 1970s; the decline and then resurgence of the Big Three; and how American car culture has been represented in film, music and literature. Updated notes and a select bibliography serve as valuable resources to those interested in automotive history.

The Automobile and American Life

The Automobile and American Life Author John Heitmann
ISBN-10 9780786440139
Release 2009-02-22
Pages 260
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"The book covers the automobile from inception and later a plaything for the well-to-do; Henry Ford and the machine age; competition in the 1920s; road culture; religion, gender, courtship and sex; Great Depression; World War II; 1950s and youth culture,hot rod and rock and roll; societal changes in the 1960s; and changes since 1980"--Provided by publisher.

Driving Around the USA

Driving Around the USA Author Martin W. Sandler
ISBN-10 9780195132304
Release 2003-12-04
Pages 64
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Describes the evolving role that the automobile has played in the history of the United States.

The Automobile in American life

The Automobile in American life Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015071209574
Release 1989
Pages 32
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The Automobile in American life has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Automobile in American life also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Automobile in American life book for free.

The Automobile and American Culture

The Automobile and American Culture Author David Lanier Lewis
ISBN-10 047208044X
Release 1983
Pages 423
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Looks at the impact of the automobile on American folkways

The Road and the Car in American Life

The Road and the Car in American Life Author John Bell Rae
ISBN-10 UOM:39015048100831
Release 1971
Pages 390
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The purpose of this book is to survey the influence of motorized highway transportation on American social and economic life. A number of books have been written about the automobile itself and its influence, and there are a few studies of highway development. The distinctive feature of this book, however, is its study of the highway and the motor vehicle "in conjunction" as an integrated mode of transportation.The book provides historical background on the general subject of highway transportation from antiquity to the early 1900s and continues with an intensive account of the development of the paved road and the car in the United States during the twentieth century, with some references to the experiments of other countries. The author examines the ways in which the automobile has influenced highway policy, the economic and social impact of the automobile and highways on the movement of people and of goods, and their effect on society and on rural areas in particular. He covers the development of the Interstate System and devotes an entire section to the impact of highway transportation on urban life, comparing it to other modes of transportation--past, present, and projected. Each topic is developed completely, and each chapter has an extensive list of references, although the text itself is nontechnical and readily understandable to the general reader.The road and the car are major issues in contemporary American life. There is a strong tendency at present to look at the adverse features of highway transportation, and this book attempts to put forth a more balanced view of its possible benefits without denying the crucial concerns of mass transit, traffic congestion, safety, and pollution.

Asphalt Nation

Asphalt Nation Author Jane Holtz Kay
ISBN-10 9780307819970
Release 2012-06-20
Pages 418
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Asphalt Nation is a major work of urban studies that examines how the automobile has ravaged America’s cities and landscape, and how we can fight back. The automobile was once seen as a boon to American life, eradicating the pollution caused by horses and granting citizens new levels of personal freedom and mobility. But it was not long before the servant became the master—public spaces were designed to accommodate the automobile at the expense of the pedestrian, mass transportation was neglected, and the poor, unable to afford cars, saw their access to jobs and amenities worsen. Now even drivers themselves suffer, as cars choke the highways and pollution and congestion have replaced the fresh air of the open road. Today our world revolves around the car—as a nation, we spend eight billion hours a year stuck in traffic. In Asphalt Nation, Jane Holtz Kay effectively calls for a revolution to reverse our automobile-dependency. Citing successful efforts in places from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon, Kay shows us that radical change is not impossible by any means. She demonstrates that there are economic, political, architectural, and personal solutions that can steer us out of the mess. Asphalt Nation is essential reading for everyone interested in the history of our relationship with the car, and in the prospect of returning to a world of human mobility.

Engines of Change

Engines of Change Author Paul Ingrassia
ISBN-10 9781451640656
Release 2012-05-01
Pages 416
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A narrative like no other: a cultural history that explores how cars have both propelled and reflected the American experience— from the Model T to the Prius. From the assembly lines of Henry Ford to the open roads of Route 66, from the lore of Jack Kerouac to the sex appeal of the Hot Rod, America’s history is a vehicular history—an idea brought brilliantly to life in this major work by Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Paul Ingrassia. Ingrassia offers a wondrous epic in fifteen automobiles, including the Corvette, the Beetle, and the Chevy Corvair, as well as the personalities and tales behind them: Robert McNamara’s unlikely role in Lee Iacocca’s Mustang, John Z. DeLorean’s Pontiac GTO , Henry Ford’s Model T, as well as Honda’s Accord, the BMW 3 Series, and the Jeep, among others. Through these cars and these characters, Ingrassia shows how the car has expressed the particularly American tension between the lure of freedom and the obligations of utility. He also takes us through the rise of American manufacturing, the suburbanization of the country, the birth of the hippie and the yuppie, the emancipation of women, and many more fateful episodes and eras, including the car’s unintended consequences: trial lawyers, energy crises, and urban sprawl. Narrative history of the highest caliber, Engines of Change is an entirely edifying new way to look at the American story.

Republic of Drivers

Republic of Drivers Author Cotten Seiler
ISBN-10 9780226745657
Release 2009-05-15
Pages 240
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Rising gas prices, sprawl and congestion, global warming, even obesity—driving is a factor in many of the most contentious issues of our time. So how did we get here? How did automobile use become so vital to the identity of Americans? Republic of Drivers looks back at the period between 1895 and 1961—from the founding of the first automobile factory in America to the creation of the Interstate Highway System—to find out how driving evolved into a crucial symbol of freedom and agency. Cotten Seiler combs through a vast number of historical, social scientific, philosophical, and literary sources to illustrate the importance of driving to modern American conceptions of the self and the social and political order. He finds that as the figure of the driver blurred into the figure of the citizen, automobility became a powerful resource for women, African Americans, and others seeking entry into the public sphere. And yet, he argues, the individualistic but anonymous act of driving has also monopolized our thinking about freedom and democracy, discouraging the crafting of a more sustainable way of life. As our fantasies of the open road turn into fears of a looming energy crisis, Seiler shows us just how we ended up a republic of drivers—and where we might be headed.

