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The Benefits of Learning

The Benefits of Learning Author Tom Schuller
ISBN-10 0415328004
Release 2004
Pages 213
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How do education and learning really impact on people's lives? The Benefits of Learning is a detailed, systematic and vivid account of the impact of formal and informal education on people's lives. Based on extended interviews with adults of all ages, it shows how learning affects their health, family lives and participation in civic life, revealing the downsides of education as well as the benefits. At a time when education is in danger of being narrowly regarded as an instrument of economic growth, this study covers: * the interaction between learning and people's physical and psychological well-being * the way learning impacts on family life and communication between generations * the effect on people's ability and motivation to take part in civic and community life. Packed with detail from adults' own accounts of their lives, the book reveals how learning enables people to sustain themselves and their communities in the face of daily stresses and strains, as well as sometimes transforming their lives. The book opens up new avenues for debate. It is a valuable resource for education researchers and of particular interest to education policy makers, adult education practitioners, health educators and postgraduate students in education.

Adult Learning and Education

Adult Learning and Education Author Kjell Rubenson
ISBN-10 9780123814890
Release 2011
Pages 313
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As individuals and societies try to respond to fundamental economic and social transformation, the field of adult learning and education is rapidly getting increased attention and new topics for research on adult learning have emerged. This collection of articles from the International Encyclopedia of Education 3e offers practitioners and researchers in the area of adult learning and education a comprehensive summary of main developments in the field. The 45 articles provide insight into the historical development of the field, its conceptual controversies, domains and provision, perspectives on adult learning, instruction and program planning, outcomes, relationship to economy and society and its status as a field of scholarly study and practice.

The Oxford Handbook of Human Capital

The Oxford Handbook of Human Capital Author Alan Burton-Jones
ISBN-10 9780199532162
Release 2011-02-10
Pages 688
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This Handbook provides a much needed, authoritative, and inter-disciplinary survey of concepts, applications, and research on human capital, the stock of human capabilities and knowledge found in organizations. It is designed for scholars and graduate students in business and across the social sciences, as well as policy makers and practitioners.

The Concepts and Practices of Lifelong Learning

The Concepts and Practices of Lifelong Learning Author Brenda Morgan-Klein
ISBN-10 9781134088317
Release 2007-12-17
Pages 168
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This textbook gives a wide-ranging, research-informed introduction to issues in lifelong learning across a variety of educational settings and practices. Its very accessible approach is multi-disciplinary drawing on sociology and psychology in particular. In addition, issues are discussed within an international context. While there has been a proliferation of texts focussing on particular areas of practice such as higher education, there is little in the way of a broad overview. Chapters one to four introduce various conceptions of lifelong learning, the factors that impinge on learning through the life course, and the social and the economic rationale for lifelong learning. Chapters five-ten consider the varied sites of lifelong learning, from the micro to macro (from the home to the region to the virtual). Chapter eleven draws the strands together in the context of turbulence and continuing transition in personal and work roles, and against the background of future technological development. This timely overview will be relevant to education and training professionals, education studies students and the general reader.

Social capital and lifelong learning

Social capital and lifelong learning Author Field, John
ISBN-10 9781847421265
Release 2005-06-01
Pages 184
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Social capital and lifelong learning are central to current policy concerns both in the UK and internationally. This book confirms the significance of social capital as an analytical tool, while challenging the basis on which current policy is being developed. It: · offers a wealth of evidence on a topic that has become central to contemporary government; · provides a detailed empirical investigation of the relationship between social capital, knowledge creation and lifelong learning; · relates the findings to wider policy debates; · questions the dominant theoretical models of social capital; and · confronts the assumption of many policy makers that the obvious solution to social problems is to 'invest in social capital'.

Social Capital

Social Capital Author Gregory Tripp
ISBN-10 1606929739
Release 2009
Pages 389
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Social capital may be defined as social networks, the norms of reciprocity and trust that arise from them, and the application of these assets in achieving mutual objectives. Social capital is quite important for the efficient performance of modern economies and for the development of a stable liberal democracy. The creation of networks and trust, ideas central to mainstream thinking about social capital, seem to be fundamental in allowing change to occur smoothly. This book proposes certain designs, that appear to encourage the social interactions of sense of belonging that lie at the heart of the idea about social capital. The role of social capital in the strategic organisation of family businesses are also explored. While managers at other firms and government bureaucratic officials have a positive and monotonic relationship with performance, that for social capital from politicians has a negative relationship with performance for non-family businesses.

The Routledge Education Studies Textbook

The Routledge Education Studies Textbook Author James Arthur
ISBN-10 9781136035906
Release 2012-11-12
Pages 312
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The Routledge Education Studies Textbook is an academically wide-ranging and appropriately challenging resource for students beyond the introductory stages of a degree programme in Education Studies. Written in a clear and engaging style, the chapters are divided into three sections that examine fundamental ideas and issues, explore educational contexts, and offer study and research guidance respectively. To support the development of critical thinking, debates between contributors are interspersed within sections and address the following questions: Do private schools legitimise privilege? Should the liberal state support religious schooling? Are developments in post-14 education reducing the divide between the academic and the vocational? Do schools contribute to social and community cohesion? Do traditional and progressive teaching methods exist or are there only effective and ineffective methods? Educational Research: a foundation for teacher professionalism? Each chapter opens with an overview of the rationale behind it and closes with a summary of the main points. At the end of every chapter key questions are posed, encouraging the student to critically reflect on the content, and suggestions for further reading are made. The Routledge Education Studies Textbook is essential reading for students of Education Studies, especially during second and third years of the undergraduate degree. It will be of interest to trainee teachers, including those working towards M Level. A companion volume, The Routledge Education Studies Reader by the same editors, contains key classic and contemporary academic articles and has been designed to be used alongside this Textbook.

Understanding the Social Outcomes of Learning

Understanding the Social Outcomes of Learning Author OECD
ISBN-10 UOM:39015068777047
Release 2007-07-12
Pages 132
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This report is OECD’s first attempt to gather and synthesise developments in measuring the social effects of education. It focuses on health and civic and social engagement.

Active citizenship and multiple identities in Europe

Active citizenship and multiple identities in Europe Author Danny Wildemeersch
ISBN-10 IND:30000107315446
Release 2005
Pages 338
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Two major themes are addressed in this book. The first one is on Active Civic Participation. This is considered an increasingly important aim both for public governance and for the renewal of civil society. The contributions on this topic deepen our understanding of the reasons why civic participation is relevant as an answer to present day societal challenges. They also improve our insight in the factors that stimulate or inhibit such participation. The second theme is about European Citizenship and Multiple Identities. It helps to understand the evolution of citizenship and identities in the context of European integration and enlargement, of globalisation and glocalisation, of migration, etc. The book holds a selection of papers presented at the Connections Conference, organised at the university of Leuven (Belgium) in September 2003 under the auspices of the Flemish Research Council and the Network on Active Democratic Citizenship and Adult Learning of ESREA (European Society of Research into the Education of Adults).

Advancing knowledge and the knowledge economy

Advancing knowledge and the knowledge economy Author Brian Kahin
ISBN-10 0262113007
Release 2006-10-01
Pages 503
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International experts discuss the generation and management of knowledge in the face of an explosion of data, a revolution in information technology, and the increasingly blurred distinction between private and public knowledge.

Building Stronger Communities

Building Stronger Communities Author Lesley Doyle
ISBN-10 1862013454
Release 2008
Pages 306
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Governments at all levels all over the world are committed to strengthening communities â?? that is, improving neighbourliness, mutual support and economic activity in the largest cities and the smallest rural settlements. In this book, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners from Europe, the USA and Australia demonstrate, in a wide variety of settings, how they have developed new initiatives to strengthen communities, concentrating particularly on the role of education and training.

Education Policy Analysis 2004

Education Policy Analysis 2004 Author OECD
ISBN-10 UOM:39015077211061
Release 2005-06-20
Pages 140
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This 2004 edition of Education Policy Analysis includes articles on the role of non-university institutions in tertiary education; gaining returns from investments in ICT; the challenges lifelong learning poses for schools; and taxes and lifelong learning.

The Tertiary Moment

The Tertiary Moment Author Christopher Duke
ISBN-10 1862012350
Release 2005
Pages 152
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This set of papers makes a timely and challenging contribution to two important debates about higher education and the future of universities: first, that of the size and the shape of the system of tertiary - including both further as well as higher - education; and, second, the possible contribution of the Lifelong Learning Networks to the system. Authored by leading scholars and practitioners of higher education, the papers contribute to the development of higher education from the perspective of both adultlearners' and society's needs.

Changing Faces of Adult Literacy Language and Numeracy

Changing Faces of Adult Literacy  Language and Numeracy Author Mary Hamilton
ISBN-10 UOM:39015066735393
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 194
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Creativity is a buzz-word in the education sector in the UK right now, but it is still seen mainly as the domain of the creative arts in the curriculum. This book shows how creativity can be an approach to and an ethos for all aspects of school life and management. Developing a school which enables children and young people to realise their creative potential is an immense challenge. There is no single formula for transforming a school into an environment which nurtures and develops the creativity of pupils. Each school has to grow creatively in its own way and in its own time. "Building a Creative School" explores the practical steps schools can take to enable this process. It examines organisation, leadership, approaches to teaching and learning, curriculum design, assessment for learning, professional development, and partnerships, and is rooted in both theory and practice. The authors draw on current research on creativity and learning, and on their own extensive professional experience. Examples, case studies, and practical ideas and suggestions are threaded through the book. While providing inspiration in the examples of success they describe, the authors also offer practical guidance and share some of the pitfalls, challenges and barriers to creativity they have encountered in their own work. "Building a Creative School" is for everyone involved in school change - teachers, school leadership teams, headteachers, teacher trainers, policy makers, governors, and anyone interested in professional development of teachers and school leaders. The book will also be of interest to those working in partnership with schools and seeking to understand the dynamics of this process.

Adult Literacy Numeracy Language

Adult Literacy  Numeracy   Language Author Lyn Tett
ISBN-10 0335219373
Release 2006-06-01
Pages 208
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The book shows how the social practice approach to learning and teaching can be used to develop more inclusive views of adult literacy, numeracy and language.

Closing the Equity Gap

Closing the Equity Gap Author Geoff Layer
ISBN-10 PSU:000057967950
Release 2005
Pages 210
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This timely collection focuses on the practice and policy behind securing a more socially inclusive higher education and closing the equity gap. Reflective of practice to date, it explores the challenges facing higher education in the UK and USA as the student financial support model increasingly relies on higher fees and delayed debt. This analysis shows the progress made, reflects on the problems raised and focuses on the need to shift the paradigm to focus on successful participation.

Not Just the Economy

Not Just the Economy Author Colin Flint
ISBN-10 PSU:000065906385
Release 2008-02-01
Pages 178
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Not Just the Economy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Not Just the Economy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Not Just the Economy book for free.