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The Beginner s Photography Guide

The Beginner s Photography Guide Author
ISBN-10 9781465416346
Release 2013-05-01
Pages 192
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In contrast to the jargon-filled manuals that come with most digital cameras, The Beginner's Photography Guide presents step-by-step digital slr camera basics, while introducing and demonstrating a wide variety of techniques that will inspire the novice digital photographer. Grouped together by themes-color, composition, natural light, framing, and more-each camera technique is broken down into an easy-to-follow step-by-step sequence, and features annotated photographs and suggestions on getting the best from digital slr cameras and taking eye-catching photos.

The Beginner s Photography Guide

The Beginner s Photography Guide Author
ISBN-10 9781409338567
Release 2013-05-01
Pages 192
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Helping you get the most from your digital camera If you're new to photography, then The Beginner's Photography Guide is perfect for you. Assuming no prior knowledge, this book simply explains all the key digital camera function and settings then shows you how to use them to create outstanding images. Step-by-step photographs break down digital camera techniques such as focusing on a moving object and creating background blur by telling you exactly what you need to do to get the most out of your camera. Icon panels provide an at-a-glance overview of equipment and settings required with straightforward captions to guide you. With The Beginner's Photography Guide in hand, you'll be confident enough to break your digital camera out of its box and start snapping.

BetterPhoto Basics

BetterPhoto Basics Author Jim Miotke
ISBN-10 9780817405021
Release 2010
Pages 239
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Absolutely anyone can take better photos! If you can press a button, you can take great pictures. It's as simple as that. Jim Miotke shares tips and tricks to improve your photos right away, no matter what camera you're using. Learn to compose knockout shots, make the most of indoor and outdoor light, and photograph twenty popular subjects, from sunsets and flowers to a family portrait.

The Beginner s Guide to Underwater Digital Photography

The Beginner s Guide to Underwater Digital Photography Author Larry Gates
ISBN-10 9781584283102
Release 2010-03-01
Pages 126
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Simplifying the seemingly difficult and expensive art of underwater photography, this accessible investigation outlines the four elements of success: focus, exposure, composition, and subject. Beginning with an overview of necessary diving skills, this survey reviews these four categories in detail, depicting how to obtain superior results even without the latest and greatest equipment. Maintenance and first-aid tactics are presented as well, reducing the chance of disappointing malfunctions during a dive. Also covered is the importance of developing a photography plan beforehand—both for the safety of the divers and the protection of the underwater environment. Concluding with post-shoot techniques for choosing the best frames, cropping photos for printing, and the top methods of presentation, this examination demonstrates how underwater images can be used to share the world of diving while promoting important conservation efforts.


Photography Author Nancy Ross
ISBN-10 9781508061687
Release 2017-02-21
Pages 41
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Beginner s Photography Guide

Beginner s Photography Guide Author Chris Gatcum
ISBN-10 0241241278
Release 2016-05-02
Pages 192
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If you're new to photography, then the Beginner's Photography Guide is perfect for you. With the ideal starting point for digital camera users, this manual explains key concepts in simple terms before offering step-by-step visual guides to every function. The Beginner's Photography Guide compares and contrasts the effect of different approaches, showing you how to take the photos you want and develop your photography ability. You can learn how to overcome every photographer's challenge, from working in dim lighting to setting up the perfect flash. This fully updated edition takes into account new photography trends and the latest equipment on the market. Start snapping with the Beginner's Photography Guide and get the most out of your digital camera. Previous edition ISBN 9781409322795.

