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The Bilingual Child

The Bilingual Child Author Virginia Yip
ISBN-10 9781139473828
Release 2007-08-30
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How does a child become bilingual? The answer to this intriguing question remains largely a mystery, not least because it has been far less extensively researched than the process of mastering a first language. Drawing on new studies of children exposed to two languages from birth (English and Cantonese), this book demonstrates how childhood bilingualism develops naturally in response to the two languages in the children's environment. While each bilingual child's profile is unique, the children studied are shown to develop quite differently from monolingual children. The authors demonstrate significant interactions between the children's developing grammars, as well as the important role played by language dominance in their bilingual development. Based on original research and using findings from the largest available multimedia bilingual corpus, the book will be welcomed by students and scholars working in child language acquisition, bilingualism and language contact.

Bilingual Language Acquisition

Bilingual Language Acquisition Author Carmen Silva-Corvalán
ISBN-10 9781107729216
Release 2014-02-06
Pages 430
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How do children develop bilingual competence? Do bilingual children develop language in the same way as monolinguals? Set in the context of findings on language development, this book examines the acquisition of English and Spanish by two brothers in the first six years of their lives. Based on in-depth and meticulous analyses of naturalistic data, it explores how the systems of both languages affect each other as the children develop, and how different levels of exposure to each language influence the nature of acquisition. The author demonstrates that the children's grammars and lexicons follow a developmental path similar to that of monolinguals, but that cross-linguistic interactions affecting lexical, semantic and discourse-pragmatic aspects arise in Spanish when exposure to it diminishes around the age of four. The first of its kind, this original study is a must-read for students and researchers in bilingualism, child development, language acquisition and language contact.

The Handbook of Language Contact

The Handbook of Language Contact Author Raymond Hickey
ISBN-10 9781118448694
Release 2013-04-24
Pages 888
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The Handbook of Language Contact offers systematic coverage of the major issues in this field – ranging from the value of contact explanations in linguistics, to the impact of immigration, to dialectology – combining new research from a team of globally renowned scholars, with case studies of numerous languages. An authoritative reference work exploring the major issues in the field of language contact: the study of how language changes when speakers of distinct speech varieties interact Brings together 40 specially-commissioned essays by an international team of scholars Examines language contact in societies which have significant immigration populations, and includes a fascinating cross-section of case studies drawing on languages across the world Accessibly structured into sections exploring the place of contact studies within linguistics as a whole; the value of contact studies for research into language change; and language contact in the context of work on language and society Explores a broad range of topics, making it an excellent resource for both faculty and students across a variety of fields within linguistics

Language Contact in the Early Colonial Pacific

Language Contact in the Early Colonial Pacific Author Emanuel J. Drechsel
ISBN-10 9781107015104
Release 2014-03-27
Pages 349
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This volume presents a historical-sociolinguistic description and analysis of Maritime Polynesian Pidgin. It offers linguistic and sociohistorical substantiation for a regional Eastern Polynesian-based pidgin, and challenges conventional Eurocentric assumptions about early colonial contact in the eastern Pacific by arguing that Maritime Polynesian Pidgin preceded the introduction of Pidgin English by as much as a century. Emanuel J. Drechsel not only opens up new methodological avenues for historical-sociolinguistic research in Oceania by a combination of philology and ethnohistory, but also gives greater recognition to Pacific Islanders in early contact between cultures. Students and researchers working on language contact, language typology, historical linguistics and sociolinguistics will want to read this book. It redefines our understanding of how Europeans and Americans interacted with Pacific Islanders in eastern Polynesia during early encounters and offers an alternative model of language contact.

Bilinguality and Bilingualism

Bilinguality and Bilingualism Author Josiane F. Hamers
ISBN-10 0521648432
Release 2000-02-17
Pages 468
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Presents state-of-the-art knowledge about languages in contact from individual bilingualism (or bilinguality) to societal bilingualism.

Diglossia and Language Contact

Diglossia and Language Contact Author Lotfi Sayahi
ISBN-10 9781139867078
Release 2014-04-24
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This volume provides a detailed analysis of language contact in North Africa and explores the historical presence of the languages used in the region, including the different varieties of Arabic and Berber as well as European languages. Using a wide range of data sets, it provides a comprehensive analysis of the mechanisms of language contact under classical diglossia and societal bilingualism, examining multiple cases of oral and written code-switching. It also describes contact-induced lexical and structural change in such situations and discusses the possible appearance of new varieties within the context of diglossia. Examples from past diglossic situations are examined, including the situation in Muslim Spain and the Maltese Islands. An analysis of the current situation of Arabic vernaculars, not only in the Maghreb but also in other Arabic-speaking areas, is also presented. This book will appeal to anyone interested in language contact, the Arabic language, and North Africa.

Bilingualism Across the Lifespan

Bilingualism Across the Lifespan Author Kenneth Hyltenstam
ISBN-10 0521359988
Release 1989-09-29
Pages 249
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Bilingualism Across the Lifespan examines the dynamics of bilingual language processing over time from the perspectives of neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics. This multidisciplinary approach is fundamental to an understanding of how the bilingual's two (or more) language systems interact with each other and with other higher cognitive systems, neurological substrates, and social systems - a central theme of this volume. Contributors examine the nature of bilingualism during various phases of the lifecycle - childhood, adulthood, and old age - and in various health/pathology conditions. Topics range from code separation in the young bilingual child, across various types of language pathologies in adult bilinguals, to language choice problems in dementia. The volume thus offers a broad overview of current theoretical and empirical approaches to the study of bilingualism. It will interest and stimulate researchers and graduate students in the fields of linguistics, neuropsychology, and developmental psychology, as well as in foreign language teaching, speech pathology, educational psychology, and special education.

