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The Carmelite Tradition

The Carmelite Tradition Author Steven Payne
ISBN-10 0814639534
Release 2011-06-01
Pages 224
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Eight hundred years ago, Albert of Jerusalem gave the hermit-penitents of Mount Carmel a way of life to follow. Since then, this rule has inspired and formed mystics and scholars, men and women, lay and ordained to seek the living God. In The Carmelite Tradition Steven Payne, OCD, brings together representative voices to demonstrate the richness and depth of Carmelite spirituality. As he writes, Carmelite spirituality seeks nothing more nor less than to 'stand before the face of the living God' and prophesy with Elijah, to 'hear the word of God and keep it' with Mary, to grow in friendship with God through unceasing prayer with Teresa, to 'become by participation what Christ is by nature' as John of the Cross puts it, and thereby to be made, like Therase of Lisieux, into instruments of God's transforming merciful love in the church and society." The lives and writings in The Carmelite Tradition invite readers to stand with these holy men and women and seek God in the hermitage of the heart. Steven Payne, OCD, of the Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, is a member of the Carmelite Friars' formation team at the Monastery of St. John of the Cross near Nairobi, Kenya, and director of the Institute of Spirituality and Religious Formation (ISRF) at Tangaza College, a constituent college of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) in Nairobi. He is the past editor of ICS Publications and of Spiritual Life magazine and the author of several works in philosophy of religion, theology, and Carmelite spirituality. He is a member of the Carmelite Forum and of the Carmelite Institute in Washington DC, of which he is a past president. "

At the Fountain of Elijah

At the Fountain of Elijah Author Wilfrid McGreal
ISBN-10 1570752923
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 134
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For many of us, our understanding of the Carmelites is limited to the lives and times of the sixteenth-century Spanish mystics, Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross. However, Wilfrid McGreal shows that if we want a way into Carmelite spirituality, we need to go back to its origins. How has the vision of the pilgrims and hermits who settled on Mount Carmel been sustained for some eight hundred years? What is the key to it, and how has it been re-imagined in different eras and cultures?

The Carmelite Way

The Carmelite Way Author John Welch
ISBN-10 080913652X
Release 1996-01
Pages 185
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An introduction to Carmelite spirituality that focuses on two major moments in the Carmelite tradition: the beginnings of the Carmelite Order in the 13th century and the reform of the order by Teresa of Avila in the 16th century.

Welcome to the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites

Welcome to the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites Author Aloysius Deeney, OCD
ISBN-10 9780935216233
Release 2011-11-02
Pages 116
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This book is a collection of Fr. Aloysius Deeney's conferences presented to the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelite (OCDS) members worldwide. His practical and insightful talks are primarily directed to the members of the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites and others who are interested in the tradition of Discalced Carmelites. The author is notable for his extensive knowledge and understanding of the secular branch of the order and its unique lay vocation. As a result, OCDS members are the true beneficiaries of this book. This book is a “must read” for all members of the Secular Order and anyone interested in learning more about it. Father Deeney not only explores Carmelite spirituality but also addresses the practical aspects of the Secular Order vocation, from discernment about candidates to the function of the community council and the roles and importance of new OCDS legislation and Constitutions.

Carmelite Spirituality in the Teresian Tradition

Carmelite Spirituality in the Teresian Tradition Author Paul-Marie of the Cross, OCD
ISBN-10 9781939272362
Release 2015-12-11
Pages 96
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This book is a revised edition of the classic overview of the principal texts, themes, and teachings of Carmel: Elijah and Mary, the Rule of St. Albert, the Carmelite understanding of prayer, and the message of Sts. Teresa, John of the Cross, and Thérèse. Carmel is known above all for her priceless heritage of spirituality. For centuries, in the spirit of Elijah and the ancient prophets, Carmelites have sought to encounter the living God and to teach others the ways of prayer. In sixteenth-century Spain, Saint Teresa of Avila brought renewed vitality to this religious family by inaugurating a reform movement that became known as the Discalced Carmelites, a new and fruitful branch on an ancient vine. Carmelite Spirituality in the Teresian Tradition, first published in English in 1959, provides a concise and inspiring overview of Carmel's spiritual heritage from a Teresian perspective. Renowned Discalced Carmelite author Paul-Marie of the Cross identifies the principal texts, themes, figures, and teachings of Carmel: Elijah and Mary, the Rule of St. Albert and the Book of the Institution of the First Monks, the Carmelite understanding of contemplation and the degrees of prayer, the message of Saints Teresa, John of the Cross, and Thérèse of Lisieux. This classic essay, long out of print, is here updated and reprinted for a new generation of seekers longing to slake their spiritual thirst at the fount of Carmel.

The Mystical Space of Carmel

The Mystical Space of Carmel Author Kees Waaijman
ISBN-10 9042907738
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 279
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Mount Carmel, viewed as a holy place by Jews, Christians and Muslims, is where the prophet Elijah is venerated. For many centuries hermits have followed his example and monks regard him as their Father. During the crusades, around 1200 A.D., a small group of hermits settled around the spring of Elijah to lead a contemplative life there in silence and solitude. To the first Carmelites this geographic location was a mystical space in which to live in the presence of God alone. Albert, patriarch of Jerusalem, gave them a life rule (1206-1214) which, at the time of their expulsion by the Saracens in 1247, was adapted to new circumstances by pope Innocent IV. In consequence, the mystical space of Carmel with its contemplative life is experienced wherever they are given a place and God calls them. The commentary presents the Carmel as a spiritual model which is ideally suited as accompaniment on the spiritual journey of all who know themselves called to a life in God's presence in the desert of their life.

Journey to Carith

Journey to Carith Author Peter Thomas Rohrbach
ISBN-10 9781939272300
Release 2015-01-24
Pages 381
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First published in 1966, this book chronicles a full eight centuries of the Carmelite tradition, from the order’s beginnings as a group of lay hermits on Mount Carmel through St. Teresa of Avila’s Discalced Carmelite Reform in the 16th century, to Carmel’s rich diversity today. Since the appearance of this work, important new discoveries in the study of Carmelite history have come to the fore. New scholarly research, for example, would call for a revision of some sections of this book, notably the account of the origins of the Carmelites and related dates and figures, as well a more nuanced picture of the beginnings of the Teresian Reform. In the meantime, Journey to Carith remains unsurpassed as a concise and readable overview both of the origins of the order and of the Discalced Carmelites in particular. It is a fascinating account of one of the oldest religious families in the Christian West, with a uniquely important spiritual tradition.

The Carmelite Directory of the Spiritual Life

The Carmelite Directory of the Spiritual Life Author Austin Chadwell
ISBN-10 1497568161
Release 2014-04-19
Pages 602
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One of the modern masterworks of Carmelite Spirituality, The 'Spiritual Directory' is the most comprehensive accumulation of the spiritual traditions, experiences and practices of the Carmelite Order. Drawing heavily on the spiritual lives and works of many Carmelite Saints (Mary Magdelene De Pazzi, Michael of St. Augustine, John of St. Sampson, Father Dominic of St. Albert, Father Maurus of the Child Jesus, Father Michael de la Fuente, as well as Theresa of Jesus, and John of the Cross), the Directory was prepared as a tool for preparing and training novices in the Order, but more than a practical training manual, it captures the essence of living the Carmelite way of life and stands alone as a unique work in understanding Carmelite Spirituality.If one wants to know what it means to be 'Carmelite' this is the place to begin.

Before the Living God

Before the Living God Author Ruth Burrows
ISBN-10 1587680505
Release 2008-11-01
Pages 118
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This book is the autobiography of a contemplative Carmelite nun and author of outstanding books on prayer. It is an account of a life empty of outward incident after her early years, but rich with her own spiritual growth. She writes of the Christian's relationship with others and with God, of prayer, of the life of the Spirit.

Finding the Mystic Within You

Finding the Mystic Within You Author Peggy Wilkinson OCDS
ISBN-10 9781939272089
Release 2015-08-11
Pages 224
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To those without time or inclination for intensive spiritual reading and study, this handbook is a find! The work is firmly grounded in Scripture and Christian teachings on growth through contemplation. The wisdom of St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross has been distilled to help us understand the stages and experiences of the inner journey. The reader is guided through the classic works of these time-tested directors, in a logical, easily understood fashion. Enlightenment, encouragement, and energy are drawn from these pages, and a sense of adventure beckons the reader to new perspectives. For over a quarter century the author, married and mother of eight, has been nourished by these masters and by the way of life of the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites. Drawing on her experience in counseling and teaching contemplative meditation, she meets the need for a practical modern guidebook.