The Beginner s Guide to Digital Photography

The Beginner s Guide to Digital Photography Author Tim Daly
ISBN-10 1902538188
Release 2002
Pages 144
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This basic, introductory book is aimed at the newcomer to digital photography who wants to know how to select the best option from the wide range of digital cameras currently on the market and how to use a home computer (PC or Mac) and one of the bundled software packages supplied by computer manufactures to improve or enhance holiday snapshots, children's portraits and other subjects that commonly find their way into the family photograph album. It assumes absolutely no prior knowledge of either digital photography or computers and is ideal for the casual, amateur photographer who wants to take advantage of the new, digital technology to achieve simple special effects such as cut outs, mixing, merging and creating photographic collages or simply to improve the quality of a under- or over-exposed picture. Unlike other books on the subject, The Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography: * Uses common snapshot subjects to illustrate image manipulation techniques * Demonstrates the use of bundled software products rather than expensive, specialist packages such as Photoshop * Is equally useful to PC and MacIntosh users * Assumes no prior knowledge of either photography or computers

Photography Made Easy

Photography Made Easy Author Rick Cheadle
ISBN-10 1530080185
Release 2016-02-17
Pages 28
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Are you an aspiring photographer? Not sure where to start? Have you been taking pictures that your just not happy with? I was in the same position as you were several years ago when I first got a DSLR camera. I shot everything in full auto mode and I didn't have a clue what all those buttons and knobs were for, I just pointed and shot. This resulted in inconsistent, blurry, unbalanced, over-exposed, or under-exposed photos. I decided to learn how to take control of my camera and actually learn what all of those buttons and knobs were for and become an actual photographer as opposed to someone that just took pictures. After studying many books, watching tutorial videos and years of trial and error, I have compiled the best and fastest way to break free of "auto mode" photography and explore all that my digital camera had to offer. When reading this book you will see references to settings and various parts of your camera. Since there is a wide range of brands and all cameras are slightly different, I recommend you refer to your owner's manual to better understand your particular camera's layout and functionality. I have included pictures and easy to follow diagrams and I explain things in an easy to understand and simple manner. My goal is to teach you all the important photography basics and enhance your skills so you can capture professional, high quality photographs that you will be proud of.

Dslr Photography

Dslr Photography Author Dalton Fairbanks
ISBN-10 1540618390
Release 2016-11-25
Pages 66
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DSLR Photography The Beginners Guide to Understanding Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Exposure People bought more than 13 million interchangeable lens cameras in 2015. A big majority of those were Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras or "DSLRs." These versatile devices provide their owners with powerful picture making tools that can be adapted to meet their individual photographic needs and interests. Thanks to breakthroughs in digital technology, cameras are far easier to use than they were 30 years ago and far more capable as well. Features that were once only found in very expensive top of the line cameras can now be found in entry level DSLR Cameras. While many have fallen for the siren song of their smart phone cameras, people who want to produce memorable photographs have long realized that bigger really is better. As good as smart phone cameras have gotten, they still aren't capable of matching the digital photography a good DSLR can deliver. Interchangeable lens cameras also provide more problem solving options. A smart phone camera may be able to make decent images under perfect conditions, but when those conditions deteriorate, look out. DSLRs can capture images of things that smart phone cameras just can't. They also offer much better image quality than do smart phone cameras with their much, much smaller imaging sensors. This book provides an introduction to using DSLR cameras and explaining the basics of creating good exposures. If you've just purchased your first DSLR, or if you've been using one a while and want to improve your photography, you'll find the information in this book helpful. It's geared to those who don't have a lot of experience with photography and written in clear, plain English any beginner can follow. Among other things, you'll learn about the controls you'll use to control the amount of light entering the camera, how long the camera permits light to enter, and to adjust the camera's sensitivity to light. Once you've learned these controls and how to use them, it's all brought together for you in the chapter on how to properly expose an image. This is followed by how you can make better photographs by using the information in this book. Another important topic covered in this book is the importance of light and how to use it. While it's just the basics, it will give you enough of an introduction to really have a sense of why photographers go on and on about needing the "right" light. It includes a professional photographer's suggestions for how to set up your camera for a variety of shooting preferences and what you should prioritize depending on the subject you're photographing. You'll also learn the basics of effective photographic composition, so you can create better images from both a technical and an artistic perspective. And while it's easy for any discussion of photography to include assertions to invest in lots of expensive gear, you'll find lots of examples of ways you can improve your photos with inexpensive accessories, some of which you may already have.

Digital Photography for Teens

Digital Photography for Teens Author Lou Manna
ISBN-10 9781598637939
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 301
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Packed with enticing and creative full-color photographs, this book focuses on the art of food photography and how the digital photography revolution has changed and enhanced it. Broken down into the areas of photography, styling, science, and business, t

The Beginner s Photography Guide 2nd Edition

The Beginner s Photography Guide  2nd Edition Author Chris Gatcum
ISBN-10 1465449663
Release 2016-05-10
Pages 192
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The Beginner's Photography Guide, 2nd Edition is DK's bestselling manual for any novice photographer who wants to unlock the potential of their new digital camera. Assuming no prior knowledge, this guide's easy-to-follow, step-by-step layout makes it accessible as it takes you through every technique you need to create stunning images, from exposure to flash to image enhancement. Handy checklists provide a quick rundown of the equipment and camera settings for each technique, and at-a-glance comparison images show how camera settings can produce remarkably different results. Hundreds of inspirational images provide even more motivation to reach your goal. Fully updated to reflect all the latest developments in technology and creative trends in digital image-making, The Beginner's Photography Guide, 2nd Edition will empower you to achieve your full potential as a digital photographer.

The Beginner s Guide to Photography

The Beginner s Guide to Photography Author Haje Jan Kamps
ISBN-10 178157510X
Release 2017-09-05
Pages 176
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Photography is a big part of our lives, and we all take photos all the time. By understanding just a few basics of how your camera - or your phone - works, you'll find yourself able to take more exciting, stand-out photos. Within a few pages you'll be able to speak with confidence to photographers about exposure settings, decide what lighting or lenses will lift a scene, or what tactics you can use to make your subject look more interesting. The book also covers the basics of managing, editing & sharing your collection of digital images so you're not at the mercy of the software that was bundled with your phone.

The Digital Photography Book

The Digital Photography Book Author Scott Kelby
ISBN-10 9780133856880
Release 2014-07
Pages 221
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Offers advice for shooting different types of photographs in different environments, including using natural light, using hot-shoe flash, and shooting landscapes and nature photography.

The BetterPhoto Guide to Digital Nature Photography

The BetterPhoto Guide to Digital Nature Photography Author Jim Miotke
ISBN-10 9780817400262
Release 2011-03-16
Pages 224
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From the tiniest ladybug to a towering glacier, from a horse running in a field to a leaf falling slowly from a tree, nature subjects offer some of the greatest challenges and the greatest rewards to photographers. In the BetterPhoto tradition, here’s a complete photo course in a book. Hands-on lessons cover every aspect of digital nature photography, from buying the right camera for close-ups, landscapes, and movement, to understanding how the camera works, to taking great pictures. Author Jim Miotke uses straightforward text and inspiring yet informative photos to show the best ways to approach nature photography. Everything a beginner or intermediate photographer needs to know is here, including a buyer’s guide, full information on camera features, file formats and settings, exposure, low-light photography, filters and white balance, composition and lens choice, creative ideas, manipulating, and printing, along with a glossary and list of useful websites. The Better Photo Guide to Digital Nature Photography helps photographers everywhere get great photos in the great outdoors. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Ilex Introduction to Photography

The Ilex Introduction to Photography Author Haje Jan Kamps
ISBN-10 9781781571576
Release 2013-11-11
Pages 176
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This is the easy guide to turning everyday snapshot photos into great pictures that you?ll want to keep and share. By understanding the basics of how your camera works, and the few simple rules that make photos work, you?ll soon find your own pictures filling with life and character. - Shoot with confidence, with your smartphone or digital camera - Understand the simple principles that will give your pictures energy and colour - Capture the personalities of your friends and family, and share their best moments with the world

College Admission 101

College Admission 101 Author Princeton Review
ISBN-10 9781524758547
Release 2018-06-12
Pages 208
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This friendly, helpful Q&A book from the editor-in-chief of The Princeton Review presents simple answers to your toughest questions about the college admissions process, figuring out financial aid, and getting into the university of your choice! As The Princeton Review’s chief expert on education, Robert Franek frequently appears on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX to share his insider expertise on the college admissions process. Each year, he travels to high schools across the country, advising thousands of anxious students and parents on how to turn their college hopes into reality. Now, with College Admission 101, the best of Rob’s wisdom has finally been collected in one place! From standardized tests to financial aid, Rob provides straightforward answers to 60+ of the questions he hears most often, including: · Should I take the ACT or SAT? · When should I start my college research? · How many schools should I apply to? · Will applying Early Decision or Early Action give me a leg up? · Which extracurricular activities do colleges want to see? · How does the financial aid process work? · What’s more important: GPA or test scores?

Dslr Photography for Beginners Take 10 Times Better Pictures in 48 Hours Or Less Best Way to Learn Digital Photography Master Your Dslr Camera Im

Dslr Photography for Beginners  Take 10 Times Better Pictures in 48 Hours Or Less  Best Way to Learn Digital Photography  Master Your Dslr Camera   Im Author Brian Black
ISBN-10 1519093691
Release 2017-01-03
Pages 130
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The Original "DSLR Photography for Beginners". 2017 Edition * * * FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY * * * Buy the Paperback and Get the eBook for FREE! (Please note that the paperback version is in black and white to keep the price you pay low!) Who Else Wants to Take Mind Blowing Pictures? If you want to stand out from the crowd and capture all those magic moments for posterity, you have come to the right place. Most guides to Digital SLR photography will overwhelm you with jargon, but you and I both know that''s not what photography is all about. When I first started out, I couldn''t find any course or guide that actually helped me become a better photographer. Everything out there was either packed to overflowing with technical terms or far too expensive for my means. All I wanted was to know how to take the photographs I could see in my mind - and nobody was helping me do that. That''s why I''ve written this guide - so you don''t have to go through what I did. Give Me Just 48 HOURS and I''ll Make You TEN Times a Better Photographer And I will do it for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. Signing up for an expensive course can cost you upwards of $1000. What a waste when all you need to know is in this book. Owning a Digital SLR Camera Is All about Taking Beautiful Pictures If you have paid out money to invest in a decent camera, I''m betting that, like me, you haven''t done so just to learn how many buttons it has or what lenses are made out of. In this guide, we''ll be sidestepping the boring technical information and focusing on what really matters: showing you how to use your camera to take the photographs you''ve always dreamed of, using all the benefit of my many years of experience as a photographer and the hard-earned knowledge I have gathered along the way. Some of the things we''ll cover are: How to compose an image to put the focus where you want it. The tricks and techniques the professionals use to make magic with their lens. How to tell stories with your camera by manipulating your angles and framing. Everything that makes an image pop, from the rule of thirds to context and focal points. How to mix things up with specialized alternatives, from wide angle to telephoto and fish eye to tilt and shift. How to use polarizing filters, neutral density filters and ultraviolet filters to best effect. Developing an Eye for Photography IS Possible - Even If You''re a Complete Beginner! Even if you have never picked up a camera in your life, this book will help you look at everyday scenes with the practice eyes of a professional. By the time you complete this guide, you will know exactly what makes a photograph work - and exactly how to take it. Don''t Just Take My Word for It... This book covers all you need to know about your digital SLR camera and developing an eye for photography. Thousands of readers have already proved this right. Here''s what just some of them had to say: "I took a beginner''s course a couple of years ago, and this book contains everything I learned in that course for a lot less money." -J. Sherwin "To say this book is a real value is an understatement. I would have paid double the cost for this book and still been pleased with the information gained." -powers All that you need is found inside. 100% Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee! I''m so sure you''ll walk away from this book a SIGNIFICANTLY better photographer, that I''m offering a 100% ironclad money-back guarantee. If you''re not completely satisfied with the results and improvement you see, simply click one button within a week of the purchase and Amazon will return 100% of your money back. No risk, nothing to lose! Just Scroll up, click the BUY NOW button and get started now!