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The Booles and the Hintons

The Booles and the Hintons Author Gerry Kennedy
ISBN-10 1782051856
Release 2016-04-28
Pages 265
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A fascinating look at the Boole and Hinton families who are, among many other things, responsible for the invention of the Jungle Gym. Members of these two clans became renowned in their fields of physics, entomology, and botany. This book covers the

Alternative Histories of the Self

Alternative Histories of the Self Author Anna Clark
ISBN-10 9781350030640
Release 2017-12-14
Pages 224
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Alternative Histories of the Self investigates how people re-imagined the idea of the unique self in the period from 1762 to 1917. Some used the notion of the unique self to justify their gender and sexual transgression, but others rejected the notion of the unique self and instead demanded the sacrifice of the self for the good of society. The substantial introductory chapter places these themes in the cultural context of the long nineteenth century, but the book as a whole represents an alternative method for studying the self. Instead of focusing on the thoughts of great thinkers, this book explores how five unusual individuals twisted conventional ideas of the self as they interpreted their own lives. These subjects include: * The Chevalièr/e d'Eon, a renegade diplomat who was outed as a woman * Anne Lister, who wrote coded diaries about her attraction to women * Richard Johnson, who secretly criticized the empire that he served * James Hinton, a Victorian doctor who publicly advocated philanthropy and privately supported polygamy * Edith Ellis, a socialist lesbian who celebrated the 'abnormal' These five case studies are skilfully used to explore how the notion of the unique individual was used to make sense of sexual or gender non-conformity. Yet this queer reading will go beyond same-sex desire to analyse the issue of secrets and privacy; for instance, what stigma did men who practiced or advocated unconventional relationships with women incur? Finally, Clark ties these unusual lives to the wider questions of ethics and social justice: did those who questioned sexual conventions challenge political traditions as well? This is a highly innovative study that will be of interest to intellectual historians of modern Britain and Europe, as well as historians of gender and sexuality.

Significant Figures

Significant Figures Author Ian Stewart
ISBN-10 9780465096138
Release 2017-09-12
Pages 320
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A celebrated mathematician traces the history of math through the lives and work of twenty-five pioneering mathematicians In Significant Figures, acclaimed mathematician Ian Stewart introduces the visionaries of mathematics throughout history. Delving into the lives of twenty-five great mathematicians, Stewart examines the roles they played in creating, inventing, and discovering the mathematics we use today. Through these short biographies, we get acquainted with the history of mathematics from Archimedes to Benoit Mandelbrot, and learn about those too often left out of the cannon, such as Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi (c. 780-850), the creator of algebra, and Augusta Ada King (1815-1852), Countess of Lovelace, the world's first computer programmer. Tracing the evolution of mathematics over the course of two millennia, Significant Figures will educate and delight aspiring mathematicians and experts alike.

The Irish Soccer Split

The Irish Soccer Split Author Cormac Moore
ISBN-10 178205152X
Release 2015-09-01
Pages 332
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This history of the Soccer associations in Ireland looks at how the political landscape of a dividing nation shaped the sport.

The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript Author Gerry Kennedy
ISBN-10 UOM:39015063363348
Release 2005
Pages 294
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The Voynich Manuscript is a vellum book containing 200 pages of undeciphered text and illustrations. The manuscript is suspected by some scholars to be the work of scientist-philosopher Roger Bacon.

Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape

Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape Author F. H. A. Aalen
ISBN-10 9780802042941
Release 1997
Pages 352
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Lush and green, the beauty of Ireland's landscape is legendary. "The Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape" has harnessed the expertise of dozens of specialists to produce an exciting and pioneering study which aims to increase understanding and appreciation for the landscape as an important element of Irish national heritage, and to provide a much needed basis for an understanding of landscape conservation and planning. Essentially cartographic in approach, the Atlas is supplemented by diagrams, photographs, paintings, and explanatory text. Regional case studies, covering the whole of Ireland from north to south, are included, along with historical background. The impact of human civilization upon Ireland's geography and environment is well documented, and the contributors to the Atlas deal with contemporary changes in the landscape resulting from developments in Irish agriculture, forestry, bog exploitation, tourism, housing, urban expansion, and other forces. "The Atlas of the Rural Irish Landscape" is a book which aims to educate and inform the general reader and student about the relationship between human activity and the landscape. It is a richly illustrated, beautifully written, and immensely authoritative work that will be the guide to Ireland's geography for many years to come.

The Popular Mind in Eighteenth century Ireland

The Popular Mind in Eighteenth century Ireland Author Vincent Morley
ISBN-10 1782052518
Release 2017
Pages 372
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This book is a study of the Irish popular mind between the late-seventeenth and the early-nineteenth century. It examines the collective assumptions, aspirations, fears, resentments and prejudices of the common people as they are revealed in the vernacular literature of the period. The topics investigated include: politics, religion, historical memory, European conflicts, Anglo-Irish patriotism, agrarian agitation, the tumultuous decade of the 1790s, and the rise of Daniel O'Connell.

Misery Ridge The Story of a Hunting Family and the Mountain They Love

Misery Ridge  The Story of a Hunting Family and the Mountain They Love Author Gerry Kennedy
ISBN-10 1478777214
Release 2016-07-20
Pages 278
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Gerry was a city kid, growing up in Philadelphia. She moved with her family to rural southern New Jersey when she was thirteen, and discovered the joy of hunting with her dad. When she met Wes, they were both delighted to find someone who shared their love for the outdoors. They married and raised six daughters and two sons. The kids were raised with an appreciation of all things related to the outdoor sports; hunting, fishing, hiking, boating. They were taught firearm safety, and all attended the state's safety classes and passed with high marks. They learned orienteering so they could safely find their way in and out of any piece of woods. Gerry and Wes had dreamed often of a deer hunt in Maine. In their thirties, they made it happen. They went to Maine and fell in love...with a mountain! Over the years they've shared that "Love of place" with their family and many friends. For nearly half a century, they've hunted, fished, canoed, climbed, hiked, ice fished, snowmobiled, picnicked, and camped, enjoying the area on and around Misery Ridge. Gerry penned this book to honor her soulmate, and to leave something of them both for their children and grandchildren to remember and enjoy. She also hopes that by writing this book, she may influence other women and girls to realize the experiences and enjoyment that a day afield can bring, and inspire them to join the many thousands of women across the country who share really good times with friends and family.

Understanding Limerick

Understanding Limerick Author Niamh Hourigan
ISBN-10 185918457X
Release 2011
Pages 300
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This edited collection features contributions from a range of leading Irish scholars in the fields of sociology, social policy, criminology and urban geography. Limerick city currently has the highest crime rate in Western Europe and contains the areas of most severe urban deprivation in the Republic of Ireland. The collection explores how this profound social exclusion emerged and critically assesses proposed solutions--including the Regeneration programs--to this social disadvantage. The evaluation of social exclusion in Limerick also provides a key opportunity to link the Irish experience of social exclusion to European and American literatures on ghettoization and urban poverty.

J G Farrell in His Own Words

J G  Farrell in His Own Words Author James Gordon Farrell
ISBN-10 1859184286
Release 2009
Pages 464
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The novelist J.G. Farrell known to his friends as Jim was drowned on August 11, 1979 when he was swept off rocks by a sudden storm while fishing in the West of Ireland. He was in his early forties. Had he not sadly died so young, remarked Salman Rushdie in 2008, there is no question that he would today be one of the really major novelists of the English language. The three novels that he did leave are all in their different way extraordinary.

