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The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory

The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory Author Martin P. Golding
ISBN-10 9780470779866
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 368
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The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory is a handy guide to the state of play in contemporary philosophy of law and legal theory. Comprises 23 essays critical essays on the central themes and issues of the philosophy of law today, written by an international assembly of distinguished philosophers and legal theorists Each essay incorporates essential background material on the history and logic of the topic, as well as advancing the arguments Represents a wide variety of perspectives on current legal theory

Philosophy of Law

Philosophy of Law Author Andrei Marmor
ISBN-10 1400838703
Release 2010-12-28
Pages 184
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In Philosophy of Law, Andrei Marmor provides a comprehensive analysis of contemporary debates about the fundamental nature of law—an issue that has been at the heart of legal philosophy for centuries. What the law is seems to be a matter of fact, but this fact has normative significance: it tells people what they ought to do. Marmor argues that the myriad questions raised by the factual and normative features of law actually depend on the possibility of reduction—whether the legal domain can be explained in terms of something else, more foundational in nature. In addition to exploring the major issues in contemporary legal thought, Philosophy of Law provides a critical analysis of the people and ideas that have dominated the field in past centuries. It will be essential reading for anyone curious about the nature of law.

An Introduction to Rights

An Introduction to Rights Author William A. Edmundson
ISBN-10 9781107378629
Release 2012-01-23
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An Introduction to Rights is a readable and accessible introduction to the history, logic, moral implications and political tendencies of the idea of rights. It is organized chronologically and discusses important historical events such as the French and American Revolutions. It treats a range of historical figures, including Grotius, Paley, Hobbes, Locke, Bentham, Burke, Godwin, Douglass, Mill and Hohfeld and relates the concept of rights to contemporary debates such as consequentialism versus contractualism. This thoroughly updated second edition includes a new preface and expands the discussion of the surprising role that slavery has played in the history of rights. It includes new material on egalitarianism, distributive justice and what the demand for equal rights means.

The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Law

The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Law Author Andrei Marmor
ISBN-10 9780415878180
Release 2012
Pages 630
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The Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Law provides a comprehensive, non-technical philosophical treatment of the fundamental questions about the nature of law. Its coverage includes law's relation to morality and the moral obligations to obey the law, the main philosophical debates about particular legal areas such as criminal responsibility, property, contracts, family law, law and justice in the international domain, legal paternalism and the rule of law. The entirely new content has been written specifically for newcomers to the field, making the volume particularly useful for undergraduate and graduate courses in philosophy of law and related areas. All 39 chapters, written by the world's leading researchers and edited by an internationally distinguished scholar, bring a focused, philosophical perspective to their subjects. The Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Law promises to be a valuable and much consulted student resource for many years.

Legal Philosophies

Legal Philosophies Author James W. Harris
ISBN-10 0406507163
Release 1997
Pages 318
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A wide range of issues and topics in the jurisprudential field are discussed in this book. This edition concentrates particularly on recent legal theorists such as Rawls and the feminist jurisprudential writings of Dworkin.


Africa Author Patrick Chabal
ISBN-10 9781848136021
Release 2013-04-04
Pages 224
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The question usually asked about Africa is: 'why is it going wrong?' Is the continent still suffering from the ravages of colonialism? Or is it the victim of postcolonial economic exploitation, poor governance and lack of aid? Whatever the answer, increasingly the result is poverty and violence. In Africa: The Politics of Suffering and Smiling Patrick Chabal approaches this question differently by reconsidering the role of theory in African politics. Chabal discusses the limitations of existing political theories of Africa and proposes a different starting point; arguing that political thinking ought to be driven by the need to address the immediacy of everyday life and death. How do people define who they are? Where do they belong? What do they believe? How do they struggle to survive and improve their lives? What is the impact of illness and poverty? In doing so, Chabal proposes a radically different way of looking at politics in Africa and illuminates the ways ordinary people 'suffer and smile'. This is a highly original addition to Zed's groundbreaking World Political Theories series.

The Blackwell Guide to American Philosophy

The Blackwell Guide to American Philosophy Author Armen T. Marsoobian
ISBN-10 9781405142960
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 432
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The Blackwell Guide to American Philosophy offers the most ambitious survey to date of American philosophical thought. Provides a comprehensive history of philosophical thought in America. Brings together 24 newly commissioned essays written by leading scholars in American philosophy. Covers all of the major eighteenth-, nineteenth- and twentieth-century philosophical movements in America including idealism, pragmatism and naturalism. Examines the major figures and themes in American philosophical thought. Includes useful bibliographies.

Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory

Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory Author Dennis Patterson
ISBN-10 0631202870
Release 2003-02-24
Pages 432
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This carefully selected set of readings presents some of the most important articles in the field. The collection is essential reading for anyone with an interest in legal philosophy. Gathers together some of the most important articles in the field of philosophy of law and legal theory. Complements Dennis Patterson's A Companion to Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory (Blackwell, 1999). Represents essential reading for the beginning law student.

