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The Body and Society

The Body and Society Author Bryan S Turner
ISBN-10 9781849205412
Release 2008-04-18
Pages 296
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"This truly deserves to be considered a classic and I strongly encourage my students to read it from cover to cover. Turner's work on the body needs to be considered in its own right within courses on the sociology of the body." - Dr Robert Meadows, Surrey University "Remains the foundational text for courses in the sociology of the body, replete with insights and a depth of analysis that has largely inspired an entire new area of studies across the social sciences." - Dr Michael Drake, Hull University "This is THE contemporary text for both academics and students exploring the sociology of the body." - Jessica Clark, University Campus Suffolk This is a fully revised edition of a book that may fairly claim to have re-opened the sociology of the body as a legitimate area of enquiry. Providing an unparalleled guide to all aspects of the subject, each chapter has been revised and updated while the book contains new material that reflects both recent changes in the field and Turner's developing position on the centrality of vulnerability. Assured and innovative, this book provides the most authoritative statement of work on the sociology of the body by one of the leading writers in the field.

The Body and Social Theory

The Body and Social Theory Author Chris Shilling
ISBN-10 9781446290514
Release 2012-08-16
Pages 336
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"Great to have a new edition - this is essential reading and provides a clear, accessible yet original overview of social theory and the body." - Sarah Nettleton, University of York "Lucidly argued and accessibly written, this book avoids the pitfalls of either too much naturalism or too much social constructivism. It is a book with something for everyone, from the classics in social theory on the body to contemporary bodily phenomena like genetics, body modification, and cultural anxieties about death." - Kathy Davis, Utrecht University Unrivalled in its clarity and coverage, this sparkling new edition of Chris Shilling's classic text is a masterful account of the emergence and development of body matters in sociology and related disciplines. A timely, well reasoned response to current concerns and controversies across the globe, it provides chapter-by-chapter coverage of the major theories, approaches and studies conducted in the field. Each chapter has been revised and updated, with new discussions of 'actor-network theory', bodywork, pragmatism, the global resurgence of religious identities, 'new genetics', biological citizenship, neuroscience, and figurations of the living and dead. Packed full of critical analysis and relevant empirical studies the book engages with the major classical and contemporary theories within body studies including the: naturalistic, interactionist, constructionist, feminist, structuralist, phenomenological, and realist. Original, logical and indispensable this is a must-have title for students and researchers engaged with the study of the body.

Embodying the Monster

Embodying the Monster Author Margrit Shildrick
ISBN-10 0761970142
Release 2002
Pages 153
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Margrit Shildrick's exploration of the monstrous reveals how humans register concepts of bodily normality and perfection. The author calls upon society to rethink the monstrous, not as an abnormal category, but as a condition of attractiveness.

The Body

The Body Author Mike Featherstone
ISBN-10 0803984138
Release 1991-02-01
Pages 408
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This challenging volume reasserts the centrality of the body within social theory as a means to understanding the complex interrelations between nature, culture and society. At a theoretical level, the volume explores the origins of a social theory of the body in sources ranging from the work of Nietzsche to contemporary feminist theory. The importance of a theoretical understanding of the body to social and cultural analysis of contemporary societies is demonstrated through specific case studies. These range from the expression of the emotions, romantic love, dietary practice, consumer culture, fitness and beauty, to media images of women and sexuality. This wide-ranging book draws in part on papers published in Theory,

The Body in Society

The Body in Society Author Alexandra Howson
ISBN-10 9780745676364
Release 2013-04-03
Pages 224
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In everyday life we are not, for the most part, actively conscious of our bodies or the bodies of others – we simply take them for granted. This new edition of a lively introduction to the sociology of the body examines what certain aspects of our bodies, such as the size, shape, smell and demeanour, reveal about the social organization of everyday life and how the body is crucial to the way we engage with the world and the people around us. The human body is endowed with varied forms of social significance which sociology has addressed by asking questions such as: To what degree do individuals have control over their own bodies? What interest does the state have in regulating the human body? How significant is the body to the development and performance of the self in everyday life? What images of the body influence people’s expectations of themselves and others? Written in a clear and comprehensible way, The Body in Society introduces students to the key conceptual frameworks that help us to understand the social significance of the human body. This second edition has been thoroughly updated to take into account recent theories and debates and also includes enhanced pedagogical features. Using familiar examples from everyday life, such as diet and exercise regimes, personal hygiene, dress, displays of emotion, and control over bodily functions, coupled with examples from popular culture, the text has strong contemporary relevance and will strike a chord with all who read it. This book will be essential reading for students taking courses on the body in sociology, anthropology, gender studies and cultural studies.