Teresa of Avila

Teresa of Avila Author Peter Tyler
ISBN-10 9781317046202
Release 2016-12-01
Pages 162
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This innovative book offers an original insight into the context and times of St Teresa of Avila (1515 – 1582) as well as exploring her contemporary relevance from the perspective of some of the foremost thinkers and scholars in the Teresian field today including Professors Julia Kristeva, Rowan Williams and Bernard McGinn. As well as these academic approaches there will be chapters by friars and nuns of the Carmelite order living out the Carmelite charism in today’s world. The book addresses both theory and practice, and crosses traditional disciplinary and denominational boundaries – including medieval studies, philosophy, psychology, pastoral and systematic theology - thus demonstrating her continuing relevance in a variety of contemporary multi-disciplinary areas.

Christian Spirituality in the Catholic Tradition

Christian Spirituality in the Catholic Tradition Author Jordan Aumann
ISBN-10 089870068X
Release 1985
Pages 326
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This history not only serves to acquaint us with the origins and development of Christian spirituality, but, equally importantly in the author's view, projects into our contemporary world the lives and teachings of men and women who have reached a high degree of sanctity through the ages. His study is Catholic in both senses of the word. He has concentrated his attention on the history of spirituality in the Roman Catholic Church; and he has taken a comprehensive view of the full range of forms of that Catholic tradition, including -- so that we can learn from the mistakes of the past -- the heterodox tendencies and movements that have arisen from time to time.

Mysticism and Prophecy

Mysticism and Prophecy Author Richard Woods
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105023045789
Release 1998
Pages 168
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Mysticism and Prophecy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mysticism and Prophecy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mysticism and Prophecy book for free.

The Ten Books on the Way of Life and Great Deeds of the Carmelites

The Ten Books on the Way of Life and Great Deeds of the Carmelites Author Felip Ribot
ISBN-10 8872880769
Release 2005
Pages 187
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A collection of the writings of this 14th century Catalonian Carmelite formed the basis of the legendary history of the Order that forms the basis of its spirituality. The text, also known as The Book of the First Monks, was widely read across medieval Europe. Called both a spiritual masterpiece and a work of fantasy, Ribot attempts to demonstrate the Order's antiquity, its privileged place within the Church, and its unique role in Salvation History.

Carmelite Liturgy and Spiritual Identity

Carmelite Liturgy and Spiritual Identity Author James John Boyce
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105124197828
Release 2008
Pages 524
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This work outlines the significance of the Carmelite liturgy as it was practiced in the Krakâow convent in the medieval period, discussing the Carmelite choir books in terms of the order's historical self-understanding and established liturgical tradition.

Drink of the Stream

Drink of the Stream Author Penny Hickey
ISBN-10 9781681491462
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 361
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Carmelite history and prayer begin with Elijah on Mount Carmel. From Elijah has descended a long line of saints who have heard the voice of the Lord calling them to leave everything and come "drink from the stream". This book is an invitation for you to come and pray with the holy men and women of the Carmelite order. The prayers and meditations in this book were compiled to help the reader listen to and pray with the saints of Carmel throughout the ages, from Elijah through the twentieth century. In these prayers are stories of particular times, places, longings, sometimes suffering, at other times ecstatic joy. These prayers allow one to enter into the most intimate depths of the souls of Carmelite saints. How better to learn than from the masters themselves. This book is made up of the prayers and meditations of more than twenty-five saints, and it includes a short biography of each saint, as well as numerous illustrations. In addition to helping one with prayer and meditation, it also provides prayer for specific topics. Whether one is a beginner or highly advanced in prayer, there is a prayer suitable for nearly every occasion. Though Carmelites are often thought of as hidden away in cloisters, these magnificent prayers echo from prison cells, hospital beds, battlefields, and even treetops. A good portion of the book is devoted to the prayers and meditations of the three great Carmelite mystics: Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, and Therese of Lisieux. But the other twenty-two saints include a wonderful variety. Illustrated. Book jacket.

The Carmelites and Antiquity

The Carmelites and Antiquity Author Andrew Jotischky
ISBN-10 0191542504
Release 2002-07-18
Pages 384
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The Carmelites, the only contemplative religious order to have been founded in the Crusader States, first emerged as a group of hermits living on Mount Carmel, a site associated with the prophet Elijah. Soon after migrating to the West, in the mid-thirteenth century, they began to develop the geographical associations into a complex historical tradition based on the claim to have been founded by the prophet. Carmelite historical myths were first developed as a response to the threat of suppression, but increasingly came to form the basis of a distinctive ecclesiology and mission. This book, which is the first full-length study of the Carmelite historical legendary, examines the circumstances under which the traditions were constructed, describes the evolution of the traditions themselves from the thirteenth to sixteenth centuries, and places them within the wider context of historical writing by religious orders, and attitudes to the past more generally in the later Middle Ages.