Minds Brains and Law

Minds  Brains  and Law Author Michael S. Pardo
ISBN-10 9780199812134
Release 2013-09
Pages 240
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This book addresses the philosophical questions that arise when neuroscientific research and technology are applied in the legal system. The empirical, practical, ethical, and conceptual issues that Pardo and Patterson seek to redress will deeply influence how we negotiate and implement the fruits of neuroscience in law and policy in the future.

On the Philosophy of Law

On the Philosophy of Law Author David A. Reidy
ISBN-10 0495004219
Release 2007
Pages 210
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What is a law? What gives laws their authority? What is the purpose of punishment? Do certain laws apply internationally, that is, across national borders? In ON THE PHILOSOPHY OF LAW, David Reidy guides students through these and other central questions in the philosophy of law. Written in an engaging style, this text provides a first-hand encounter with the philosophical issues concerning law, thereby preparing students for serious inquiry. THE WADSWORTH PHILOSOPHICAL TOPICS SERIES presents readers with concise, timely, and insightful introductions to a variety of traditional and contemporary philosophical subjects. With this series, students of philosophy will be able to discover the richness of philosophical inquiry across a wide array of concepts, including hallmark philosophical themes and themes typically underrepresented in mainstream philosophy publishing. Written by a distinguished list of scholars who have garnered particular recognition for their excellence in teaching, this series presents the vast sweep of today's philosophical exploration in highly accessible and affordable volumes. These books will prove valuable to philosophy teachers and their students as well as to other readers who share a general interest in philosophy.

Spinoza and Law

Spinoza and Law Author AndreSantos Campos
ISBN-10 9781351548045
Release 2017-07-05
Pages 442
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This volume collects some of the best writings on Spinoza?s philosophy of law and includes a critical examination of Spinoza?s theory of the types of law, his natural law theory, as well as the modern reformulation of his approach to the nature of laws and to natural rights. This collection of essays (some of which are published in the English language for the very first time) shows how Spinoza was able to deliver a revolutionary idea of natural law that breaks away from the traditions of natural law and of legal positivism. The bulk of Spinoza?s references to law derive from his metaphysical and political texts, but they have sufficient depth in order to form a groundbreaking theory of law that has been somewhat neglected by modern jurisprudence. The volume also features an introduction which places Spinoza?s writings in the context of modern jurisprudence as well as an extensive bibliography. It is suited to the needs of jurisprudence scholars, teachers and students and is an essential resource for all law libraries; it is also essential to anybody who wishes to engage in Spinoza studies nowadays, whose practical philosophy has received a recent boom in attention by readers throughout the world.

Why Law Matters

Why Law Matters Author Alon Harel
ISBN-10 9780199643271
Release 2014-04
Pages 240
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Why Law Matters argues that public institutions and legal procedures are valuable and matter as such, irrespective of their instrumental value. Examining the value of rights, public institutions, and constitutional review, the book criticises instrumentalist approaches in political theory, claiming they fail to account for their enduring appeal.

A Republic of Law

A Republic of Law Author Frank Lovett
ISBN-10 9781316668504
Release 2016-07-07
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The rule of law is a valuable human achievement. It is valuable not only instrumentally, but also for its own sake as a significant aspect of social justice. Only in a society that enjoys the rule of law is it possible for people to regard one another as fellow free citizens; no one the master of anyone else. Nevertheless, the rule of law is poorly understood. In this book, Frank Lovett develops a rigorous conception of the rule of law that is grounded in legal positivism, and offers a civic republican argument for its value in terms of freedom from domination. Bridging persistent methodological gaps that divide legal philosophy, social science, and political theory, Lovett demonstrates how insights from all three can be united in a single powerful theory. This book will appeal to anyone interested in the rule of law, including scholars, legal officials, and policy-makers.

Three Anarchical Fallacies

Three Anarchical Fallacies Author William A. Edmundson
ISBN-10 0521037514
Release 2007-06-27
Pages 208
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This book exposes fallacies inspired by the idea that coercion seems inseparable from government and in doing so shows that living in a just state remains a worthy ideal.

Equality Responsibility and the Law

Equality  Responsibility  and the Law Author Arthur Ripstein
ISBN-10 0521003075
Release 2001-03-12
Pages 320
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Examines responsibility and luck as these issues arise in tort law, criminal law, and distributive justice.

The Boundaries of the Criminal Law

The Boundaries of the Criminal Law Author Antony Duff
ISBN-10 9780199600557
Release 2010-11-11
Pages 267
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This is the first book of a series on criminalization - examining the principles and goals that should guide what kinds of conduct are to be criminalized, and the forms that criminalization should take. The first volume studies the scope and boundaries of the criminal law - asking what principled limits might be placed on criminalizing behaviour.

Rousseau and Law

Rousseau and Law Author Thom Brooks
ISBN-10 0754624412
Release 2005
Pages 438
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Jean-Jaques Rousseau stands as one of the most influential figures in the history of philosophy. Rousseau and Law presents for the first time in one collection the most important contemporary work exploring his many contributions to legal theory.