Liberal Democracy 3 0

Liberal Democracy 3 0 Author Stephen Turner
ISBN-10 0761954694
Release 2003-06-16
Pages 154
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'... a powerful piece of work that deserves to be read widely. It ranges across central concerns in the fields of social theory, political theory, and science studies and engages with the ideas of key classical and contemporary thinkers' - Barry Smart, Professor of Sociology, University of Portsmouth

Religion and social theory

Religion and social theory Author Bryan S. Turner
ISBN-10 UOM:39015022023280
Release 1991
Pages 264
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If you are a theologian in need of a new textbook for courses in sociology of religion, comparative religion, and philosophy, this is the perfect text for you. Leading social theorists are gathered together in one comprehensive volume (Engels, Durkheim, Weber, Nietzsche, Freud, Foucault). The author skillfully assesses the different theoretical approaches established by these leading social theorists to the social function of religion. In doing so, he develops his own distinctive perspective on the role of religion as an institutional link between economic and human reproduction. Turner explores the social theories of religion through a resolutely comparative and historical analysis of the Abrahamic faiths--Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. His approach makes a substantial contribution to the analysis of religion as a global culture force in the tensions between consensus and conflict, tradition and modernity. This second edition incorporates an influential new introduction to the social analysis of religion. It will be essential reading for professors, undergraduate and graduate students of sociology of religion, social theory, and comparative religion. "This perceptive and wide-ranging book embraces a number of distinctive themes. . . . One of the most stimulating books in the field for a long time." --British Journal of Sociology "Turner writes . . . with much more analytical penetration and sensitivity to historical variation and conjuncture than is to be found in the vast majority of sociological writings of our time on the theme of religion." --Theory, Culture & Society "The most important theoretical contribution to the sociology of religion in the last two decades. It presents a challenge to many of the prevailing assumptions in that field and suggests ways in which it could regain the position of centrality that it occupied in the work of classical sociologists such as Weber and Durkheim." --Kenneth Thompson, The Open University

Theories of modernity and postmodernity

Theories of modernity and postmodernity Author Bryan S. Turner
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105005138784
Release 1990
Pages 184
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Encapsulating the recent debate on the concepts of modernity and postmodernity, this volume moves beyond speculative discussion to explore the idea of postmodernism at two levels. First, by relating the debate over postmodernity back to traditional social theory. And secondly, be demonstrating the application of postmodernity to the nature of modern societies and contemporary politics. Arguments over modernism and its aftermath are traced to their origins in art, literature, and architecture. The contributors then focus on the contribution of sociology to this cultural dispute, both through the classical theories of Weber and Simmel and in more recent theories. They examine modernist rationality as put forth by HabermaFs critical theory and contrast this theory with the works of Lyotard and Baudrillard. The theme of nostalgia as a response to modernization is thoroughly explored in terms of the loss of traditional values, the crisis of modern society, and the rise of sociology. A concluding discussion explores the implications of these arguments for politics, citizenship, the status of women, and social change.

Sensual Relations

Sensual Relations Author David Howes
ISBN-10 0472026224
Release 2010-02-22
Pages 288
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With audacious dexterity, David Howes weaves together topics ranging from love and beauty magic in Papua New Guinea to nasal repression in Freudian psychology and from the erasure and recovery of the senses in contemporary ethnography to the specter of the body in Marx. Through this eclectic and penetrating exploration of the relationship between sensory experience and cultural expression, Sensual Relations contests the conventional exclusion of sensuality from intellectual inquiry and reclaims sensation as a fundamental domain of social theory. David Howes is Professor of Anthropology, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec.

The Consumer Society

The Consumer Society Author Jean Baudrillard
ISBN-10 9781473994546
Release 2016-12-13
Pages 240
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Jean Baudrillard's classic text was one of the first to focus on the process and meaning of consumption in contemporary culture. Originally published in 1970, the book makes a vital contribution to current debates on consumption. The book includes Baudrillard's most organized discussion of mass media culture, the meaning of leisure, and anomie in affluent society. A chapter on the body demonstrates Baudrillard's extraordinary prescience for flagging vital subjects in contemporary culture long before others. This English translation begins with a new introductory essay.

The Body A Very Short Introduction

The Body  A Very Short Introduction Author Chris Shilling
ISBN-10 9780191059490
Release 2016-01-28
Pages 144
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The human body is thought of conventionally as a biological entity, with its longevity, morbidity, size and even appearance determined by genetic factors immune to the influence of society or culture. Since the mid-1980s, however, there has been a rising awareness of how our bodies, and our perception of them, are influenced by the social, cultural and material contexts in which humans live. Drawing on studies of sex and gender, education, governance, the economy, and religion, Chris Shilling demonstrates how our physical being allows us to affect the material and virtual world around us, yet also enables governments to shape and direct our thoughts and actions. Revealing how social relationships, cultural images, and technological and medical advances shape our perceptions and awareness, he exposes the limitations of traditional Western traditions of thought that elevate the mind over the body as that which defines us as human. Dealing with issues ranging from cosmetic and transplant surgery, the performance of gendered identities, the commodification of bodies and body parts, and the violent consequences of competing conceptions of the body as sacred, Shilling provides a compelling account of why body matters present contemporary societies with a series of urgent and inescapable challenges. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

Disability Studies in Education

Disability Studies in Education Author Susan Lynn Gabel
ISBN-10 0820455490
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 182
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Essays cover a variety of topics relating to disability studies in education.

Social Theory and Aging

Social Theory and Aging Author Jason L. Powell
ISBN-10 0742519546
Release 2006
Pages 157
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This book attempts to identify two central areas for the study of aging and the epistemological differences and continuities between them: constructions of aging (modern) and deconstructions of aging (postmodern).

Traumatic Stress

Traumatic Stress Author Bessel A. van der Kolk
ISBN-10 9781462507108
Release 2012-03-12
Pages 596
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This bestselling classic presents seminal theory and research on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Together, the leading editors and contributors comprehensively examine how trauma affects an individual's biology, conceptions of the world, and psychological functioning. Key topics include why certain people cope successfully with traumatic experiences while others do not, the neurobiological processes underlying PTSD symptomatology, enduring questions surrounding traumatic memories and dissociation, and the core components of effective interventions. A highly influential work that laid the foundation for many of the field's continuing advances, this volume remains an immensely informative and thought-provoking clinical reference and text. The preface to the 2007 paperback edition situates the book within the context of contemporary research developments.

Culture and Society 1780 1950

Culture and Society  1780 1950 Author Raymond Williams
ISBN-10 0231057016
Release 1983-01
Pages 362
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The romantic artist - Mill on bentham and coleridge - Thomas carlyle - The industrial novels - J.H. Newman and Matthew Arnold - Art and society - Interregnum - Twentieth-century opinions.

The Body

The Body Author Mariam Fraser
ISBN-10 041534008X
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 348
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The body has become an increasingly significant concept in recent years and this Reader offers a stimulating overview of the main topics, perspectives and theories surrounding the issue. This broad consideration of the body presents an engagement with a range of social concerns, from the processes of racialization to the vagaries of fashion and performance art, enacted as surgery on the body. Individual sections cover issues such as: the body and social (dis)order bodies and identities bodily norms bodies in health and dis-ease bodies and technologies. Containing an extensive critical introduction, contributions from key figures such as Butler, Sedgwick, Martin Scheper-Huges, Haraway and Gilroy, and a series of introductions summarizing each section, this Reader offers students a valuable practical guide and a thorough grounding in the fascinating topic of the body.

Self Social Structure and Beliefs

Self  Social Structure  and Beliefs Author Jeffrey C. Alexander
ISBN-10 0520241371
Release 2004
Pages 286
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Annotation This is an exploration of the creative work done by leading sociologists who were inspired by the scholarship of Neil Smelser.