Cars for Comrades

Cars for Comrades Author Lewis H. Siegelbaum
ISBN-10 0801446384
Release 2008
Pages 309
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Deeply researched and engagingly told, this masterful and entertaining biography of the Soviet automobile provides a new perspective on one of the twentieth century's most iconic—and important—technologies and a novel approach to understanding the USSR.

The Life of the Automobile

The Life of the Automobile Author Steven Parissien
ISBN-10 9781466836235
Release 2014-05-13
Pages 448
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The Life of the Automobile is the first comprehensive world history of the car. The automobile has arguably shaped the modern era more profoundly than any other human invention, and author Steven Parissien examines the impact, development, and significance of the automobile over its turbulent and colorful 130-year history. Readers learn the grand and turbulent history of the motor car, from its earliest appearance in the 1880s—as little more than a powered quadricycle—and the innovations of the early pioneer carmakers. The author examines the advances of the interwar era, the Golden Age of the 1950s, and the iconic years of the 1960s to the decades of doubt and uncertainty following the oil crisis of 1973, the global mergers of the 1990s, the bailouts of the early twenty-first century, and the emergence of the electric car. This is not just a story of horsepower and performance but a tale of extraordinary people: of intuitive carmakers such as Karl Benz, Sir Henry Royce, Giovanni Agnelli (Fiat), André Citroën, and Louis Renault; of exceptionally gifted designers such as the eccentric, Ohio-born Chris Bangle (BMW); and of visionary industrialists such as Henry Ford, Ferdinand Porsche (the Volkswagen Beetle), and Gene Bordinat (the Ford Mustang), among numerous other game changers. Above all, this comprehensive history demonstrates how the epic story of the car mirrors the history of the modern era, from the brave hopes and soaring ambitions of the early twentieth century to the cynicism and ecological concerns of a century later. Bringing to life the flamboyant entrepreneurs, shrewd businessmen, and gifted engineers that worked behind the scenes to bring us horsepower and performance, The Life of the Automobile is a globe-spanning account of the auto industry that is sure to rev the engines of entrepreneurs and gearheads alike.

Nation on Wheels

Nation on Wheels Author Mark S. Foster
ISBN-10 015507542X
Release 2003
Pages 216
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Examines the impact of the automobile on American society since the end of World War Two in the areas of mass transit, development of the United Auto Workers, rise of suburbia, auto racing, and the automobile's relationship to the youth culture.

The Automobile Age

The Automobile Age Author James J. Flink
ISBN-10 0262560550
Release 1990
Pages 456
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Looks at the evolution of the American automobile, describes the car's impact on U.S. society, and discusses the auto industry, mass-production, labor relations, and marketing

Down the Asphalt Path

Down the Asphalt Path Author Clay McShane
ISBN-10 0231083904
Release 1994
Pages 288
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Examines the relationship between the automobile and urbanization at the turn of the nineteenth century

Abandon Automobile

Abandon Automobile Author Melba Joyce Boyd
ISBN-10 0814328105
Release 2001
Pages 422
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A rich, multicultural anthology of Detroit poetry features representative works from the 1930s to the present day and includes poems by Philip Levine, Dudley Randall, John Sinclair, W. D. Snodgrass, Naomi Long Madgett, Robert Hayden, and other notable writers. Simultaneous.


Comeback Author Paul Ingrassia
ISBN-10 9781476737478
Release 2013-05-14
Pages 512
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In Comeback, Pulitzer Prize-winners Paul Ingrassia and Joseph B. White take us to the boardrooms, the executive offices, and the shop floors of the auto business to reconstruct, in riveting detail, how America's premier industry stumbled, fell, and picked itself up again. The story begins in 1982, when Honda started building cars in Marysville, Ohio, and the entire U.S. car industry seemed to be on the brink of extinction. It ends just over a decade later, with a remarkable turn of the tables, as Japan's car industry falters and America's Big Three emerge as formidable global competitors. Comeback is a story propelled by larger-than-life characters -- Lee Iacocca, Henry Ford II, Don Petersen, Roger Smith, among many others -- and their greed, pride, and sheer refusal to face facts. But it is also a story full of dedicated, unlikely heroes who struggled to make the Big Three change before it was too late.

Car Country

Car Country Author Christopher W. Wells
ISBN-10 9780295804477
Release 2013-05-15
Pages 464
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For most people in the United States, going almost anywhere begins with reaching for the car keys. This is true, Christopher Wells argues, because the United States is Car Country�a nation dominated by landscapes that are difficult, inconvenient, and often unsafe to navigate by those who are not sitting behind the wheel of a car. The prevalence of car-dependent landscapes seems perfectly natural to us today, but it is, in fact, a relatively new historical development. In Car Country, Wells rejects the idea that the nation's automotive status quo can be explained as a simple byproduct of an ardent love affair with the automobile. Instead, he takes readers on a tour of the evolving American landscape, charting the ways that transportation policies and land-use practices have combined to reshape nearly every element of the built environment around the easy movement of automobiles. Wells untangles the complicated relationships between automobiles and the environment, allowing readers to see the everyday world in a completely new way. The result is a history that is essential for understanding American transportation and land-use issues today. Watch the book trailer: