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The Barefoot Indian

The Barefoot Indian Author Julia Heywood
ISBN-10 9781780998350
Release 2007-03-30
Pages 112
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On getting the job, she is assigned The Barefoot Indian as training coach. She guides her through the challenges she is given, and is a constant source of inspiration on the journey. In addition to hands-on mentoring she also receives encouragement, wisdom and Ponderisms from Head office via e-mails. Fiction, or could it be true for you?

The Quantum Conspiracy

The Quantum Conspiracy Author Chuck Robison
ISBN-10 9781846947513
Release 2008-08-26
Pages 320
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The Quantum Conspiracy explores the global shift in consciousness that is being fueled by evolution theory, the appearance of remarkable children being born who reveal a new DNA-like shift, and the threats posed by a potential nuclear war and environmental degradation.

Miracles Are Made of This

Miracles Are Made of This Author Julia Heywood
ISBN-10 9781782794714
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 124
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Miracles Are Made of This is a contemporary story about wisdom; the one and only ingredient which enables miracles to happen. The central character is female and she has found wisdom. It was there all along, in the one place she had never previously looked - within her. Her success was achieved through a training programme designed for her by wise people. Miracles Are Made of This charts the next phase in her never ending story, which requires her to devise training programmes for others, so that they, too, can connect with their own innate wisdom. The tasks and exercises she sets for the people she meets are all in the context of their day to day lives, adhering to the fundamental principle that in the midst of the apparently ordinary the extraordinary will be found.

Methods Devour Themselves

Methods Devour Themselves Author Benjanun Sriduangkaew
ISBN-10 178535826X
Release 2018-08-31
Pages 160
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A dialogue between story and essay, between speculative fiction and radical philosophy...

Twilight of the Wolves

Twilight of the Wolves Author Edward J. Rathke
ISBN-10 9781782793403
Release 2014-03-28
Pages 292
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Twilight of the Wolves is an epic fantasy following a man cursed by a dying god's blessing, a mute eunuch carrying the dead to the Goddess of Death, and a young girl saved from a burning metropolis only to be raised by the cursed man and two wolf gods. These three lives intersect and become bound together as they walk with gods, watch them die, and hide from the terror that is humanity's lust for violence and destruction. Wandering across countries and cultures, the characters discover the cacophony and contradiction of visions and values that define humanity. They see the collision of cultures highlighting the definitions of civilization and try to find their place within and without them. The past, present, and future haunt the people of this world as they wander on, hoping to find an answer to the questions buried deepest.

The Machine Society

The Machine Society Author Mike Brooks
ISBN-10 9781785352539
Release 2016-10-28
Pages 224
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Mike Brooks’ debut novel is an adventure story set in a dystopian future in which our taste for branding, consumerism and artificial reality is boundless. In /The Machine Society/, he weaves together psychological insight, philosophical reflection and spiritual inquiry to give us a novel that is both a deep satire on modern life and a rich metaphor for our longing to find inner peace. Dean Rogers lives in the Perimeter of New London, holding down a soul-destroying job, surrounded by people who have lost the will to communicate. He is afraid his debts will spiral out of control, resulting in him being cast out of the city, outside of the Security Wall. Meanwhile, in the Better Life Complex, New London’s rich elite live in plastic luxury, unaware of the sinister secrets that underpin their world. /The Machine Society/ is an original and intelligent sci-fi thriller, and a heartfelt rally cry for the soul’s liberation.


Dakota Author Kathleen Norris
ISBN-10 9780547527567
Release 2001-04-06
Pages 256
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“A deeply spiritual, deeply moving book” about life on the Great Plains, by the New York Times–bestselling author of The Cloister Walk (The New York Times Book Review). “With humor and lyrical grace,” Kathleen Norris meditates on a place in the American landscape that is at once desolate and sublime, harsh and forgiving, steeped in history and myth (San Francisco Chronicle). A combination of reporting and reflection, Dakota reminds us that wherever we go, we chart our own spiritual geography.

Coming From Nothing

Coming From Nothing Author Matthew McKeever
ISBN-10 9781785356209
Release 2018-05-25
Pages 136
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Coming From Nothing is a tragi-comic love story concerned with notions of identity, such as Judith Butler's idea that sexual identity isn't determined by the body, and John Locke's that personal identity is a question of memory. The first novella in Zero Books new series of Thought Experiment Novellas, these are books that work out philosophical arguments in their plots. Whether focusing on William James' determinism, Descartes' mind/body dualism, or Judith Butler's argument for gender performativity, these short books attempt to flesh out philosophical problems. They are stories wherein philosophical ideas have consequences, at least in the lives of the characters.

Bleating Hearts

Bleating Hearts Author Mark Hawthorne
ISBN-10 9781780998503
Release 2013-11-29
Pages 642
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Comprehensive and hard-hitting, Bleating Hearts examines the world’s vast exploitation of animals, from the food, fashion, and research industries to the use of other species for sport, war, entertainment, religion, labor and pleasure.

The Foundations of Mindfulness

The Foundations of Mindfulness Author Eric Harrison
ISBN-10 9781615192571
Release 2017-04-18
Pages 336
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An Essential Addition to Mindfulness Literature Who among us does not want to discern right from wrong and useful from useless in any situation? Thirty years ago—long before the modern mindfulness movement—Eric Harrison began teaching meditation as a secular, science-based therapy. Paradoxically, he rooted his practice in the Buddha’s original teaching: the Satipatthana Sutta. The 13 steps in the Sutta offer readers the full benefits of mindfulness: attention, good judgment, and tranquility. Now—informed by a lifetime spent teaching tens of thousands to meditate—Harrison offers both a new translation of the Sutta (the first in modern English) and lucid guidance on how to apply it today.