De Rebus in Hibernia Gestis

De Rebus in Hibernia Gestis Author Hiram Morgan
ISBN-10 1782050876
Release 2014-03-07
Pages 532
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In facing Latin and English texts, Great Deeds in Ireland is the first full translation of the controversial Latin history of Ireland by the famous Dublin intellectual, Richard Stanihurst. Great Deeds in Ireland provides a contemporary account of Ireland's geography and people and what the author considered to be the greatest event in Irish history - the Anglo-Norman conquest. Stanihurst celebrated the origins of the English colony in Ireland while simultaneously allegorizing the dilemma facing his own community from a new wave of Protestant English conquerors. The Anglo-Irishman's attempt to introduce Ireland to Europe's Renaissance elite in a literary tour-de-force went awry after many Gaelic Irish, also exiled on the continent, objected to the book's satirical portrayal of Ireland's clergy and its representation of the country's customs, history and learned classes. The book was burned on the orders of the Inquisition in Portugal, marked prohibido in libraries in Spain and provoked a number of angry responses from readers and other writers over the following eighty years. Because of its centrality to debates about Ireland, Stanihurst's De Rebus was the first book translation undertaken by the Centre for Neo-Latin Studies established at University College Cork.

A Walk in Ireland

A Walk in Ireland Author Michael Fewer
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105025770772
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 235
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Laced with history, wildlife, antiquities, and politics, this book offers captivating insights into memorable locations, experiences, and moments during walking tours of Ireland, featuring Keats, Theroux, and Toibin.

Ivor Browne

Ivor Browne Author Ivor Browne
ISBN-10 0955226120
Release 2008
Pages 364
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A biography of Irish psychiatrist Ivory Browne, who revolutionized the care of mental patients.

Writings of Ivor Browne

Writings of Ivor Browne Author Ivor Browne
ISBN-10 1782051139
Release 2014-09-15
Pages 608
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Ivor Browne is Professor Emeritus, University College, Dublin and retired as Chief Psychiatrist of the then Eastern Health Board in 1994. This book charts the writings of a man respected for his compassion, quirky way of thinking, and fearless opposition to orthodox psychiatry.

The Irish Dancing

The Irish Dancing Author Barbara O'Connor
ISBN-10 1782050418
Release 2013
Pages 182
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Partly thematic, partly chronological, this account of dance in Ireland emerges out of a broader interest in the body in society as well as in the construction of national and gender identities. It comprises seven chapters each of which addresses a particular form of cultural identity. These include national, ethnic, gender, social class, postmodern and global identities. It is structured in such a way that many of the chapters are devoted to a specific identity formation while issues of gender and social class are interwoven into most chapters. Underpinning the discussion throughout is the assumption that dance both reflects and produces the social, cultural and politic contexts within which it is performed and represented. This is so because bodily movement including dance reflects societal structures, norms and values as attested to by sociologists and dance scholars alike. Interwoven into the dance narrative, therefore, is the flow of Irish society over this time; a flow that incorporates social stability and social change, tradition and modernity, men and women, rural and urban, as well as the local, the national and the global.

Flown the Nest

Flown the Nest Author Hanna Greally
ISBN-10 1855942127
Release 2009
Pages 127
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Hanna Grealy tells of her recovery from spending years in an Irish psychiatric hospital.

Women and the Great Hunger

Women and the Great Hunger Author Christine Kinealy
ISBN-10 0990945421
Release 2017-02-01
Pages 234
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Even considering recent advances in the development of women's studies as a discipline, women remain underrepresented in the history and historiography of the Great Hunger. The various roles played by women, including as landowners, relief-givers, philanthropists, proselytizers and providers for the family, have received little attention.This publication examines the diverse and still largely unexplored role of women during the Great Hunger, shedding light on how women experienced and shaped the tragedy that unfolded in Ireland between 1845 and 1852. In addition to more traditional sources, the contributors also draw on folklore and popular culture.Women and the Great Hunger brings together the work of some of the leading researchers in Irish studies, with new scholarship, methodologies and perspectives.This book takes a major step toward advancing our understanding of the Great Hunger.