Dynamics of Language Contact

Dynamics of Language Contact Author Michael G. Clyne
ISBN-10 0521786487
Release 2003-03-20
Pages 282
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Discusses disparate findings to examine the dynamics of contact between languages in an immigrant context.

Meeting Handbook

Meeting Handbook Author Linguistic Society of America
ISBN-10 1574732285
Release 2009
Pages 143
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Surviving Linguistics offers linguistics students clear, practical, and focused advice on how to succeed in graduate school and earn a degree. The book is a valuable resource for students at any stage of their graduate career, from learning to write linguistics papers through completing their dissertation and finding a job. Along the way, the author explains the process of submitting conference abstracts, presenting papers at conferences, publishing journal articles, writing grant applications, creating a CV, and much more. Throughout Surviving Linguistics, Macaulay emphasizes the importance of working with advisors, dissertation committees, and fellow graduate students. The book includes exercises, helpful references to numerous books and on-line resources, and an index.

Bilingualism in Development

Bilingualism in Development Author Ellen Bialystok
ISBN-10 0521635071
Release 2001-04-16
Pages 288
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Describes how intellectual development of bilingual children differs from that of monolingual children.

The Cambridge Handbook of Sociolinguistics

The Cambridge Handbook of Sociolinguistics Author Rajend Mesthrie
ISBN-10 9781139500937
Release 2011-10-06
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The most comprehensive overview available, this Handbook is an essential guide to sociolinguistics today. Reflecting the breadth of research in the field, it surveys a range of topics and approaches in the study of language variation and use in society. As well as linguistic perspectives, the handbook includes insights from anthropology, social psychology, the study of discourse and power, conversation analysis, theories of style and styling, language contact and applied sociolinguistics. Language practices seem to have reached new levels since the communications revolution of the late twentieth century. At the same time face-to-face communication is still the main force of language identity, even if social and peer networks of the traditional face-to-face nature are facing stiff competition of the Facebook-to-Facebook sort. The most authoritative guide to the state of the field, this handbook shows that sociolinguistics provides us with the best tools for understanding our unfolding evolution as social beings.


Language Author George Melville Bolling
ISBN-10 IND:30000125194997
Release 2008
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Language has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Language also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Language book for free.

The Cambridge Handbook of Child Language

The Cambridge Handbook of Child Language Author Edith L. Bavin
ISBN-10 9781316352328
Release 2015-11-26
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The most authoritative resource for students and researchers, The Cambridge Handbook of Child Language has been thoroughly updated and extended. Enhancements include new chapters on the acquisition of words, processing deficits in children with specific language impairments, and language in children with Williams syndrome, new authors for the bilingualism and autism chapters, a refocused discourse chapter on written narratives, and a new section on reading and reading disorders, cementing the handbook's position as the best study of the subject available. In a wide-ranging survey, language development is traced from prelinguistic infancy to adolescence in typical and atypical contexts; the material is intuitively grouped into six thematic sections, enabling readers to easily find specific in-depth information. With topics as varied as statistical learning, bilingualism, and the neurobiology of reading disorders, this multidisciplinary Handbook is an essential reference for students and researchers in linguistics, psychology, cognitive science, speech pathology, education and anthropology.

Journal of Linguistics

Journal of Linguistics Author
ISBN-10 WISC:89099449050
Release 2008
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Journal of Linguistics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Journal of Linguistics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Journal of Linguistics book for free.

The Acquisition of Heritage Languages

The Acquisition of Heritage Languages Author
ISBN-10 9781107007246
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The Acquisition of Heritage Languages has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Acquisition of Heritage Languages also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Acquisition of Heritage Languages book for free.

Introducing Second Language Acquisition

Introducing Second Language Acquisition Author Muriel Saville-Troike
ISBN-10 9781316688229
Release 2016-12-15
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Providing a solid foundation in second language acquisition, this book has become the leading introduction to the subject for students of linguistics, psychology and education, and trainee language teachers. Now in its third edition, the textbook offers comprehensive coverage of fundamental concepts, including second language acquisition (SLA) in adults and children, in formal and informal learning contexts, and in diverse socio-cultural settings, and takes an interdisciplinary approach, encouraging students to consider SLA from linguistic, psychological and social perspectives. Each chapter contains a list of key terms, a summary, and a range of graded exercises suitable for self-testing and class discussion. The third edition has been revised throughout, and features new material on the practical aspects of teaching language, along with updated online resources, including new classroom activities to accompany each chapter, as well as updated references and further reading suggestions.

Language Contact

Language Contact Author Kelechukwu U. Ihemere
ISBN-10 1443844012
Release 2013
Pages 320
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Since the inception of modern contact linguistics through the works of Weinreich (1953) and Haugen (1953), numerous investigators have studied the manifestations of language contact across different disciplines, naturally adopting varied perspectives and approaches relevant to their particular field of inquiry. In spite of the many approaches and interests, quite simply, when speakers of different languages interact closely, it is typical for their languages to influence each other. The influence could be as common as the exchange of words or what is termed vocabulary borrowing in the literature. It can also go deeper, extending to the exchange of even basic characteristics of a language, such as morphology and grammar. In some cases, the result of the contact of two languages can be the replacement of one by the other. This is most common in asymmetric relationships between languages, and sometimes leads to language shift and death. The present volume is unique in that it brings together research by distinguished scholars and other highly talented investigators from across the world to offer a multidimensional exploration of the field. The individual chapters present contemporary discussions and analyses of the topics, grouped into three parts.