Torn Clouds

Torn Clouds Author Judy Hall
ISBN-10 9781780993478
Release 2012-01-27
Pages 420
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Torn Clouds features time-traveler Megan McKennar, whose past-life memories thrust themselves into the present day as she traces a love affair that transcends time. Caught up in the dark historical secrets of time.

Chaos Ethics

Chaos Ethics Author Chris Bateman
ISBN-10 9781782797692
Release 2014-09-26
Pages 438
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Balance has no meaning for a politics that is merely the continuation of war by other means. Both religious zealots and defenders of scientific fact declare a monopoly on truth and the moral law, while radicals are powerless to resist since they have lost faith that ethics can be anything but arbitrary. Meanwhile, insane bureaucracy devastates life while nations fall into dishonor as they abandon their promises of justice. If the moral law cannot save us, perhaps it is time to try moral chaos. Chaos Ethics collides philosophers such as Kant, Nietzsche, Levinas, Mary Midgley, Alasdair MacInytre, Alain Badiou, Isabelle Stengers, and Bruno Latour with everything from cyberpunk science fiction and the fantasy novels of Michael Moorcock to Google, gay marriage, drone assassinations, and the ethics of cats and dogs. A strange and wondrous journey through morality viewed as a facet of imagination that offers a new perspective in which the diversity of ethics is a strength not a weakness, hesitation is more noble than certainty, and virtue can be expressed in both law and chaos.

The Tree That Talked

The Tree That Talked Author Jenny Smedley
ISBN-10 1846940354
Release 2007
Pages 160
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Have you ever stood beneath a majestic 300 year old oak tree and thought, this tree lived before I was born, and will be alive long after I'm dead? Have you ever wondered about such a tree might have witnessed during its long life, and thought, if only it could talk? This is the story of an oak tree, from birth to death. Using the tree as our witness, we see many small moments in history-moments that rippled outward to affect the world. Intimate family moments and tragedies all take place under the oak's shade. But the tree is more than a witness, it is connected to all the life around it. It, too, has its tragedies, its suffering, and times of renewal. After reading this, you won't think the same way about trees again.

The Wizdom of Oz

The Wizdom of Oz Author Philippa Merivale
ISBN-10 9781846943188
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 88
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Read this book and find your very own yellow brick road to enlightenment! Have you ever felt short of direction or personal power, been out of a job or out of love? Then take solace. In The Wizdom of Oz, old professor Theo takes a bunch of his best-loved students on a journey through this brightly-lit and colourful place, the mythical planet of Oz, where the hearts and minds of its inhabitants and its visitors is more visible than they are in the half-light, or the humdrum of ordinary existence on planet Earth. He shows them what this place, or this state of mind, really has to offer anyone ready to follow their hearts and light up their lives. The original Wizard of Oz was written over a century ago but its hidden messages are as pertinent now as ever. This entertaining book can be read in less than an hour but it can help you for the rest of your life.

Chivalry Now

Chivalry Now Author Joseph D. Jacques
ISBN-10 9781780995298
Release 2012-04-27
Pages 203
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What does it mean to be a man? When a culture fails to answer that properly, the results can be disastrous. For men it can lead to broken identity, overcrowded prisons, spousal abuse, gang violence, chemical addiction and aggressive, anti-social tendencies that wreck havoc all over the world. For women it can mean living in a suppressed environment where involvement is marginalized. Using medieval chivalry as a springboard, this book leads the reader into a thought-provoking quest for values long ignored. By incorporating freedom, personal authenticity, democracy and equality (including feminism), this new form of chivalry is entirely relevant for today's world.

Dahlia Season

Dahlia Season Author Myriam Gurba
ISBN-10 9781933149394
Release 2007-05-01
Pages 224
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Chicana. Goth. Dykling. Desiree Garcia knows she’s weird and a weirdo magnet. To extinguish her strangeness, her parents ship her to Saint Michael’s Catholic High School, then to Mexico, but neurology can’t be snuffed out so easily: Screwy brain chemistry holds the key to Desiree’s madness. As fellow crazies sense a kinship with her, Desiree attracts a coterie of both wanted and unwanted admirers, including a pair of racist deathrock sisters, a pretty Hispanic girl who did time in California’s most infamous mental asylum, and a transnational stalker with a pronounced limp. As high school graduation nears, Desiree’s weirdness turns from charming to alarming. Plagued by increasingly bizarre thoughts and urges, Desiree convinces herself she’s schizophrenic, despite assurance otherwise. In college, she finds Rae, an ex-carnie trannyboi, who becomes the June Carter to her Johnny Cash. With Rae’s help, Desiree answers the riddle of her insanity and names her disease. Combining the spark of Michelle Tea, the comic angst of Augusten Burroughs, and the warmth of Sandra Cisneros, Mexican American author Myriam Gurba has created a territory all her own. Dahlia Season not only contains the title novella, but also several of Gurba’s acclaimed stories. Myriam Gurba is a high school teacher who lives in Long Beach, California, home of Snoop Dogg and the Queen Mary. She graduated from UC Berkeley, and her writing has appeared in anthologies like The Best American Erotica (St. Martin’s Press), Bottom’s Up (Soft Skull Press), Secrets and Confidences (Seal Press), and Tough Girls (Black Books).

Meditations on Self Discipline and Failure

Meditations on Self Discipline and Failure Author William Ferraiolo
ISBN-10 9781785355882
Release 2017-10-27
Pages 184
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A collection of meditations in the Stoic tradition. Meditations on Self-Discipline and Failure provides access to the ruminations, practices, and applications of ancient Stoic philosophy as deployed by a contemporary professional philosopher with twenty five years of experience teaching, researching, and publishing articles in academic journals. Each meditation is presented in the second person, encouraging the reader to examine their struggles and failures in the pursuit of self-improvement and enlightenment.